How I got a reward for serving God


Simon and I met and fell in love during one of our church programs. He was invited by one of the brothers in our church, at the time, I had a good job, while he had just been laid off. I couldn’t just abandon him like that just because he had lost his job. And then he proposed five months later because he didn’t want to lose me.

Because he had always desired to travel abroad, I assisted him to travel to Australia. With my contact, he got a good job two weeks after he arrived in Australia. Everything went well in the first three years. Then I lost my job. At first, he was helpful and always encouraging me. But after a while, he stopped calling. He started making excuses for not being able to call me.

Gradually, he stopped taking my calls, then he blocked me on Facebook, changed his phone number and email address.

I complained to his mum, but there was absolutely nothing she could do about the situation. One day one of my friends came to visit me and told me that Simon came back from Australia, and I refused to let her know because I didn’t want to give her some of the things he came back with, which Simon? I asked surprised, Your Simon na, she replied. Wait, don’t tell me you are not aware that Simon is in town.

I told her that I wasn’t aware and used the opportunity to tell her everything. Although she felt sorry for me, then they were nothing she could do other than pray for me.

However, after news about Simon’s arrival in Nigeria, I decided to see him at least to clear my doubt and also find out why he stopped calling. He welcomed me quite alright and told me that he was sorry about everything, but he is now married to someone else and introduced me to his wife, who was already pregnant.

Every day I will cry myself to sleep. It became a constant practice for me because I was so brokenhearted. As time went by, I got over him gradually and got involved in the things of God.

I made a timetable on how to utilize my time. On Sundays after church service, I will go to hospitals and pray for sick people. Saturdays were for church cleaning and evangelism. I attended every program in the church. I preoccupied my mind with God’s word and prayed for him and his wife.

Finally, God decided to wipe my tears. As I write to you, I have three suitors begging me to marry them. One of them is the son of one of the women I prayed for one of my visits to the hospitals. The other one is a brother in the church who has been noticing the work that I do in church. The third one is a brother to one of my childhood friends. All three of them are multi Billionaires. Right now am very confused as to which one to settle with.

Nevertheless, I asked them to give me some time to pray about it. My service to God paid off eventually. It pays to serve God.
*** *** ***
Simon’s brother called me three weeks after my suitors proposed to inform me that Simon was involved in a ghastly motor accident that almost took his life. And the doctor said that the accident affected his spinal cord and that he will never be able to use his legs anymore. God knew this was going to happen, so he prevented me from settling down with him so that I will not suffer all my life.

The word of God says; In every situation, give thanks to God. When we go through tough times, we usually do not see the need to give God thanks. And God understands. God is not a man that he should lie. His word always comes to pass. It may take time like that of Abraham, but it will surely come to pass. Just trust him, and you will never be disappointed.


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