Why am I going through so much pain as a Christian, where did I go wrong?


This morning I received news that my little cousin who got married last year has delivered a bouncing baby boy. When I received the news, I had mixed feelings. Here I was waiting on God for a child for over fifteen years of marriage, and my cousin, who just newly got married, now has a child.

Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t jealous, and I did not feel bad about the news. I just wasn’t happy that I have been praying for so long without a child.

So I asked God for the umpteenth time why I was going through so much pain as a Christian. Where did I go wrong? What is my offense?

So many of us ask God these same questions when we go through trials. We also want to know why God allows things like rape, murder, robbery, and so on to happen to his children. As I was pondering over this question, I remembered Abraham, Joseph, Hannah, and Job.

God never promised us a life full of enjoyment. That is why he says; Many are the afflictions of the righteous, but the Lord delivers him from them all.

God knows that we would go through trials and temptation as long as we live on Earth. That is another reason why he keeps encouraging us and telling us not to be afraid.

Abraham did nothing. He was a friend of God. Yet, he waited for twenty-five years. It took God twenty-five years to fulfill the promise which he made to Abraham. Do you know what it means to wait for twenty-five years? We are not talking about twenty-five days or twenty-five months here but twenty-five years.

In Joseph’s case, he was just a good daddy’s boy and a dreamer of which the dreams were from God himself. He did absolutely nothing wrong. But God was silent when his brothers plotted to kill him. God allowed his brothers to sell him as a slave as if that was not enough he allowed his master to put him in prison over a crime he did not commit.

What about Hannah? The bible says that God deliberately shot her womb. What was her crime? Nothing. But God shut her womb and allowed Penniniah to mock her.

Then about Job, the bible made us understand that he was an upright man. What baffles me in his case is that God was the one who mentioned him to the devil and allowed the devil to torment him beyond measures. They were no type of torment that he didn’t go through, and God sat on his throne and watched silently.

Maybe you are thinking, these happened in the old testament. Let’s look at the following persons in the new testament, the woman with the issue of blood, the man who was born blind, and many others who I can not mention here. All these people did nothing.

Now, if perhaps you are asking God the above questions, I want you to ponder on what the people whose names I mentioned went through.

But the good news is God is too good to fail. But I want to bring something to your notice, all these persons whose names I mentioned above did not give up on God, and their lives ended well. Now my question to you is, have you given up on God already? If your answer is yes, then I will advise you to ponder on these words, but if your is no and maybe you are on the verge of giving up, don’t give up just yet because God is preparing something good for you.

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