The armed rubber who saved my life during an operation was an orphan I helped on Valentine’s day.


A lot of people have this perception that Valentine’s day is for lovers. So you see boys and girls showing erotic love and the belief it the best way to celebrate Valentine.

I am of the school of thought that showing love shouldn’t only be done on Valentine’s Day. However, on valentine’s day, instead of going out with friends to have fun, I like to visit motherless babies’ homes and orphanages and share what I have with them.

So this particular valentine’s day, I decided to assist an orphan boy who use to come to our hostel to sell plantain way back in school.

I schooled in Calabar. Former Polytechnic Calabar, now Cross River University of Technology (CRUTECH), And the boy’s name was Etim. He was from Calabar municipal. When I found out that he was an orphan, I started looking for ways to assist him in my little way as a student. I will buy plantain from him even when I didn’t want the plantain. Sometimes, I will buy it and still give it to him to cook and eat.

Other times, I will buy it and prepare it for him to eat. I had spoken to my dad about the boy, so whenever my dad sent some monies to me, he would send some for Etim.

So on this particular Valentine’s Day, I decided to surprise him. I bought some nice clothes for him and told him to wear them on valentine’s day to my hostel. I asked him not to come with his plantain and promised to give him some monies to make up for the sale of the plantain for that day.

When he came, I took him out and asked him to order whatever he wanted, he was surprised because nobody had ever treated him nicely before according to him.

He was a very shy person, so he just ordered fried rice and chicken with a bottle of chilled coke. After eating, I still bought some take out for him and then gave him some monies from my pocket money, and also gave him the money which my dad had sent to him.

His joy knew no bounds as nobody had ever shown him such an act of love before.

I finished my program and left Calabar. The day I was leaving, Etim cried like a little boy. He said that he doesn’t know how he was going to survive now that I was leaving Calabar. I promised him that I was going to try and keep in touch. Even though I didn’t know how to. Because at that time they were no phones, and Etim couldn’t read and write, so the idea of letter writing was not going to work.

I just have to figure out a way to assist him I had told myself. I traveled to Port Harcourt to do my industrial training. I secured a place with a construction company called Decastle limited. Although I studied mechanical engineering, that was the place I could secure for my industrial training plus the pay was good, so I decided to settle there.

After a while, I forgot about Etim. I finished my one-year industrial training and went back to complete my program. But this time I went to Uniport instead. When I graduated, I couldn’t find a job, so I started doing buying and selling.
I registered with one dairy food company located along Peter Odili road in Port Harcourt as a distributor. So I would buy the product and take it to Lagos to supply. It was a very nice product. Soon I had a lot of customers in Lagos.

Sometimes after supplying, some of my customers will pay me cash, while some will ask me to come back later for my money. Sometimes after collecting money from some of them, I will not be able to go to the bank to pay the money. So I will travel back to PH with the money.

So on this fateful day, as I was coming back from Lagos, along the Ore – Benin road, we were attacked by armed robbers. I almost peed in my panties. I just kept asking God for mercy. I was so afraid because of what I hear these armed robbers do to ladies.

I was afraid of so many things. Rape, my life, my money. Then they asked us to lie down. They were not masked. So we could see their faces. Then our eyes met. Guess who was their leader, Etim. Etim was the leader of the armed robbery group.

So when our eyes met. We both recognized each other. I already knew that mentioning his name would be a death sentence for me, so I pretended as if I didn’t know. I became even more afraid when I saw him because I thought that I would be the first to be killed.

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Then as the guys were rubbing the passengers, Etim came to where I was lying and stayed. He didn’t leave my side until after the operation. So they rubbed everyone on the bus except me. The other guys didn’t notice that he stood there because he didn’t want me to be robbed.

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As their leader, while he was there, he was issuing commands. So they thought that he had robbed me. Little did they know that he was protecting me. That was how Etim saved me from being robbed.

My little act of love saved me from being robbed. What is your experience? Valentine is today. What are you planning to do? Go out and have fun or put a smile on the face of someone.
Show a little kindness to someone today for you never know who will help you tomorrow.



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