How I got a Supernatural breakthrough


I come from a very humble background so going to school was not easy. But because I was determined to go to school, I did all kinds of menial jobs to enable me to pay my fees. When I eventually graduated, I could not find a decent job. It was another round of struggle and suffering.

I was talking with a client one day at the place where I was working at the time. And he asked why I worked in such a place as a graduate. I told him that all the places where I submitted applications, it was one disappointment or the other.

He gave me his complimentary card and asked me to call him as soon as possible. As soon as I closed from work that day, I called him. And he asked me to take my resume to a multinational company and give it to the human resource manager.

I did not hear from them till after two years. To cut the story short, I got the job. And that was the beginning of a supernatural turnaround in my life.

Psalm 5:12, psalm 102:13
Matthew 5:14
No matter how thick darkness is, the light will always overshadow it.
1cor 2:9 You are destined to command supernatural success. God can not make you a success, and you will become a failure.

Unveiling the breakthrough power of success
It is not the place that you are that counts. It is you that counts. Those who keep God commandments become commanders.

Love is the master key to the world of a supernatural breakthrough. Love in this context means giving one’s heart to God. Mark 12:13
Love enhances our access to revelation.
Love empowers our faith to deliver
Love facilitates answers to our prayers.
Love enhances our access to wisdom.
Love God for who he is and not for what you will get from him. Your love for God will help you to love your partner.

When you love God, you will love him and obey his word.
God provokes supernatural breakthroughs in our lives through divine favor. If you love God, you will not lack anything.

Without God, we can do nothing.

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