Reactions as Pigeon released by President Buhari refuses to fly on Armed Forces Remembrance Day.


It is a known fact that when doves are released, it is to show respect to the dead, and it common in funerals.

On Armed Forces Remembrance Day, held earlier today, Friday 15th, 2021, President Major General Muhammadu Buhari had opened the birdcage at the National Arcade, picked up one of the doves, and thrown it into the air, but the bird refused to fly. Instead, it landed atop the cage.

All effort by the President to make it fly proved abortive. The President had no other choice but to return to his seat.

However, this has sparked thousands of comments on social media.
A Twitter user identified as Adeshola Adefuwa Cole tweets that even Pigeons know we are under the worst regime in the history of Nigeria.

Another Twitter user identified as Manny Lorenzo said; If you were the Pigeons, will you fly? Since Buhari took over in Nigeria in 2015, Pigeons never fly from his hand, and the country never moves forward. If it is somebody that loves himself and the country, he could have resigned long ago.

Senator Shehu Sani Human Rights Activist, Author, PanAfricanist, A dedicated fighter for Freedom and Justice, on his tweeter page wrote;
On the #ArmedForcesRemembranceDay2021, there are no greater heroes to appreciate and honor than the widows and orphans of our soldiers who gave their lives so that we may live in peace. #ArmyDay2021 #ArmedForcesRemembranceDay #ArmyDay.

Meanwhile, in his reply to punch newspaper said that the doves needed masks.

Oby Ezekwesili, former Minister of Education, also tweeted, “Hmmm. Even the pigeons in Nigeria.”

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