I was sweating profusely, Emerald was gasping for breath. I had to think, there was no car.

That was the moment it dawned on me that my car was actually at the other House. Was I so dumb not to have taken my car? It was half past nine in the outskirt that had no electricity. I was not even sure of where the nearest hospital was. I suddenly remembered a home remedy I heard was good for kids with asthma….

“Gold, get me the coffee we brought back with us…and boil water as well”

“Boil water? With what? Mum there is no power!” And at that same instant I knew God was on the throne…. A miracle happened

The power company supplied us light….Gold shouted the obvious…


She dashed into the kitchen to boil the water. I carried Emerald and pulled along with me one of the dining chair outside the house. I knew she needed fresh air. I placed her on the chair and made her sit upright…

“Emerald, I know you can hear me, try to breathe slowly, baby… I give you the blood of Jesus Christ to drink…You shall not die in Jesus name. My marital crisis will not affect you in Jesus name… God, please have Mercy Lord…. I am sorry for not taking care of my home front … I am sorry for leaving my husband behind “…

Ever since this whole marital drama started, I had not completely accepted the fact that I was the one to be held responsible for my marital problem, but here I was asking for Mercy when the reality of another member of my family slipping off my hand hit me…

Gold brought the warm coffee and I gave to Emerald in little drops, as she swallowed, she was getting relieved…. ***********

“So Betty that was how you would have lost Emerald? I said trying to talk sense to myself…

“So because a woman took your husband, Should that end your life? Shame on you Betty…”

“Really? So this is all the strength you have in you? And so what if, Henry says he is no more interested in marrying you, should you become a piece of vegetable, lose your children and self-worth… So should you also lose your ministry…Oh Preaching about Christ should be when all things are rosy? No Betty? Even in this state, you ought to brace up, this is another phase of ministry telling other women not to neglect their homes, not to ignore their husbands, not to give room for the mistresses, because when they come in, it’s always hard to get them out… Your life is a perfect example… Betty! Get a grip on yourself!”

I didn’t care if anyone could hear me yelling in the compound, but I knew Gold was standing somewhere behind me… Emerald was asleep and Gold had slept earlier, but I guess my voice woke her up….

“So Mum, what’s your resolution!” I heard her saying

“I will take a day as it comes, you might need to change your school, as I may not be able to pay the fees for your school.” I said

“I appreciate the fact that you are taking charge of your life back, but are you losing hope on getting back your husband?”

“What is the point of a husband if I am not mentally ok…? Gold, as it is, right now, I have forgiven your father and the mistress… in fact they will be in my prayers and if it is the Lord’s Will for Henry and I to come back together, all praise to God!”

With those last words I went to sleep and for God to know I was truthful to myself ….I prayed this prayer on my knees beside my bed

“Father, I thank you for what happened today, I know it was a wakeup call for me and sincerely from my heart I forgive Margaret and Henry. I pray that Henry truly finds you back and knows your perfect will for his life and Margaret, I really don’t know the kind of prayer you expect me to pray for her, but …”
And just like a flash the dream I had months back flashed through my mind…

The dream where I saw a male cousin of mine sleeping on my matrimonial bed and when I asked him to stand up from there, he told me, he wasn’t going to get up from my bed since he didn’t have another bed… In the dream, I went through the stress of looking for another room for him and started laying the bed for him… It was until I found a new bed for him that he left my bed….

I stood up from my kneeling position as the interpretation of the dream became clear and I heard the voice of the Holy Spirit….

“Most mistresses are not evil, they are just desperate to find a resting place, if you want her out of your home, help her find another home!”

“Jesus Christ!” Was all that came out of my mouth… God was asking me to pray or help my husband’s pregnant mistress find her own husband….

You should have seen the big look of shock I gave to God in my room…

Was this right? Praying for my husband’s mistress….CAN YOU DO IT? HONESTLY?

To be continued…


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