Promise Me Episode 10


Two months later, One lovely Saturday morning, Beatrice was sighted with a big smile on her face. That Morning felt like a dream to her and she prayed for no one to wake her up if it were a dream. The weather was perfect for a wedding.
Jared’s phone call that morning made Beatrice’s heart leap for Joy. Jared had told her sweet words and how he can’t wait to hold her and kiss her. “My love, See you at the church, please don’t keep me waiting, You know i love you” Jared had said constantly before he hanged up

“I can’t believe it, in few hours, I will become Mrs Jared and my best friend Rachael will become my sister in-law, I’m so blessed” Beatrice told her mother who flew down to Abuja to attend her white wedding.
“You deserve to be happy my girl. May no evil come to you, may God continue to bless you my child” Beatrice’s mother had said
Just the week before Jared and Beatrice had thier traditional wedding in Asaba and it was still the talk of the town.

“Mom, you will not return to Asaba, you will have to stay close to me, Jared has bought a new house for you, here is the house documents and its on your name” Beatrice uttered excitedly as she handed the house documents to her mother.
“Really?, wow! A house for me? God bless him for me and God bless you too my child, I’m so proud of you” Beatrice’s mother responded as she looked through the document, she shed tears of joy

When Beatrice’s mom was able to contain her joy, she prayed for Beatrice and for Jared and then her thought went to the wedding.
“My darling daughter, you need to start getting ready gradually, before the guests will start arriving at the venue, it’s 8:00am already” Beatrice mother added

Later that day, Beatrice officially became “Mrs Jared” as they officially tied the knot in an expensive, classy but yet simple wedding ceremony. They were both overwhelmed with Joy when the priest declared them man and wife. It was a dream come true for Jared as he kept whispering sweet things in Beatrice’s ears and Beatrice was smiling each time Jared whispered to her ears.
The reception venue was also beautiful and classic. It was indeed a colourful day. Jared and Beatrice were sighted dancing to a love song. Jared looked so dashing that every single lady in the wedding hall wished for a man like him.

Apart from the couple, that day was also a beautiful day for Rachael as her boyfriend of 2 years proposed to her right there at the wedding reception and in excitement, she said “yes”, Rachael was already in tears as she hugged Kelvin, his new fiance, Rachael and Kelvin seems to be in love with each other, they kissed and cuddled each other.

“The groom’s younger sister just got engaged, Another wedding loading” The MC announced and the guest echoed “Congratulations”
Jared and Beatrice were so excited as they took turn to express their excitement. Beatrice hugged Rachael and she told her “you deserve it my friend, God bless you, Thank you for coming into my life, thank you for being my friend, you are the best” Beatrice hugged Rachael so tightly.
Beatrice looked so beautiful in her wedding dress and Rachael looked gorgeous in her beautiful gown, she was the maid of honor.

Life went on smoothly for everyone after the wedding, six months later,
Fortunately for Jared and Beatrice, without even trying, Beatrice got pregnant with their first child and the couple was super excited and they looked forward to becoming a wonderful parent and made plans for thier growing family.

One day, Jared’s lawyer told him that one of his tenants whose rent expired 2 years ago was giving them hard time. “Sir, he is an old man and he refused to comply” The lawyer told Jared in Beatrice’s presence.
Jared do not subscribe to meeting his tenants in person. His estate manager and lawyer do that for him but when he was made to understand that the tenant was an elderly man who lived with his middle aged wife and they appear to be helpless “sir they keep insisting on seeing you in person, sir I believe they want to beg you not to serve them quit notice because they could not pay the rent” The lawyer added

Jared felt pity and he agreed to see that tenant. Beatrice offered to go with him.
“Times are hard, My love please, let them live for free, please” Beatrice pleaded and the next day they were set to met the supposed tenant and that was how Beatrice found out that the tenant was her father who abandoned her and her mother many years ago, Beatrice stared at her father’s wife, she looked pale, old and sickly. She could not imagine that her father left his family for her. Beatrice’s father also looked miserable. Beatrice wondered if they have children. She got the old man’s attention and came down from the car, she took off her sun shade, walked closer to him.
“Dad, I don’t think you still remember me” Beatrice said in tears as Jared stared at them in confusion.
The man stared closely at Beatrice and bowed his head in shame.
“Beatrice, my……. daughter” The man stammered.

When someone walks away from you, it’s not the end of your story but it’s the end of thier part in your story.

Some people are just foolish, They don’t know how precious you are, until they lose you. They don’t know what they have until they lose it… Forgive them anyway!

If you don’t heal your fear of rejection, it will sabotage your new or existing relationship. Your insecurity, jealousy and trust issues will push your partner away. Your anxiety, worry and impulsiveness will overwhelm your partner.

“When you break up, please take enough time to work on yourself, take time to heal. Don’t just jump into a new relationship. It’s like making your next a band-aid for what the last person did. You will get more hurt.

Good people don’t lose people. It is rather people who lose them(Good people)

If you dwell on the past, it may be a sign that you’ve not fully healed. Time does not heal all wounds. Truth is, time can heal only those hurts we’ve brought out into the open.

Talking about your past is the key to your recovery. Seeing a counselor (Therapist) and going to a support group, like a Life Recovery group, will help you, stop living in the past and find hope for your future!
The easiest way to heal your self with or without a therapist is to Forgive.

Forgive those who wronged you, Forgive those who broke the promise they made to you, You don’t have to deal with them or even like them to forgive them. But you have to do whatever’s necessary for you to move on and heal from the wounds they caused. Healing is yours for the taking but YOU have to decide that you’re going to heal and grow. When you forgive, you are healed. 💜
When you refuse to forgive, you’re chaining yourself to someone else’s sin.

Relationship is not about having a handsome boyfriend or having a beautiful girlfriend. It’s not about looking for a perfect person because there is no perfect person on earth. A true relationship is finding someone who respects you, who cares about you, who understands you, who is proud of having you, who loves you the way you are, who is faithful to you, who knows how to comfort you, who knows how to encourage you and who would accept the worst of you and who will go through everything without giving up on you.

Such people are very rare to find these days, so if you have got one, just keep that person, handle him/her with extra care, be honest and contented with that person, Don’t love “Beatrice” or “Tony” today and fall in love with “Amanda” or “Frank” tomorrow, Be contented and be committed. Don’t ever think of hurting or letting down that special person.
Such person can never be replaced, no matter how hard you try!

The End

A Story By Christabel Nwoko
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