How God rescued me from kidnappers


I was on my way to the market one day when a bus stopped in front of me. One of the men inside the bus showed me a gun and asked me to enter the bus, or he will shoot me. So I entered. They covered my nose with a white handkerchief, and I became unconscious.

When I woke up much later in the evening, I found myself in a warehouse. I looked around and observed that they were other captives there too. They were all looking very lean and hungry.
Every day they will take one person ou,t and that person never returns. They fed us once a day to keep us alive. Little wonder the other captives were all looking lean.

I noticed that every time they took one person out, the other captives would start to cry. One day, I summoned courage and told them about Christ. I told them that crying would not save any of us. The only person who can save us is God. So we need to forget our different religious beliefs and call on the only one who is capable of saving us.

They all agreed except for one man who said he didn’t believe in God. The others tried to convince him, but I told them not to bother that it did not matter whether he believed or not. So we started singing. From praise, we entered worship, and then we started praying. After the prayers, for the first time, I was able to sleep well. I also observed that the other captives were able to sleep well.

The following morning, I woke them up very early for another prayer session. We did our usual praise and worship. As we were worshiping God, one of the guards came to know what was happening, and suddenly we started hearing fire!!! Fire!!! He left the door open and ran towards the direction of the fire. We also saw the other guards running in that direction.

Then the spirit of God said to me that it is time to escape. I set fire in one of the buildings to enable you to escape. I told them what God had told me.

Everywhere was dark, but somehow we managed to escape. We ran in the opposite direction. Even though we didn’t know where we were running to, we just kept running. We ran until we found ourselves in a small village. After explaining everything to the villagers, they gave us food and water and also contributed money for us to get to our various destinations.

On our way to the park, the man who said he didn’t believe in God walked up to me and said, now I believe that there is God. Please introduce me to the God you serve so that I can also serve him. I prayed with him and led him to Christ. We all exchanged numbers hugged each other and departed.

Today, that man who said he didn’t believe in God is now a pastor of one of the biggest churches. The other captives have been calling me to tell me how they have led so many people to God through testimonies of how God rescued us from the hands of the ritualist.

What are you still waiting for to give your life to Christ? The time is short. From all that is happening right now, you will know that we do not have time again. You have absolutely nothing to lose by giving your life to God.

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