Life is not so rosy in Canada: Four reasons why you shouldn’t relocate to Canada in 2021


One of my neighbors has been fantasizing about traveling to Canada with her children. She feels life over they are far better than life in Nigeria.

Because of the harsh economic condition in Africa, most especially in Nigeria, most post people in Africa want to relocate to other countries like Canada, the USA, and so on without carefully looking at the Advantages and Disadvantages of living in such highly developed countries.

There is no doubt that Canada is a lovely place. Like every other developed country, they have good basic infrastructures. But they are other things that make life very difficult over there too.

A few years ago, one of my friends traveled to Canada. He only stayed for one year and came back. When we asked him why he came back, he said that the cold was unbearable and secondly he was very lonely. We did not understand until recently.
If you are excited to travel to Canada, you have to prepare yourself mentally. You have to prepare yourself in such a way that you are prepared for any challenge that you might face when you travel to Canada. You have to prepare yourself for some hiccups people face.

Life in Canada is not as rosy as people over there paint it to be.

Charlie Bechtold wrote:
To all the Americans who think life is better in Canada after they see how we are being ripped off on taxes, alcohol, gasoline, and hydro, they will be glad to go home and live under a Trump government. He is the best thing that happened in this politically correct world. I wish Canada had a Trump to straighten out our mess here.

To be sincere, the only problem Nigeria has is corrupt leaders. If we had good leaders from the onset with the kind of natural resources that we have, other countries would have been longing to relocate to Nigeria the same way we are clamoring to travel to other developed countries.

Below are the reasons why life is not so rosy in Canada

1. Depression: Depression is real. Even though a lot of people find it hard to believe, and it is worst in Canada. In Africa, most especially in Lagos Nigeria, when you say that you are depressed, people would be like, what is this one talking about. Because in Nigeria, we are known for suffering and smiling. Nigeria is ranked the 6th happiest people in Africa. So the word depression sounds like an alien word.

Lagos is a lively place with lots of activities to make your day. Just sitting beside the motor park and watching the bus drivers and their conductors alone is enough to kill depression. So in Lagos, there’s no dull moment at all.

There’s always one party or the other to attend, especially if you are the Social type.
But in Canada, it’s a different ball game, because you don’t see people you would visit. Your friends and family members are not here with you, so you become isolated and lonely. Then add the weather to that. The weather changes everything. From fall to winter is a long period of cold weather. People are stuck indoors.

They are not receiving the sun, and they are not socializing like they are supposed to and it causes depression.
To get out of depression, you can move to other communities in Canada and socialize with the people there.
If you have children, you can make friends with the people in your community so that your children can see other kids to play with. During the period of depression, doctors usually recommend vitamin D.

2. Job loss: The uncertainty of jobs in Canada is very high, especially in industries where the jobs are not constant. Your employer can wake up one day and tell you that based on their budgets, they can no longer employ you, and so by the end of today, your employment will be terminated. So you go to work in the morning happy, and in the evening, you are being fired.

In Nigeria, it is this belief that if you have a permanent job, you are secured. But in Canada, even your permanent job might not be secured. You might just do something little, and they will use it as an excuse to terminate your employment. The job loss is high, and they are no job security. It is even worst now because, during the lockdown, so many companies were not in operations. Some companies couldn’t continue anymore even after the lockdown, and a lot of people lost their jobs as a result of that.

Recently in Alberta, people have been losing their jobs. The biggest oil and gas company in Alberta also announced laying off workers. The uncertainty of jobs in Canada makes it not so rosy.

One minute you are working, the next minute you are out of a job. That is why so many immigrants go into occupations that are always consistent in terms of jobs like the health care sector. Because in the health care sector, if you lose your job, you can easily get a job in another health care sector.

The areas where they are always jobs are the health care sector, information technology, and retails. But in any other sector, the uncertainty is high. Although there is employment insurance, you have to plan your life around it. Or you start a side hustle that can sustain you when you experience a job loss.

3. Debt lifestyle: A lot of immigrants make the mistake of going beyond their means by acquiring things that they cannot sustain financially. Because of the credit lifestyle, where you buy something and pay in a bit, it makes people fall into debt and have a huge sum of debts that they are under pressure to pay.

And that is why people say, if you come to Canada, you may not be rich, and it’s true. So if you have the mindset of making money in Canada, remove that mindset. If you go to Canada, you may not be rich, but you will have the quality of life that you desire.

And the reason why you may not be rich is that you have so many bills to pay. One of the major bills is housing, especially for those who have a mortgage. A mortgage is the most expensive thing to pay for, followed by other little costs, including child care. Based on all these things, a lot of people find themselves in debt. As you are coming out of one, you are entering another one. So it becomes frustrating and depressing then when you add job loss to that, it makes life in Canada not so rosy.

4. Lack of friends: Some people are not so good at making friends and socializing. Normally, when you travel to a new place, you may want to observe the people there before you start making friends. The truth is, people in certain communities do this competition amongst themselves. They like to compare themselves. So you hear something like, I have lived in Canada for ten years, and I have not been able to get a house, but this person who just came last year has been able to get a house.

And it is not everybody who likes it. That is why some people try to detach themselves. They don’t want to make friends with people in their community.

They will rather make friends with people in another community, and when you make friends with other community members, they are certain things you don’t enjoy.

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