How God saved my neighbor’s son from being lynched to death


Ole!!! Ole!!! Thief!!! Thief!!! Put tyre round his neck and burn him alive. Suddenly, I saw people running towards the direction where they were shouting ole!!! I tried to ask a couple of persons, but they ignored me. So out of curiosity, I went there to see for myself.

At first, I could not recognize him. Because his face was covered with blood. But when I looked closely, I almost fainted. He was my neighbor’s son Chimezie.
This is not happening. I could not even get close to find out what happened. I have lived in the same compound with Chimezie and his family for over five years, and he has not stolen a pin before. Why now? Something is wrong somewhere.

At that point, I knew I needed to do something to save the poor boy. But what do I do? Calling his father will not solve the problem because the man had gone to his shop. And by the time he gets here, they would have killed the boy.

The spirit of God told me to start praying. Immediately I started praying and speaking in tongues silently. Just then, I saw a military van passing. I ran towards them and started flagging them to stop. I cannot say what gave me the courage, but at that point, I didn’t care anymore. Someone’s life was in danger. Not just anybody a good person.

Unlike most military men, to my surprise, they stopped. To be sincere, I wasn’t expecting them to, but they did. Immediately I fell on my knees and started crying. Their oga kpata kpata came down and asked me to stand up and tell him why I stopped them. I narrated everything to him. He asked me to enter their van and asked the driver to turn.

As we were approaching the scene, I started hearing some people saying; Let us not take laws into our hands. Let us hand him over to the police. God answered my prayers and put confusion amid the mob. While some were saying burn him, others were saying let us hand him over to the police. Then the oga kpata kpata of the soldiers ordered them to remove the tyre from his neck. By that time someone has called Chiemezie’s parents.

The military men asked the boy what happened, but he was too weak to speak. So an eye witness narrated what happened to the military men. He said that some hoodlums approached the boy as he was passing and tried to collect his phone the boy started shouting thief!!! Help!!! Help!!! Without knowing that the people he was asking for help were their members. So instead of helping the boy, they started to beat him and also started calling him ole.
After hearing all that happened, the military men released the boy to his parents.

So, this is how an innocent boy would have been killed? I thought to myself. It could have been anybody. It could have been me, my brother, my son, or even you.

Chimezie was given a second chance to give his life to Christ. Not everyone has the opportunity for a second chance. So what are you waiting for? Why not give your life to Christ now.

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