A few years ago, a friend of mine asked me to accompany her to see a woman of God. But  I refused.  She pleaded and pleaded until reluctantly I agreed to go with her. When we got there, immediately the woman saw me, she started prophesying to me. She told me that I was destined to marry a rich guy who is based abroad. I didn’t mind her because I felt it was one of her tricks to lure me into her ministry. She said a lot of things, but the one that got me interested was the fact that  I was ill-tempered, and that I should be careful so as not to miss my husband to be as a result of that.

One day as I was returning from the market after I alighted and paid the Keke driver, he refused to give me my balance of N100, saying that his fare was N200. It was as if he was sent to tempt me that day because his fare was N100. I pleaded with him to give me my balance for the sake of peace, but he refused. So I dragged him out of his Keke and we started fighting.

A handsome young guy who was driving past saw us, parked his car on the other side of the road and came to find out what the problem was. After narrating the issue to him, he gave the Keke man N1000 and asked him to give me back my N200 for peace to reign. I thanked him and then he left.

Months later, my pastor sent for me. He said a young man was interested in me, that I should come to his office and see him.  I booked an appointment with him. On the day of the appointment, when I went to see him, guess who I saw? The handsome guy who made peace between myself and the Keke man.

I almost pee on my pants.

When I entered the office, my pastor welcomed me with a smile and introduced me to the man. As soon as he saw me, the smile on his face disappeared. Pastor, is this the lady? He asked my pastor who was still smiling. My pastor nodded. He stood up immediately and told my pastor that he was no longer interested.

But why? My pastor asked and wondered what could be his reason for the sudden rejection. By then my head was bent as I couldn’t look my pastor in the face anymore. The man narrated how he saw me fighting with a Keke man and said that he can’t marry a woman who cannot control her temper and left.

That was how I lost the man whom I was destined to marry. The lesson of this story is that we should learn to have self-control. It may not necessarily be a marriage that would be lost. It could be a job, contract, or even something big. If I had controlled my anger that day, I don’t think that I will be in this mess today. So we have to learn to control our anger so as not to lose what God has destined for us.

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