Current job vacancies at Holy Child Secondary School


The management of Holy Child Secondary School,  Isuofia wishes to announce that there is a vacancy in the school in the following subjects: Mathematics, Biology, and French.

1. Mathematics teacher

Job Description

Prepare and deliver Mathematics lessons to students.

Evaluate and grade students’ class work, assignments, and exams.

Prepare instructional materials such as and lesson notes.

Ensure that students’ notes are up to date.

Regular checking and marking of students’ notes.

Teach students study skills, note-taking skills, and test-taking strategies.

Research or recommend textbooks or other learning materials to complement lessons.

Must be willing to participate in teacher’s formation to improve teaching practices or learn new teaching techniques.

Organize a teaching environment to promote productivity and learning.

Monitor student performance or assist students in academic environments

Provide feedback to students using positive reinforcement techniques to encourage, motivate, or build confidence in students.


B.(Ed)/M(Ed)/B.Art in Mathematics or related course
At least 2 Years experience in teaching
In addition to specific required qualifications, the candidate must have a good command of English, eloquent, and must have good interpersonal skills.
Proficient in the use of the computer and internet.
Must possess leadership skills
Must possess excellent teaching skills
Must be Presentable

2. French teacher

Job Description

Prepare and deliver French lessons to students.

Evaluate and grade students’ class work, assignments, and exams.

Prepare instructional materials such as and lesson notes.

Ensure that students’ notes are up to date.

Regular checking and marking of students’ notes.

Teach students study skills, note-taking skills, and test-taking strategies.

Research or recommend textbooks or other learning materials to complement lessons.

Must be willing to Participate in teacher’s formation to improve teaching practices or learn new teaching techniques.

Organize a teaching environment to promote productivity and learning.

Monitor student performance or assist students in academic environments

Provide feedback to students using positive reinforcement techniques to encourage, motivate, or build confidence in students.


B.(Ed)/M(Ed)/B.Art in French or related course
At least 2 Years experience in teaching French
In addition to specific required qualifications, the candidate must have a good command of English&French, eloquent, and must have good interpersonal skills.
Proficient in the use of the computer and internet.
Must possess leadership skills
Must possess excellent teaching skills
Must be Presentable

3. Biology teacher

Job Description

Prepare and deliver Biology lessons to students.

Evaluate and grade students’ class work, assignments, and exams.

Prepare instructional materials such as and lesson notes.

Ensure that students’ notes are up to date.

Regular checking and marking of students’ notes.

Teach students study skills, note-taking skills, and test-taking strategies.

Research or recommend textbooks or other learning materials to complement lessons.

Must be willing to participate in teacher’s formation to improve teaching practices or learn new teaching techniques.

Organize a teaching environment to promote productivity and learning.

Monitor student performance or assist students in academic environments

Provide feedback to students using positive reinforcement techniques to encourage, motivate, or build confidence in students.


B.(Ed)/M(Ed)/B.Art in Biology or related course
At least 2 Years experience in teaching
In addition to specific required qualifications, the candidate must have a good command of English, eloquent, and must have good interpersonal skills.
Proficient in the use of the computer and internet.
Must possess leadership skills
Must possess excellent teaching skills
Must be Presentable

Method of Application

Interested participants should submit an application to;

The manager,

Holy Child Secondary School,

Isiaku Isuofia,

Anambra State.

The application closes on or before Tuesday, 26/1/21.



Fame does not last forever – Five reasons why Bob risky will soon fade

Bobrisky a popular crossdresser, and a transgender who has been dominating the social media platform for a while took some decisions which made him what he is today.

It is a known fact that several cross-dressers have tried to come up since after Bobrisky became famous, but they have not been able to make it to the limelight.

When Today’s woman interviewed Bob risky some years back, he revealed what led to him becoming a crossdresser, which gradually turned to become a transgender, and how he got the name bob risky.

The cross-dresser said that it all started as a joke when one of his friends, whose name is also Idris, came to visit him at home. Growing up as the last child of his parents, he had always loved feminine things.

Sometimes he would wear his late mother’s wig, shoes, and bag. Then he also loves to do house chores like cooking, cleaning, and so on. Although his late mother did not like it then, but after a while she let him be.

He also said that he is a fashionable person, and his late mother loved attending parties a lot, so whenever she wanted to attend any of the parties, she would ask him to tell her if her choice of clothes were okay.

So, when Idris visited, he said to him: This one that you like to wear female things, I bet you won’t be able to wear it down the street. They had a bet of three thousand, and that was how his journey of cross-dressing began.

He also said that the name Bobrisky is a combination of two names Bobo which is his pet name, and risky because he believes in taking a risk. And Bobrisky is truly taking a risk.

Here is why Bobrisky will soon fade:

1 He bleaches – Show me a person who bleaches, and I will show you thousands of people who destroyed their lives with bleaching creams. Bobrisky, during an interview, said he was very dark and didn’t like his complexion, hence the reason he started bleaching.

Research has shown that some of these product contains very dangerous chemicals. Once one starts using them, stopping leads to more complications, whereas continuing with it puts your overall health in danger.

The skin is important when it comes to protecting our body. Interfering with it leads to many health problems like cancer of the skin, and other skin diseases. Apart from the health implications, society frowns at it, most especially for men who bleach.

Also, in case of an accident with stitching required, it’s hard and most of the time not possible because the skin is already damaged beyond repair.

The active ingredient in some skin lighteners is mercury. Bleaching can lead to mercury poisoning. Mercury is a toxic agent it can lead to serious psychiatric, neurological, and kidney problems.

Once he starts having complications as a result of the bleaching creams, he will be advised to stop. And when he eventually stops, what will become his fate? Because one of the reasons people admire him is because of his complexion. The reason people got attracted to him in the first place was because of his ability to change his skin color from dark to white.

So people who use bleaching cream should be careful.

Below is a comment made by a lady identified as Laura on Lindaikeji’s blog, after she posted an article about the threat to James Brown’s life by Bobrisky.
Laura wrote;
“Bobrisky is selling fake damaging skincare products and ruining people’s skins. My cousin in Abuja bought his cream of death Egyptian 4 days whitening, and it completely ruined her stunning skin, she has been so ashamed to step out, and she is a top officer at a foreign service.”

2 They are other upcoming crossdressers who will soon overtake him – Nobody last in a particular seat for too long.

Celebrities come and go. There is a popular saying Soldiers will come and go, but barracks will remain. I remember when the likes of Regina Askia, Benita Nzeribe, Sandra Achums, etc. were the reigning Nollywood stars. Today nobody remembers them. People don’t talk about them anymore.

Popular footballers like JJ Okacha, Kanu Nwankwo, and co who were always on people’s lips, where are they today? The upcoming footballers have taken over from them. Such is life.

I had that they are another crossdresser known as James Brown, who is seriously competing with Bobrisky. On the 14th of January 2021, James posted on his Instagram page that Bobrisky threatened to kill him a few hours after the post went viral, James’s Instagram page was deleted. And now Bobrisky claims he has nothing to do with it.

About a year ago or so, a crossdresser identified as Jay Boogie from Port Harcourt stormed the internet with sexy photos of himself. No one will ever imagine him to be a boy because he looked so much like a girl.

However, Bobrisky took to his Instagram page to write that no crossdresser will ever take over from him.
I saw another one on the internet a few days ago, but I didn’t bother to check his name. So many cross-dressers are springing up from every angle who are naturally more beautiful than Bob, and before you know it, they will overtake over from him.

3 After a while, people will get tired of his style – Have you noticed that Bob has one style? One style of dancing, one style of dressing, one style of doing things. People easily get tired of people who can be predicted. See Mercy Johnson, for instance, it will be difficult to get tired of watching her movies because she can interpret any role and act it very well.

4 He did plastic surgery.- This guy has taken too many risks already, and I fear for him. Check out all the people who did plastic surgery they all later had complicated lives. Michael Jackson’s problems started after he did plastic surgery on his nose and then added bleaching to it. Although he claims that, the changing color of his skin was caused by a disease called vitiligo.

According to Wikipedia, the changes to his face, particularly his nose, triggered widespread speculation of extensive cosmetic surgery, and his skin tone became much lighter. He was diagnosed with the skin disorder vitiligo, which results in white patches on the skin and sensitivity to sunlight.

He started having complications and died afterward. The only reason Michael Jackson is still remembered today is because of his albums. If not, he would have long been forgotten.

5 He is becoming a bad influence on ladies – Kara stated that Bobrisky is now becoming a dangerous influence on ladies on social media. The singer said this after Bobrisky told young ladies that acting like good girls will not fetch them money.

He urged his female fans to come and learn from him on how they can be financially buoyant through their relationship with the opposite gender in 2021.

As for me, he is not only becoming a threat to ladies but males as well.
People already are not happy with the way he is going about his business and he is doing more. It’s like adding more salt to injury.
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Reactions as Pigeon released by President Buhari refuses to fly on Armed Forces Remembrance Day.

It is a known fact that when doves are released, it is to show respect to the dead, and it common in funerals.

On Armed Forces Remembrance Day, held earlier today, Friday 15th, 2021, President Major General Muhammadu Buhari had opened the birdcage at the National Arcade, picked up one of the doves, and thrown it into the air, but the bird refused to fly. Instead, it landed atop the cage.

All effort by the President to make it fly proved abortive. The President had no other choice but to return to his seat.

However, this has sparked thousands of comments on social media.
A Twitter user identified as Adeshola Adefuwa Cole tweets that even Pigeons know we are under the worst regime in the history of Nigeria.

Another Twitter user identified as Manny Lorenzo said; If you were the Pigeons, will you fly? Since Buhari took over in Nigeria in 2015, Pigeons never fly from his hand, and the country never moves forward. If it is somebody that loves himself and the country, he could have resigned long ago.

Senator Shehu Sani Human Rights Activist, Author, PanAfricanist, A dedicated fighter for Freedom and Justice, on his tweeter page wrote;
On the #ArmedForcesRemembranceDay2021, there are no greater heroes to appreciate and honor than the widows and orphans of our soldiers who gave their lives so that we may live in peace. #ArmyDay2021 #ArmedForcesRemembranceDay #ArmyDay.

Meanwhile, in his reply to punch newspaper said that the doves needed masks.

Oby Ezekwesili, former Minister of Education, also tweeted, “Hmmm. Even the pigeons in Nigeria.”

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Nigerian youths need to take the lead from Uganda presidential aspirant Bobi Wine.

Following the Uganda election, which took place on the 14th of January 2021 between the sitting president Yoweri Kaguta Museveni who has been ruling Uganda for 35 years, and Kyagulanyi Ssentamu Robert aka Bobi Wine, an entertainer who left the entertainment industry to join politics to enact the change which he sang in one of his musical albums.

People have been reacting on social media. A young man identified as Charles E.O tweeted that the result so far shows that Africa has risen. And this is the beginning of the end of dictatorship in Africa. The next is Nigeria.

The oppressed majority said that Bobi Wine and his wife are under attack. According to him, the junta has ordered an attack on Bobi Wine.

In his statement on Twitter, he said; We can not afford to lose this gentleman. He has been our hope. Tell a friend to tell a friend that Uganda’s only liberator is under an attack from the ex-rebels army.

Another person identified as Bwesigye tweeted that Museveni has shut down the internet in Uganda ahead of the elections to hide atrocities support.

Bobi Wine said that his phone and that of his wife’s phone has been blocked, and he is unable to receive or make regular calls.

He said: I know this is to stop me from communicating with our agents and coordinators. I encourage you comrade to be vigilant as I try to devise a way of reaching out to you.

He also thanked the Ugandans for turning up and voting in record numbers. He also said that the picture still looks good despite the widespread fraud and violence experienced across the country.

Bobi Wine has ignited a fire in Uganda that has sent the African government trembling over the power of determination in youths.

Young people must rise because they are the future. It is heartwarming that a 35-year-old young man is leading the charge for a change in Uganda. His success will send a message to old African leaders that the youths have woken up.

ThankAsoldier in a tweet, said: A 35 year old Bobi Wine dared to dream. He dared the status quo. He challenged the establishment. He empowered the young generation of Africans. For me, that is more than a win.

From all that is happening right now, Nigerian youths need to take the lead from Bobi Wine. We need to stop shying away and waiting for who will take the lead. We need to stop asking who will go first. It is high time we stopped being afraid of our leaders. And rise for a change which we have been clamoring for, even Wole Soyinka is backing Bobi Wine’s bid to be President. He calls him the face of democracy for Uganda. Despite being an octogenarian himself, he said he is fed with Africa’s leadership.

It is better to try and fail than not to try at all. Museveni has been ruling for 35 years, yet he is not satisfied. He is not ready to step down and give the younger generation a chance.

These guys are ready to die on that presidential sit as long as they have no strong opposition. Bobi has shown us the power of the youths. Let us not be overpowered by money.

” True freedom is when you overcome the love of money and fear of death. If you do not love money, nobody can buy you off, and if you do not fear death, nobody can scare you off ” – Bobi Wine.

Museveni has suspended social media because he is scared that is the power of the youths. The youths are strong. We are being intimidated because we have not discovered our potentials. We are being intimidated because we have not realized that we are strong. The day that your oppressor realizes that you can stand up for yourself is the day that he will stop oppressing you.

We all saw how the end SARS saga put fear in our leaders. If we do not do something come 2023, we may never have the chance to do so.
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Nigerian veteran actress Rita Dominic finally reveals the love of her life.

Nigerian veteran actress Rita Dominic has finally disclosed the love of her life.

This is the first time the actress is going public about her relationship. In all her adult life, she has never been married and doesn’t have a child, unlike some of her colleagues who settled for life as single mothers.

Following the announcement which she made on her Instagram page, her fans expressed both shock and happiness. This comes after the actress left us with the impression that she doesn’t mind being single for life.

She said that she would only marry when she finds the right man. Ever since she introduced the man on social media, her fans are eager to know who he is.

The name of her fiance is Fidelis Anosike. He is a 54 years old man who is not very popular among Nigerians.
He is the owner of Folio communications, a conglomerate with companies like first October, Miss Nigeria, Folio

Nigeria powered by CNN, Times multimedia creative African exchange.

He started the company at the age of 24 following his graduation from the University of Benin.

He is also the owner and publisher of the Daily Times newspaper which he acquired in 2007.
Words have it that he and Rita have been dating for over two years and are madly in love with each other.

Patrick Doyle has also confirmed that Fidelis and Rita are an item. According to him, he has met the couple on several occasions and believes they are deeply in love.

In the past, the actress dated popular Nollywood actor Jim Iyke when they were both still new in the film making industry. Their relationship later hit the rock due to their lack of commitment to taking things further.

During an interview with Jim Iyke, he revealed that at the time he and the actress started dating, he was beginning to embrace fame.

According to him, he didn’t think Rita was looking for a long-lasting relationship. And he was reigning casanova at the time, and he wasn’t ready to lose his reputation for a long-lasting relationship with Rita Dominic.

The founder of the block entertainment company, Bizzle Osikoya is another man who reportedly dated Rita Dominic. According to reports, they dated for a few months before the relationship finally hit the rock.

Chidi Mokeme also dated the actress in the past. But the reason why the relationship hit the rock is still unknown.

Mikel Obi also dated the actress in 2013. At the time, Mikel was 29 years old, while Rita was 38 years old. Rita believes that age is nothing but a number. The report has it that this was her longest relationship with a man.

Banky W admitted that he once had a crush on the actress in the past, but he said that they both never dated.
LTK, an upcoming singer, said he dated the actress in his dreams. He said he would have approached her for a relationship a long time ago, but he assumed she has been taken by another man.

The singer promised to give Rita twins if she decides to take him seriously for marriage.

According to Rita Dominic in an interview, her past relationships hit the rock because of her erratic behavior. She admitted that she could be quite unpredictable and hot-tempered.

We can only hope she has found solutions to these problems as we do not want her latest relationship to hit the rocks again.

So guys, what do you think about Rita Dominic’s relationship with millionaire Fidelis Anosike? Share your views in the comment section.

Tension as girlfriend rejects N1.5m man wanted to pay her off with after 11 abortions

A young man took to social media to seek advice on how to handle his relationship problem. 

The man said he was in a relationship with this lady for about nine years, of which the lady did eleven abortions, and the last one almost took her life, which led to the removal of her womb.

Read his statement below;

“Hi there, I am 36 and about to settle down. I dated a lady for about nine years, or thereabout. She got pregnant several times, and we both opted for abortion. We both took the decision.

Several times, I tried to tell her the danger of this, and how to protect herself. This lady doesn’t know her safe period and all that. In 2017 after the last abortion, her uterus got infected. And that made her bleed and smell for months and was finally removed. That was the point I realized that the journey to our forever has ended.

In as much as I wasn’t and we weren’t ready for babies then, I know one day I will like to be called a father. It’s been 3years since the womb was removed, and its one hell of a ride for me.

Right now, I want to settle down and make a family. My friends advised me to give her cash of a 1.5million while I have closure on her. At least it would go a long way towards setting her up.

It’s been a tough one, and I got the courage to do so on 30th December, which she left me at the eatery. There wasn’t any violent form of reaction from her.

Emotionally we are compatible but physically No. Someone already has my baby growing in her womb, and I want to sort things out with my girl before proceeding.

I went to her house and was told that she traveled to her home town Benin precisely for the festive season. I called, she picked and sounded okay.

At this point, do I go ahead with the marriage plan with the other lady? Since everything is cool with my ex?

To make it clear to the public, she had 11 abortions in 9 years we were together, and it wasn’t my fault. I couldn’t bring myself also to sign for a hysterectomy if her life wasn’t in danger.

Please, I need your advice.

Facebook users took to the comment section to express their disappointments.

See comments below:

Zillah Ibie Aisien-Efe

So now that you have destroyed one, you want to go for a fresh one, clap for yourself, you’re a true son of your father. Both of you should ask God for forgiveness and then go ahead and marry her so both of you can bear the pain before God will show you mercy and give you both children. We have heard cases of women without womb who God remembered. So yours won’t be an exception, my candid advice.


Chiamaka Chuks Obunadike

The lady is the cause of her problems. Is she a fool?


Atinuke Adeshola-Manuels

Women! women! women! When are we going to have the sense to know when to quit. 11 as in 11. It is well


Titilola Ajike Omo Koko

Leave her please! What can she do? You will just run mad for 44 years after then you can enjoy the rest of your life with your new boo. Do your wedding invitation and give her this week so that the madness will manifest fast


 Uzy Ukoh

I blame the lady!

The guy your name is already sorry.

I like that part she is from Benin too.


 Nancy Chika

Haha, I just laugh. Did I hear you say she traveled to Benin? Hmmm, don’t worry oo. Just wait and see


 Oniong Cynthia

Hmm, I am speechless cos my blood has dried up.

 Dura Visan

If it happened to his sister or daughter, how will he react?


 Chinaza Nwankwo

You are not serious oh! even if the girl not do anything against you, heaven and Earth will be against you, to God 


Esther Gabriel

So you are expecting a child while the lady should console herself, you this guy is like you want to pieces your life.


Zikora Ekwo

So all this while she was getting pregnant you didn’t want to settle down, and also didn’t use condoms.

Now someone else got pregnant for you and boom you suddenly want to settle down. Her silence is like venom, very dangerous.… 

How to handle dull student and make them first class students

In the school where I teach, both the junior and senior category have five arms ranging from A-E. So Js 1 has A-E the same as Js 2 and so on.

The students are placed in various classes according to their academic performance at the end of the academic year.
Each class has a total number of about 30 students each, so the best 30 students are placed in class A, the next 30 students, that is from 31 to 60 in class B, and so on. So those in class E are seen as the dullest students.

Although, the reason why the school took this decision is not to spite the “ so-called dull students” but to enable them to learn at their own pace and to have a sense of humor, and also not be intimidated by the brilliant ones.

Now each of the classes has a teacher assigned to it to monitor the students. I will say that I was privileged to be assigned to one of the E classes. I monitored them closely and observed that they were not as dull as we thought. The major problem most of them had was that they do not study their books.

So I started to encourage them. Every day I will remind them that they are far better than their mates in A-class and can do better if they studied very hard.

Then I went further to select study partners from their mates in A class for them. And, also mandated those in A to give me reports on those who refused to study. Of course, it is not all of them that will study. But the ones who wanted to improve in their academic performance took it seriously.

From some of the reports that I get from those in A-class, they said; the students always asked them to assist them in pronouncing some words. And also ask them questions in the area that they do not understand.
This method helped most of the students in my class. And at the end of the term, some of them did far better than those in C class.

When I was in secondary school, I was a science student. So those of us in the sciences always formed songs and poems with the definitions of various topics. And this helped us a lot. All those definitions which we composed into songs and poems are still in my head 20 years after.

For instance, below is the table of the first 20 elements of the periodic table with their symbols and atomic numbers.
Atomic Number Element Symbol
1 Hydrogen H
2 Helium He
3 Lithium Li
4 Beryllium Be
5 Boron B
6 Carbon C
7 Nitrogen N
8 Oxygen O
9 Fluorine F
10 Neon Ne
11 Sodium Na
12 Magnesium Mg
13 Aluminium Al
14 Silicon Si
15 Phosphorus P
16 Sulfur S
17 Chlorine Cl
18 Argon Ar
19 Potassium K
20 Calcium Ca

Not every student can memorize all the elements. So to help us remember them during exams because in chemistry you can not do without elements. We formed a poem with the elements. See poem below

He has a light brain but can not offer fully nine subjects, Mr. Albert silly physics students came after prince Charles.
The He represents Hydrogen
The Has represents Helium
The light represents Lithium
The brain represents Beryllium
But represents Boron
Can represent Carbon
Not represents Nitrogen
Offer represents Oxygen
Fully represents Fluorine
Nine represents Neon
Subject represents Sodium
Mr represents Magnesium
Albert represents Aluminum
Silly represents Silicon
Physics represents Phosphorus
Students represent Sulfur
Came represents Chlorine
After represents Argon
Prince represents Potassium
Charles represents Calcium

This is also a great way to help dull students. Make them form songs and poems with definitions of some topics, most especially the difficult ones.

I see teachers who discourage the dull students, insult and call them names such as blockhead, Olodo, and then they will tell them A as big as this classroom you do not know. These words can demoralize these students. It is just very few students who go all out to prove their teachers wrong.

The best way to motivate these students is to encourage them. Keep telling them how great they are. Keep telling them how they are better than the so-called brilliant ones.

Even when they fail, tell them they can do better. You can use a cane sometimes. Most especially on those who have deliberately refused to make an effort, because even the Bible encourages us to use a cane sometimes as it one of the ways to drive away foolishness in a child.

But while using a cane, do not instill fear in the students. These students understand the difference between flogging with love and flogging in anger. And if they detect that it is the latter, they become afraid, and your aim may be defeated.
Did I mention to you that some of the dull students in my class were promoted to A, B, C, and D classes at the end of the academic year? After implementing some of the methods I mentioned above, at the end of the academic year, some of them were promoted to A class, some to B, and so on.

However, not all of them were promoted to other classes. Like I said earlier, no matter what you do, you will still find the unserious ones. This doesn’t mean that we should give up on them. You can use other measures.

You can download videos from youtube on some topics as these students are very attracted to such things. They pay apt attention when they watch videos. I have observed that watching videos helps them a lot to understand and remember a topic.

Some students are not very good at reading and writing. I have also observed that these students who are not good with reading and writing are very good with a craft. You can encourage them in that direction. You will be amazed at how best they will turn out.

Three years old boy gets drowned in a river in Enugu State.

A boy of three years identified as Kamsiyo has been confirmed dead after his body was found in a river where he had gone with some relatives for swimming.

The incident occurred at about 4 pm on the 5th of January 2021, in a river known as ozom Ude, located in the outskirt of Ude village, in Ugwuoba town, Oji River local government area, Enugu State.

Sources said that the boy’s mother, whose name is Chinecherem, who happens to be the daughter of Mr. Paulinus Chineke, the chairman of Ude village, had gone to Ude village with her son Kamsiyo to visit her father.

On the day that the incident occurred, a relative who returned from Lagos for the festive period, identified as Mrs. Isaac Chineke, had told Chinecherem that she would be going to the river with her children to wash their clothes.

The little boy said he would go with them, the woman refused, and the boy started crying. So the little boy’s mother told them to go with the boy.

According to an eyewitness, the children were all playing by the side of the river when suddenly the boy drowned. They didn’t notice his disappearance until when they were about to leave. As they were searching, a fisherman who was fishing on the other side of the river saw the boy and carried him to where they were searching for the boy.

The boy was rushed to the hospital, where he was confirmed dead.

A source said that after Kamsiyo was confirmed dead. The people of Ude village, took the boy’s corpse to his paternal home in Igbagupata in Ugwuoba town, Oji river local government area of Enugu State to explain what happened.

After explaining what happened to the boy’s father and relatives, they asked them to go back to their village. But much later at night, the boy’s corpse was brought back to his maternal village by the people of Igbagupata, saying that the people of Ude must pay for what happened to Kamsi.

After much pleading, they concluded that the boy would be buried by the side of the ozom Ude river as that is the tradition of Ugwuoba people.

The boy was buried on Wednesday 6th of January 2021, beside the ozom Ude river.
Another source expressed surprise over the incident as this is the first time in history that someone got drowned in the river.



A man narrated this personal story of his.

His words….. Many years ago I was working as a clerk at a faculty in one popular university in Nigeria, then I saw an advert for NDA (Nigeria Defence Academy), I have always loved to go to NDA so I applied, submitted my form and was called for admission examination.

I had to travel to Kaduna all the way from Osun State, I have a distant uncle that was resident there then, I wrote a letter(no telephone) to my uncle that I was coming to sit for an exam in Kaduna and will love to stay in their house.

I didn’t get a reply to my letter even as my departure date was approaching. I became so worried because I needed to go anyway, as I was talking to a colleague in the office concerning my fear of where to stay, our office cleaner who was a Hausa man overheard us and in his broken English interjected that he knows someone right inside NDA.

Who could he know there, is it not a cleaner like himself, I unintentionally said it out to his hearing.
“oga no o,the commandant op za NDA na ma classmate and ma priend”.
In his bad handwriting, he scribbled the comandants name on a piece of paper.
“Just mention my name por am, him go helf you”.

I reluctantly collected the paper from him, not because I intended to make use of it but because I didn’t want him to feel bad.

The next day I set out on this long journey by train from Osogbo, I got to Kaduna the next day towards evening, upon getting there,I went straight to my uncle’s house only to find out that they have relocated from that place and no one knows their new address. I became stranded and it was getting late.

Around after 7pm, I made up my mind to give my cleaner’s contact a shot, I got to the gate of NDA and mentioned the name I was given, to my utmost surprise, everyone in that bit, recognized the name and one person was promptly detailed to take me to his office.

I gave the paper where kabiru wrote his name and that of his friend to the secretary who took it inside, on sighting the paper, the commandant shouted from the office and followed the secretary outside to usher me in. “where do you know kabiru? He’s my colleague in the office sir,” I answered.
Where is he, how is he, hope he’s doing well? This man was asking me many questions in an obvious excitement.

The look on his face confirmed to me that kabiru was his beloved friend. He asked me what I came to do in Kaduna and I said it was for the NDA exams. Wow, do you have where to sleep? No, sir. He immediately called someone to take me to his house. On getting to the house I was lavishly entertained.

This man came late in the night and he woke me up and took me up on tutorials for the next day exams. After the exams he personally drove me to the park the next day.

When I got back to the campus, I began to look at kabiru with a different eyes, how on earth will this man know such a powerful person?
Needless to say that my name was number four on the list when the results came out.

Friends, I put it to you today that relationship is a currency. Every man needs another man to move up and that man may be the neighbor you look down on, may be the taxi driver you so despise or even the house help you think is a nobody today.

Relationship is a stream of income, everything in life actually reproduces on the basis of relationship. Those we know in life matters. Most of us are talented but we need a cup bearer that will tell pharaoh that there’s a Joseph that can interpret dreams.

There are some heights you may never get to in life until someone tells someone about you. So shut the door of relationships gently, you may need to use it tomorrow.

As we begin a new year with a new beginning and promises, let us endeavour to take our relationships seriously, even if you meet online, don’t look down on anyone. You never can tell which of the relationships is your own key to success.

Sometimes those who crown kings don’t usually look like kings.

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Be careful what you say about others

I attended a funeral service in the village. After the funeral service, I met one of my cousins, whom I have not seen for over four years.

After exchanging pleasantries, she dragged me to where her husband was standing with another cousin. She was so excited, and in my heart, I was like, is it this short man that Adaora is excited about any way I greeted him and left.

All my life, I have never liked short guys. I use to laugh at my friends who married short men.

When suitors started coming for me, all of them were short men. Jesus!!! Where did I go wrong? Is my past now hunting me? I remember when I was growing up, they were this guy who owned a chemist shop.

If you take your child to his shop for treatment and your child is ugly, he would so make a mockery of that child. At the time, he was not married, so everybody waited for him to get married and start having children.

He eventually got married to this beautiful lady, maybe to avoid having ugly children. Then his wife became pregnant and had a child. Most people who went to see the child did not go there because they were interested in the baby.

They just wanted to see what the baby looked like. I turned the baby was something else. For months people laughed at this guy. The most interesting part was that the baby was a girl.

Nevertheless, I eventually settled with one of the short men. And every day, I thank God for my husband because he is the best thing that has happened to me. He is everything I asked for and more. Now I understand why Adaora was so excited to introduce me to her husband.

The best partners are not always the most attractive men or women. Physical appearance is good but should not be the major thing to look out for, I have seen people who got married to beautiful men and women, but they are not happy. If your heart accepts the person, and you are convinced that he or she is right for you, follow it and, every other thing will fall in place.

Before careful what you say about others, do not make a mockery of other people’s shortcomings.

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