Five most prominent ways to immigrate to Canada in 2021


In my last article titled Canada is not so rosy – four reasons why you should not relocate to Canada in 2021. I explained the hiccups people face when they travel to Canada. But they are doubting Thomas’s everywhere. People who would want to go and see for themselves.

If you are in that category, then this article is for you. 2020 was a challenging year for everyone all over the world. A lot of people who wanted to immigrate to Canada could not do so because of the coronavirus pandemic and so on. But we hope that 2021 will be a better year for all of us.

Is going to Canada still part of your aspirations for the year 2021? If you could not achieve that in 2020, do not give up, you can still achieve it in 2021.

In this article, I will tell you the five most prominent ways to immigrate to Canada in 2021.

1. Express Entry to Canada: This is number one on my list because it is the best and the easiest way through which you can travel to Canada. Why I choose this as number one is because you do not need to pay through your nose. What this means is that it is cheap. Although this way might be cumbersome because of the criteria involved, if you can get it right, it remains the best way to travel to Canada.

There are three-part through which you can immigrate to Canada under the express entry:

A. Through the federal skilled workers’ scheme: This one is base on your work experience from wherever you are coming from.

B. Through the Canadian experience class: This one is majorly for those who are presently in Canada. Those who studied in Canada, those who have work experience in Canada, and so on. You can leverage the Canadian experience class that is the CEC to become a permanent resident in Canada.

C. Through the federal skill trade: This one is gear towards those that are outside Canada and have skilled experience in a trade like electrical, fashion design, Plumbing, and so on. Whatever skills that you have, you can leverage on the FST to migrate into Canada.

Express entry is a point-based system that was introduced in the year 2015 by the Canadian government, to bring in the best of the best brains from outside Canada into Canada. This is how the point base system works. It requires you to have a maximum of 1200 points based on the information you put online in terms of your education, work experience, English test, accommodation, and so on.

Now, if you are awarded a point base, because you have created your profile in the poll, bi-weekly in most cases Canadian government does an express entry draw whereby they allot a particular score for the draw, and anyone who scores that score or more will be sent an invitation to apply for the permanent residence.

The last one which was done on December 23rd, 2020, the score was 468, so people who scored 468 and above were sent an invitation to apply. Like I said earlier, this is the best way to migrate to Canada in 2021.

2. Provincial nomination program: Canada operates a different kind of streams of nominee program. They are ten provinces and three territories in Canada. Each province has a different kind of provincial nominee program through which you can come into Canada. In this year 2021, Canada is looking at bringing over 80,000 immigrants through the provincial nominee program.

The factors that qualify you for this program are:

I Job offer: Some provinces are looking for people who have already secured a job offer either in Canada or outside Canada. This can qualify you for the provincial nominee program. It can give you more points through the provincial nominee route

II In-Demand Occupations: Some of these provinces have shortlisted jobs that are in demand. Like in Nova Scotia, they are looking for people like Taylors, Fashion designers, those in the livestock and agricultural sector, those in the plumbing sector, electrical, and so on. So if you know you have experience in some of these fields/professions, Lawyers and doctors are not exempted. You can look into some of these provinces. All you need to do is to get a reference letter from your employer.

III Connection to the province: This has to do with the connection that you have in the province which you have chosen, like family members, studies, friends, etc. If you have any of these, it can give you more points in the provincial nominee in 2021.

Business/Entrepreneur: If you have cash that you want to use to set up a business in Canada, you can consider the provincial nominee program. Some provinces are looking for entrepreneurs who want to come and spend their cash and set up a business for the growth of their province.

They will also give you a part through which you can become a permanent resident, which can eventually make you a citizen of Canada.

The Canadian goal for 2021 is to bring in over 400,000 immigrants to Canada. So you do not want to be left out of this opportunity.

3. Work permit: Getting a work permit to travel to Canada is not an easy task but, it is possible. In 2019 over 400,000 immigrants came into Canada through a work permit. They are different types of partway through which you can come into Canada through a work permit.

The first one is the international experience class ( IEC ): IEC is only open to 36 countries, and it is gear toward youths between the ages of 18 to 35 years.

The second one is through the Labour market impact analysis (LMIA): The process is vigorous. And because of that, so many employers are not willing to do that for prospective immigrants because the employer needs to advertise that position for Canadians for over 30 days and be able to convince the Canadian government that nobody in Canada can fill that position. And that is why they want to bring in immigrants from outside Canada. Secondly, they also have to pay a thousand dollars and a lot of paperwork and so on. So no company is ready to do that. Except, if you are an expatriate, that is when the company can go the extra mile to get the LMIA to bring you into Canada. And you can not blame the Canadian government because they need to ensure that they provide jobs for those that are inside Canada before they start looking outside.

The third one is intracompany work permit: This is for people working in multinational companies like Chevron, Shell, total, LNG, and so on, and wants to relocate to Canada, you can get a work permit from your company from wherever you are working in Canada.

Last but not least is the USMCA work permit: This one is only restricted to three countries, the USA, Mexico, and Canada. They signed a USMCA contract that allows them to exchange workers between these three countries. So this one is not open for everybody.

4. Study permit route: If you are lucky enough to get the study permit visa, this could be your passport to becoming a Canadian citizen.

5. Family Sponsorship: If you are a permanent resident of Canada or a citizen of Canada, you can sponsor your spouse or dependent into Canada. All you need do is to go online, get all your documents and everything you need, and submit your application. Sometimes it can take a lot of time for them to get back to you, but you will get feedback.

And if you get all things right and submit the right documents with luck on your side, you will get your family members into Canada within one year.

You can also sponsor your parents into Canada. You can do what is called parent sponsorship, which is another avenue for your parent to become a permanent resident of Canada and eventually become a citizen of Canada. They are so many benefits attached to it. If your parents eventually become the permanent residence of Canada, they get free health care. And after ten years of living in Canada, they get a pension in Canada. That is one of the best gifts you can give to your parents, and that could be a good way to ease your financial stress in the long run.

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