See the reason why the ban on temporary foreign workers in Alberta, Canada, will not work.


About three months ago, Alberta banned temporary foreign workers. They did this to make jobs available to unemployed Albertans.

These changes impact occupations in sectors such as; accommodation and food services, retail trade, transportation, construction, and professional, scientific, and technical services.

Albertans have been funny. About 475 professions are currently banned. So people cannot get LMIA and work permits under those occupations. But three occupations were exempted. These occupations can go ahead and apply for a work permit if they get the job offer and work in Alberta. These occupations are the agricultural sector, the IT sector, and the home child care-giver sector.

But in the other sectors, they said that they want to start training people in Alberta to work so that they can pick up these jobs. So they are considering the jobs for Albertans who are out of jobs. This is funny because Alberta is a unique province. It is the biggest oil and gas province in Canada. That is why you have a lot of people move into Alberta.

The downturn in the oil and gas sector has affected jobs. Alberta used to be the highest-earning province. And this has affected their lifestyle.

Just imagine someone without a university degree working in an oil and gas sector and earning between 100,000 and 150,000 dollars annually, whereas people in other provinces do not earn as much as that. So in Alberta, you see people buying big cars and houses. Then when the oil and gas price goes down, they lose their jobs. And are not able to sustain that lifestyle anymore.

And guess what, they will not go and pick up the job in Mc Donalds, neither will they pick up a farming job that is paying 19 dollars per hour, especially if they were earning 50 dollars per hour.

They will prefer to sit at home and depend on the employment insurance until they find something better or something commensurate.

And when you have too many people depending on the employment insurance, it affects the economy. The government needs people to work to contribute taxes to the system. So, I do not think that the ban on temporary foreign workers will work because those high- income earners will not stoop so low to pick up the low-income jobs.
That is why some people are advocating. They said that the ban should not work because they need the temporary foreign workers to pick up the low-income jobs that most Canadians are refusing to take. So you see the Philippines, Indians, etc. When they pick up those jobs, they do not complain. Yet you still see some Canadians saying that temporary foreign workers should be banned.

If you are planning to go to Alberta, you might be in serious competition. So just carefully strategize and think of the province you have to land in before you choose Alberta.

In addition to that, they have also been several cut from the health sector. Most of the doctors are running away from the province. They want to go and practice elsewhere. People are complaining because Alberta is no longer as exciting as it used to be.

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