Three years old boy gets drowned in a river in Enugu State.


A boy of three years identified as Kamsiyo has been confirmed dead after his body was found in a river where he had gone with some relatives for swimming.

The incident occurred at about 4 pm on the 5th of January 2021, in a river known as ozom Ude, located in the outskirt of Ude village, in Ugwuoba town, Oji River local government area, Enugu State.

Sources said that the boy’s mother, whose name is Chinecherem, who happens to be the daughter of Mr. Paulinus Chineke, the chairman of Ude village, had gone to Ude village with her son Kamsiyo to visit her father.

On the day that the incident occurred, a relative who returned from Lagos for the festive period, identified as Mrs. Isaac Chineke, had told Chinecherem that she would be going to the river with her children to wash their clothes.

The little boy said he would go with them, the woman refused, and the boy started crying. So the little boy’s mother told them to go with the boy.

According to an eyewitness, the children were all playing by the side of the river when suddenly the boy drowned. They didn’t notice his disappearance until when they were about to leave. As they were searching, a fisherman who was fishing on the other side of the river saw the boy and carried him to where they were searching for the boy.

The boy was rushed to the hospital, where he was confirmed dead.

A source said that after Kamsiyo was confirmed dead. The people of Ude village, took the boy’s corpse to his paternal home in Igbagupata in Ugwuoba town, Oji river local government area of Enugu State to explain what happened.

After explaining what happened to the boy’s father and relatives, they asked them to go back to their village. But much later at night, the boy’s corpse was brought back to his maternal village by the people of Igbagupata, saying that the people of Ude must pay for what happened to Kamsi.

After much pleading, they concluded that the boy would be buried by the side of the ozom Ude river as that is the tradition of Ugwuoba people.

The boy was buried on Wednesday 6th of January 2021, beside the ozom Ude river.
Another source expressed surprise over the incident as this is the first time in history that someone got drowned in the river.

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