How my husband abandoned me after my prayers made him rich


I met my husband at the NYSC camp, and we got married two years later. I am from a Christian background. So I understand the power of prayers from women. When we got married, we had nothing. Our marriage was based on love and not material things.

I prayed earnestly to God to bless my husband, and God answered my prayers. My husband started doing very well in his business. We bought so many houses, cars we traveled abroad whenever we wanted because we could afford it. My husband and I became very rich.

All of a sudden, my husband started having less time for me and more time for his business. We were living in a mansion with just the cook and the gateman. We didn’t have any children, not that we have infertility problems. Every time he comes back from his business trips, he would be too tired for me.

Most times, we stayed for months without sex, and it’s beginning to worry me. I need children, but how can I get pregnant when my husband hardly touches me. He refused to allow me to work. He says he makes enough money for us.

I cried and prayed to God, but it seems like God has turned his back on me. So I started praying for his downfall, hoping that it will bring him back to me.

Two years after I prayed that prayer, his business started going down, but instead of the situation bringing him, closer it took him farther away from me.

Now I am even more confused. I want my husband back. I don’t care about wealth. Thanks for your time.

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