See three reasons why Nigerians no longer get visa lottery to travel to the USA


The US government says that the reason why Nigeria was excluded from the green card lottery is that over 50,000 Nigerians have been issued green cards over the last five years, that is one of the reasons, however, it is not the main reason.

Sometime in 2017, a Nigerian man identified as Nick aka Eze hid about 2.2 kilograms of cocaine inside the bag of his Russian girlfriend, Maria Dapirika.

The lady was caught in Vietnam, tried, and sentenced to life imprisonment. Sources said that Maria was unaware that her Nigerian lover hid cocaine in her luggage.

According to a source, she would have been executed. Thanks to her lawyer, who pleaded on her behalf.

According to naijapledge, Up to date, nobody knows the whereabouts of Eze, who hid the cocaine in Maria’s luggage. Poor Maria thought she was in a relationship, unaware that Eze had evil plans for her.

Eze’s greed for quick money ruined the life of Maria. She is currently in prison and will remain there until the day she dies, or the Vietnam government pardon her.

Nigerians are too greedy for money. They are ready to do anything to make money. Every Nigerian youth wants to be rich. A 20 – year – Nigerian boy wants to live in a duplex and drive choice cars. They do not care how the money comes. They do not care about the consequences.

Two years ago, I watched a video online about a 25 – year – old yahoo boy who was barking like a dog. People said that he was a student of one of the Nigerian universities. This boy lived in a duplex in Magodo, in Lagos, and had about five cars. But he did not live long to enjoy his wealth as nemesis caught up with him in a short period.

Here are the reasons why Nigerians are not permitted to apply for a visa lottery.

1. Nigerians are dubious people: One of my friend’s husband, who lives in Italy, said that Nigerians over there do not trust themselves. He said that these days you cannot see a Nigerian man who lives abroad and is willing to help a fellow Nigerian man. And the reason is that they cannot be trusted. The person you help is the same person who will kill you.

A few years ago, I saw on the news how a priest and some church members were killed in Umuleri in Anambra State. Some unknown gunmen had stormed the church during mass and opened fire and killed some of the church members. What was the reason for the shooting? Some Igbo guys who were into drug trafficking abroad had some issues. One of them absconded with the money which they realized from their business dealings. So, the other man became angry. He came down to Nigeria to look for the one who had absconded with the money. When he could not find him, he went after the young man’s father. And because it was on a Sunday morning, the innocent man had gone to church. So he stormed the church and opened fire, killed innocent people who knew nothing about what had happened.

About three years ago, I watched the news on NTA. A young man from Kenya who was being interviewed complained bitterly about Nigerians. He said Nigerians have destroyed their country.

2. They travel abroad to sell hard drugs: The long throat to make quick money has made them impatient. 90% of Nigerians who travel abroad want to make fast money. They are not ready to make money the right way because that one takes time.

Even here in Nigeria, they are everywhere bearing different names from scammers to 419, also known as 19 guys, to yahoo guys, to yahoo plus. You see them doing all kinds of things to make money.

3. They are seen as fraudsters:

Daniel Jordan Smith wrote;

When I arrived in Nigeria in 1989 as an employee of an international development organization. I was well aware of the country’s reputation for corruption. 

I had heard stories of immigration and customs officers who shakedown arriving passengers at the airport, police who harass motorists looking for money, taxi drivers who gang up with criminals to rob customers, and government officials who do nothing without a bribe. 

Perhaps the most potent international symbol of Nigerian corruption is the notorious fraudulent e-mail scam. Before the creation of more sophisticated spam-blocking software, many people using e-mail in the English-speaking world received a regular deluge of messages from Nigerians purporting to be in a position to transfer millions of dollars into the bank accounts of willing foreign collaborators. The writers claim to be high government officials, senior military officers, oil industry executives, bank managers, politicians, and even widows of dead dictators. The scam letters are classic confidence tricks, wherein the writers attempt to lure the recipients into advancing money.

The US embassy and consulate in Nigeria said that they receive inquiries every day from people who have been defrauded for hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars by contacts they thought were their friends or loved ones. They said the most common scams involve someone allegedly in Nigeria who is in some sort of trouble, ranging from detention to extortion or hospitalization. Inevitably, the sender is appealing for money. And advised people to stop sending money to people in Nigeria who they have not met before.

They also advised Americans to be very cautious about sending money or traveling abroad to adopt a child, from an orphanage they have only heard about through e-mails.

What do you think about what Eze did to Maria?

What other reasons do you think is why Nigerians no longer get visa lotteries to travel to the USA?

What do you think about what Daniel Jordan Smith and the US embassy and consulate in Nigeria wrote about Nigeria?

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