HASS Scholarships At University of Queensland in Australia

The University of Queensland is excited to supply an exciting chance for international students who would like to further their postgraduate studies in UQ’s HASS on a regular.

The purpose of the program is to assist high-achieving students from geographical area to develop the abilities required to thrive in an exceedingly perpetually dynamical and competitive international market.

University or Organization: University of Queensland

Department: UQ’s college of Humanities and Social Sciences (HASS)

Course Level: Postgraduate

Award: Tuition fee reduction

Access Mode: on-line

Number of Awards:

Nationality: International students

The award is taken in Australia


Eligible Countries: Latin American Citizens residing in Latin America

Acceptable Course or Subjects: The master program are going to be awarded in Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, Education subject areas offered by the university

Admissible Criteria: To be eligible, a student must:
Be a Latin American Citizen residing in Latin America who has with success completed Undergraduate studies,
Have received an unconditional offer for a HASS postgraduate program and be commencing study at UQ in Semester one, 2020, and
Not at the same time hold another scholarship – if you’ve been awarded resource towards your program please highlight this in your application.

How to Apply: Before applying for this chance, candidates have to be compelled to apply for study at UQ on a regular. After that, candidates is thought-about to submit a web application

Supporting Documents: After you apply to UQ, embrace certified copies of educational transcripts and award certificates to assist to demonstrate your English language proficiency.

Admission Requirements: Entry necessities vary from program to program. All candidates should meet the relevant entry necessities for admission to their most popular program.

Language Requirement: All students need applicable English language skills for admission to UQ.

Benefits: The grant program is owed as a tuition fee reduction for a relevant program among the school of Humanities and Social Sciences.

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Application Deadline: November thirty, 2019

The rich also cry, don’t envy them

When I was growing up, there was this popular soap opera titled the “Rich also cry” pondering over it now, I realised that the rich still cries even more than the poor.

The other day, my cousin told me a story about a woman who cried out on social media seeking for solution to her problem. She said, she has been married for over 8 years without a child. She and her husband had gone for test several times but their test results were always negative which was an indication that they were perfectly okay.

So she had to seek for solutions with a pastor who told her that her husband was the cause of their problems. She said;

whenever I make love to my husband during my menstrual cycle, he always licks my menses, at first I thought it was because he loved me so much. Then when I started seeking for solutions to my problems, a friend of mine
introduced me to a pastor who told me that my husband was the cause of our problems.

That my husband used our unborn babies for money rituals, that’s why we can’t and will never be able to make babies as long as he keeps licking my menses. I was so mad at my husband, and so that month I refused to allow him lick my menses.

My husband became so ill as a result of that and almost died. He was rushed to the hospital and was placed on medication, but instead his condition got worse. So on one occasion, after the doctor finished checking him, he asked the doctor to excuse us, after the doctor left, he confessed and told me how he uses my menses for rituals and that is the reason why we can’t have babies, and pleaded with me to allow him lick my menses as usual, as that is what will make him get well, so no amount of drugs can cure him. And that if he dies, as a result of that, I too will die after one week. And so I had to allow him lick my menses, and true to his words, he became well after that and was discharged.

Never envy rich people, they too also cry. In fact, they even cry more than the poor. The major problems poor people have is that they can’t afford certain things. But at least they have peace and have sound sleep at night.

I am not saying that it’s bad to be rich, it’s only bad if you make the money through the  wrong means.

Some weeks ago, the video of a young guy who barked like a dog till he died went viral on social media. The young man was into yahoo plus so nemesis caught up with him, and he didn’t live long to enjoy the monies.

Some of these rich people you see envy poor people. If they tell you what they are passing through, you will pity them. Some of them are seriously regretting their actions, they wish they could turn back the hands of time. But it’s already too late. There’s an adage that says the evil you do leave after you. But this days, it lives with you and after you.

So my advice to young people is that they should be patient, and take things easy, everybody wants to hammer but nobody wants to make the sacrifices that comes with riches which is patience and hard work.

Just keep at whatever it is that you are doing, and God will surely bless you one day. The bible says, despise not the days of your little beginnings. God says he will bless the works of our hands.

Thinkers and producers needed

The globe is divided into blocks. First world countries, second world and third world countries.

African countries are the occupants of the bloc called the third world countries. This is an aberration, considering the fact that over 50% of the world’s natural resources is embedded in the continent.

Most of the developed and developing countries that are fast emerging as best economies got their resources from Africa.

But it beats me how the world’s poorest people and countries are found in Africa. The reason is not far fetched. While the rest of the world have people who are thinkers and producers, Africa is infested with consumers and people who seem to have put their brains to sleep.

Years back, a group of businessmen from Malaysia came to Nigeria and studied our oil palm industry, which was the biggest and best in the world at the time. They took some of our seedlings to their country. Today, while Malaysia is the largest producer of oil palm, Nigeria’s once thriving industry has gone moribund. The Malaysians spent their thinking of better ways of refining palm oil while the Nigerians failed to develop on what they had in
palm as a result of the booming crude oil industry.

Africa has talented people but laziness has eaten away their ability to dream and bring the dreams into fruition. Nigeria for instance is the fourth largest producers of crude oil with other numerous natural resources, one would expect that the country will be amongst the world powers. But the spirit of consumption has gotten a hold on them.

Most unfortunately is the dearth of thinkers amongst the youth of the country. When a new product like a phone, laptop or any electronic device is released into the market, the way youths drool over them makes anyone that is production conscious feel really ashamed of countrymen. It beats ones imagination that they would not even stop to consider the fact that these products are a result of positive thinking and diligent effort of a young fellow in a
faraway country.

The question is do the producers of these products have extra brains? Of course not. They simply utilise the production capacity side of their brain while for others like some in Africa, accept any product that is thrown at them. The richest men and women in the world are all thinkers and producers. So if you do not want to be under the influence of others, start producing, and adding value to others.


Achicha and red beans popularly known as fiofio is one of the delicious meals eaten by the Igbos. Achicha is made from cocoyam. Now they are different species of cocoyam. But there’s a particular species used to make it. The specie of cocoyam used to make achicha is the one the Igbos use to cook soup.

How to make it:

Get some cocoyam, wash and boil till it becomes red.

Pill off the back, slice into smaller piece and dry until it’s very dry.


Note: this process is better done during the dry season as it’s requires a lot of sun to make it dry.

When it’s dry, pack it into a container. You can now take any quantity you want, anytime
you want and prepare it with red beans (fiofio).

The easiest way to make money through Agriculture

Before crude oil was discovered in Nigeria, Agriculture was what Nigerians used to survive on. Then after crude oil was discovered, the government abandoned agriculture for crude oil. People started seeing farming as an occupation for only poor people.

Even in schools, anybody offering agriculture as a course was seen as someone who was destined to be poor for life.

Today crude oil has failed, people have started running back to agriculture. Although some people still find it difficult to accept that we cannot do without farming. They still make excuses as to why they can’t go into farming. I don’t have what it takes to farm, I don’t have money to buy lands, I don’t this, I don’t that.

Well I have good news for you. Someone has come up with the idea of planting fruits inside a bucket. You don’t need plots or acres of land to start. All you need is a bucket of sand and you can start enjoying your fruits after some months.

Another good news is that you can put them in your varender or balcony just the way you put flowers around you house. It can also serve as flower.

If you are interested call +234 8062108168 or WhatsApp through +234 8050457209. You can join our WhatsApp group through this link. https://chat.whatsapp.com/CW1TPltUqUs75zJJRANAXT

Wear my shoes first before you talk about it

We often judge people’s actions without really knowing the reason behind their actions. If we would close out mouth, and look closely, we will discover how wrong our judgements are most times.

Circumstances and conditions of life makes people act the way they do most times.

We see a lady in her late forties and still not married the first thing that comes to our mind is she was so selective towards her suitors and now she’s still single. Or she has bad character, or attitude problems that’s why she’s still single.

We talk most times before we think. What if the lady has been having marriage disappointments, what if no man has ever approached her. Or don’t you know that there are ladies out there whom no man has ever approached?

Or you see a woman who has been married for 5 to 10 years without a child, you just jump into conclusion that she has aborted all the children in her womb. Without first finding out the cause of her barrenness.

What if the fault is from her husband. I know of a family, all the women who marry into that family are never able to have children, now people say their father is an occultic man, so he sacrificed his grand children and that is why he’s children can’t have their own children.

Just imagine a lady gets married into such family, and for so many years she can’t have children and then without first finding out why, you open your mouth and start saying things that are not true. Just imagine how stupid you would look when you eventually find out the truth.

Africa is very bad, a lot of things happen, people are evil, anything is possible.

John 7:24 says ” judge not according to the appearance, but judge righteous judgement ”

A righteous judgement is simply a right formation of opinion. Forming a right opinion requires that you hear from both parties or protect the absent party until you hear directly from him or her.

Who or what situation are you about commenting on? How well do you know the person? Have you been in that person’s shoes before? Do not comment on a matter if you have not made your findings, and if your comments will not help the situation, don’t talk about it.

Four things to make you rich

Once upon a time, a little boy was playing and caught a bird. He told himself that he was going to keep the bird. The bird started pleading with the boy to let him go, but the boy won’t hear of it.

So the bird struck a deal with the boy, it said to the boy, let me tell you four things to make you rich. The boy said ok go ahead, then the bird went on:

1. When Someone speaks to you, you must always stop and think. The boy said ok, go on.

2. Always keep what you have.

3. Never cry for what you cannot have.

“Am sure you are disappointed right now because you were expecting me to tell you how you can make real cash. Lol. But no matter how disappointed you are, make sure you read to the end, you just might find something really interesting”.

So the bird said to the boy, if you let me fly to the tree, I will tell you the fourth thing. And without thinking, he let the bird go. And he asked the bird to tell him the fourth thing. Then the bird said;

4. Inside me, there’s gold as big as your hand. Then the boy started crying.

Now what is the lesson of this story; many of us are like the little boy in our story. The boy wasn’t paying attention to bird, if he was, he wouldn’t  let the bird go, because the bird said “Always keep what you have.

And then the boy wouldn’t have cried when the bird said to him  ” I have gold as big as your hand inside me ” because rule 3 says “Don’t. Cry for what you can’t have”. The bird is gone and would never return to the boy.

And besides, the boy wasn’t even thinking, now how can a gold as big as the boy’s hand be inside the bird when the bird itself is not as big as the boy’s hand. That should have told the boy that the bird was lying.

When someone speaks to you, you must always stop and think, the “Someone” in our contest includes you. You always have to pay attention because everything speaks including your environment. Most times, when someone or something speaks to us, we don’t think, we just act and regret later.

Always keep what you have. Some people would say, but I always keep what I have. The sentence here doesn’t necessarily mean something physical, it could be an advice that was given to you, or something very important that was said somewhere. Somethings that people say to us, a times help us in future. A friend of mine use to always say ” you can’t give what you don’t have “. If you were supposed to learn something, and after the lesson, you don’t keep the knowledge, in future you would not have it to give.

For instance, you are asked to learn a skill which is supposed to help you in future, when you are through with the lesson, keeping it simply means constant practice so as not to forget, because if you forget that means you didn’t keep what you had.

Finally, we must never cry for what we can not have. A man or woman leaves you and marries another person, and you are still crying, he or she now belongs to someone else now and would never come back to you again, so why are you still crying? Just wipe you tears and move on. It’s difficult yes, but crying would obviously not solve the problem.

Or you loose a loved one, yes it natural to always cry every time you remember the person, but the truth is, crying would never bring the person back to life. So you have to brace up and move on.

First openly transgender reality TV star, Miriam Rivera died at 38

Miriam Rivera, the first openly transgender reality TV star, died on February five in Mexico.

She was thirty eight years old, and her husband, Daniel Cuervo, confirmed the news in a Facebook post. even if she died many months past, the news skint on Friday.

According to reports, Rivera was found in her living accommodations and died beneath mysterious circumstances. She allegedly decorated herself however Cuervo is disputing that she died by suicide.

“My lovely wife rest in peace darling till God lets us be together again,” he wrote on social media.

He told Daily Mail Australia he believes it had been foul play. “Miriam called me [in New York] from Mexico, telling me she was feeling sick and instinctive vomiting blood, thus I told her to visit to the hospital,” he said.

Cuervo additionally unconcealed he needed to bring her body back to New York however she was cremated before an autopsy was performed.

He then allegedly received a threatening telephone from a person who told him to never come to Mexico or he’d be killed.

Jeanett Ørtoft, a friend of Rivera’s, additionally believes Rivera died suspiciously. “Some say she was killed for going against human trafficking, others say she took her own life,” she told Daily Mail Australia.

Rivera was best acknowledged for being a forged member of the 2004 geological dating show “There’s one thing about Miriam” and “Big Brother Australia.”

She was additionally an energetic member of the New York’s dance hall scene and was a part of the House of Xtravaganza. The house honored her in a very tribute on Instagram, “Remembering… our stunning Miriam Xtravaganza.”

Xirea Apparels Limited recently opens a world-class factory for business

Xirea Apparels Limited recently opened its best factory for business. The event attracted a motivating mixture of dignitaries from oil and gas, fashion, construction, education, defense force and banking sectors.

The company commissioned 2 warehouses (raw materials and finished goods) and therefore the garment plant. mister Simbi Wabote, the manager Secretary of the Nigerian Content Development and observance Board (NCDMB) delineated by Dr. Patrick Obah the Director of Statistics and Research; Mr. Walter Paviani, the manager of Saipem Federal Republic of Nigeria and Mr. Kayode Ogunleye, vice chairman HR Shell Federal Republic of Nigeria, did the honours of cutting the ribbons signifying that Xirea is open for business.

The event conjointly showcased the launch of West Africa’s 1st endemic complete of private protecting instrumentation (PPE) – Buphalo. Buphalo Active Gear is Xirea’s 1st client and showcased its product by hosting Africa’s first ever safety fashion runway to the delight of the guests.

Mr. Obinna Eneh, founding father of Xirea Apparels and Buphalo Active gear, throughout his speech themed: “The Spirit of Federal Republic of Nigeria,” reiterated his vision of using over 50,000 individuals by the year 2030. He conjointly secure to create the Buphalo Safety Fashion runway event an annual fixture.

Xirea Apparels could be a full package covering producing service that handles everything from thought to complete to bring its customers’ vision to life. it’s the capability and experience to manufacture to export quality safety clothes, defense force uniforms, college uniforms, company apparels, menswear, womenswear, athletic wear and Kidswear.

Britain may try to stop European Union fishing boats illegally due to a lack of enforcement vessels

Britain may struggle to prevent EU fishing boats illicitly getting into its waters when a no-deal Brexit thanks to an absence of social control vessels, in line with a leaked government email.

The document, ready by officers within the Department for atmosphere and seen by Sky News, warns there’s “a ton of uncertainty” over whether or not the country can have the resources to police its seas.

It details considerations that solely twelve vessels are going to be accessible “to monitor an area thrice the dimensions of the extent of the UK”, the broadcaster aforementioned.

The warning comes as French fishermen, who believe heavily on British waters for his or her catch, have vulnerable to disrupt United Kingdom exports via the Channel if they’re denied access when Brexit.

Britain can leave the Common Fisheries Policy — that permits EU fishermen access to British waters — and become a freelance coastal state if, as more and more feared, it crashes out of the alliance while not a deal on October thirty one.

Under the terms smitten with capital of Belgium by former prime minister Theresa May, it’d have continued to permit EU boats access throughout a 21-month transition amount whereas the 2 sides tried to achieve a brand new fisheries agreement.

However, British lawmakers rejected the deal thrice, forcing Brexit to be delayed till the tip of October and May to resign.

Her successor Boris Johnson has aforementioned the withdrawal agreement should be renegotiated, however capital of Belgium has to this point resisted.

Meanwhile Johnson is pressing ahead with coming up with for a no-deal departure, despite predictions it may be economically disastrous.

The government confirmed Friday it’ll discuss proposals — celebrated internally as Operation Kingfisher — to support firms that would struggle in such a situation.

The Times newspaper rumored Saturday officers have entailed an inventory of firms, together with in construction and producing, that may be significantly exposed financially to any volatility.