Meet the guy who God used to change my story


I love the hymn There shall be showers of blessings a lot. So while we sang it in church on Sunday, it brought back some memories.

I had gone to withdraw some monies from the ATM close to my house that evening. The queue was crazy, so I decided to go home and come back in the morning. Behold, when I got there, the place was empty. I felt it was because it was still very early. Feeling very cool with myself, I slot in my card. It read, unable to dispense cash.
I almost ran mad because I just had N100 with me. And I needed N250 to take me to work. What do I do now? As I stood there thinking of what to do and praying to God at the same time to send me a helper, a car just stopped in front of me.

The man asked me where I was going, Victoria Island, I said. He asked me to hop in.
I didn’t hesitate because I knew he was God sent. We drove in silence until I got to my junction. I thanked him very much, we exchanged numbers, and he drove off. Later that evening, I sent him a text message to show appreciation for the lift. We didn’t communicate again after that day.

One evening as I was taking a stroll to my junction to buy suya, an unknown number called me, and the caller asked me how I was doing? I said I was fine, he asked me if I still remembered him, I said no, he said so you didn’t save my number in your phone while he was talking I tried to recognize the voice, but I could not place it. So I apologized and asked him to reveal his identity.

Then he said it’s Bode. Immediately he mentioned his name, I remembered him at once. I could I forget my God sent so soon Impossicant (lol). I screamed!! Then we talked for about an hour, and then he hung up.
From then on, Bode became a regular caller.

Then one day, as we were talking, he asked me where I saw myself in the next five years. I told him that I see myself as my boss. Then he asked me what was stopping me from achieving it now. Why to wait for five years? he asked. I told him that I needed to save enough money to enable me to do the kind of business that I wanted to do.

He asked me how much I needed to start the business, I told him. Then he asked me how much I have saved so far. In my mind, I was like, what is this guy up to? What has how much do you need to get to do with how much do you have?

Nevertheless, I pretended as if I didn’t hear the question at first and said pardon. He said, never mind, send me your account details. Sharp sharp I sent it without wasting time before he changes his mind. Igbo babe no fit carry last for money (lol).

When I saw the alert on my phone, I had to look at it again to be sure that my eyes were not deceiving me. That was how I became my boss.
In a nutshell, when you make God your source, you will not lack resources.
Genesis 12:2

God desires to bless man. When your blessing is of God, it is irreversible. Who God has blessed no man can curse.
Who is he that saith, and it cometh to pass, when the Lord commandeth it not?. It is the blessing of God that neutralizes curses.

It is the blessing of God that guarantees abundance, not our hard work. It is not your salary that makes one blessed. It is not about your profession nor your expertise that makes you blessed. You are rich because you are blessed. You are not blessed because you are rich.
Genesis 24

God’s blessings cover every area of our lives. Labor not to be rich labor to be blessed.
Whatever can disconnect you from his love can disconnect you from his blessings.
Only lovers of God are privileged to enjoy his blessings. As a believer, you were not created to suffer. You were created to enjoy God’s blessings. The proof that you love God is when you make God number one.

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God bless you

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