Battle with a Bat


A true-life experience.
When I came back from work yesterday, I was tired. So after having my bath, I decided to watch a movie with my phone and use the opportunity to rest. Few minutes into the movie I dozed off. When I woke eventually, it was already very late, so I said a short prayer while still lying on the bed and then slept.

Usually, before I sleep at night, I will pray properly. Although I am not a die by fire praying Christian, I didn’t do a proper prayer before sleeping.

I woke up at about 1 am to use the restroom. After I had finished, I decided to do some stuff online as the network yesterday was crazy. They were no power at the time, so I put on my phone touch to lit up the room. The weather was cold because of the constant rain, so I closed all my windows to keep the room warm.

As I was browsing, I heard a sound on the window and peeped but didn’t see anything. After like five minutes, a bat entered my room and started hovering around. What came out of my mouth was Jesus!!! Jesus!!! Then I looked at the window again and, it was still closed, and the net was still intact. How did this Bat enter the room? I asked myself. They are no holes anywhere. So out of fear, I opened the window for it to go out, but it refused to go.

However, I tried to use my blanket to bring it down, but that didn’t work. So I decided to use my wrapper. I brought it down eventually and then used my slippers to kill it.

I couldn’t take pictures at that time because I was too afraid to even think of that. It was after I threw it away that I regretted not taking pictures, So I said in the morning, I will go downstairs and snap it. Behold, when I got to the exact spot where I had thrown it, I couldn’t find it anymore.

We Christians need to be very prayerful. The days are evil and, people are bad. That is why Jesus says we should pray without ceasing because the devil is going about like a roaring lion seeking whom to devour. Shalom

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