Managing Sexual urge


A woman whose husband lives abroad and comes back once in awhile, took to Facebook to seek advice  on how to manage sexual urge without cheating on her husband. She says she has high libido.

The advice that a Christian woman gave her will shock you.

Read advice below;

It is not easy oo, but people may not like this advice but it’s better than cheating.

Go to the market and look for those aboki selling cucumber, they sell the best because it’s always fresh and big and that is what will give you your desired results😋.

Go home and wash it properly then put it in the refrigerator.

After dinner take your bath, if you have kids make sure they’re asleep then get it from the fridge (remember you will enjoy it when it’s cold because it will go down well😋😋).

Lock your room door, lie on the bed naked and adjust your pillow and lean on it.

Gently slide the 🍆cucumber into your mouth and enjoy yourself.

Make sure you finish it and say your night prayers.
😂😂😂😂😂if you were thinking otherwise, heaven is not for you.😜😜😜

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