How God answered our prayers after my sisters and I went to the mountain to pray.


My sisters and I were eager to get married because we were fast approaching 40. So we all agreed to go to the mountain to fast and pray for 30 days. We got to the place, paid for a room, and started the prayers. They were other people there too who came there to pray. So in the morning, we would all gather and pray together, then after the prayer sessions, you can pray on your own.

So my sisters and I decided to be praying at 12 noon and 6 pm to enable us to break our fast. We did this every day until the last day.

Three months later, my immediate younger sister got married to the guy she has been courting who refused to ask for her hand in marriage for no reason and was always giving one excuse or the other.

Six months after, my last sister got married to an average guy, and they are happy together. I knew God had answered our prayers, so it didn’t bother me that my younger sisters got married before me. I just told myself that God was taking his time to give me the best.

Then one year later, a young man came to seek my hand in marriage. He was a young divorcee with one child. Chai why is my case always different? I cried. All my sisters got married to men who have never been married, why me?

Anyways, I asked him why he divorced his wife, and he said he caught her cheating with another man in their matrimonial home and on their bed. He also said that whenever the man was around, she would give the baby some sleeping pills so that she can have enough time with the man without being disturbed. Other times, she would abandon the child in the sitting room, and the child would cry herself to sleep.

I asked him how he knew all this. He said when he started suspecting that his wife was cheating, he mounted a camera in the house without her knowledge. Anyways that’s a story for another day.
Nevertheless, all my friends and family members encouraged me to marry him, but I refused. So he married someone else.

It’s been two years now no man has even asked me how are you let alone talk about marriage.
So my advice to ladies is, God does not use our standard to answer our prayers. God does answer prayers, but he does it in his way. We just have to be sensitive to the spirit of God to know when our prayers have been answered.

When God answers our prayers, we often do not know that our prayers have been answered because it didn’t come the way we were expecting it to come. If you belong to this category, you need to ask God to give you the spirit of discernment so as not to miss your blessings. Please kindly use the share buttons at the top of the post to share on Facebook, twitter and other social media platforms. Thanks for reading. Shalom


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