Breaking news: Famzhi interbiz limited promises to pay investors back their capitals


The MD of famzhi interbiz limited, Hajia Maryam Suleiman has promised to pay their investors back their capitals. In a voice note which was realized to the investor’s telegram group, the MD apologized for the delay in payments of investor’s capitals.

In her statement, she said famzhi was created on the platform of seeing how Nigerians can come together, and rob heads together, and do business by contributing and making something that will give them money and create jobs.

She reminded the investors that famzhi has been supporting them for four years. She also said that she took her time to read all the investor’s comments on the telegram and that she feels their pain. In solidarity with the investors, she said that she stopped her children from going to school so that they can all put their heads together to solve the problems on the ground.

She pleaded with the investors not to lose trust in famzhi and assured the investors that they will all get back their capitals. She said the profit payments stopped in April and told those on rollover not to be afraid as their monies are still intact and would be paid back their capitals and profits which stopped in April.

She also told the investors that they have been paying. She said that the company cannot pay everybody at the same time. In her statement, famzhi has roughly eleven thousand investors and about three thousand have been paid and about two thousand have been given part of their capitals.

She urged the investors to be calm so that they can pay everybody back their monies. She said most of the monies were invested in properties, and the only way the investors can get back their monies is if the company sell off the properties.

She said that she understands what the investors are going through and solicited for peace and calmness and urged the investors to pray for the company. She also said that the company has plans on the ground to move the business forward, but they need a peaceful environment to do so.

She assured the investors that henceforth, every decision taken will be a collective decision taken by the premium investors. The premium investors have come up with a wonderful idea that will benefit all the investors. So the idea is that any money that comes into the company will be announced and it will be distributed amongst the investors. A certain percentage will be agreed upon, and they will no longer be doing random payments.

She pleaded with the investors to allow the company to allow the projects which they have on the ground to continue as that is the only way the company can sell off the properties and pay their investors.


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