Infrastructure Manager

A Supply Chain and Logistics Company is currently recruiting suitably qualified candidates to fill the position below: Job Title: Infrastructure Manager

Location: Lagos


• Develop and maintain an understanding of the working of IT systems deployed in the business functions, with the ability to troubleshoot and provide support to users.

• Provide support for improvements in the performance and effectiveness of business functions.

• Respond to telephone calls, instant messages, and email and service request desk for technical support.

• Document, track, and monitor all problem to ensure a timely resolution.

• Support, monitor, test, and troubleshoot hardware and software problems pertaining to LAN and WAN.

• Maintaining and developing the company website or liaise with external developers.

• Working closely with 3rd party support teams where contracts are in place.

• Providing advice and training to staff wherever necessary.

• Identify, research, and resolve technical problems.


• Degree in Computer Science or Information Technology.

• Minimum of 5 years’ experience in a related IT environment.

Application Closing Date 6th March, 2020.

How to Apply

Interested and qualified candidates should send their Application Letter and CV to: with the “Job Title” as the email subject



NDLEA Recruitment 2020/2021 Form Application

NDLEA is currently seeking suitable and qualified candidates to apply for the recruitment exercise at NDLEA

Organization description

The National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) is a Nigerian federal agency tasked with preventing the production, storage, production, distribution, export, and smuggling of hard drugs.

The company was set up by 1989 Decree No. 48. At international airports, seaports, and border points, the NDLEA is available. Through damaging plantings, it helps to eliminate marijuana.

The NDLEA frequently investigates drug and money laundering organizations leaders. The headquarters are based in Ikoyi, Lagos.

Application details

Register to apply for at news

The National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) Is an important government agency that deals in illicit drug related issues within the borders of Nigeria. Working with this organization will guarantee you good pay and job security.

The recruitment is ongoing at the Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA), more than 3 categories will be advertised; now it is now left for you to search for the job advertised that we’ll suit and you are most qualified for.

NDLEA job requirements: •

Take time to read the specific requirements. Note that each job advertised has its own unique requirement which is quite different from other job.

Apply for the job you feel best fits your skills and personality:

Now it’s now time to make your choice. Note that you must pass through various screening and interviews, your certificate will be verified to check for possible fraud. Only apply if qualified, if not please click here.

Instructions on How to Fill NDLEA Recruitment Application Form 2020/2021

• Go through the requirements, then log onto

• Ensure that you have signup for an account if you don’t have an account yet.

• Fill all necessary information.

• Upload your document and submit.

• If shortlisted you will receive an SMS or an email from The National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA)

• You might be subjected to drug test to check if you are eligible to work with them.

• If successful there is every possibility of attending interviews and writing some few tests. Keep visiting this page for more update.

• Download Necessary Form to Complete your Application Process

• Before you can submit your form successfully the system will like you to download some forms. So kindly download and print out the form and let everything be clear.

• In the forms, you will have to fill some certain information and also attach a picture of your guarantors on it.

• Please before submitting your application, go through it one more time again to be sure it is free from errors.

NDLEA Recruitment requirements 2020/2021

To be considered for recruitment in the NDLEA he or she must possess the following;

• Candidates eligible for a Program of Narcotic Officers shall be at least twenty-two (22) years of age and not more than thirty (30) years of age.

• All candidates should complete the application form on the portal, submit the passport, and print the application slip that would be used during the recruitment process.

• Narcotic Assistant (NASS) applicants must have finished secondary school.

• Candidates eligible for the Narcotic Assistant (NASS) program shall be at least 18 years of age and not more than 30 years of age.

• Candidates eligible for a Narcotic Officer Position must have a minimum degree or a Higher National Diploma (HND) from a higher education institution accredited by the Federal Ministry of Education

• In addition to the first degree, the candidate applying as a lawyer and doctor must have a professional certificate in the relevant field.

• Candidates must be educated and have the qualifications set out below for the position

• Before final selection, a shortlisted applicant must be physically and mentally qualified for employment by a government hospital medical officer

• All prospective candidates must be individuals of good character and must not have been guilty of any crime excluding road traffic offenses

Standard Salary of an NDLEA staff

According to NDLEA, the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency employs its employees based on their rating status, and the wages of the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency are focused on the Consolidated Para-Military Salary Structure (CONPASS).

NDLEA Graduates are placed at Grade Level 8 and receive (before deductions) about N888, 956 per year. It implies, though, that they earn about N74, 000 a month.

Grade level 8 workers earn nearly N900, 071 per year (before deductions), which is N75, 000 a month.

NDLEA HND owners were placed at Grade Level 7, receiving roughly N483, 353 each month (before deductions).

The Nigerian Drug Law Enforcement Agency can cooperate with the international drug authorities on various issues when enforcing drug laws, as well as countering the global illicit trafficking business



Zalando Enters the Online Luxury Wars

Europe’s largest online fashion retailer is selling Moschino, Marni and other major labels as it makes a serious play to compete in the already-crowded luxury e-commerce space.



Members of Awka diocese wears black on ash wednesday to mourn for Nigeria

The Bishop of Awka diocese has asked all the catholic members in the diocese to wear black on ash wednesday in order to mourn and pray for Nigeria.

See images below.


Pilgrimage Center of Eucharistic Adoration Elele

The Pilgrimage Centre of Eucharistic Adoration located in Elele, Rivers State was founded by Rev. Fr. Emmanuel Mathew Paul Edeh popularly known as Father Edeh or Father Elele in 1985.

It is the largest pilgrimage center in Africa. It also has one of the biggest private universities in Nigeria, known as Madonna University, which was founded on May 10, 1999, which is located in Okija, Anambra State.

 They also have a campus situated on the Pilgrimage center in Elele. Fr. Edeh had founded Our Saviour Institute of Science and Technology in Enugu. In 2004, under the approval of the National Universities Commission (NUC), Madonna University’s main campus was moved to Elele in Rivers State.

To date, thousands of people, still go to the center for prayers. The monthly program, the Pilgrimage week, holds every first week of the month. The highlight of the event’s activities is day and midnight masses, testimonies, thanksgiving and sermons from Father Edeh and other powerful priests.


Peer pressure has both good and bad effects and some of our decisions will be affected by our peers

Parents let’s talk…..Pls read this article, reflect and make adjustments…

*Are you a member of the Pepper dem gang? – Tara Aisida*

I once escorted a friend to our children’s school Accounts office to help plead for more time to pay her children’s school fees.

My friend was a single parent, her ex-husband would not pay school fees but would buy the children expensive stuff like phones, gadgets, etc so he could be seen as a good daddy whilst shirking his responsibilities.

Anyways, back to my story, The Accountant was apologetic and told us that he couldn’t do much as the school was servicing a huge loan and many parents were owing. In confidence, he told us that the graduating set of that year owed over N20 Million in fees. I was shocked because I knew most of the parents of the children in that class and they were high fliers, rode expensive cars, went on exotic holidays, had the best phones and gadgets. They also ensured that their children got the latest games, phones, etc.

I was upset because here I was striving to pay fees on time, at the same time envious of these same sets of parents not knowing that they were more interested in making social statements than ensuring that their children’s education was a priority.

There is a lot of “pepper dem “going on in our society and I am afraid it is reaching ludicrous heights. We have 8-year-olds asking their friends- when you go into a plane do you turn left or right? Left being 1st or business class and right being Economy.

We have young children telling their peers about houses bought in their names, how much their fathers or mothers earn. We have children bringing huge sums of money to the school, all decked up in designer wears and carrying designer bags. Children being introduced to skin whitening products from primary school, telling teachers they don’t need to read much because they will marry rich or already have monies in Trust Funds set up in their names. Children insisting on being ferried to and fro school by particular models of cars.

I read an article recently written by a young man who went to an elitist school and unknown to him, everyone thought he was the poorest child in school (by the school standards) because his school uniform and stationery were purchased in a shop in Lagos, not at Marks and Spencer or WHS ‘in the abroad’, his father picked him up with an old car- a 1989 Peugeot 504 whilst other children were picked in Prado jeeps and SUVs. It wasn’t until a close friend of his visited him at home that the news that he wasn’t poor made the rounds.

A lot of schools especially the elite ones have had to cancel party packs from being shared in school because they contained everything including the proverbial kitchen sink and parents were going to ridiculous lengths just to better the other.
It’s the same scenario we are seeing at weddings. The proposals are becoming silly, the comical photoshoots, the astronomically expensive asoebi. Everything is done extravagantly mostly with the motive to out-do the last social gathering and trend on social media.

We have people who grew up in Yaba, Surulere, Ebute Metta telling you with glee that they don’t “do bridges” forgetting that the international airport is on the mainland.

Some years back, I was in a shop on the island looking at curtains for my home and was approached by another lady in the shop, a friend of the owner who enquired as to who was making my furniture for me. When I told her I lived in Ikeja, she told me that she wouldn’t be able to do me the favor of making my furniture as she lived on the island and only worked in VGC/ LEKKI. I smiled and told her that I already had someone making my furniture.
At that time, I lived in GRA Ikeja where one plot of land was the price of 3 plots in VGC and 2 plots in Lekki.

This peer pressure cuts through so many sectors. We are sending children to secondary school at ages 8, University at ages 14, mostly because our friends are doing the same, forgetting that every child is different. Some can handle it but most can’t and also, that there is a reason why educators advocate that children enter into classes at certain ages.
Both my children spent a gap year at home when they finished secondary school because we wanted them to be 18 years before they went into university (I had just turned 15 when I went to Uni and as far as I am concerned, it didn’t help me at all, I may have been book smart but not emotionally ready for adult life so it was no huge surprise to me that I had an extra year in school).

Of course, our children grumbled and complained about having to stay at home whilst their friends were already at university and how they would be in lower classes than their mates but we kept our resolve and kept them occupied by learning different skills, ensuring they became street smart as they learned how to go out by themselves in public transport (danfo not Uber ) and gave them time to bond well and relax from academics before they began the journey to proper adulthood.

We parents are sending the wrong signals to our children that appearances matter a lot and the end justifies the means but are we thinking circumspectly?
Do we know the consequences of the seeds we are sowing?

We are seeing children that think their life is over because at age 25 or even 30 they don’t have the kind of cars or material things that their mates have, children that are not satisfied or content with their lives but want to be and look like others. Children are killing themselves because they don’t fit into their supposed social groups. The most devastating effect of peer pressure is that it breeds discontent and our children are beginning to look at their lives as being inferior when compared with their mates. This results in them always wanting more without enjoying what they have, Nothing will ever be good.

I know some people will be quick to defend parents especially those who have the money to meet their children’s needs and I agree, if you can afford it please indulge.
My problem, however, is with those who cannot afford it and those who can afford it but do it for the wrong motives. The Yorubas call them “ Kari mii “ they must see me. It’s the motive that breeds the peer pressure, the feeling that they must know that I have arrived – “I will show them”. “My money has come”.

It is true that children suffer and will be subject to pressure from their peers, that’s the way of the world and it’s a rite of passage, I have, however, come to the conclusion that we parents also suffer in no small measure from peer pressure and we tend to pass our insecurities to our children. The tendency to always compare our children with others, to overcompensate, to always run things by our friends, to go against our values and beliefs because our friends, religious heads, etc are doing the same are subtle ways that show how affected we are by the opinions of others.

Peer pressure has both good and bad effects and some of our decisions will be affected by our peers, I, however, hope that the motives for our actions as parents will be based on our beliefs and values and no one else’s.
Finally, I ask the question, are you consciously or unconsciously a member of the pepper dem gang?


2019/2020 best academic students of Holy Child Secondary School Isuofia, Anambra State

At the end of every term, the manager of holy child secondary school isuofia, father Julian Anaetoh encourages students who performed very well in their exams with lots of gifts. Of which this academic term was not an exception.

Below are images of the best academic students of holy child secondary school Isiaku, isuofia Anambra State, who were taken on an excursion to plastic and still industry located in Obosi, Onitsha Anambra State for their excellent performance in the last academic year.

The idea behind this is to encourage the other students to work harder.

See images of the school premises below.

Admin area

Hostel Area


Staff room



Nine Secrets behind every successful business

Every business has its secrets, no doubt about that. But there are secrets that is common to every business.

1. Love what you do: Never do a business that you are not passionate about. ( Read post on setting up a business). Do not do business because Mr. A and Mr. B are successful in the business.

That may be what they are destined to do. So even when they are facing challenges which you may not be aware of, they are still able to move on.

But if it’s not what you are passionate about, when the challenges come, you may not be able to stand it.

2. Be consistent: just keep at what you are doing, every business have their ups and downs, but the ones that are consistent are the ones that succeed.

3. Be punctual: You must be punctual at your business place. The problem with many business owners is that, they feel they can resume whenever they like since there’s nobody to query them.

Such businesses don’t last because after sometime, you will start losing your customers.

4. Gain your customers Trust: if your customers trust you, they will not just come back, they will also advertise your business for you.

Don’t ever cheat your customers, the moment they find out that you have been cheating them, that is the end. They will spread the news around, and you that bad news spread faster than good news.

5. Treat your customers well: Customer satisfaction is the key secret to a successful business.

Everybody likes to be treated well. Even you, if you go to a place where you were not treated well, I doubt if you will want to go back there. If you treat your customers well, they will always come back.

6. Be committed: You have to be committed to what you are doing in order to be successful. ( Read post on entrepreneurship skills).

7. Be polite to your customers: Don’t ever make the mistake of being rude to your customers, not even when they are rude to you. Learn to be polite to them. That will make them always come back.

8. Have good communication skills: As a business owner, you need to learn how to advertise your products to your customers. If they are requesting for what you don’t have.
You can always introduce them to something similar to what they are looking for which you have, and can also serve the same purpose or even better. ( see entrepreneurship skills)

9. Always have what they need: Make sure that at every point in time, you always have what your customers need.

Try as much as you can to never run out of stock. If every time your customers come to ask for one thing or the other, and every time you tell them it’s finished, after some time, they will lose confidence in you.


How to turn off auto update app in your android phone

I realised that my data was burning faster than I bargained for. For me it wasn’t normal because I wasn’t doing anything extra from what I used to do normally. So I called my internet service provider and they asked me to turn off my phone’s auto update app as this could be one of the reasons why my data was burning fast.

So in this article, am going to show you how you can turn off your phone’s auto update app.


Go to Google play store

Click on the three lines on the left corner of your device. You will see something like the image below.

Click on settings


Click on auto update apps

Then click on don’t auto update apps.

Hope this article was helpful.


Unveiling the secrets that will cause your star to shine

2 corinthians 3:18

There are stars, and there are certain stars. All stars at not the same. Some stars shine and fade, while some stars shine forever.

Daniel 12:3

Eccles 3:14

The word of God is light that confers dominion for us in the world of darkness.

Isaiah 60:1

How much you know determines how far you go.

Joshua 1:8

What is in the word for our breaking limit?

The word of God is a weapon of war that never returns defeated.


The word of God is a solution bank, it can solve any human problem.

John 2:5

Jeremiah 1:1

What is exemption?

Exemption means;

To be immune from every wickedness and wicked people

To be free from the attack of the enemy.

To be non subject to the oppression of the devil.

Exodus 8

How to exercise your exemption right.

You must be born again.

You must walk in the light of the word.

You must engage in covenant kingdom endeavours.

You must keep the love of God in your heart.

And finally, You must always express your gratitude to God.