Tomorrow is pregnant, no one knows what it will bring forth- Read Ella’s story


Don’t abort that child. It’s against God’s word. Besides, you could die in the process. But my parents will kill me if they find out, and you know I am in the singing ministry in the church. How do I face my church members? Oh! my God!! What have I gotten myself into Ella cried?

I continued to encourage her. I understand how you feel. I told her It may be difficult for you now. People will talk, your parents and church members will be disappointed, but it will pass, trust me. You don’t even know what this child will become tomorrow. As God would have it, she listened to me. She gave birth to the child, and she named her after me, Christabel. She said that she decided to name her after me because I was the one who encouraged her not to abort the child.

A few years later, the guy who got her pregnant came to ask for her hands in marriage. They got married and were very happy together. But then, life was difficult for them. They struggled to pay rent, fees, even feeding was a problem sometimes. But God, who is always faithful to his children, saw them through it all.

Christabel is a beautiful and intelligent girl. After her secondary education, she got a scholarship to study nursing abroad. Today, this girl who would have been flushed out through abortion is married to a very wealthy man abroad with three children. Apart from the fact that God hates abortion, it could damage your womb and make you childless. You can even die in the process. Besides, you don’t even know what that child will become tomorrow.

Abortion can destroy your future. Research shows that abortion can cause the following:

  • future childbearing and pregnancy outcomes (e.g., secondary infertility; ectopic pregnancy; spontaneous abortion and stillbirth; complications of pregnancy; and preterm birth, small for gestational age, and low birthweight);
  • risk of breast cancer;
  • mental health disorders; and
  • premature death.


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