How to get people to sign up for your product before it officially launches


How do I get people to sign up for my product before it officially launches
It depends on the type of product. If your product is the type that requires packaging, then you have to ensure that you package your products very well.

Firstly, make your products attractive because people are attracted to beautiful and well package products. Good content with bad packaging hardly gets attention, so if you want to get people to consider your products, the packaging has to look good.

Secondly, make your package very unique. People like unique things. For instance, I was once a distributor with a dairy food company. The company kicked off in 2009. You will agree with me that so many dairy food companies have been in existence long before that time. So when they started, they used an oval-shaped bottle as against the usual square-shaped bottle that every other yogurt companies were using at the time.

It was the shape and beauty of the bottle that attracted me to the product. Then when I tasted it, I realized that the product did not only have good packaging it also had good content. Those were the main reasons why I joined the company as a distributor. In less than one year, the product was everywhere. People stopped buying other yogurt products because of this one. That is how far good packaging can take your products.

Finally, make sure that the content is good. Good packaging will only attract first-time customers, but good content will keep them.

Having put all these in place, the next thing to do is to create a Facebook page for your product and then advertise the product on social media. If you have money for social media ads, that is great. However, if you do not have money for ads, no problem, you can share it with your friends.

Because the product is still new, people may be skeptical about it. So you can give out free samples and then ask the people to help you advertise the products by writing comments on your Facebook page or other social media platforms.

You can also ask for feedback to enable you to improve on the product.

You can as well ask them to sign up and get one product free. People like free things a lot, so I think that will be a great way to start. Remember that for you to get your product into the market, you must be ready to spend.

When I joined the dairy food company newly, I gave every shop owner whom I went to market the product a sample each to convince them to buy. And I recovered all the expenses I made within a period of advertising within a short time.
In nutshell, you must be willing to make some sacrifices.


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