I was constantly being abused by my father and brothers


Some years back when I was working with an NGO based in PH, a case was reported to us. It was about a young girl of about 16 years old who was found prostituting. And when she was interviewed, she said that she is from the North and lived in a farm settlement with her parents and siblings far away from where the villagers lived. She was the last child and the only girl of eight children.

Her father started sleeping with her when she clocked 12 years and then her brothers joined him. They all used to sleep with it. When her mum couldn’t take it anymore, she ran away living her with her father and seven brothers.
It continued until she clocked 16, and when she couldn’t bear it anymore, she too ran away.

So when she got to the city, she had no money and no home. So she met a friend who introduced her to prostitution. She said that it was better to give her body out to strangers for money than to allow her father and brothers to be sleeping with her for free.

Just imagine the psychological trauma this young girl would have gone through. People like this need to be inspired and encouraged. She was lucky that an NGO came to her aid. What about those who do not have such an opportunity. People go through a lot and needs to be encouraged.

Lack of inspiration and encouragement leads to a lack of hope. And a lack of hope can be disastrous. That is why some people commit suicide. Invite a friend today and save a soul. Have a lovely day.

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