Love and prayers


Love and prayers are two important virtue that Christians need. The bible admonishes us to love and pray always not just for ourselves and loved ones, but also for our enemies.

They both work side by side. You cannot claim to love someone and not pray for the person. We are supposed to always pray for those we love.

Just like the saying: Love conquers all things likewise, prayers also conquers all things. So you see, they both work side by side.

The Bible says that God gave us his only begotten son because of the love which he has for us. Jesus gave up his life so that we can be saved. Even while he was disgraced and beaten like a thief, he still prayed and asked God not to hold it against us, and he did it out of love.

Steven, while he was being stoned to death also prayed and asked God to forgive those who plotted evil against him. It is only those who love you that will pray for you even when you are killing them.

Sometime in 1994, I lost my father and was left at the mercy of my uncle who is now late, and his wife. I was twelve years old then.

My mum had passed on much earlier. I was the only child of my parents. So when I lost my dad, I had no choice other than to live with my uncle and his wicked wife.

As the first and only child of my parents, my dad named me Adanna which means father’s first daughter in the Igbo language. I was seriously been maltreated by my aunt and her children.

Every day, I prayed and ask God for a helper as I suffered so much in the hand of my aunt. I made a vow to God that if he rescued me from my wicked aunt, I would help the poor and the needy from the hands of their oppressors.

My aunt never failed to remind me how hopeless and useless I was to them.
Despite everything that my aunt and her children did to me, I didn’t stop loving and praying for them. My parents were Christians so I was taught to always love those who despitefully used me.

In 2003, my aunt sent me to the market in a nearby village to buy some food items. As I was returning from the market, I was hit by a hit and run driver. A pastor who was returning from a Crusade found me and rushed me to a hospital.

The accident was so severe that it affected my spinal cord was affected.
The hospital where I was rushed to couldn’t handle my case, so I was referred to another hospital in the city. With the help of the pastor, I stayed in the hospital for months, when I was finally discharged, the pastor offered to take me back home, but I pleaded with him not to take me back to my uncle and wicked aunt as I was afraid that she will finally kill me in my present condition.

After listening to my story, pastor Paul, that is his name, decided to adopt me. But he couldn’t do that without the consent of my family members. So he took me back to meet my uncle. After narrating what happened to them, they were more than willing to let me go, as my aunt felt I was now useless to her. She still did not fail to remind me how useless I was to them.

Then I made another vow to God that if he healed me, I would help every cripple that I came across.
I became a blessing to pastor Paul and his wife, as the pastor and his wife who have been praying for a child were blessed with a child less than two years after I started leaving with them.

One faithful day, the pastor organized a church program. During the program, he called me out and said that he was led by the Spirit of God to pray for me. As he was praying I suddenly started screaming. As the pastor was praying, I felt a certain power inside of me which I couldn’t explain. So the pastor asked me to gently stand up from the wheelchair that I was sitting on. I did and tried to take a step further and found out that I could walk. The news went viral and the pastor’s church grew.

Two years later, a young man who was given the scholarship to study abroad, came back and said he wanted to give back to society. Since he was a member of pastor Paul’s Church, he decided to sponsor a member of the Church to study abroad. I was chosen to go study abroad as I was very intelligent.

I graduated as a computer scientist with a first-class, worked for some years before I finally decided to return to my country to enable me to pay my vows which I made earlier to God.

When I returned, I took up a job as a teacher in a secondary school, to enable me to get close to students who may be going through what I went through in the hand of my aunt, and assist them in any way that I could. Because I have a passion for writing, I built a blog site to enable me to publish my work. Exactly three months after I built the site, I got google approval.

Earlier this year before the covid-19 pandemic, I got a lecturing job in one of the private universities. In September, my aunt’s children called me to inform me that my aunt was sick. She has been ill for a while now and they have spent all they have on medication. They were asking for my assistance to enable them to buy medication for her.

The hopeless, useless, and good for nothing girl is the same person they are calling for assistance. I had to send some monies to them so that she could be taken to a good hospital for treatment. They now regret everything they did to me in the past. Although I have forgiven them, but it will be difficult to forget.

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