Just in: Woman gives birth to triplets after 18 years of marriage.


A lady has taken to Facebook to share a story of her cousin who gave birth to triplets after 18 years of marriage.
The woman who was constantly mocked by family members, friends, and neighbors was finally blessed with triplets.
She writes;

After 18 years of mockery, name-calling, and all sort, God has finally blessed my cousin with the fruit of the womb, not 1, not 2, but 3 beautiful souls. It’s a testimony I will ever live to remember, to God be the glory.

Meanwhile, on Sunday, a young man ( name withheld ) gave a testimony in church about how God blessed his 60 years old auntie, who has been married for 21 years with a child.

He said she has been believing God for the fruit of the womb for 21 years. Her father-in-law swore that she would never hear a cry of a baby in her home.

Friends and family members constantly mocked and laughed at her. She has been praying and visiting prayer houses, but all to no avail.

So last year during Shiloh, he prayed earnestly for her. All his prayer request was centered around her. After the Shiloh program, he called her on the phone because the woman resides in a different city, he took a portion of the olive oil which he bought during the program, placed it on his stomach as a point of contact, and asked the woman to do same. And he prayed for her and told her that it was settled.

A few months later, he had a revelation that the woman was pregnant. He called her to confirm but the woman was just laughing. To the glory of God, that woman gave birth to a bouncing baby boy last month.

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