See the funny and stupid things I did as a little girl that almost broke my home


Before I tell you the funny and stupid thing I did that almost broke my home, let me first tell you the one I did that made my class teacher almost resign.

When I was a kid, I always did some funny and stupid things. It is not as if I did them deliberately. I just found myself doing them ignorantly and innocently without knowing the implications of my actions.

When I was in pre-nursery, my class teacher saw me one day busy trying to put on my shoes.



She approached me and tried to help me with it. It was such a torrid time.
The boots were smaller than my size, so it was a real struggle. Those of you who are parents, teachers, or who have helped a kid wear undersized shoes can relate.

It took her about five minutes to help me wear them. When we were through, after making a few steps away from me, I called her and said;

Auntie, you made me wear banana. She turned and looked at my shoes and was a little bit embarrassed. She realized she had misplaced my shoes the banana style.

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Upon trying to take off the shoes again, it took her three minutes. After struggling so much, she eventually managed to remove them and tried putting them on again. This time the correct way.

However, it was more difficult than the first time.

When she finished, I said; Auntie, the shoes are not mine.

She got angry, but since she worked with kids, she had no choice but to be patient and control her anger.
She struggled to remove the shoes and then asked me where my shoes were, and I said: These shoes belong to my sister, my mum made me wear them in the morning today.

This time, she boiled in anger. But she was a good teacher who always did her job perfectly and wholeheartedly. So she patiently helped me to put on the shoes again.

When we were through, I pulled another shocker again.

What about the socks teacher? I asked.
She became confused. Politely she asked me, where are the sock?

I innocently replied. I shoved them in my shoes. They are in front of my toes.
Kudos to parents and teachers. Who can relate? Share your experience in the comment section.

Back to the main reason for this post. Do you still remember when call centers were everywhere? For those of you born in the year 2001, you may not understand what a call center is. Because after about seven to eight years after Obasanjo introduced GSM phones in Nigeria, everybody, or let me say almost everybody could afford a phone.

Before I continue with my story, let me explain what a call center is for those of you who did not know about it. A call center is a place where people use to go and make calls. Most especially people who could not afford a phone. Or people who had a phone, and did not have airtime at the time they needed to make a call.

I am from a family of four. My dad works in a food and beverage company, while my mum is a teacher. So we always got home long before my dad came back from work.

My dad was very selective when it comes to food. If you prepare what did not want to eat, he will reject it. So we always asked him what he will eat before we prepared the food. Also, he likes his food fresh.

I was about 7 or 8 years old then. My mum had asked me to go and call my dad to ask him what she will prepare for him for dinner.

She did not have airtime on her phone, so she gave me some money and asked me to go to the call center close to our house to call my dad and ask him what we would prepare for dinner. I was a smart kid, so I knew dad’s number off the heart.

Then one minute call was about N20 or so. When I got to the call center, I gave the lady my dad’s number. She dialed it and gave it to me. My daddy’s number was not reachable. The lady dialed it again, but it still was not reachable.
I came back to the house and told my mum that a woman answered the call. My mum started to cry. She said my father has started to cheat on her.

When my dad came back from work, my mum confronted him. And they started fighting. One of our neighbors heard the noise coming from our house and came to know what was happening. We call her mummy Chinelo. I did not like her because she liked to gossip a lot.

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Mummy Chinelo came and tried to find out what happened. My mum narrated what I told her. My dad said; My phone has been with me I did not give anybody my phone. So mummy Chinelo dragged me in the middle and asked me to narrate what the woman said to me.

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I told them that when I called my dad’s phone, a woman picked and said, the number you are calling is not reachable, try again later.

Please was it my fault that my parents fought because of what I said?
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