How my husband deceived my kids and me


She moved into our neighborhood with three of her kids and introduced herself to me as Mrs. Ogbonna. Soon we became very close. Her kids would come to my house and spend some time likewise mine. I asked her about her husband because I noticed that for three months since they moved in, I haven’t set my eyes on him. She said her husband lived in the US and promised to let me know whenever he was around.

But then every time my husband said he was traveling, that is when Mrs. Ogbonna will say she’s traveling. She always has one event or the other to attend. It’s either she’s going for a seminar, or she’s going for one business trip or the other.

My children and I were chilling in front of the house one evening and receiving fresh air when we overheard Mrs. Ogbonna arguing with her first son. And the boy kept saying Mummy this is not fair. Mummy Chinelo has been very good to us. Chinelo is the name of my first daughter. And Mrs. Ogbonna kept asking him to shut his mouth. Don’t tell me to shut up mum. This thing that you and dad are doing is not fair. I will tell her the truth.

Then the boy ran to our compound and told me that he had something to tell me. He said that they are not who we think they are. And that my husband is their father. He also said that their mum has been lying to us all this while. And showed me a traditional marriage picture between my husband and their mother as evidence.

My husband has been married to this woman for over fifteen years, and I didn’t know. He even had the guts to build a house for them close to our compound so he will be close to them. I still do not know why he married another woman because I have both male and female children for him. I have never given him any reason to cheat, let alone marry a second wife. For over fifteen years, my husband deceived my kids and me. And we are yet to recover from the shock.

I have moved out of the house with my children because if my husband can keep this kind of secret away from me for this long, then he can as well kill.

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