No one is indispensable. Live life as it comes because when you die, your family will move on


Some years ago, my friend had just celebrated her fiftieth birthday. Eight days later, she became ill, and she died fleetly and was buried three weeks after.

I called her husband one month after the burial to check on him and the kids, and to find out how they were fairing. Because before my friend passed, she worked tirelessly to ensure that everything was okay in her home. She took care of everything and everyone, including relatives and their aged parents.

She always complained about not having time for herself because she handled all the house chores. The only thing my husband can do is boil water for tea; she complained to me one day.

I felt her hubby must be feeling devastated, so I called her husband to see if the family needed any support. Since his wife, who took care of everything, was no more.

The cell phone rang for some response. After about an hour, he returned my call and apologized for not answering my call. Because he had started playing tennis for an hour at his club and meeting friends and so on to ensure he had a good time.

“Is everything okay? ” I asked,
He replied in the affirmative. And also said that he had employed a cook and a caretaker to take care of the house chores, his aging parents, and kids.

Tears welled up my eyes. I just kept thinking about her. Her family, for whom she worked very hard for. Because she thought they wouldn’t cope without her had moved on without her. It was as if they didn’t even miss her at all.

This is someone who hardly attended any functions, just because she wanted to make sure that everything was okay in her home.

She had always looked for some appreciation and some recognition which she never got.
Now I understand why they say: “No one is indispensable”

And no one will be missed. it is just a matter of time, and your loved ones will move on.
After her death, two more maids were hired. And everything returned to normal.

We only measure our respect and value. ain’t that true?
Enjoy life while you still can.

Live life as it comes. Take it one step at a time. Stop thinking that you are indispensable, and without you, your family will suffer.

Always remember to have some me time.

Get in touch with your old pals, gist, laugh and enjoy.

Attend functions. Visit friends, do Facebook, Instagram, send and reply to messages on WhatsApp and Telegram. Have fun. Live your passion, live your life.

Once in a while, do things that you love to do.

Don’t look for your happiness in others. You too, deserve some happiness because if you are not happy, you cannot make others happy.

Everyone needs you, and you too need your care and love
We only live but once.

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