And that is how a strange woman took over my home, cooking for my husband and sleeping on my matrimonial bed. To make things worse is that Isaiah gave her the right to insult me. One evening I was in the sitting room watching a movie when they both walked in. This so-called Chi Chi girl asked me to stand up from my seat. I just stared at her, because there were other seats in the house yet she insisted on taking mine.

Me: Chi Chi there are empty seats in this parlor, please seat on any one of them.

Chi-Chi: I saw them before I chose this one, so stand up I want to sit.

I took a look at my husband thinking and hoping he would say something. Of course, he did say something.

Isaiah: you heard the lady, please stand up and let her sit, we want to watch a program.
And without arguing I stood up and went to the visitor’s room which had now become my new room.

A few minutes later I heard my husband calling out for me, and I went to him.

Isaiah: I want you to take this money, go to that shop opposite this house and get us cold drinks. My baby and I are very thirsty.

I took another look at Isaiah, I still couldn’t believe its the same man I married that was doing all of this. However, I collected the money and I went out to buy the drinks for them. When I came back I gave them the drinks and went back to my new room.

The sound of their loud laughter did not even let me rest. A few minutes later I heard them moaning and kissing. I had to press the pillow against my head. This was too much for me to bear. Isaiah was making love to that we on our matrimonial bed.

I picked a bag and I wanted to just pack my things and leave. But then I started remembering all that mummy told me on how to be a complete woman. I fell on my bed, picked up my Bible, and started reading. I cried as I read through the book of psalms 24.

”Lord how they’ve increased, that trouble me, many are those that rise up against me, many there be which say of my soul. There is no help for him in God, but thou oh Lord, art a shield for me, my glory. You lift my head”

Me: (crying) oh Lord enough of these pains, please lift my head. Lift my head from this pain, from this shame. Lift my head oh Lord…..

I was still crying and praying when I heard him calling out my name. I quickly stood up. Wiped my tears and ran to him. They were both up from the bed and she was tieing my wrapper on her chest. This is a new wrapper that mummy bought for me and she was tieing it on. My husband was on boxers. I looked at them and refused to let my tears fall before them.

Isaiah: Please dear, we messed up the sheets. Kindly pack them and wash them for us, please. I want it dried up so that we can use it at night. Thank u so much.

He bent and gave me a kiss on my cheeks then held her on her waist and they both laughed out of the room. I turned and watched them walk away. I wanted to break down and cry, I wanted to end everything, I wanted to fall down. But I heard the small still voice telling me. ”Be strong” I immediately turned and picked up the sheets and went into the bathroom to wash them.

I soon became a slave in my own house. My own husband turned me into a slave. Apart from washing and cleaning the house for them. He sometimes invites me into the room to watch as he makes love to that strange woman. In all of this, I remained calm and faithful and a good wife.

One evening, I heard them fighting.

Chi-Chi: where do you think you are going? You think you will leave me now because she is back? You are going nowhere.

Isaiah: You are stupid. I told you before all of this that my woman is not around and that once she is back our deal is over, didn’t I tell you?

Chi-Chi: and so what if you told me that. Listen you go nowhere, our deal is supposed to last for one more week. So if you think you are gonna leave me for one crazy b—h then you obviously don’t know who I am.

Isaiah: listen I will pay you off. I never knew she would return this early. I thought she would return next month, she was supposed to be away for six months but now that things are like this we have to reschedule.

Chi-Chi: I don’t even really care whether you go to her or not, but if you must go, you will pay me my full money as agreed. Don’t you think because the deal ended you will cut my money no way?

Isaiah: Is that all? Don’t worry I will pay you. But please pack up and leave. I must hurry to my baby.

I just sat in my room and listened to all my husband was saying. Referring to another woman as a baby. I know he was talking about Marvis. No wonder he came home, Marvis traveled. No wonder.

I came out of the room and sat on the dining chair. I watched as Chi-Chi packed her things from my bedroom. I watched my husband count a whooping sum of 70,000 nairas for that girl.

Isaiah: I hope we are good now?

Chi-Chi: (smiling) of course we are.

As she made way to leave she suddenly turned faced me.

Chi-Chi: I apologize for everything that happened this last few months, you must understand that am only doing business, I need the money to survive me and my younger ones. So whatever I did do not take it to heart. It’s part of the job. Sorry….
Then she turned to Isaiah,

Chi-Chi: I wonder what you saw in that girl, what’s her name again, is it Marvis or what? You have a good wife, a very good one at that, you have a great family, but you are destroying it with your hands. You better realize yourself fast and stop making this good woman suffer.

Isaiah: get out jhoor, have I not paid you? See this prostitute wants to advise me. Idiot.

Chi-Chi: I don talk finish o.

She turned and left. Not long, Isaiah picked some clothes and the car keys and also left.
Then I remembered a portion of the Bible that says ” with your eyes shall you see and behold the reward of the wicked” Psalm 91 it gave me more courage and Faith to fight for my marriage.
Can you tolerate all this as a woman in the name of being a good wife and a complete woman?


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