Promise Me Episode 5


All through the ride home, Beatrice was in deep thoughts, she wondered what brought Keith to the therapist too but she waved off all thoughts about Keith.
“He is in my past and he should go to hell for all I care” She thought.

After a stressful day, Beatrice retired to her house. When she was done freshening up, she picked up her phone and dialed Jared ‘s number as she had been thinking about him since she got home and kept crying and wishing she didn’t have to deal with everything she was going through.
As she kept thinking of everything that happened earlier, She found out that Jared’s phone was off, she felt very bad as she dropped her phone on the reading table. Her phone rang almost immediately, “unknown number? Who could this be?” she asked herself. She refused to pick but the phone rang again and this time she picked.

“Hello” she greeted, On hearing a familiar voice, she paused for a while and then spoke
“Please who’s this” she asked.
There was silence for a while and finally the familiar voice responded, “It’s Keith!”.

On hearing Keith’s name over the phone, Beatrice panicked because she didn’t see it coming. Her heart skipped several beats and she lost her breath.
“How on earth did you get my number? Keith’s what’s this, what do you want? You told me to be practical and I should move on but now you are calling me, what do you want?, for heaven’s sake you are a married man, please leave me alone” She managed to say.

“Beatrice, I’m so sorry for everything, please hear me out, It been a long time and I went a long process today to get your number from the receptionist at the therapy center and I wouldn’t want to bore you with all the details. Beatrice I’m sorry that my call upsets you this much, I know I deserve it but I have been worried all day, I couldn’t stop thinking about you and what could bring you to a therapist” he said. Beatrice didn’t know what else to say as she was mute. Keith figured that his call would worsen things for him and may also get the kind receptionist at the therapy center in to trouble, so he apologised “I’m so sorry for calling you after everything I did to you” Keith added, Beatrice didn’t utter a word, she hanged up.

Throughout that night, Beatrice couldn’t sleep well as she kept thinking about Jared and at the same time Keith.
She felt a certain kind of peace for the first time in a long time as her thoughts for Jared were accompanied with positive vibes. “I trust Jared, he won’t stop loving me just like that, I know he wants me to change, his love for me is not that weak, he will come around and I know he still wants me in his life, now is the time to trust him as he always wanted and I have to give him some time and space to think clearly… but I don’t know what Keith wants from me now, why is Keith troubling my life and what does he wants?” She thought

Just as she was about to dwell deeper in the positive thoughts, her mind diverted to Keith and his betrayal, She tried her best to fight the negative thoughts She burst into tears and She cried the more as she remembered how badly Keith treated her in Lagos three years ago and how devastated she was and she remembered how he walked out on her without saying a word while she cried painfully on the floor, she remembered everything so vividly like it were yesterday.

Few weeks later, Jared was already missing Beatrice, it has only been 3 weeks since he broke up with her but he couldn’t help but feel bad for ignoring Beatrice. “at least we could still be friends” He told himself.
One morning he hurriedly got ready for a business meeting he was to attend.
Even at the meeting, he kept thinking about Beatrice, so he decided to call her after the meeting.

At around passed 5pm, he was done with everything work related so he picked up his phone and dialed Beatrice’s number. He called twice but she didn’t pick up, so he sent her a message which read “I thought my silence will change you, I see you are still your old self, you can never change, I know you don’t want to take my calls but it’s okay. Goodbye”.

Beatrice got his message and she was furious, “What? He didn’t even bother to know why I didn’t take his calls and he sent such a mean text, who do Jared think he is?, Jared ignored me for 3 weeks and now he is being mean, And he claimed he loved me” Beatrice said to herself, she was in a taxi heading to the therapy center, she was still furious with Jared when her phone rang again and she looked to see who was calling and it was Jared. She was excited and nervous but immediately she pressed the call receive button, she acted normal.

“Hi” she greeted in a low tone, “Hello Beatrice, how are you doing?” He asked, “I’m fine” she replied. Jared paused for a while and said “I’m sorry for the text message, I was desperate, I just wanted to hear from you, I miss you” Jared said calmly
Beatrice was quiet for a while and she said:
“I felt so bad after reading the text message, because it was never my intention to ignore your calls, in fact for the past 3 weeks, have been trying to get you on the phone but I have been unsuccessful, Jared is that how you feel each time I accuse you wrongly? Beatrice said in a low tone
“Yes, I feel terrible each time you make those false accusations” Jared said as he wondered if Beatrice had really changed.
“I’m so sorry for everything, please forgive me” Beatrice pleaded

She touched Jared’s soft spot with her apology but Jared didn’t let it show. Jared didn’t believe his ears when Beatrice told him that she was on her way to her therapist for their session. “are you there at the moment?” Jared asked, “yes, I’m waiting to be called in, why are you asking?” She replied,
“oh it’s nothing” Jared said calmly and finally they hanged up.

Beatrice’s session with the therapist was over and she sat down at the reception to wait for the cab she ordered when Keith walked into the reception as his attention went to where Beatrice was sitted, She seems busy with her phone, he walked to where Beatrice was sitting and immediately Beatrice looked up and was shocked when she saw Keith walking towards her direction, as soon as Keith came closer to her “What do you want? Please leave me alone, why are you disturbing my life, stay away from me” she said In a harsh tone

Keith was unmoved and he replied “I know that I’m an horrible person but God has dealt with me and I’m not leaving till we talk, Maybe God is giving me a second chance, that’s why we met again, I’m not leaving till you forgive me cause your forgiveness would make me feel better”
“And who told you that I will forgive you, you will never feel better, your life will be filled with frustration and hardship” Beatrice said at once
Keith was shocked beyond words and found it difficult to believe that Beatrice was still very bitter after 3 years he dumped her. he started panicking and kept contemplating on whether to open up to her or not.

“Keith please leave!” She said in a harsh tone but Keith paid deaf ears and was unmoved. “Beatrice, please forgive me, I know that I don’t deserve your forgiveness but please listen to me, just once and I promise I won’t bother you again after today.” he confidently said and sat beside Beatrice.
Beatrice figured that he was determined and there was nothing she could do that would change his mind, so she decided to listen to him. She adjusted her sit a bit to avoid his grip and to sit a little farther away from him.

Keith was quiet and kept looking at her, and after a little while, he broke the silence. “I’m sorry for everything you went through because of me” he said looking into her eyes.
For over 5 minutes, Beatrice couldn’t say anything and just kept staring at him. She was having a hard time digesting her decision to have a conversation with him after how he humiliated her.

“Ever since I betrayed you, my life became a struggle, I really don’t know why I misbehaved. I threw away our beautiful relationship for a worthless girl like Amanda, Beatrice, I’m not a married man, I never got married because my wedding with Amanda was cancelled, few days to our wedding, I caught her in bed with another man and she confessed that her pregnancy was not mine but for someone else, She trapped me with the pregnancy and I fell into her trap like a fool, I lost my mind and I was shattered, ever since then my life turned upside down, I was going crazy, I believe God is dealing harshly with me because of what I had done to you and how I treated you, I’m so sorry, forgive me please” Keith said sobbing.

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