How my husband abandoned me to my fate


He brought another woman to our home yesterday. He says he wants to marry her Lizzie, told me amidst tears. Have you told him yet? No, I was waiting for the right time to inform him. But with these new developments that will not be possible anymore.

Stories are better when it is told directly from the horse’s mouth. Here is Lizzie’s story;

After the test result confirmed that I had cancer, I did not know how to tell my husband about it because I did not want to break his heart with the sad news. Not that I planned on keeping it as secret forever, but I was waiting for the right time to tell him. My husband was a very busy man. He leaves the house very early and returned late. So he did not notice that I was sick.

The only thing he noticed was that I was avoiding him. He asked me several times what was eating me up, but I would not tell him because I did not have the courage to so. One day he broke the news that he was getting another wife. Look, Lizzie am tired of this cold attitude towards me. So I am getting another wife. I was too shocked to alter a word.

The next day, he came back with the lady. They moved my things to the guest room. I was too weak to fight back, so I stayed they quietly and continued battling with my life. At this point, my husband cared less about me. He did not even ask of me anymore. Every day I prayed that God would hasten my death so that I will rest.
*** *** ***

Lizzie died a few months later. Her husband lost his job a few years ago. So when his new wife could not bear the hardship anymore, she started fighting with him to give her money. Because he could not bear the pressure anymore, he went into armed robbery. He was caught eventually and sent to prison. By the time he was released the woman had packed all his properties and left.

So my advice to women is that they should try as much as possible to open up to their husbands no matter the circumstances. And to the men, do not give up on your wives so easily. If you notice any change, make sure that you find out what the problem is. If it means taking a day off from work do, you might just be shocked by what you will find out. The same also applies to women.

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