Do not give up on your dreams


Growing up, I had always wanted to go into large scale farming. So during the lockdown, I traveled to the village to spend some time with my mum. Because I didn’t want to be idle, I asked her to give me a piece of land to farm. So she gave me a piece of land at the back of our house. I hired some laborers to clear the land. When they had finished clearing, my mum and I packed all the grasses and burned them.

I didn’t bother tilling since I only wanted to plant maize and vegetables. Then I bought some birds and snails to rare. Two weeks into planting I fell ill. I was ill for about one week then it took me another one week to recover. My mum asked me to stop the farm work that I fell ill as a result of the work since I was not used to it. But I refused and told her that I must see the end of the work that I had started.

A piece of land that will take a farmer less than three days to plant took me one month lol. Kudos to all the farmers. The birds were growing very well, the snails we’re doing well too, then suddenly the birds started dying. The one that pained the most was the turkey. As if that wasn’t enough, when it was time to harvest the maize, I didn’t get anything substantial from it because most of the maize seeds were eaten by animals. I started crying and asking God why he allowed me to suffer like this and not get anything in return.

But then I still didn’t give up, I continued doing something until God eventually blessed my efforts. So many people go through worse situations, but the question is what do you do? Do you give up? Or do you continue? God is not a man that he should lie, if he says he will do something just trust him to do it. When we lose something that we have worked so hard for, it can be painful, but before you get angry with God, ask yourself why it happened?

There may be things you didn’t do right. Let’s assume that you did everything right it could be that God is putting you to the test, or he’s preparing you for bigger things. The good book says that all things work for good to them that love God. The Bible didn’t say some things, it said all things. So when we go through trials, tell yourself that it is for your good.

God has great plans for us, so when he allows certain things to happen to us, it’s not because he hates us. It is because he loves us. He said he chastises those he loves. If you hang on and do not give up, you will surely reap the fruit of your labor. Shalom

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