While my husband was lying in the mortuary, the police accused him of committing fraud of 10 million Naira.


A lady identified as Tolulope Angel Sofodu Ojuroye has shared a sad story of how she lost her husband.
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On the 1st of September, I woke up next to my husband, dressed for work, and woke him to tell him I was done and ready to leave. He asked me to open his cupboard and pick the money for the month. I went there but didn’t see it.

Then he got up and said; You just want me to stand up. However, he gave Ie the money and asked me to count it. Then he said that the money wasn’t complete yet and that he will give me the balance when I returned from work.

I was glad that he even gave me part of the money. (the reason why I was glad would be known soon). I left for work and since it was the beginning of the month was busy. From about 3:30 to 4 pm, I had a client over.

I was with them when I heard in my spirit. CALL HIM; CALL YOUR HUSBAND. I was with my phone at the time so I called him (Still grateful to God that I called him and we spoke). When I closed from work and got home, he wasn’t home.

I thought perhaps he took a stroll that evening after talking to me, since he has been home all day, and they have been working from home since March. I prepared dinner and waited for him to get back.

I was laying on the bed when his younger sister’s call came in and told me she spoke to one police officer who told her they found my husband’s phones on the ground. I got up immediately and started wondering where he went, he would have been looking for the phones I thought to myself. I got dressed and left for the police station.

Before I left the house, I called my younger sister to inform her that I was going to the police station. On getting there, I saw the officer, he kept me in their office and told me my husband committed fraud of 10 million and that he had confessed. Immediately asked them to let me see him. He requested to see my husband’s sister whom he spoke with, and that she should come along with her husband. I kept begging them to let me see him. I tried convincing them that he wasn’t that kind of person and that he lives his life as it comes.

They started asking me a series of questions. it was so annoying. I was there till past 9 pm till his sister came, and they said they need to go search of our house. We set out to go, on the way, his sister asked for my brother in law’s number (my younger sister’s husband ) at that moment I was like, I haven’t even explained to my dad what was going on or even my elder sister.

When we got home, one of the officers went to see my landlady, while the other came to the house. After his supposed search, he told me to stay back at home but I refused. Then the other came and sat down. I sat down too and waited for the next line of action.

When my landlady’s son came inside, the other officer who had gone to see my landlady came to me held me down, and broke the saddest news I have ever heard in my entire life.

My husband had passed. He went out that evening, while on queue he slumped and before they could get him to the nearest hospital which was just 2 buildings away he didn’t make it. I screamed and rolled on the floor, they tried to hold me but I couldn’t be held. I felt DEEP PAIN.

Then I asked them to take me to him, that I needed to see him. He was already in the ambulance outside the hospital. I was asked to sit in the vehicle that took me there till it was time to identify the body.

My God! when I saw him, they already put cotton wool in his nose. I saw his body lifeless. I almost fainted. Then I was taken back into the vehicle. They didn’t allow me to see him again till I begged at the mortuary and had to promise to behave myself.

I miss you my husband… every single day…

It was the day before your birthday. I had gone all out to celebrate you. it was different this year because I felt the urge to do much more than before, as it was the only cake I give especially if it’s on a weekday. I ordered a cake, wine, meat pie, small chops, and got some chicken to fry in case it wasn’t enough. I got a birthday gift which I kept, even though I know you saw it, I just didn’t get the opportunity to present it to you. So when you gave me the money in the morning, I was glad that it would help pay the delivery guy.

I am still deeply pained by this, but I can never question God. He always knows best.
I still have trouble sleeping sometimes, and I know I promised you that I would be strong for the both of us. I am trying.

I am healing gradually but I am just not there yet.
It’s 3 months today. I am always happy when it’s December, but today I had mixed feelings.
God is still gracious and kind.

It took a lot from me to put this down…
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