Nigerian veteran actress Rita Dominic finally reveals the love of her life.


Nigerian veteran actress Rita Dominic has finally disclosed the love of her life.

This is the first time the actress is going public about her relationship. In all her adult life, she has never been married and doesn’t have a child, unlike some of her colleagues who settled for life as single mothers.

Following the announcement which she made on her Instagram page, her fans expressed both shock and happiness. This comes after the actress left us with the impression that she doesn’t mind being single for life.

She said that she would only marry when she finds the right man. Ever since she introduced the man on social media, her fans are eager to know who he is.

The name of her fiance is Fidelis Anosike. He is a 54 years old man who is not very popular among Nigerians.
He is the owner of Folio communications, a conglomerate with companies like first October, Miss Nigeria, Folio

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He started the company at the age of 24 following his graduation from the University of Benin.

He is also the owner and publisher of the Daily Times newspaper which he acquired in 2007.
Words have it that he and Rita have been dating for over two years and are madly in love with each other.

Patrick Doyle has also confirmed that Fidelis and Rita are an item. According to him, he has met the couple on several occasions and believes they are deeply in love.

In the past, the actress dated popular Nollywood actor Jim Iyke when they were both still new in the film making industry. Their relationship later hit the rock due to their lack of commitment to taking things further.

During an interview with Jim Iyke, he revealed that at the time he and the actress started dating, he was beginning to embrace fame.

According to him, he didn’t think Rita was looking for a long-lasting relationship. And he was reigning casanova at the time, and he wasn’t ready to lose his reputation for a long-lasting relationship with Rita Dominic.

The founder of the block entertainment company, Bizzle Osikoya is another man who reportedly dated Rita Dominic. According to reports, they dated for a few months before the relationship finally hit the rock.

Chidi Mokeme also dated the actress in the past. But the reason why the relationship hit the rock is still unknown.

Mikel Obi also dated the actress in 2013. At the time, Mikel was 29 years old, while Rita was 38 years old. Rita believes that age is nothing but a number. The report has it that this was her longest relationship with a man.

Banky W admitted that he once had a crush on the actress in the past, but he said that they both never dated.
LTK, an upcoming singer, said he dated the actress in his dreams. He said he would have approached her for a relationship a long time ago, but he assumed she has been taken by another man.

The singer promised to give Rita twins if she decides to take him seriously for marriage.

According to Rita Dominic in an interview, her past relationships hit the rock because of her erratic behavior. She admitted that she could be quite unpredictable and hot-tempered.

We can only hope she has found solutions to these problems as we do not want her latest relationship to hit the rocks again.

So guys, what do you think about Rita Dominic’s relationship with millionaire Fidelis Anosike? Share your views in the comment section.

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