Happy Instagram Birthday to me as I clock 5 million followers – Tonto Dikeh

Nigerian actress, Tonto Dikeh has hit 5-million followers on Instagram and she’s celebrating it. She created a special cake and same, ‘Happy Instagram Birthday to me as I clock 5 million followers’.

In another lengthy post, she wrote, ‘In Commemoration of this, I will be adding five single mothers to the list of ladies (single mothers) who receive support payment monthly from the Tonto Dikeh FOundation.

If you’re single and don’t have any facilitate from your relatives or baby daddy? this is for you, we have already got five and that we almost about to feature 5 additional.

This is an initiative By KING ANDRE DIKEH @kingandre_dikeh through the TONTO DIKEH FOUNDATION’.

Minimum wage controversy – Nigeria Labour Congress threatens to start strike

Labour unions have asked their branches across the country to urge set for an industrial nationwide action earlier than the expiration of the demand issued by labour unions over the earnings implementation,

Labour leaders issued a story, warning that economic activities would close up on October sixteenth 2019 if the FG did not convene a gathering of the committee on important changes of employees salaries to support the new earnings.

The unions, led by the Nigerian Labour Congress (NLC), conjointly insisted that the govt. ought to hold a final meeting on October fifteen to resolve the disagreements. The federal and therefore the unions have met on completely different occasions to deliberate and resolve the earnings conflict.

The latest meeting was held Wednesday, when the primary section of negotiations folded because of proportion variations between the 2 parties, the federal government’s negotiating team and therefore the Joint National Public Service Negotiating Council, that is representing labour unions within the negotiation, are regular to fulfill once more on October fifteen.

The conferences all the same, labour unions are getting ready for a strike action if their demands are not met. The final Secretary of Joint National Public Service Negotiating Council, Alade Lawal, last week aforesaid mobilisation of employees for an attainable industrial action when October sixteen had reached a complicated stage.

He aforesaid the partial implementation of the earnings for levels one to 6 was a ‘divide and rule’ system that might be vehemently opposed by labour. In furtherance to the union’s threat, the General Secretary of the NLC, Emma Ugbiaja, has currently asked the union’s members to organize for industrial action if no agreement is reached by Wednesday.

”You can recall that a joint Communique… aforesaid industrial harmony couldn’t be secured within the country if an agreement is not reached with the FG on the important Adjustment of Salaries as a results of the New National earnings of N30,000,”

”You are herewith directed to coordinate preparations with TUC and JPSNC in your State for necessary industrial action if the time expire without an agreement as contained within the communique” the letter by Mr Ugbiaja to the union’s members reads.

DMX checks himself into a rehab facility, apologizes for his off shows

Legendary US rapper, DMX , 48, has checked himself into rehab once more.

In a post on Instagram, a member of DMX’s team discovered that the embattled rapper was ‘putting family and sobriety first’.

‘In his in progress commitment to swing family and sobriety 1st, DMX has checked himself into a rehab facility,’ the statement explained. ‘He apologizes for his off shows and thanks his fans for their continuing support.’

The news came after DMX didn’t show for a performance at Def Jam’s 35th-anniversary party on Thursday.

The rapper, born Earl Simmons, struggled with addiction for many years likewise as coming into rehab at numerous points in his life over the years.

Wholesomeness in Singlehood

When we are told to fill a form, often a space is provided for marital status and so those who are not married tick single. This does not make any of the parties (Married/Single) more human. Being married does not make one more complete. It is just a status and does not and should not define the evaluation of ourselves.

It is possible to be a 40 year old boy and a 16 year old man, the age only indicates the number of years of existence but maturity is of the mind, it requires conscious effort. As it is to age, so it is to marital status.

My pastor once told us a story of how he was described somewhere in a church he was invited to preach and was the main speaker. He said; We had such a powerful meeting, a lot of people gave their lives to Christ and many got healed. But when it was time for counseling, one of the leaders of the church who took the announcement said, we don’t want the married people to go and see pastor O for counseling, she directed them elsewhere and her reason was that I was single at the time and therefore handicapped to handle matters of the married.

“How handicapped could this pastor O who was a blessing to you during the main program be” I wondered. The funny part of the story is that about everybody I counselled that day were married, they came under different guise, like wanting prayer for this or that. But our discussion bothered on deeply family issues. Perhaps they knew what they want and where to go get it from and so by all means broke the status jinx.

You see status discrimination has placed many singles under pressure, they begin to see themselves only complete when they are married.

Do not allow the society determine how you see yourself, people who do this, often end up having problems. Some singles are placed under pressure by parents, relatives and friends, to marry. Being single is not a curse. Jesus was single all his life, likewise Paul.

How to cook Oha soup


Oha leaves


Red oil


Dry Fish and Stock

Ground Fresh Pepper,

Salt (to taste)

Ground crayfish


Notes: If you’re outside Africa, you can use cocoyam flour.

How to pound cocoyam 

Wash and cook the cocoyam until soft. Take away the peels and use a mortar and pestle to pound the corms to a swish paste.


Wash and steam the beef, stock fish and dry fish until they’re well cooked.

Add Seasoning (Maggi/Knorr)

Add Ogri

Add pepper and ground crayfish

Add red oil

Add salt to taste

Then add the cocoyam paste (in tiny lumps).

Cover the pot and leave to cook on high heat until all the cocoyam lumps have dissolved.

Finally, add the oha leaves and allow to cook for another 10-15min.


Serve with Garri (Eba), flour FufuAmala, Cassava Fufu or Pounded Yam.

UK government awards £86.6m contracts to ferry companies to transport medicines in the event of a no-deal Brexit.

The government has awarded £86.6m of contracts to ferry firms to move medicines within the event of a no-deal Brexit.

Brittany Ferries, DFDS, P&O and Stena Line are going to be able to deliver those provides from thirty one October, it said.

The contracts are aimed toward ensuring deliveries of important product continue, if the united kingdom leaves the EU while not a deal.

The government was criticised earlier this year after subsidizing a transport contract to an organization with no ferries.

The contracts are going to be in situ for 6 months that the government is ready for various Brexit eventualities, a interpreter aforesaid.

Should the contracts have to be compelled to be off, the united kingdom pays the corporations £11.52m. the united kingdom paid £51m to cancel no-deal ferry contracts once the Brexit point extension at the top of March.

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps said: “The GB is preparing to go away the EU on the thirty one October and, like every smart government, we are getting ready for all outcomes.

“Our decisive action suggests that freight operators are going to be prepared and waiting to move very important medicines into the country from the instant we leave.”

The ferries run between Teesport, Hull, Killingholme, Felixstowe, Harwich, Tilbury, Portsmouth and Poole within the GB and port, Caen, Le Havre, Zeebrugge, Hook of Holland, Rotterdam, Europort, and Vlaardingen.

Earlier this week, the govt established a customs work support unit for medical product suppliers to assist with obtaining across borders within the event of a no-deal Brexit.

The extra capability can facilitate medicine corporations arrange for a no-deal Brexit, the Association of country Pharmaceutical trade aforesaid.

“This capability is a vital part of our members’ preparations,” aforesaid the trade body’s chief government microphone Thompson.

“Stockpiles also are in situ, and a few firms have already sourced their own various ferry routes.”

Earlier this week Dame Sally Davies warned that patients might die should there be medical provides shortages.

In February the govt scrapped a ferry contract with mobile Freight, that had no ships, once Irish company backing the deal force out.

Liam Hemsworth is now with an Australian actress Maddison Brown.

Liam Hemsworth is reportedly swing his unsuccessful marriage to Miley Cyrus behind him, being pictured out holding hands with another lady in NY.

Hemsworth, 29, was seen on a lunch date within the West Village with a fairly blonde lady known as Australian role player Maddison Brown.

Brown is presently stellar on the family line bring up within which she plays the role of Kirby Anders, the female offspring of the Carrington family manservant Joseph Anders, vie by another Australia, Alan Dale.

She appeared in the Elizabeth Debicki series, The technologist Incident, before obtaining an enormous break by being forged in family line.

She has modelled for years and was one in all the finalists within the Girlfriend magazine model search in 2010.

Cyrus and Hemsworth known as it equal publically in August.

A day later Cyrus was pictured creating out with Kaitlynn Carter while on vacation in Italy.

Cyrus and Carter dated for 2 months before additionally cacophonic up.


Qualified drivers are needed in FESTAC, OGUDU, AJAO ESTATE, IKOYI, LEKKI within the age bracket of 30-45.


Must have at least 2 years driving experience in Lagos


Must possess a good knowledge of Lagos roads


Must have a valid driver’s licence


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Scholarship Programme on Employability and Entrepreneurship

Attend *Career Kickstart*, a 3-week Scholarship Programme on Employability and Entrepreneurship by Poise Graduate Finishing Academy and OXFAM Nigeria.


This programme is specially designed for young executives to attain the PSENSE certification – which is the employer’s true measure of job skills.


*Modules Covered include:*

– Creative Problem Solving

– Entrepreneur Skills

– Skillful Selling

– Communication and Presentation Skills

– Professional Grooming and Social Etiquette

– Business Model Canvas

– CV Writing/Cover Letter and Interview Skills

– ICT Skills and many more.


*Some Benefits are:*

– PSENSE Certification

– Job and Internship Opportunities

– Career Mentorship and many more



*Training Fee* : Free

*Refreshment*:  Lunch (Free)

*Date* :  October 8 – October 25, 2019

*Time*: 9.00am – 4.30pm

*Location* : Lekki, Lagos.


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