How my daughter received a miraculous healing


Mummy!!!!! Mummy!!!! Sofia cried from her room a few minutes after I kissed her good night. I ran as fast as my legs could carry me, running and shouting my husband’s name at the same time. Sofia was crying and holding her stomach, we quickly carried her to the car and rushed her to the hospital. This was the third time we had taken her to the hospital only to be told that they can’t find anything in the test result.

Doctor, you can’t keep telling me that nothing is wrong with my daughter. She has been throwing up for weeks now. Nothing she eats stays in her stomach. Please refer me to another hospital, I need to see pediatrics. My daughter is dying and you are telling me she’s fine.

The doctor made a few calls and told us that he has booked an appointment with a specialist in Lagos, he gave us the doctor’s number, we thanked him and left. The next day I called my boss to inform him that I won’t be at the office for a couple of days.

When we got to the hospital they were so many patients waiting to see the doctor. When it finally got to our turn, the doctor said we have to spend a few days at the hospital so they can run some tests and monitor her closely. When the test results were out, the doctor mentioned a word in the medical term which I have never heard before in my life and later explained that her intestines had issues which were the reason for the constant stomach problem.

Madam, there’s actually no cure for Sofia’s condition right now, the doctor told me, but I will give you some medications which will help her until when she will finally leave this world. Doctor, what do you mean? The doctor explained that Sofia does not have much time to live as her condition was critical.

We were discharged a few days later. I became so worried and afraid for my little girl. I lost faith in God because I couldn’t understand why God will allow Sofia to go through so much pain. Sofia was a Godly girl, a lover of God. So why would God allow her to suffer like this?

Sofia and my neighbor’s daughter were playing outside the house one day when my neighbor’s daughter Kim came to call me. She said Sofia had fallen into the well. They were playing around the well when Sofia suddenly fell inside. I really can’t explain what happened because I wasn’t there when it happened.

I called her father who immediately left the office and started coming home. And then I alerted the neighbors who offered to help. One of the neighbors brought someone who knew how to rescue people who fell into the well. And for hours they couldn’t rescue her. It was when some pressmen came to the scene that it was done on me that I had not prayed about the situation.

I immediately knelt down beside the well and started praying, my husband and some neighbors also joined. 30 minutes later she was found and brought out of the well. One of the neighbors who is a medical doctor checked her and said she was still breathing. Glory be to God. Little did I know that that was the beginning of Sofia’s miracle and the beginning of my testimony.

We rushed her to the hospital, after a series of tests, the doctor informed us that she was fine. No internal bleeding, no bruises, wow!!! this was unbelievable. After a thorough medical check, we were discharged from the hospital.
I noticed that Sofia no longer throws up like she used to, and she also stopped complaining about her stomach.

When we traveled back to Lagos for our monthly checkup, the doctor ran some tests and said that in 15 years of service as a medical doctor, he has never seen anything like this before. I didn’t understand what he was saying. He said that the result of the test showed that Sofia was completely healed. He couldn’t find anything in the test result.
Sofia fell into the well and instead of having more complications, she got healed.

I really do not know what your story is, I do not know the miracle which you are believing God for, but what I do know is that God is still a miracle-working God.

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