Tension as girlfriend rejects N1.5m man wanted to pay her off with after 11 abortions


A young man took to social media to seek advice on how to handle his relationship problem. 

The man said he was in a relationship with this lady for about nine years, of which the lady did eleven abortions, and the last one almost took her life, which led to the removal of her womb.

Read his statement below;

“Hi there, I am 36 and about to settle down. I dated a lady for about nine years, or thereabout. She got pregnant several times, and we both opted for abortion. We both took the decision.

Several times, I tried to tell her the danger of this, and how to protect herself. This lady doesn’t know her safe period and all that. In 2017 after the last abortion, her uterus got infected. And that made her bleed and smell for months and was finally removed. That was the point I realized that the journey to our forever has ended.

In as much as I wasn’t and we weren’t ready for babies then, I know one day I will like to be called a father. It’s been 3years since the womb was removed, and its one hell of a ride for me.

Right now, I want to settle down and make a family. My friends advised me to give her cash of a 1.5million while I have closure on her. At least it would go a long way towards setting her up.

It’s been a tough one, and I got the courage to do so on 30th December, which she left me at the eatery. There wasn’t any violent form of reaction from her.

Emotionally we are compatible but physically No. Someone already has my baby growing in her womb, and I want to sort things out with my girl before proceeding.

I went to her house and was told that she traveled to her home town Benin precisely for the festive season. I called, she picked and sounded okay.

At this point, do I go ahead with the marriage plan with the other lady? Since everything is cool with my ex?

To make it clear to the public, she had 11 abortions in 9 years we were together, and it wasn’t my fault. I couldn’t bring myself also to sign for a hysterectomy if her life wasn’t in danger.

Please, I need your advice.

Facebook users took to the comment section to express their disappointments.

See comments below:

Zillah Ibie Aisien-Efe

So now that you have destroyed one, you want to go for a fresh one, clap for yourself, you’re a true son of your father. Both of you should ask God for forgiveness and then go ahead and marry her so both of you can bear the pain before God will show you mercy and give you both children. We have heard cases of women without womb who God remembered. So yours won’t be an exception, my candid advice.


Chiamaka Chuks Obunadike

The lady is the cause of her problems. Is she a fool?


Atinuke Adeshola-Manuels

Women! women! women! When are we going to have the sense to know when to quit. 11 as in 11. It is well


Titilola Ajike Omo Koko

Leave her please! What can she do? You will just run mad for 44 years after then you can enjoy the rest of your life with your new boo. Do your wedding invitation and give her this week so that the madness will manifest fast


 Uzy Ukoh

I blame the lady!

The guy your name is already sorry.

I like that part she is from Benin too.


 Nancy Chika

Haha, I just laugh. Did I hear you say she traveled to Benin? Hmmm, don’t worry oo. Just wait and see


 Oniong Cynthia

Hmm, I am speechless cos my blood has dried up.

 Dura Visan

If it happened to his sister or daughter, how will he react?


 Chinaza Nwankwo

You are not serious oh! even if the girl not do anything against you, heaven and Earth will be against you, to God 


Esther Gabriel

So you are expecting a child while the lady should console herself, you this guy is like you want to pieces your life.


Zikora Ekwo

So all this while she was getting pregnant you didn’t want to settle down, and also didn’t use condoms.

Now someone else got pregnant for you and boom you suddenly want to settle down. Her silence is like venom, very dangerous.… 

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