How my classmate got a Supernatural turnaround.


Vin was the dullest boy in my class back then in secondary school. He did not know anything, and I used to wonder how he even managed to pass the common entrance examination. Although he repeated several times, however, he managed to graduate.

Fast forward to yesterday. My company asked me to accompany one of my colleagues to close a deal with this particular company. They were into many things, Production of water, drinks, biscuits, etc. This company is large. Sometimes I used to wonder who the owners of the company are. For companies like that, one will think that it is not owned by one person.

We were asked to wait in the reception because the chairman was in a meeting with some people. When the meeting was over, we were allowed into the chairman’s office. When I first saw him, I was like, this person looks so much like Vin. Ah!!! People can look alike. I never in my wildest dream did I imagined that it was Vin. No, this can not be Vin, the olodo it is not possible.

I was battling with myself when I heard my name. Chinwe, how are you? It’s been a while. How have you been? If I say I was shocked, that would be an understatement. Vin, is this you? He just smiled. You know this rich man type of smile. My colleague was a bit lost, but then he just sat there quietly and patiently waited for us to finish.

I still have not been able to come out of the shock. Vin, whom everybody thought will not amount to anything in life, is the owner of one of the biggest production companies. This life can be funny sometimes. Here I was working for a company. I, who was very intelligent in school, is working for a company, while the number one olodo Vin owns a company.

My encounter with Vin yesterday taught me a huge lesson never to look down on people. God does not take permission from people when he wants to bless someone. So never look down on anyone no matter that person’s condition.

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