God answers prayers – How God saved me from embarrassment from Lagos bus conductors


I always joined a colleague who lives very close to me to work. But this particular Monday I didn’t join her because she had informed me on Friday that she would be traveling for the weekend to see her mum and won’t be back till Monday morning, and also that she will go to work straight from there.

So on Sunday evening, I went to use the ATM, but the queue was very long, and it was just one of the machines that were functioning. So I went back home and told myself that I will use the ATM in the morning.

When I got to the bank the following morning, they were nobody there. So I slot in my card, feeling cool with myself. But it didn’t pay. I tried it again it still didn’t pay, now I became worried because that was the only bank in my area and the money I had on me won’t take me to work.

I thought about the embarrassment from bus conductors and immediately had goosebumps. What do I do? God, please come to my rescue, I prayed silently. As I was standing there and thinking of what to do, a man stopped and asked where I was headed, I told him, and he said that he too was going in that direction. God, is this how you work?

I gave him thanks in my heart and entered the vehicle.
The man carried me dropped me right in front of my office, I thanked him, and he left. Who says God does not answer prayers. We do not receive it because we have not asked. Ask, and you shall receive. Isn’t that what God’s word says? So ask God for anything as long as it’s according to his will he will surely give it to you.

What is your experience with bus drivers and bus conductors like? If you have experienced ATM failure before when you badly needed money for something very important, you can share your experience in the comments section below.

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