TAMAR Episode 11



*_Episode 11._*

I was present in her inner chamber with the mid wife as she begs Zity to push fort her baby, the mid wife was brought by the merchant wife, Okra was also present too, as she relaxed at one corner looking at the whole thing, Zity was crying and looks exhausted, I was encouraging her, the mid wife was doing all she can for Zity,
Zity’s mother, Lady Phin could have come but she sent a message that Lord Reese was ill and she couldn’t make it down,

although Zity seems happy when the news of her mother not coming got to her

Adolfo was standing outside zity’s locked chamber, pacing up and down, everyone was totally worried for Zity as she kept screaming,

After a long time of labour and pain which seem so obvious on Zity she brought forth a son for Adolfo, it was a Long battle and she gave birth to a boy, she doesn’t look happy with the news of her baby,
I was so happy and proud of her that she was now a mother as the Baby cry filled in the chamber, everything was done and Zity was quickly cleaned up, after I clean and wrapped the baby up according to the mid wife direction, I took him to Zity, she turned her face to the wall and refuse to look at the child

“Take him away, I don’t want him, get him off my side, I don’t want to know what he looks like, go and throw him away I don’t want him…do as I say Tamar

” how can you not look at the beautiful boy you suffered to bore, please take a look at him my lady, he is a pure definition of perfect, he is so handsome my Lady, you are strong enough to give birth to this fine being, please take him and wean him, my lady please…
Zity refuse to look at him, the merchant wife, Okra spoke up angrily

“You this stubborn slave girl, are you deaf, your mistress said she doesn’t want him, why are you disturbing her, is that not breast on your chest, use it for him, Zity doesn’t want him, do you want her to have a sagging breast, or looking haggard from all the trouble of taking care of a child, don’t you see the trouble she went through to bring him fort, which if not that I was busy at the early stage of her pregnancy it would have being terminated to avoid all this birth thing, do you even understand the trouble of taking care of this things they called child, so what you are going to do is to find away to dispose him off, is so easy to do, like eight or seven years ago, I was careless and did not terminate the pregnancy on time, and the gods punished me by giving me twins, I don’t even know their gender or what they looks like, the mid wife here helped me disposed them quickly before Lami returns from his journey, I paid her and she did a clean job, and I told Lami I lost the Baby, I didn’t even tell him that they were twins, I watched Lami weep like a baby, and I have always being careful ever since then, don’t worry about Adolfo, I and the mid wife Will tell Adolfo and anybody that cares that Zity lost the baby, and then while everyone is in mourning mood there will be enough chance for you to go and bury the child…make sure you keep your mouth shut for your life sake, except if you don’t value your life.

I started weeping, hoping that this was a bad night mare, I can never do such, I can never put my hand to such evil, if God made it possible for this baby to survive abortion and was born alive, same God will keep him alive because he has a plan for the child which neither Zity nor the merchant’s wife can cut short.

I held the little Baby who was hungry in my arms as I thought of what to do, I was so angry, I boiled with anger at Zity who was following the ways of her bad friend, Okra and also falling away from humanity.

I spoke angrily at the merchant wife without thinking as tears of sadness drop from my eyes

“Why are you turning Zity to be like you, how can you be so heartless, without any iota of feeling, you asked me to dispose a baby that is healthy and alive, like you did to yours years ago, and you thought there’s no consequence for your evil actions, there Will be a great vengeance on your head for many women you have deceived and every child you have disposed off, may all their innocent blood bring down curses upon you, on the last day of you on earth, if you do not turn from your evil way you will take your own life because a time Will come when you will answer for every of your evil deeds…

She rushed to me and strikes me hard across the face, she turned and crabbed one of the mid wife sharp tools and slashed my arm and my head, she pushed me hard to the flood and I fell with a heavy thud with the baby still in my arms to the floor, I held onto the little child as she kicks me hard, covered the baby with my body so that he doesn’t gets hurt, their was a hard knock on the door, the merchant’s wife stopped, I was covered with my own blood but still not in pain of the beating but in pain of the Baby who wanted the mother’s breast
I heard the merchant wife unlock the door and stepped outside, closed the door behind her and she stood there not wanting Adolfo to enter, i couldn’t hear what she was saying to Adolfo so I moved far away from Zity’s chamber to another corner where I can hear clearly, blood was running down from my arms and head but I wrapped the child up properly, and sat on the ground to cover up the Baby and clean myself up. The mid wife was just looking at me and with the way I cuddle up the child, she has this pitiful look as she stood there quietly, I started hearing Adolfo and Okra speak.
“Please is everything alright, there’s so much noise coming from the chamber, I thought I heard a cry of baby earlier, what of My Wife and the baby…is everything alright,

” your wife is alright, but the baby couldn’t make it, he died few minutes after Zity pushed him fort, and he was so beautiful like her, Adolfo this must be a saddened news, a heavy lost because we all know how much you needed this child, I’m sorry for your lost, I know the gods Will bless you and your wife with another, we tried to keep him alive, even the mid wife tried everything possible but he couldn’t stay..

“Ooh, what is my sin that the gods decided to remember today, they could have taken me instead and spare the baby’s life, Can I come in and see my Wife and also my boy, I know he maybe dead but I wish to behold his face before he Will return to earth..

” I’m sorry Adolfo but you are the last person Zity wants to see right now, she is not in a good condition and has made it clear that she doesn’t want you around her, and you seeing a dead child brings bad luck, is not a good sight to behold…

I was sitting on the floor as I still held the tiny Baby in my arm, the mid wife quickly mixed up something in a tiny baby’s bottle while the merchant’s Wife speaks with Adolfo outside the door, the mid Wife was fast with whatever she was doing and she brought the thing that looks like liquid milk to me, I refuse to take it, she bent down and whispered to my ear to take it and give it to the baby so that the baby may live and will not attract people with his noise, I looked at her and all I wanted to do right now is to scream out to Adolfo and tell him his child is still alive but they wanted me to dispose him as if he is nothing, but Wisdom kept me mute, I know what the kingdom does to women like the merchants Wife who kills their child even before the baby forms, and they sometimes sweeps it under the carpet if the person is wealthy or famous or her parents is, at the end is the person that report such act Will be punished or thrown out,
some of them worship money, so with money many grave sin will be pardon, I looked at the face of the mid wife urging me to take it and put the milky content in the baby’s mouth, I silently prayed is not a poison that Will finally kill the baby, I took it from her and did as she directed, she whispered again to only my hearing

“Trust me Tamar, if you couldn’t find anywhere to keep the baby safe and away from Zity and the merchant’s wife bring the child to me, I will give it to a childless woman who lost her husband many years ago, she is a poor widow, she also have two of Okra’s children, many years ago, I was asked by the merchants wife to disposed the twins, during the early year of her marriage to the merchant, Lami was on a journey when okra brought forth twin and refused to look at them just like Zity, she paid me a huge amount and asked me to inject them a deadly venom that Will make them die quick and i pretend to do that before taken off the babies to the widow who lives in the outskirt of the kingdom, and i gave her the twins making her swear she will never tell anybody, which will be risking my life, she promised me and has kept to her promise…ever since Okra has always finds away to flush off any sign of pregnancy before it will be detected, It has being eight years now after the twins were born, neither okra nor the husband knows that they got children somewhere, who are alive, everyone has forgotten except me and Rhonda the widow, I send money to them from time to time, but I’m Glad that the widow now has children of her own, so, my dear Tamar, no time for long story, I wrote where I live in this paper, take it, here is where I live, but please do not come to my house with this baby to avoid being seen, I Will be at a hidden Apian way waiting for you tonight, come when everywhere is dark, please wrap the baby up properly, and bring him to me, be careful to avoid being seen or followed…
I listened with keen interest at the midwife who quickly stood up immediately okra came back in, Zity was lying at the edge of her chamber has refused to turn, after the mid wife left, okra turned to me

“You were so lucky I did not send you to your early grave, I do more than this to slaves that thinks they have grown wings, and I will do even worst to you, or I Will send Zity to deal with you if you ever dare look up at me or talk back or even disobeys me, just get ready to kiss the earth good bye, you are nothing but a common slave and your death doesn’t count to anyone, you will do as I say, dispose that baby tonight and take off anything that will remind Zity of him, she needs to put it all behind her and move on with her life, do you understand me?

” yes…my Lady.

And okra later Left, I hide the things that the mid wife gave me, I kept giving the content to the baby as I lay him faraway from Zity who shouted at me that she doesn’t want to see or hear any baby noise in her chamber, she wanted every where scrubbed and cleaned up, so as night came I called Eura to help me finish up with the cleaning of the room,

“if anybody ask of me tell them I have gone to lay the Baby to rest, I have gone to bury the child and won’t be back soon,

” Adolfo locked himself in his chamber as he mourn, the house is saddened with the news of the baby, may the Lord comfort everyone, especially Lady Zity and Adolfo, I hate to see Adolfo sad, and you Tamar, I know if is within your power you would have done everything possible to save his life, you have a big wound on your forehead and arms, what happened, I guess is Lady Zity, carrying out her frustration on you as if you are the cause of her son’s death, I’m sorry for your pain, may the Lord almighty be with you always

I thanked Eura and went inside where I hide the baby and wrapped him up properly as the midwife instructed, I took all my shelling, and put it in a pouch, I doubled up my step and when I got to actual place she was already waiting and we left, it was a very long walk to Rhonda’s, the widow’s place, the night was deep when we finally got there and the mid wife called her out, I was surprise to see that Rhonda was very young, I was expecting to see an elderly Woman but i stood face to face with a beautiful young woman with a deep smile, after speaking with her and she promised to seal her lips, I handed the sleeping baby to her, Rhonda’s face lite up happily as the Baby was placed in her arms, the mid wife gave her some money and i also gave her all My saved shelling in the pouch because Rhonda does not have a stable income and she said one of the twin girls took ill and she’s stabilized now and they are both sleeping soundly inside,
She took us inside where her two daughters sleep peacefully,
me and the midwife later Left so that we can get back home before the day breaks.

As I got home early hours of the morning, I was tired after I washed up and lay awake, staring straight ahead, tears poured from my eyes as i thought of the tiny loving baby I handed over to Rhonda, who will grow to become a son for her, as the twins has become her children and also her comfort.

I wondered how possible it was for a mother to forget a child she bore and immediately a word dropped to my mind, it felt like God was speaking directly to me.

“Can a mother forgets her nursing child, that she should have no compassion on the son of her womb, even though she may forget but I, your maker will not forget you, see, I have written your name on the palm of my hand, you are precious and you are mine”

I quickly stood up and turned up the light to check if somebody just spoke those words to me because is sound so real but nobody was in there except Eura who slept peacefully at her corner.

I lay back and shot my eyes, i smile deeply knowing that it can only be God Who whispered those word to my ear,
I know the baby Will be alright because he is right in God’s palm, he is safe just as the twin girls.

I slept off and it was a dreamless sleep.


Every day I prayed that God would hasten my death. Woman cried after her husband abandoned her to die of cancer.

He brought another woman to our home yesterday. He says he wants to marry her, Lizzie told me amidst tears. Have you told him yet? No, I was waiting for the right time to inform him. But with these new developments, that would not be possible anymore.

Stories are better when it is told directly from the horses’ mouth. Below is Lizzie’s story.

After the test result confirmed that I had cancer, I did not know how to tell my husband about it because I did not want to break his heart with the sad news. Not that I planned on keeping it a secret forever, but I was waiting for the right time to tell him. My husband was a very busy man. He leaves the house very early and returned late. So he did not notice that I was sick.

The only thing he noticed was that I was avoiding him. He asked me severally what was eating me up, but I would not tell him because I did not dare to do so. So one day, he broke the news that he was getting another wife. Look, Lizzie, I am tired of this your cold attitude towards me. So am getting another wife. I was too shocked to alter a word.
The next day, he came back with the lady. They moved my things to the guest room. I was too weak to fight back, so I stayed they quietly and continued battling with my life. At this point, my husband cared less about me. He did not even ask of me anymore. Every day I prayed that God would hasten my death so that I will rest.
***                                                                          ***                                                                                                                ***
Lizzie died a few months later. Her husband lost his job a few years ago. So when his new wife could not bear the hardship anymore, she started fighting with him to give her money. When he could not bear the pressure anymore, he went into armed robbery. He was caught eventually and sent to prison. By the time he was released, the woman had packed all his properties and left.

So my advice to women is that they should try as much as possible to open up to their husbands no matter the circumstances. And to the men, do not give up on your wife so easily. If you notice any change, make sure that you find out what the problem is. If it means taking a day off from work, do you might just be shocked what you will find out. The same also applies to women.

TAMAR Episode 10



*_Episode 10._*

One of the slave girl who was two years ahead of me took likeness to me, whenever I’m alone at the flower garden
she will come and sit with me unlike others who kept their distance,
Eura was quiet and beautiful, she is the only household servant who immediately took likeness to me in Adolfo’s house,

“you like being on your own, mostly in this garden alone, I have seen you muttering word, you seem strange and you have an aura around you, the other servants seem not to be comfortable when you are around them, were you the daughter of a priestess or a fortune teller…

“I’m just Tamar, an ordinary girl, my father was no priest neither was my mother a priestess, my father was just a common man among his people, so also was my mother,

“I like you, you seem special, how do you cope with the mistress, she is insatiable, please take no offense, but is true, she is was unhappy and we all know that she doesn’t like Adolfo as he loves her, she is quick to anger, we like staying faraway from her until she needs us but she never does, everyone of us want to serve her but she is never comfortable with us coming close to her, I sometime wonder how you do it, she feel comfortable around you, even when she switch into rage, I have heard her shout at you to get away from her, and yet you never take offence instead you stand behind the door waiting for her to summon you again, if I’m the one, I will run so far from her until she is calm enough to need me again, I don’t like violent mistress not like her, Is not like i really have a choice,

“is Patient, Eura, patient is the key to staying insane even in a world as crazy as this, and when you see me out here alone I’m communicating to God, who loved me despite my shortcoming and endowed me with blessings, I was the weakest in my family, yet I have survived what killed others, I have being sold to different people at the different land, shipped to different places, walk miles I never thought I would walk, I have seen women get raped, and seen dead helpless slaves abandoned on the desert or thrown abode into the water, I went through oppressive situation, in all of this God kept me, I lost my parents to war, then my brother Joe, my two sister Kath and Deb, they all died yet God kept me, I’m not worthy yet he counted me worthy to live, and when I think I was going to loose my faith and submit to the way of the people in this kingdom, when I thought I have heard enough of everything in life, I thought I was done with God, I started hating him for taking everything away from me, and for not being the kind and loving God that my parents told me he was, I was almost submitting to the ways the people when he sent a young man called Abel to rekindled my faith, Abel bought me from a merchant who wanted to sell me because his wife doesn’t want me, and he built back my lost faith, and I learnt to give thank in every situation because God kept me for a purpose, he set me aside, probably to help Zity or somebody who needs to be helped, I’m yet to know but I’m ready to be lead by him…

“you have being through a lot, we all here got one sad story or the other, after the war outbreak and the soldiers conquered our land and took the young females away, I was sold off and brought down to this land, I have served two mistresses, in different household who kept selling me off till I was bought by Pami, Adolfo’s servants head, he brought me to serve in Adolfo’s house, Adolfo is a kind man, but the mistress is difficult to please, Tamar, you speak greatly of this your God, you make him sound so interesting, as if he is a friend you can easily communicate with, I serve different gods before I came to Adolfo’s house, and non of them seem so real, like the way you make yours sound, what god is that…

“he is not just my God Eura, he is also God for everyone, and he is always ready to be your friend if only you will open your heart and accept him into your heart, I’m a Christian, you are the first person I have told that boldly…

“please let me be the only and last person you will boldly say that to, you have to be careful, I heard they either stone them or give them to the circuit animal by the gate, please be very careful Tamar, I like you already and I don’t want anything to happen to you, the people of this land does not like Christians, they like their own gods and goddesses, and hate any strange god or perilous religion as that, I have seen them stone a man and his wife to death and they sold off their children to become temple slaves, is a very risky religion Tamar, this kingdom take great offense in that…

“This body you see is like a container, it contains the soul, it will be taking away from me one day, and my soul will return to the creator who made it, this people you fear can only destroy the flesh which is this body, what I carry inside of me is far greater than what the world can see, they can’t destroy me because I’m a strong seed, I die to this world and live to the Lord, I’m no more sacred of death, I use to be until Abel opened my eyes, if God permits them to take a life they did not create then so be it, it only show my work here is done, I will gladly go to be with my creator, so Eura, I’m not scared of death, for greater is he that is in me than he that’s in the world, death is not our final place, theirs is life even after death, come to know him that he may give you an everlasting joy, he is not asking for too much, he doesn’t need a blood sacrifice, you don’t need to sacrifice any animal to him, the sacrifice of his son Jesus Christ on the cross was the final sacrifice, the only thing he ask of you is your heart, open it let him come in and dwell, and feel this peace, joy and confident I have in him, confess your sin and denounce them and ask Christ into your life, you are not perfect but he is and he will guild you in all you do,

“after that what else do I do, I’m willing, you are filed with so much confidence and I feel peace in my heart as you speak, I want to know this God more, show me what to do Tamar

And Eura was my first convert, what a joy in heaven over one sinner that repent, I was happy to bring Eura to Christ.
We talk quietly in the garden as I filled her in with the word as Abel plant in me which was beginning to bear multiple seed, she was happy and was willing to learn how to become a better person, we quietly pray together most time in the garden.

The merchant wife later traveled again and Zity needed me again to keep her company

“I can’t wait to get ride of this thing so that I can be free and live my life like I have always wanted, Okra traveled, she has another man, and she is happy, she is planning for a way to leave the merchant so that she can be with her new lover, whenever the merchant travels to sell his wares, she also travels and comes back before the merchant returns, she said if she returns from her journey she will bring a physician for me to take off the thing, I don’t know how long she will stay this time but I can’t wait to get this thing off me…

“my lady, is not a thing, is a child, and he or she will make you happy, I promise you, please don’t get ride of your child, give him or her a chance to be born and a chance to live, even if you don’t want her Adolfo will or you can take the child to your mother, is also Adolfo’s child, he has every right to know that you are pregnant, he is your husband my lady, please don’t do this, don’t destroy the child that is happily growing in your womb

“shut up Tamar, why do you talk to me with so much confidence, have you lost your mind and forgot that I’m your mistress, what do you even know, I expected you of all people to understand me more and support me, this thing is not yet a child, it has not formed into a child, I’m just two months and three weeks gone, is still blood, that’s what Okra said, and is the bad blood the physician will flush out of me once Okra comes back, why can’t you understand me, I don’t want it, I want to live a free and happy live, I don’t want anything to tie me down from that..

I went to the garden and kept praying, Eura joined me, as I asked her to join me in praying for the mistress and she was willing, for where two or three are gathered in his name the lord will be in their means, I went on fasting for Zity, I needed God’s intervention, I was in agony, I can’t allow Zity to do such evil, even if I can’t talk her out of it I will ask God to intervene, except if he has a better plan than I can see,

Okra didn’t come back from her journey on time like she has told Zity, she came two weeks later and Zity was three months plus, the day she came, I was sent out from Zity’s chamber and I listened outside the door as Okra told Zity that she has a heated argument with her husband after she told him she was leaving the marriage, she told Zity that she has some little problem which she want to sort out first, after which she will get a physician for her, Zity wasn’t happy but she accepted,

Vim came to visit his sister but Zity was having one of those her bad day and couldn’t really entertained him, he left and planned to return again.

her stomach was already protruding, pregnancy wasn’t looking good on her, early morning sickness, quick to anger, and everything irritates her, but I was happy that God engaged Okra with her own personal problem which made her not to be able to get the abortion man on time, by the time she came Zity was months gone and it was dangerous to perform an abortion at that stage, that was what I heard Okra tell her that day, and she cries and refuse to come out of her chamber for days, Adolfo has called me to his study, and it was okay to tell him exactly what was going on even though he was going to know one way or the other, Zity wasn’t willing to tell him herself, but Adolfo was definitely going to know whenever he sees Zity’s body changes and her small protruding belle, it was just okay to tell him without getting into trouble, God won over the wickedness of men, God’s plan for the child was going to stand without anybody destroying a live they did not create.

“Is your mistress okay, she has refuse to see me even after I went to her chamber to check up on her, I noticed she has not being well, do you know what is wrong with her,

“yea, she will be fine, she is going through one of those women difficult time, but is a good thing Adolfo, because you are going to be a father in few months from now, she is with a baby my lord,

Adolfo stood up from his seat in shock, he held his hand to his heart, he was surprise at the news and why Zity didn’t tell him all this while, he asked me how long she was gone and I told him is being five months already, he was totally astonished, he was so happy that he hugged me forgetting himself before running off to Zity’s chamber, he pleaded for her to open the door, and was not ready to leave until she does, Zity later opened the door, and I watched as he gently drew Zity into his arms, he was crying, just knowing that he was truly going to be a father again, Zity acted cold but she did not pull back from Adolfo as he held her, I watched with a smile as she later relaxed back into his arm, I left to the garden, I couldn’t seat because my heart was gladden, I just knelt down there and sing out my thanks to God, seeing how happy Adolfo is, made my heart so glad, all I could do in the garden was just thanksgiving, when Eura joined me, we praised God quietly so that we don’t attract attention to ourselves, and I shed some tears as I marvel at God’s mighty work,

Zity started acting fine as Okra stopped coming around her, I help her through every of her difficult moment, sometimes I will suck her swollen feet in a warm water and dry them up after sometime, The day Vim came again I was in Adolfo’s study, he was writing a new theory, and wanted me to tell him one of those biblical stories I do tell Zity, while I told him, he translate it into his own theory and write it down, he didn’t even know it was a story I got from the bible but he was impress with the story, it was one of those stories I was telling him when Vim came in, he greeted Adolfo, he avoided looking at me and focused on Adolfo, I stood up, bow and excused myself out,
I was at the garden with Eura when Vim came, he asked Eura to leave she bow and quickly left

“ I learnt that Zity is with a child, you should be looking after her not her husband, is he also marrying my sister and you too,

“my lord, Lady Zity doesn’t need me now, I checked up on her before leaving to Adolfo’s study, she also sometime send me to go and check on Adolfo, I was only listening to his theory and was telling him some of the little I know, I hav…

“enough, I saw you so close to him, and heard you two laugh, he seem to be taken by you can’t you see, or do you like him too…

I frowned at the question, and kept my head bow, it was an insult to Adolfo who has never thought of such, I wanted to reply but kept quiet, wisdom is profitable to direct as Abel will say, so I try to change the atmosphere

“Adolfo is a good man, my lord, and everybody likes him, I’m not exceptional, I’m glad to see you my lord, you look good, how is the master and the mistress, hope every one is in good health

“I’m…I’m glad to see that you are happy here too, I thank the gods for blessing my sister and Adolfo with a child, though not yet born but I’m happy to know that Zity will soon be a mother, mother will be thrilled at the news, father’s heart will be gladden, a child will keep Zity busy, I don’t like the kind of friends she keeps, I told her of it the last time I visited, especial one merchant’s wife, but now Zity will have better thing to occupy her mind, yes everyone is in good health back home, you didn’t ask of Abel, although he is fine, and he sent his greetings when I told him I was coming down here.

“I’m glad to know that my lord.

Vim wanted to say something but held back again, he looked at my hands and then back to my face and to my mouth,

“Look at me Tamar, stop bowing your head, we all miss you back home, maybe, i… Abel… miss you more…

“I miss everyone too, but I’m glad to be here, to serve my Lady, she needs me more now than before, my lord.

I looked up at him as he smile, I was fully looking straight to his face now, seeing the man sitting beside me, he was truly a handsome young man even more with those smile of his, he looks like one of those athletic men, I understand why Obia wanted to kill herself over him, and many of the kingdom maidens were dying to be with him before he started avoiding them, which nobody seem to know or understand why he suddenly changed,

He was looking into my eyes and then back to my mouth, he swallowed heard before standing up to leave, I asked him to extend my kind greeting to everyone and also to Abel and he promised to do that.

i was grateful to God must especially for Zity as i prayed that she will deliver like the Hebrew women when she is due, my heart is so joyful as i marvel at God’s wonderful works in my life.
i wish i can sit and talk with Abel, i want to tell him about everything that was going on around here, he will be so happy too.


TAMAR Episode 9




*_Episode 9._*

I followed Adolfo’s male servant as he went from one apian way to the another, a shorter way to his master’s estate, we passed through different Villa to get to Adolfo’s estate, since we can’t go on a chariot, A villa so close to Adolfo’s estate looks so familiar and yet I can’t remember being there, I look around the villa and saw different houses, one of the houses got my attention, I pointed at it to the boy,

“that particular house looks…look so familiar, it felt like I have being here before and yet it seem strange to my eyes… maybe, is all because of the strange short ways you passed..

“this other small road by your left is a way to the slave market, but is a very long walk except for the wealthy with chariots, while that particular house you are pointing at is owned by a merchants, he deals with fine fabric and other wares, he live there with his troublesome wife, and servants, he has no child, she comes around the estate sometime, since the new master’s wife moved in we have being having different visitors, that merchants wife has a tongue of a serpent, she is a difficult woman, i just hope the gods will not allow her get an acquaintance with the master’s new wife.

“What is your name and how long have you being with your master?…please tell me more…

“Pami is my name, I am his trusted ally, I was not as old as this when he bought me, I was very young, I met his late wife before she died, I have being with Adolfo like he is generally called for a very long time, he thought me how to read and write, and I know how to translate most of his book, I’m older than his son, Chakan, who live in a different house now from his father and his new wife, I don’t know why he moved out, and hardly comes around, unlike before, he use to live with his father until his father got married to the mistress, Adolfo is a good man and you will come to know that soon, he is loved by most people because he is generous and compassionate, he is not harsh to his household servant but punishes those who goes against his rules, he love studying and exercising, he likes grape wine, which he takes everyday…I guess your name is Tamar, I already knows that

I smiled and nodded as we kept walking.

as we got to the house, there were servants doing one thing or the other, Adolfo’s estate was big and beautiful, well decorated, I saw beautiful maids walking around, while some were seating and talking, I went straight into Zity’s chamber as I was led, and she sat up from her big size bed excitedly on seeing me, Is never proper for a mistress to hug her servant so I quickly knelt down and touched her feet in a honorable greeting, and rise as she quickly ordered me,

Zity has changed, she added weight and has this dark cycled line under her eyes as if she has not being sleeping well, her things were not well arranged like it was suppose to be, I quickly switched into work as I started arranging her things, I asked her to relaxed on her bed while i properly arrange her room, , she smile and lay down and I covered her up, after sometime she slept off, I folded her things, packed the bottles of wine and glass cups, I guess she has being drinking, I put all her jewelries and foot wear in place, everything was in perfect other by the time she waked up and said she was hungry, I quickly made something for her to eat, she seem relaxed and cheerful,

The day went, I wanted to observe what was going on, why Zity’s things were in bad shape on that first day despite having so many beautiful servant girls,

I sometime go to seat with Adolfo in his study when Zity doesn’t need me, he was happy to have a companion that he can talk to, the study was big, and was packed up with all kinds of books, it was there he spent most of his evening whenever he is home, he was indeed a nice man as he tried to engage me most time with one of his theories, one day he decided to talk about some deep things, mostly his personal life.

“your mistress insisted on getting you back, she doesn’t always feel much comfortable when I’m around her, that’s why I always retire to my studies, I understand she is very young and is really hard for her to adapt to her new life, I don’t want to rush things with her, I want her to be happy and comfortable and get use to me and her environment, I have always told her to let me know when she needs me or anything at all, I’m just a block away from her but she has never shown interest in what I do or ever wanted to sit with me, she can always send servant to get me or come herself but she never does, I understand she is not a book person like my late wife, Pauli is, my late wife sits here with me and always listen to my new theory, she was lovely and beautiful too like Zity, she care deeply for me and I loved her, but death took her from me after birthing Chakan, I miss her everyday, I have mourned her for years and felt it was time to move on, Is being nineteen years already, I wanted to remain single after her death and wait until the gods calls me to join her but I felt she needed me to move on, she wanted me to be happy, and have a new life, I have seem lots of maiden but never picked interest in any until I saw Zity one day, I was driving in with my chariot she was driving out on her chariot too, with her charioteers, they were driving her into another street from the apian way, close to the east side villa, I was not really moved by her beauty because the evening was already turning dark, so I couldn’t see her fully, but something about her struck me, I waved it off but on the second time of seeing her, the evening was already night, I don’t know who she comes to see around here, or she was getting to know the neighborhood, which was very common among young people, the young blood is hot and is hardly in a place, they always want to be here or there, it was as if she comes only during the evening and returns immediately the evening turns dark, I’m mostly around the house in the morning and deep the afternoon studying or relaxing in my garden but I usually go out most evening to the gladiator training field to exercise my bones, I eat good food, study, exercise, lecture and relax to have a balance life and to keep shape, I’m forty three and people think I’m not up to forty yet because I do everything moderately, Chakan, my son and also Pami my right hand boy knows my daily routine, Zity was going off again with speed on her chariot the second time I saw her and I pulse and watch until she disappear into another apian road, and when I move close to the house I saw Chakan, I don’t know who she comes to see, so I asked my son if she happen to see any young maiden driving off with speed on a chariot and he says is probably lord Reese daughter that comes around the neighborhood, he said she have a friend that lives around here, and I ask if he has ever interacted with her, he told me only the day Zity lost her way and he was there on time to help her out, lord Reese is the second prime ruler of this kingdom and I was privileged to know him personally, he is a great man, I was shock to know his daughter was all grown up, she looks more matured than her age, I didn’t intend to marry her because she was too young and may not want somebody like me, but the more I tried to wave it off the more I think more deeply into it, and just then Pauli, my late wife came to my dream and gave me a message, I wrote the dream in my book, , she said “go Adolfo, go for her, she will lead you to the truth. well, I didn’t understand but the same message kept on coming until I decided to inquiries and to first of all ask Lord Reese for permission, and I was surprise he agreed on the second time I presented it to him, I have stop having such dreams ever since I married Zity, yet I don’t see the way she is leading me to, I just hope she will open her heart and like me even if is not love, I don’t want her to be unhappy…

I listened to Adolfo almost everyday at his study, he was beginning to go deeper and deeper into books and still goes out for his exercise,

Weeks turns into month and I also watch Zity who hardly talk, she decided to open up to me one day, maybe because her friend the merchant wife was on a journey and she needed to talk to someone,

“I don’t like any of those servants Adolfo bought, they are the tivi girls, they look beautiful but very lazy, I don’t trust them, neither do I allow them close to me, I couldn’t wait to have you back and when mother didn’t want to send you back to me I was willing to come down and get you myself, this place is really boring Tamar, I have missed you, nobody to sing or tell me stories, non of those slaves cares for me like you do, they are on only pretending and doing eye service whenever Adolfo is around, Adolfo is also boring, anyway what do I expect from a man who is over forty although he doesn’t really look his age, he buries himself in his study, he sometimes takes me out to those parties that they always talk about books, is only my few friends that comes around to visit, they helps me keep boredom away, I have a close friend now, her name is Okra, she is a wife of a merchant, she lives not too far away from here, she always comes around to visits, but she’s on a journey and will be back tomorrow. I heard a plan, I wanted to make my parents regret marrying me off to Adolfo, I had it all stored up but when I came down here the whole plan was trashed, it did not work, I couldn’t even do it

“ I’m here to serve you my lady, I’m glad to see you in good health and you added weight too, pardon me if I ask, please take no offense, what of Chakan, I haven’t seen him ever since I came…

He live not too far from here, he moved out, he doesn’t like me again, Chakan was part of the plan I heard, but he started moving away from me, I wanted him to be the one to touch me, to make love to that, he kept saying that I’m his father’s wife and he will never do such evil, he can’t disrespect his father like that, he want his father to be happy and that I should try not to hurt him because he will not be happy if I do such, that was what he said and when I kept on disturbing him he moved out, he packed his things and moved into another house, he said he loves me but he can’t touch me when I’m still married to his father, even a kiss, like those ones we do have back then before his father decided to be an obstacle, he said no to me, and kept on saying those irritating word, “Zity, you are my father’s wife now, please let’s respect that, nothing can happen between us because you belong to my father.” I hate to hear him say that Tamar, I still love him but since he moved out he only comes once in a while to check on his father, is so unfair, because another woman will have him now, and I don’t want that, I told the merchant wife, Okra, everything and she said I should drugged him and lay with him…

“whaaat!…hope you did not do that, my lady, that is very bad, Chakan was right my lady, it will be a big blow to his father if he lay with you because you are Adolfo’s wife now, he can’t touch you, maybe you should learn how to love Adolfo and take your mind off Chakan, Adolfo is indeed a good man..

“why don’t you marry him then, who are you to tell what is wrong or right, you are just a common slave what do you even know, I’m only after my happiness, anything that makes me happy, I hate it when Adolfo touches me, I don’t allow him to do it, I wanted Chakan, Okra, the merchant wife who seem to understand me and supports me brought a mixed portion to me, she directed me on how to use it, it will make Chakan want me so bad and I secretly added it to Chakan’s drink and served him when he was relaxing with his father at the garden one day, I was looking from somewhere to see when he will take the drink, I watched him lift the drink to his mouth but he didn’t drink it, he suddenly drop it back into the tray before standing up, Adolfo asked him to go and get something from his study for him and before he will get back Adolfo has finished up the whole drink, Chakan, brought more grape win from the store and they both drank, they talked and laugh, before Adolfo later stood up and left him, he stayed a little before leaving and when Adolfo came in I was already crying, it was a failed plan, he came into my chamber that day and forcefully made love to me, the content he drank that was meant for Chakan took real effect on him, and he pinned me down despite my resistance, it was in the morning when his eyes was cleared he got himself and began to apologies, and even bought me lots of gold Jewelries for me to forgive him, he said he didn’t know what got into him, he pleaded everyday until I got tired of it, I cried all through that day because all I thought of was Chakan, and it looks like Adolfo got me in with a child, I think I’m pregnant Tamar, do not tell anybody, I just hope is not true, because I’m not ready for any child now, especially not for Adolfo, but I kept on seeing changes on my body, my breast is getting bigger, I have this morning sickness, and easily gets tired, I’m still observing myself not yet sure, I have not told the merchant wife yet, I will do ones she comes back, I just kept praying to different gods that Adolfo did not get me down with a child…

“Adolfo will be so happy at the news, he will be a great father my lady, and your mother’s heart will be so gladden with the news of you carrying a child, she will feel so delighted to have a grandchild, everyone will be happy my lady…

“except me,i will not be happy, i don’t want it, Okra told me if I ever get’s pregnant and I don’t want the child then she will tell me what to do to get ride of it quick without pain even before the child form properly,, she said is being working for her without her husband knowing, the merchant kept on praying to many gods for Okra to conceive, he is thinking Okra is barren, but she’s not, Okra said a child will make her ugly, she doesn’t want to have a sagging breast or go though all those stress and trouble pregnant women go through, she hates it, she told me many women are doing so in this kingdom, she is not the first and I will not be the last, I don’t want anything that will trouble me, I’m still very young so mother can still have all the grandchildren in the future but not now, I want to live and enjoy my life, after all I’m not their only child, Vim is also there, he will marry someday and will bear children too, I can’t be worried over child bearing thing, Okra is teaching me many things and I thank the gods for sending her to me, Zain also visited me, she still have that jealous look in her even though she acts happy, I don’t want her to take Chakan from me, he belongs to me, Okra will come tomorrow and I will tell her my worries, she is the only one that understands me, even you Tamar do not understand the way I feel.

I went out to the garden that evening and shot my eyes like Abel will do and pray that God will cause confusion between the merchants wife and Zity, the merchant’s wife was leading her astray, Zity was going deeper and deeper into sin even though it seem right in her own eyes, I pray that God will touch her heart to keep the baby and not hurt the innocent child, if truly she’s pregnant, I was glad to know that Chakan moved out, and Zity didn’t succeed in drugging him to lay with her, God made it in away that Adolfo drank the content meant for Chakan, I prayed so deeply and also for Abel too.

The following day, I saw the merchant’s wife, she went into Zity’s chamber and they locked the door behind them, whispering in low voices, I overheard Zity tell her she was pregnant, like two months gone, Okra the merchant’s wife, didn’t reorganized me, but I remember her, she was the wife of Lami, the merchant that bought me for forty shelling and sold me to Abel for fifteen Shelling because I stirred up fear inside the wife according to her and she wanted her husband to get ride of me, the merchant is a good man, how could Okra, his wife be so heartless, watching the man pray in vain for a child while she was the cause of it all, now, she wants to corrupt Zity’s mind, leading her to the same deadly road,
My worries now is Adolfo, I wish I can tell him that his wife is carrying a child, but Zity will have my head in a platter if she finds out that I told Adolfo,this is when I need wisdom most, I thought of what Abel will do if he is faced
with such situation, Abel will keep praying to God to intervene and that’s what I did.

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TAMAR Episode 8



*_Episode 8._*

I sat quietly beside Abel at the fountain as he shot his eyes and began to pray silently to only my hearing, I wanted to shot my own eyes but I need to know when someone is coming, so i waited for him to finish praying so that I can tell him all that’s on my mind.

“if I have a thousand tongues is never enough to thank you, I’m always grateful to you alone Lord, for all your mercies towards me and this household, and also to Tamar, the girl you lead me to find and save, who lost everything but never lost you because you can never be lost, you are ever present in time of need, and always rescues us from trouble, out of no way you have made a way, I thank you for my successful journey, you made it possible, you led me out and brought me back because you said in your word that our going out and coming in shall always be blessed, I returned back in peace not in pieces and met everyone I left behind in perfect order, I’m grateful for this, oh Lord, only you deserve the glory, only you Lord not the empty gods of this land, for you say those who make them are like them, in wisdom I ask that you will always guide us, and may we always find favor before men and women, take away our fear and give us boldness to stand out for you, the people of this land are lost in darkness, they hates anything that comes from you, please father, help them to see the light that they may come to know you and the power in your name. Thank you Lord for our answered prayers, in Jesus name…..

I replied with a calm Amen, he bowed his head for sometime without opening his eyes, and when he later did and turned to look at me I was looking at him, smiling and wishing I have his kind of faith, we stayed quietly looking out to the water fall and it’s pleasurable noise, I just imagined God’s wonderful work, no human has being able to comprehend the way God works.

“I was told that Zity has being married off…and she will send for you later, do you ever wish to be married some day…

I had this fine feeling, like a butterflies in my stomach when Abel looked at me and asked the question, my palm was sweating as I began to blush, I have lay in bed many times and wish for many things, a God fearing man like Abel, I imagined having beautiful kids and growing a family who loves God, I wish for many thing yet I’m just a common slave who can’t have anything until I’m set free by my owner, will Zity ever agree to set me free, it can only be when a free born of the land or somebody like Abel shows interest in getting married to me, only then will I be free but I’m stuck with Zity for now, and I will serve her because that’s what I’m called to do,
Abel took my sweating hand into his and covered it into his huge palm

“Why do you feel uncomfortable with the question, don’t you want to have a family of your own someday…oh. Sorry, If I’m making you uneasy, you are fully growing into one of the most beautiful maiden, is being almost four years I was led to you, Tamar, time flies so fast, you are no more the scared, worn out, naive little girl I bought from the merchant for just fifteen shelling, I have told you on that first day that you are special and you truly are, I know you have worries but first in everything love the lord, put him first, in all your ways acknowledge him and he shall give you the desires of your heart don’t be define by where you find yourself instead standout and be a vessel of honor to everyone who comes in contact with you…

I kept quiet as Abel spoke, I have few question that has being bothering me, so I asked

“the people of this land, they do different abominable things, and most of the food we eat here are given to their gods first before preparing it for the consumption of the house, sometimes, I get scared while eating, praying quietly that nothing happens to me, if I have a choice I will never eat any of those their cursed food…

“rejoice, because you have something to eat, who are you to call the food bad, when the Lord has not said so, for whatever the Lord made is pure and good, for many are looking for such opportunity, to live in a house filled with plenty to eat, a fine household like this place. what they do before or after the food is being made shouldn’t bother you, all that matters is you give thanks to one God who made every food and drink possible for you to have it, not to a wooden or iron god carved by mortal men, Tamar, don’t be scared of eating any food in this house, for what you eat does not defy you but the word that comes out of your mouth does.

“You seem to have answer to many questions Abel, I overheard somebody say that you are on celibacy, you don’t have interest in women…is that true, you don’t want to have a family of your own someday

“celibacy for now because I lost to the world and gain from the Lord, I know you will not understand, I have not seen who to start a family with yet, Tamar,I walk according to the Lord’s direction, he leads I follow, if it pleases him for me to remain this way till when he calls me into glory then I will gladly stay pure for him, I don’t live for myself, I live for God alone, i don’t want to be unequally yoked with an unbeliever, Tamar, for our body is the temple of the lord and it should be kept clean all the time so that he can live in us and direct our ways, we shouldn’t defy it with the things of this world, we should keep it holy because the holy spirit which is our comforter and advocate does not dwell in a dirty environment or in a confused body, so we should keep our self clean and pleasing to the lord, if you follow the world they will lead you wrongly but follow the lord’s way and find your footing.

“I have really missed you Abel, your world is always an encouragement to me, I always feel so close to God when you are around, filling me in with the word, I thank God everyday for you, I could have lost it, I would have probably ended up like them, the people of this land, if not for you. If I haven’t say it before or have never said it enough, thank you, thank you again and again for…for… Everything…

The day continues, and during my spare time I sit with Abel and allow him fill me in with the word,

Lady Phin called me one day that the husband, Lord Reese wanted to see me and I went straight to his chamber, lady Phin sat beside him, Vim was there, Obia one of the maids was also standing there, Lord Reese spoke up first

“Obia, repeat exactly what you told us about Tamar…

“my lord and lady, I caught her again, Tamar was giving money to somebody, sometimes different men, some are even women, she is a thief, she usually steal the master’s money and go out to buy something and also give to some people by the way to the market, and also the road that leads to the temple, I followed her without her knowing and I found out where those people stays, I’m not lying, I have seen her severally, sometimes is either money or she buys things…if I lie let twail the god of thunderstorm strike me dead, I have seen her many times before coming to report her to you my lord, I could have gone to Abel but Abel was on a journey then, and Abel may choose to favor her, that’s why I came here.

Vim looked at me and bent his head, Lord Reese and Lady Phin were both staring at me, I bent my head not in shame or because Obia reported me to them but because that was a normal thing to do, i was afraid, yes, I was, but something within me wanted me to be bold like a lion, but I fear for what they will do or say to me, the room fell silent after Obia narrated in details what I did…Lord Reese spoke again

“Tamar, you know what we do to people that steals, do you know what we do to slaves who steals from their master or mistress, we tire their face and body to a tree and bare their back open, we give them hard strokes of an intertwined whip until they bleed and make sure that the whip tears their skin, we leave a scar on them which will always remind them never to steal again, why will you steal from us, you have everything at your disposal, we treat everyone in this house fine, better of than how must household treats their slaves, I thought you are a good girl , that was why I wanted you for my daughter, taking things that doesn’t belong to you is bad and that is stealing, you stole and then take the money to somebody in the market street and temple road, why Tamar…

I breathed deeply, I try to speak but I couldn’t, Vim looked up at me before saying

“Father, I don’t thinking of you and Tamar stole the money Obia saw her with, probably Zity gave it to her, we all know that Tamar doesn’t steal, and why will she start now, I don’t believe Obia, is probably not Tamar she saw because she can not do such a thing, she…

He suddenly stopped as his parents stared at him surprisingly with the way he defends me, I saw Obia boiling in anger as Vim spoke in my defense, I was also shock to hear him defends me the way he did, I never expected it, I thought he will support Obia, and with what happened between me and him at the fountain, I thought he hates me, his parents returned their look back to me, urging me to speak up on where I got all the money Obia said she saw me with, I summoned courage and spoke, still with my head bent.

“the master gives us one shelling everyday, I kept mine, and after sometime, I found out I have no need of it, everything I wanted was in the house, I have being blessed with so much here, I have good food, good cloths and fine shelter, while there are so many beggars in the street who barely have anything to eat, so…so I shared it for them, and I sometime buy food and wears with my shelling and give to them…I have never stolen before, my Lord… I’m sorry if what I did is against the law of the land or of this household, I was touched by so many beggars anytime I pass through the market street and temple road…I apologies my Lord and my Lady

Everywhere became silent again, Lord Reese asked Obia to leave his chamber after warning her not to bring any news that she wasn’t sure of to him ever again, she bow and left immediately, I can see anger written all over her as she walks out, Vim was looking at me, Lord Reese seem to be out of word, he looked at me and smiled, while Lady Phin spoke up

“My husband, I have told you I will sell Obia, she is filled with envy and jealousy, she is so bitter and has seductive spirit. I will sell that girl off, she is getting out of hand. Tamar, why will you give out the only possession you got, your one shelling which the master gives to all the household slaves everyday, is just a shelling which is not much, you gave them up to beggars, I…I’m touched by your kind heart, you don’t have much yet you gave up the little you have to street beggars who are not even your people, you don’t need to apologies my child, the one shelling is yours to do whatever you want with it, you are a good child and has proven it in different ways, I’m always glad that I chooses you for Zity, please get your things ready, Zity has sent for you, is been five months already she has being married, she sent message last month for you to come but we were already use to you and didn’t feel like parting with you, she has sent another message this month that she will come and get you herself if you don’t come back to her, so we are ready to let you go back to her, we will really miss you Tamar..

I smiled and bow without a word, Vim who seem uncomfortable with the news of me going back to Zity spoke,

“father, mother…Zity has many servants and maids in her husband’s estate, the last time I went there, she has many people attending to her, why do she still wants Tamar, I don’t like that Adolfo son, Chakan, he may want to take advantage of Tamar…I don’t like the idea of sending Tamar to Zity, I cares for her well being like every other person, that’s all, slaves are also humans too, if you still want her to return to Zity no problem…

“she belong to your sister Zity, Vim what is going on with you, why the sudden care for Tamar, Tamar is a special child, she is not like your April or Obia, hope all this your care is pure, stay away from her if your thoughts are not pure towards her. you baffles me, I don’t even understand you again Vim, what is this your sudden change all about my son, I wonder when you start caring so much for a slave. anyway, if the gods permit, Tamar will return to your sister in a week time, she belongs to Zity not to us, Adolfo will not allow harm to befall anybody under his care, and Zity will not allow Adolfo son to come close to Tamar, and with what I heard, Chakan is a good young man, so bury your worries my son, we all cares about Tamar’s well-being too.

I was later dismissed, and I got ready to return to Zity, a day before I left, I saw Obia, at the back house, burning incense and crying out to her stone god, I stood very close and watch her, she turned and rolled her eyes at me and continued doing her enchantment, I waited there until she was done and approached her fully,

“Obia, I’m not angry with you for reporting me to the master and mistress, I understand you didn’t know that the money you saw me spend was all mine, I don’t steal, I have no reason to do that, it will only make me ungrateful if I ever do such…

“Why are you telling me this, what do you want…you almost interrupted my conjuration, my evening enchantment, don’t ever come close to me if you see me in the mood of service to my god, who blesses my sorcerer powers…

“why does your enchantment sound like you were crying out of agony, was your god oppressing you, do you think your so called god cares about you…I know we have freedom to worship anything and anyone we choose to, if this is what you have chosen then I leave you alone, but just tell me what your god has ever done for you ever since you have being in service to it…

“you better mind what you say, because Venus, the goddess of both love and kindness doe not take likeness to insults, If you want to know what Venus has done for me, I will tell you, I prayed to her to make lord Vim to fall for me, and she granted my desires, and lord Vim started wanting me, and suddenly after few years of you being here, Vim does not look at me or want me any more, I listened to the way he defends you inside the master’s chamber, it seem you came and used your charm to turn his eyes from me to your side, and makes Lord Reese and Lady Phin to take likeness to you also, Vim, now wants you instead of me and I also saw the way he looks at you most time, do not even mistake it for love because Lord Vim is not capable of loving anyone, he will use you and dump you like a vulture to a carcass, I just burnt incense to Venus the goddess of kindness to favor me and bring him back to me and also to make me find favor before the master and mistress, I ask Venus to destroy every power you are using to get luck from our owners, I have tried different seducing prowess for Vim and it did not work, I will pray everyday, sacrifice animals, roll on the floor, I will pour earth dust on my body and cut myself with a blade until I bleed, I will let Venus drink my blood, I will burn candles and incense to Venus if that’s what it will take to get Vim back, because when he is on my side I can get away with anything, someday I dream of being his wife and owning this entire palace and estate, it will be a day of joy,a day come true. Venus has already started working for me, goddess of kindness has began to favor me, Venus has taking obstacles off my way, obstacles like you, I heard that Zity sent for you and will be returning to her so Venus has began work already and very soon it will be perfected, just watch and see…

I shake my head in self pity for Obia, and walked away from her, she acts like one of those temple prostitute, so fetish, she can do anything to get Vim to her side, and I was never in any competition with her, Vim does not even like me, he probably defend me that day because God wanted somebody to stand up for me after the accusation from Obia. All I’m concerned about is returning to Zity, she needs me.

Adolfo’s slave, a young boy came for me the following day and I hugged and waved Abel good bye, I will miss him so much, he said a quiet prayer for me as I went to meet him before leaving, but I feel comfortable he is not too faraway, i also carried beautiful memories that we shared together in my heart, those praying time by the fountain and undiluted word he gives me anytime I’m with him, I cherish every moment I spent with him, is always life changing.

I waved everyone goodbye and left with the Adolfo slave boy who came to get me and he also helped me with some of my things, I saw Vim watching from the top roof of his chamber where he stood, with a sad stricken face, and as I crosses the streets still within his father’s estate and i look back Vim was still up there looking at me. I silently prayed that Obia’s sorcerer powers doesn’t work on him.

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TAMAR Episode 7



*_Episode 7_*

“we want the best for you princess, a man who can give you all you need, and will be able to take care of you and your children when the gods blesses you two, a man with a strong arm who will be able to protect you, a good man who has no stain to his name, Adolfo likes to read, he also teaches history at the temple school in his spare time, he only has one child, a son, who will not trouble you at all, he is a fine young man who manages his father business, he travels down to the museum close to the market place, he comes with his friends, according to his father, he is also brilliant like his Adolfo, so you won’t have a problem being a step mother to him, Adolfo is very intelligent and smart, he is only forty three..

“I said I will never marry him, I won’t father, no matter what you and mother says, I won’t marry a man old enough to be my father, a man I don’t love, what kind of parents are you two, sending your daughter to an old man to be his wife, allow me to make my own choice…I have tried not to disobey you father or mother, I sit when I’m ask to sit, I go out when I’m permitted to go out, I do everything I’m asked to do, even when Tamar was brought to me I did not want her at first but I ended up with her because you both insisted, lots of other things I have no choice than to accept and now this one…no way, I won’t marry him, I swear by the gods I won’t, I’m old enough to make my own choice, I want somebody as young as Vim, somebody filled with youthful pleasure, Adolfo or whatever his name is will not even be romantic, stop making choices for me…I love another person not Adolfo, the choices you make for me are usually bad, the gods bear me witness this day, I won’t marry him, to hell with him and everyone wanting my sadness, father you are just being self centered, because he is one of your wealthy friend and you decided to push your only daughter to him…what kind of father are you, and mother you are always agreeing to everything father says or does…this is pure wickedness…

I watch as Lord Reese stood up angrily and strike his daughter across the face and everyone seem shock, Zity was shock as she left her mouth wide open and her hand to her right cheek, Lady Phin called the husband to calm down, Vim looked at the father surprisingly, while Zity who was standing before, sat down and boast out crying, I just guess she has not being beaten before that’s why everyone seem surprise at Lord Reese reaction, Vim spoke up angrily

“Father, that wasn’t necessary, you don’t have to strike her to pass your message, what has gotten into everyone in this house, Zity deserve to make her choice, she said she doesn’t want Adolfo you have other younger wealthy friend of about thirty years who are never married you can choose for her since you don’t want her to make her choice or to be with the person she said she is in love with, can’t she be allowed to make her choice she is no more fifteen, Father, she can differentiate good from bad, Zity is not a child, nobody picked wife for you, you chose mother at a young age, she fell inlove with you and you both got married, and you are together ever since, growing old with her, the love never fades, I watch both of you and smile, that’s how marriage suppose to be, also give Zity that chance father please, mother, please talk to father because I know he only listens to you, mother when you brought Tamar and handed her over to Zity, she had no choice than to accept her, we all deserve some chance in our lives to make our own choice, striking her was not necessary father, there’s a better way to correct her and make her see reasons why you choose Adolfo for her, it shouldn’t come to enforcing law on her, we live in a land that allows us to worship different gods, and also freedom to do all we want without restriction…

“not to live a care free live and make mistakes, I am your father and when I speak I expects it to stand still, the citizen of this land takes my words seriously, they respect my every word yet my own children plays and toils with it, and question me on every given opportunity, I am the kind of father that want the best for her children and will not watch any of you make a bad choice that you will regret later, Vim, I may not have control over what you do because you are a grown man and you suppose to know the right thing, I feel proud of the fine young man you have become but I sometime feel disappointed at the way you live your life too, this few weeks you have being home and seem calm and collected, having few friends who visits, unlike before, although I don’t know what you are upto with your calm behavior which is unlike you, I know my two children like the palm of my hand, Abel act more like a son to me, because I watched him grow up into the man he is today, and he has never disappointed me, I can trust him with everything and feel at peace, why can’t two of you learn from your surrounding, don’t feel too big to learn even from a common slave, Zity was housed tutored on how to read and write, Vim we sent you to one of the best learning place with a great and most sorted teachers, to teach you. every thing I labored for is for you and your sister, you can chose to do away with it when the gods calls me to rest, I won’t be there to see what you do, I will be resting from all the toil and labor of life, me and your mother, she will not see the mess you will become if you keep up with your reckless life style, I have done my own part as a father and your mother has sacrificed too much for this household, the little we ask is to be obeyed, respected and love as we both deserve, stop being selfish, is not always about you, is about everyone, because the mistake you make today will affect those close to you tomorrow, I strike you Zity because you needed cautioning, there are things a child doesn’t say in the presence of her parents, and if I need to do it again I will, if that will make you listen and learn, nobody hates you we love you Zity, you are our princess and all we want is only the best for you, if I say you should marry Adolfo is just because I know Adolfo is a good man and he can take good care of you, he is a young friend to me, he got married on time and lost his wife to childbirth, Adolfo has never remarries, he single handedly brought up his only son, who is all grown now, Adolfo has maintained a good name, and has remained committed to his book, reading makes him feel like he was never lonely, he saw you one day coming out of his estate with your maid, Tamar, I asked you what you were doing faraway in Adolfo’s estate and you said you rode on a chariot to visit one of your sick friend there, and I believed you because you never lie to me and your mother, Adolfo saw you there twice and ask about you and he was given information on who you are, and he consulted me, Adolfo is the third district ruler which practically makes you the queen of that district if you get married to him, I’m not going to allow you to make a choice of choosing all this boys of this kingdom who still want to live a careless live, like your brother Vim, I don’t want you to have too much regrets, I love you my princess, I want you to be happy and I know with time you will learn to love Adolfo when you see the good man he is, just give this a chance and we will try to reduce our involvement in your personal life, I and your mother want the best for you, princess, at least you came to realized that the young maiden we got for you was actually not ugly and you seem happy with her, I have overheard her singing and telling you stories, she is humble and cares deeply for you like she will do to her sister, Tamar was a bad choice at first to you because you saw only the physical part of her but we look beyond physically and we felt at peace with her, we always have the best at heart for you, give Adolfo a chance and be royal and respectful to him, build up love in your heart for him, he deserve it, and allow him to be the husband of your dreams, everything is all about you, but I know lucrus, the goddess of fertility will see you through and will bless you with both male and female…

The wedding preparation began, and yet nobody knows of Zity and Adolfo’s son, Chakan, she was never allowed out again, she was to stay inside and under go some cleansing before her wedding day,

The day Adolfo visited, he was not old like Zity’s father, who was almost sixty, Adolfo was forty three years and he looks even younger than his age, and was also handsome, he dressed like a wealthy learned man, and speak fluently, Lord Reese and some other men sat at the big sitting chamber, while Adolfo spoke about history and with the way he said it, everyone was quietly listening to the interesting topic he raised,

I was among the people that served food and drinks on the first marriage gathering, Zity was quiet, she seem to have her own plan as she pretends to be happy and calm, but I know even her laughter wasn’t real, her heart was with Chakan, who sat beside his excited father, and chakan and Zity looks at each other shyly, they were cautiously looking at each other, so that they don’t attract attention to themselves,

On the wedding day, I saw different types of dressing, different dishes where prepared, different types of guest were present, we were given fine dresses to wear, Zity was beautifully dressed, she looks stunning as they covered her face with a veil and when Adolfo pulled back the veil she smiled, and the officiating old marriage priest bind them up with a colorful rope, which stands that their home will be exciting and colorful for two of them, the wedding vow was exchange, they drank the blessed water and I watch Zity smile beautifully as Adolfo kissed her lips, I looked at chakan’s face as he watch his father and Zity, his face was expressionless, I couldn’t tell if he was happy or sad, his eyes was fixed on Zity, the binding rope was later loosen and Adolfo danced with his wife,

After the whole ceremony was over, Zity followed her husband back to his estate, I was asked to stay behind for sometime until Zity settled in and send for me, so I stayed working with other household maids,

Abel came back and I couldn’t hold back my joy, I held him tight and refuse to let go even after seeing Vim passing by and watching me, Abel was laughing, and when I loosened up I kissed the back of his hand joyfully, which shows respect, he gentled squeezed my shoulder with a full smile before going down to greet Vim who was standing at his chamber’s balcony, Vim shake his hand warmly with a smile, and respond very well to Abel’s greeting, Vim asked him how his journey went Abel replied affirmatively, after the whole pleasantries, he went inside to greet lord Reese and his wife, Lady Phin, I waited for him outside the door as he sat down with them and discuss how his journey went and all the business transaction which was successful at the end after encountering few problem that made him stay more than he was suppose to stay, everyone seem so happy to see him back especially me, I have missed him so much, I was outside the door of Lord Reese chamber waiting for Abel so that I can tell him all the things that has happened while he was on away, Vim came and saw me there and I bent my head on seeing him, he stopped and looked at me, he wanted to say something but suddenly stop and walk into his father’s chamber where Abel was.

Abel took time talking and laughing with them, so I decided to go to the water fall, where he usually sit and pray, I sat there hoping he will come out soon and join me,

Since Zity left with Adolfo, her husband, to his estate, I have less to do, I just join the other slaves to do few things sometime, waiting till the time Zity will send for me,

I sat there for a very long time, it was already evening before Abel showed up, he has refreshed and changed his journey dusty cloth before coming down to the fountain which we also call the water fall, he look so handsome in his new cloths, and has slim down from the last time I saw him, I ran straight to him again and hugged him and he held my hand as we walk back to the fountain chair and sat down.

I thank God for making his journey a success, everyday without him in the house was so lonely, Vim maybe right about Abel, I have never seen Abel pick interest in women, I was the only girl mostly seen around him and yet he treats me like his sister, I like Abel because he builds my faith and he has a good heart, I like it when he smiles to me, it melt down my built up walls, if he ever wants to have a family tomorrow I know his wife will also be a believer just as him and she will be one of the luckiest woman because Abel will make a good husband and a great father too.


TAMAR Episode 5



*_Episode 5._*

Abel traveled the following day, he traveled to the master’s Port, to supervise work there, he won’t be back till after five weeks, I Will really miss him while he is gone,
When Zity doesn’t need me I help other slaves to work around the house

When Vim had his friends gathering, different dishes were cooked and I was among the maids that served at the gathering, i noticed he was looking at me, when I took the tray of spiced gizzards to him, I knelt down while serving him which was normal but he didn’t pick any immediately, and when I looked up to see if I should leave I saw him looking at me, the tray started shaking in my hands and almost fell off from my hands, and he quickly dismissed me,
When I was out of his sight I breathed deeply, I wondered why he looked at me that way and why I shake vehemently at his gaze

Zity, lay in bed that morning and didn’t bother standing up, I prepared her bath yet she didn’t get up from the bed, I know something was bothering her, she has not being so active since yesterday, I went to her

“My Lady is there a problem, you have being in bed since morning and is past your bath time..

“I can’t seem to get him off my mind, he looked exactly like he was truly carved out from Mars…since that day I kept thinking about him

” who could that be my Lady…

“Chakan, that’s what he said his name was, the handsome young Man we met at the museum, I think I’m in love with him, I don’t care what Zain is going to say, but I want to see Chakan again, I could have told him my name when he asked but I wasn’t interested in him at first, until I got home and remember the way he smile and look at me, he said my beauty is like that of Aliah, the goddess of beauty, I have heard people say that to me but chakan said it in a way I admire, he looked at me like I was a god, I need you to go and search for him, either at the museum or anywhere, when you see him tell him that I sent you, and I Will give you a note to give to him..and some money to go to the merchant, who deals in Jewelry close to the museum, tell him that I need a gold jewelry with goddess of luck inscribed on it, also buy another so that I can replace the one I gave to Zain, if anybody, be it my brother, Vim, mother or father sees you and ask you were you are going to or coming from just tell them I sent you to the jewelry shop don’t ever mention Chakan to any body… Do you understand…make sure you find him

I quickly left as she ordered me, I went to the museum and searched everywhere for Chakan but no sign of him, I went to the temple of their different gods and goddess, I stood outside and waited as people tripped in and out yet I didn’t see Chakan, I went to the market and different places no sign of Chakan, I returned back to the temples hoping he Will come and worship but when I didn’t see him I decided to turn back and go, I saw Vim ridding on his chariot with his friend, before I could hide among the crowd he saw me, he looked at me and I bent my head, he rode and passed without a word.
I quickly ran to the jewelry shop and bought all I’m asked to buy before heading back home
Immediately I got home I saw Vim standing outside,

“Where are you coming from, why are you at the temple of twail, the god of thunder and storm, do you worship at the temple of twail, that’s Mostly a god for men, don’t you see women are hardly there, there are so many female gods and goddess you can chose from what do you want in the temple of a god you are not in need off, or do you go there to pray to twail so that he can send thunder to strike your enemies, are we your enemy, do you go there to worship or what..speak up

” I…I, no, my lord, i didn’t go there to worship… i lost my way, I was going to…buy jewelry For Lady Zity, and here they are, I don’t have enemy…

“Everybody has enemy, most especially a common slave, run ahead now, I think Zity needs you, you can ask other slaves the god they worship if you are looking for a god to pitch your tent in..

I bow and ran off, my heart was beating as I got into Zity’s chamber, who was up from her seat the moment she saw me enter her chamber, her face light up joyfully,

” oh Tamar, I have being waiting for your return, I know the gods most have favored you, what did Chakan say, did he smile when he read my letter, tell me, I’m eager to know, speak up now

“I couldn’t find him my Lady, I searched everywhere and went to all the temple but no sign of him, I also..

Before I could say another thing she stroked me across the face, then another heavy slap to my cheek, she was cursing me and threw a worden carved god close to her bedside at me and ask me to disappear from her presence and I did with my fore head bleeding from the wound, I went to the out house and washed my bloody face,

I later came back and sat close to Zity’s chamber after attending to my wound, waiting for Zity to need or summon me and it was until in the mid night she called me into her chamber and ask me to tell her a romantic story, and when I started she shouted at me to stop

” i have heard the story before, how many times do you want to say it, I’m tired of all your stories, they are becoming boring, everything about you is becoming boring, I asked you to go and find Chakan and you still can’t Carry out simple duty, get out of my sight now.

I went to the fountain, where Abel use to sit and pray, everybody was asleep, the moonlight was bright, I have no one to talk to, my heart was very heavy as I pulled down the shawl off my head, I knelt down and spread my hands wide and started speaking to God,

“My strength fails me, I lack word to describe how I feel, I derive strength from Abel now he is on a journey, God I’m grateful for this household you put me in, but serving Zity can be difficult sometimes, I don’t know how to reach her, i have told her all the stories from father and mother, I don’t have any again to tell, I miss Kath, Deb and Joe, I miss father and mother too, I need your help to remain Strong, help me God, help me through every difficult time, help me to see you in all I do, I kneel before you with my hands spread wide For you to see in and out of me, withholding nothing from you Lord, fill me in with your love and help me to know you more, in my weakness please be my strength, when I’m afraid help me to remember that you always with me, I live for you lord, only you, not the different gods of this land, I worship you Lord… I adore yo…

” what are you doing out here by yourself… By this time of the night, while everyone sleeps, kneeling with your hands spread wide, your hair shines with the moon, crying out to an unknown god, what god do you pray to?

I was shocked as I saw Vim, I quickly stood up and covered my head with the shawl, he was standing under the Moon light in his night wear, I startled as he came close to me. I didn’t know what to say or do.


TAMAR Episode 4.



*_Episode 4._*

“Today I will be taking a walk with Zain to the museum, so get things ready for the outing because we won’t be back till dusk, hurry, and don’t get food or drink we will buy some there.

I quickly packed up few things into a leather bag, I also put her shawl, and a cover just in case the weather gets cold, I put a little water bottle and fried meat with few fruits, even though she asked me not to bring food or water, knowing the kind of person she was, she may not get a good food outside and will end up angry with me, so it was better I carry everything necessary, even if she did not demand or needs it I will return them back.

A year has gradually gone by, I can still remember the day Abel brought me to live and serve here, and it has not being easy serving Zity but I get use to her everyday.

Zain, her friend met up with her, she also came along with her personal maid, who looked me over like I never existed, she rolled her eyes and sigh, while Zity and Zain walk in front, we quietly followed behind, Zity makes men to turn and stare at her, she was very beautiful, she never gave attention to any one as she went ahead talking with her friend who seem to be boiling with jealousy at the way men and women were staring at Zity,
Zain suddenly said she wanted to restyle her hair and also to add more make up to her face, so Zity allowed her, and we stop at a little kiosk, and Zain ordered her maid to restyle her hair and add more make up to her face and the girl who seem angry with her mistress disturbance, grudgingly did, and when she was done, Zain checked herself in the mirror and seem satisfied.
The make up on Zain’s face was much but she was okay with it, Zity spoke

“Isn’t that much, I mean the make up, the one you had on before was far better off…

“what do you mean Zity, what of the one you have on your face isn’t that also makeup…are you trying to say you are more beautiful than i?

“mmh, I’m not saying that, I did a very light makeup because I sweat a lot, and the weather is very hot, I’m just saying the whole makeup on you will probably wipe out if the weather gets hotter…you will sweat…

“don’t worry about that, that’s why I have my maid with me, she will fan me if the weather gets hot, her job is to make sure I don’t gets uncomfortable…so even though I know she is very arrogant and lazy she will still hand fan me, making sure I’m alright.

When we got to the museum, which was crowded with people, they started touring round the whole place, Zain pointed at some group of handsome men, they were four in number, and after sometime, two of the young men’s walked away leaving the other two behind, they look young and vibrant, Zain started urging Zity to were the young men where standing, but Zity who was not interested in what Zain was showing her turned away.

“look they are so handsome like your brother Vim, they look royal too, come let us go close maybe they will notice me, just take a good look at them, they look like they were carved by mars, just like your brother who is always rude to me, he never pays me attention no matter what I do, and you have refuse to make it possible, you can tell your brother that I really like him or just say anything that will make him look at me like I’m special, Vim is proud and full with himself, April is always flocking herself around him, maybe because April is older than us, April should be eighteen or nineteen right… and her father is in charge of the big arena game, but she is not as beautiful as I am…

“Zain, mother has thought me never to lie, and I know I can be stubborn but there are certain teaching from my parents I hold dearly, in truth April is beautiful, far more than you. leave my brother out of our discussion, he doesn’t want you and no matter what i do or say he will still not want you, Vim is just like that, leave him alone, you know I can tear down when it comes to my brother… father said I’m too young to keep a man friend and mother has warned me not to go too close to any man except my brother, Vim will kill any man he sees close to me because I’m not allowed to keep men as friends, my people want me to marry as a virgin, keeping a man friend may bring distaste and will stain their good name, I don’t want that either I just turned fifteen now and mother has said when I’m sixteen i will be allowed to have a male partner, or they will get me married off, I don’t want that though, I want to choose a partner for myself…I know I will

“sometimes, I don’t like you, I hate you for always painting yourself as an angel, I’m also my father’s favorite yet he allows me to do whatever I want, loosing your virginity doesn’t mean you will bring shame to your parents, is only when you tell them, they don’t even have to know, you have your own life to live, I lost mine when I was twelve and it feel so good, I told you back then to try it but you are always preaching “mother said this father said that” eventually you will still loose it before you get married or after, whichever way, you will, except if you want to grow old and die with it, please stop acting like you are perfect, will you walk me down to those boys or not..

“Zain, i came here to check out the art of history and fine work of the craftsmen not to check out boys, you can go I’m not going anywhere…

I felt so proud of Zity, she can be difficult to please but she was very principle despite having everything at her disposal, she still respect her parents both absent and present.

One of the young man suddenly turned to our direction, and tapped his friend’s shoulder who also turned

“aaah, I’m hot all over, They are looking at me, they like me, hope my make up is still there, is my hair well styled, I asked my maid to style it in perfect order, Zity hope is perfect, stop being jealous of me because I know you are, well I was hoping I will meet with them and make my choice among them, Zity please, be a true friend for once and walk with me to where they are, I’m blushing, look…look they are coming…they are walking towards me…ooh I’m hot, they are too handsome, look at the taller one, he has so much muscle, broad shoulder and chest out, he has red lips too, oh I’m melting inside…I just need him to smile at me and I will be his, he is like a god, one of those god carved in the temple, as if he was perfectly carved by mars, the god of sunlight and rain…I’m in love with him already…

The men walk up to where we are, they greeted us and walk passed Zain who was admiring the tall one with a full smile on her face, thinking they were coming to her, she frowned as they went straight to Zity, Zain’s heavy makeup face changed into terror like one of those small witches in their idol temple,
The taller one that Zain has wanted started speaking to Zity who seem uninterested,

“you look like you came from Aliah, the goddess of beauty, are you in anyway related to the goddess, you are beautiful, your kind of beauty is hard to behold, I’m chakan, my father is the third district ruler, here is also my friend, I got caught up in your beauty the moment I saw you, you look like Lord Reese princess, oh I’m right, you were little the last time I saw you with your parents and your brother at the gladiator parole, I have admired you from where I sat, as you wave with your parents on the chariot that day, is being five years now, and you look far more beautiful than all the royal maidens of the land put together, what is your name, please I want to be your friend…

“is good to meet you, I’m not allowed to keep men as friends, my friend Zain will appreciate your friendship more…

the young man was obviously not interested in Zain who stormed out with her maid angrily, he tried to get Zity’s name but she suddenly walked out too after Zain ran out of the museum,

when we got outside, Zity started looking for Zain and when she found her, sitting under a tree while her maid was fanning her, Zity joined her and sat down on her mat, Zity apologized to her and she pretend not to be angry

“I don’t even like him, the one that said his name was Chakan, the son of a common district ruler, he maybe handsome but he is not my type, he look like he has too many women, I don’t like such men…

I watch Zity laugh and later said

“you were dying for him earlier now he is not your type of man, well after you ran off he whispered to me that he likes you and don’t know how to talk to you…but since you said you don’t like him then is fine, any day I see him again I will deliver your message

I watch as Zain’s eye light up joyfully, not knowing that Zity was only joking

“don’t you dare say anything to him, oh goddess of kindness and love has favored me, Aliah has visited me and has put a smile on my saddened face, did he said that he likes me, I thought he wanted you, i like him too much already, please wait here let me go and look for him inside or is he coming out to meet us…oh I’m getting hot all over again…

“I was only joking Zain, he never said that…

“you are a cursed being Zity, may the gods deal with you for laughing at my misfortune, how can you joke with something like that, who do you even think you are, always getting the good things of life, good family, handsome brother, men dying to have you instead of me, I will go and burn incense in the temple of Venus and Aliah to favor me greatly and when they do I will taunt you like you have done to me, and before I forget I can also boast with my maid, she is far more beautiful then yours, even though your maid look better now than when she first came she can never be compared to mine, and I don’t need you to tell me that she can tell good stories or sing, she is still not as beautiful as mine,

“and yet you complained that your maid is too lazy, you told me five days ago that you wish your maid is as hardworking as submissive as Tamar is, Tamar is not only hard working and respectful she tells me good romantic stories all night and can also sing, Tamar’s hair is covered up now, have you seen her coyly fine hair, she got it from her mother that is what she told me, I’m glad mother picked her for me, I did not taunt you Zain, I was only joking and I don’t have all the good things of life, I’m always grateful for what the gods blessed me with, I’m sorry anyway, can we at least stop fighting and act like friends, we shouldn’t fight over everything…

Zain pretend to be at peace and ask Zity to give her the necklace on her neck if she want her to be her friend again and Zity removed it and gave it to her, we were asked to go and look for food and drink but I told them I packed up some food in the bag and I quickly brought it out and serve them, they both started eating, talking and laughing while I stood beside Zity and Zain’s maid sat faraway from her as she eats the food I gave her.

It was sundown already and a long walk back home, when we arrived, Lady Phin was walking round her garden with Vim her son, Zity ran to her brother who was hardly around, he hugged her, while their mother smile, I left them to go and set water for Zity to bath, after that i went in search of Abel and when i didn’t see him I asked of him from the other kitchen assistant who seem to be use to me now,

they told me he was at his usual place, close to the fountain, I went straight to the fountain and saw him, his eyes were shut, his head raised high, his mouth closed, it looks like he was in deep thought, the whole place was quiet except for the sound of water, I quietly sat beside him and he opened his eyes, he turned and looked at me before smiling, he tapped my shoulder gently,

“is something bothering you Abel… you like sitting out here all alone sometime, I thought you are praying but your mouth never moves…

“I am, that’s the way I pray, i praise God loudly in my mind while listening to the water fall, I tell God all my worries and allow him to speak to me, I can’t say it out loud, I can’t pray or worship like I would have love to because is forbidden to do so, someday I will have the boldness because I still have fears, and I’m praying to God to help me overcome it, you can also try to sit out here by yourself sometime, and have a quiet time with God, tell him whatever bothers you or whatever your fears are, allow him to envelope you in his love, we maybe in a strange land but nothing ever happens without God’s knowledge, he knows you will be here, he will use the weak to shame the strong and will use the things the world call foolish to shame the wise, God said “my ways are not your ways” I have set the Lord always before me, because he is at my right hand, I shall not be moved.

“my father use to read psalms to us when he was alive, I still remember few, I wonder sometime how this people have gods of different shapes and sizes all around them and yet they feel empty and sad.

“in the beginning was the word and the word was with God and the word was God. No matter the images they bow to it can never do anything for them, for they have eyes but can not see and ears but can not hear.

I sat with Abel as he empowered me with the word of God, I excused him to go and check up on Zity and to know if she was done with her bath.

I still wonder what I will do without Abel, when I seem to be loosing hope he strengthens me up, I feel so close to God anytime I’m close to Abel, I find favor before my owners, and no matter how much of song and stories I tell Zity she only sees them as romantic stories not as God delivering his people or showing love and kindness to people,
someday, I have this believe that one of them will come to know the real God more than the gods and goddesses they carve for them selves and call it a name. but for now I will keep serving as I was meant to serve.

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Why am I going through so much pain as a Christian, where did I go wrong?

This morning I received news that my little cousin who got married last year has delivered a bouncing baby boy. When I received the news, I had mixed feelings. Here I was waiting on God for a child for over fifteen years of marriage, and my cousin, who just newly got married, now has a child.

Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t jealous, and I did not feel bad about the news. I just wasn’t happy that I have been praying for so long without a child.

So I asked God for the umpteenth time why I was going through so much pain as a Christian. Where did I go wrong? What is my offense?

So many of us ask God these same questions when we go through trials. We also want to know why God allows things like rape, murder, robbery, and so on to happen to his children. As I was pondering over this question, I remembered Abraham, Joseph, Hannah, and Job.

God never promised us a life full of enjoyment. That is why he says; Many are the afflictions of the righteous, but the Lord delivers him from them all.

God knows that we would go through trials and temptation as long as we live on Earth. That is another reason why he keeps encouraging us and telling us not to be afraid.

Abraham did nothing. He was a friend of God. Yet, he waited for twenty-five years. It took God twenty-five years to fulfill the promise which he made to Abraham. Do you know what it means to wait for twenty-five years? We are not talking about twenty-five days or twenty-five months here but twenty-five years.

In Joseph’s case, he was just a good daddy’s boy and a dreamer of which the dreams were from God himself. He did absolutely nothing wrong. But God was silent when his brothers plotted to kill him. God allowed his brothers to sell him as a slave as if that was not enough he allowed his master to put him in prison over a crime he did not commit.

What about Hannah? The bible says that God deliberately shot her womb. What was her crime? Nothing. But God shut her womb and allowed Penniniah to mock her.

Then about Job, the bible made us understand that he was an upright man. What baffles me in his case is that God was the one who mentioned him to the devil and allowed the devil to torment him beyond measures. They were no type of torment that he didn’t go through, and God sat on his throne and watched silently.

Maybe you are thinking, these happened in the old testament. Let’s look at the following persons in the new testament, the woman with the issue of blood, the man who was born blind, and many others who I can not mention here. All these people did nothing.

Now, if perhaps you are asking God the above questions, I want you to ponder on what the people whose names I mentioned went through.

But the good news is God is too good to fail. But I want to bring something to your notice, all these persons whose names I mentioned above did not give up on God, and their lives ended well. Now my question to you is, have you given up on God already? If your answer is yes, then I will advise you to ponder on these words, but if your is no and maybe you are on the verge of giving up, don’t give up just yet because God is preparing something good for you.

TAMAR Episode 3




*_Episode 3._*

“You can’t do this to me, this is not fair mother…I thought you love me, no mother…I can’t accept this…I can’t…

“We want the best for you princess, you know we love you right…

“then this is not the right way to prove it, this is just not fair, you said you want the best for me but you are giving me the worst, she doesn’t even have any hair on her head, Zain, my friend, she has a beautiful maids attending to her, they are the Tivi girls with long hair and round waist, her father make sure he buys beautiful slaves for her, she boast with her personal maid to me, and I have told her that mine will be far more beautiful than hers, now she will laugh at me when she sees this, she will mock me if she sees the kind of slave that my parents gave me…I don’t care what you say but I just don’t want her…I don’t

As we went inside that day, Abel has asked me to wait till tomorrow before going to meet the Lord and Lady of the house, he took me to the out house, a big house within the compound built for all the slaves, I stayed in one room, with two other girls, who never said a word to me because Abel has asked them not to bother me, they were big and beautiful and can be mistaken for a royalty with the way they act and dress, I was given cloths to wear and good food to eat that night and I slept all through the night till the following morning, when Abel later came to fetch me, it was time to present me to the master, I cleaned up and dress with the cloth I was given, and wrapped my head up,
Abel has told me not to be afraid or worried, that even if Zity doesn’t want me and her parents agreed to it he will put me in the kitchen, as one of the assistant cook or in the garden.

Zity was very beautiful, she was far bigger than her age, maybe because her parents were very tall, her brother Vim was also handsome, he has his father’s structure, the house was big and beautiful, different shapes of animals and images carved and positioned at every corner of the house, there was a water fall and a large garden, lots of beautiful slave girls doing different thing, I watch as one brought a tray of gizzard liver, well spiced and decorated, she brought it to Lord Reese and Lady Phin, the master and madam of the house, she knelt down and served them, while they picked from the tray of meat, and another brought red win, I watch as Vim looked at the girl with the gizzard tray, and when she brought the tray of meat to him, she knelt down and without fear looked fully to his face, and I was told slaves are not allowed to look at their master’s face while serving them, but the girl did, Vim smile and lady Phin who noticed quickly dismissed the maid from Vim, the girl quickly stood up and walked seductively, and Vim was looking at her behind as she whine her waist, she went to Zity but she was very angry and threw the tray of meat off her hand and it all scattered all over the place, lady Phin spoke

“you can be angry from now till tomorrow Zity, is all fine, but me and your father will not change our mind on this, I feel comfortable with this one, I don’t know where Abel got her from but she makes me feel at peace, I know I can trust her with you, your friend Zain may have all the beautiful maid tending to her need she still feels empty and sad, and with time she will also get jealous of your maid if you treat the innocent girl well,, but is all your choice when it comes to her and is my choice to make sure you are in safe hands, forget about the hair, it will grow back, and with food on her she will grow fat, stop worrying,

“Zity, please listen to your mother, and take her…

The master of the house, Lord Reese spoke calmly and collected, he looked up at me and I bent my head then he spoke to me

“child, Abel said you are fourteen, and you are very devoted, I trust Abel and I know whatever comes from him is good, so if he picked you for my daughter then I have no worries, Abel spoke greatly of you, what is your name and where do you come from, what of your parents, what god do you believe in

“my name is Tamar, my Lord, we live close to the Abkhazia , across the black sea with my parents and siblings before the war broke out and they are all dead now, I was captured and sold off, and was later shipped down to this place, I serve…I ser..

Denying my faith has seem normal, hating God has seem normal until I met Abel, and I began to feel ashamed of myself, Abel displayed God’s kind of love to me and has told me I was special and God must have sent him to pass that road and meet the merchant who sold me to him, he said he doesn’t like passing there because it was too broad but there must be a hand that guided him to pass there and he met me, he asked me not to give up on God because God has never given up on me, he has kept me for a purpose and I will find out what the purpose is soon.
I stammered as I was about to say the god I serve, I didn’t want to lie neither do I want to expose myself to another danger, Abel has warned me to be careful so that none will find out the kind of God I serve, as I stammered, Lady Phin spoke.

“is fine Tarmar, you can choose any god here, your master worship Jupiter, the god of strength and success, he also worship tiwail, the god of thunder, I worship Venus the goddess of love and protection, my children serve whatever god they like, and every slave in the house choose a god for themselves, so feel free to choose any god, we are not gods, don’t be afraid, Abel must have told you that we are good people, and that’s the truth, serve us with your hard work and obedient, you are dedicated to my daughter Zity, make sure you serve her well, don’t see us as gods. we give out one shelling to every slaves here every day, you can do whatever you want with the money, I told Abel to get me a little slave girl, between Zity’s age… and it has taking him time to do that, because I asked him not to buy ordinary slave girl, beauty are all in vain, I’m not counting on that. I guess Abel prayed to his god who directed him to buy you, be a good girl and you will always find favor before us, serve your mistress Zity like is required of you, I know my daughter can be difficult to please but just do your job dutifully, don’t do eye service like most of the slaves here does, I’m feeling at peace with you already, you got some special thing in you Tamar, be of good behavior…

Lady Phin spoke with compassion in her voice, my head was bent in respect as she spoke, the master of the house, Lord Reese stood up and left, he was being called upon to an important issue. Zity cried out again

“I said I don’t want her mother, why will you and father team up against me, why can’t you listen to me, I don’t want her, just take a look at her, bare head, tiny body as if she has sickness, do you see her big eyes, I wonder how she makes you feel at peace mother, she is too strange, I can’t even boast to Zain about her, Zain will make a shame of me to everyone, I will rather allow other slaves to serve me, this is not just fair… Vim, say something, your friends will laugh at me if they see the kind of slave mother gave me, everybody will find reason to mock me now, try to convince mother that I don’t want this slave girl…please..

I watched as Vim started laughing, but suddenly stop when the sister’s cry turned into whimper..

“okay…is okay Zity, sorry that I have to laugh, I know you are sad, don’t be, non of my friends will dare try to mock you with your maid, i will break their teeth if they tries it, Zity, the girl is not that bad, her hair will grow back, and she will add up with time, if anyone say anything bad just tell them that she can…can sing, I don’t know if she can actually sing… but just tell them she got a good voice and she can sing very well more than Zain’s maids all put together, I know Zain is jealous of you because you are far too beautiful than her, don’t allow her to intimidate you with all those her fine maid, intimidate her with yours instead. but mother, you could aswell allow Zity to make her choice, since she said she doesn’t want this one, then get like three beautiful slaves and let her make her choice, this slave girl looks like she won’t be able to do much work, she look worn out and malnourished, she look like she was cursed by the gods, I want my sister to have good things of life, she is royalty and her personal maid should be as beautiful as the sun, Abel could have brought one of the tivi girls, I know the tivi girls can be very lazy but they are very beautiful…

Lady Phin spoke up, hushing Vim to be quiet,

“you mean like Obia, yes, I know what has being going on… Vim, I saw the way you looked at her when she came to serve the gizzard, I swear by Venus that I will sell that girl, she act all seductive, whenever she sees you, and you look at her hungrily, I have told you to take your pleasure outside, if the girlfriends you have is not enough then get more and leave the household servants alone, Obia is displaying arrogance and bad attitude because you are climbing her…

“mother…that’s not true, i only admired her beauty, I’m a man mother, and I get girls dying for me outside here, I’m not always allowed to bring them home, only April, I respect you and father’s policy, Obia is trying her best like every maiden in this house, I have not touched her, who told you that, why will I stoop so low to have anything with the household maidens, I have a woman, mother, if April hears this she will not find it funny, please I have nothing with Obia, you can sell her if you want, that’s none of my business

Zity who has stopped crying spoke

“vim, I have seen Obia sneaking into your chamber at night and sneaking out too, but I did not tell mother anything I swear by the gods, I’m only saying it now because you are lying to mother, you lied of not having anything with her, Obia throws herself around you every time you are around, she act seductively because you are having something with her, don’t you know you empower her when you admire her or lays with her, if she dares act disrespectful to me any day I will break her neck, Vim you have a woman outside and also have one inside, I have lost count of how many women are flocking around you, definitely is not just April, April is beautiful and I want to be like her when I grow up but you are not satisfied with her, and I really like April, her father is wealthy too and she is the only child of her parents, do you see her personal slave girls, she has two and they are so beautiful…

I listened as Vim stood up and spoke angrily to the sister,

“I’m glad that mother got you this kind of slave girl as your personal maid, is your good reward for not shutting up and minding your business, what I do with my personal life is nobody’s business, and I was even trying to convince mother to get you another slaves, now I see that with this one that look like a little witch you will learn to mind your business, yes, keep crying, I don’t care, mother if you want to sell Obia, please go ahead so that I can have peace in this house, I’m going out to the port, to foresee things for father, I will be back after twenty nine days, I need to breath in the sea fresh air, before I get choked from everybody meddling in my affairs.

Vim stomped out while Zity cried and ran to her chamber, Lady Phin dismissed me.

Abel smiled on seeing me back to the out house, he reassured me that everything will be fine, and I believed him, the next day Zity did not ask for me, even on the third day when her friend, Zain visited, I did not go near, as her friend who was not as beautiful as Zity was boasting loudly with the beautiful maid she came with who was even more beautiful than her, but Zity never answered, she changed the topic to something else and they eat and laugh together.

Abel put me in the kitchen as one of the assistant cook when Zity did not send for me after five days. Another slave girl was attending to her, I was already feeling comfortable with my new job in the kitchen when I was told that Zity is asking of me, I quickly ran to her chamber

“Where have you being since how many days now, you are meant to serve me now you can not even do your job, I was told you are in the kitchen, is that where you are suppose to be

“No my lady, my apologies, I was waiting for the right time when you will send for me, I’m here to serve you my lady,

“good, then serve me here not in the kitchen, I’m bored, no slave have any good story for me, do you have any story, I like romantic story and stories of handsome men fighting the war, I love to listen to those love stories, that is why I pray to Venus, the goddess of love to give me a handsome prince who I will love so well when the time comes, or when father thinks is time for me to start a romantic journey, so do you have any interesting story tell me.

I thought of stories I could tell, I remembered all the bible stories that mother and father use to tell me and my sisters back then, so I started telling her the story of Sampson and Delilah, but I never told her it was from the bible, Abel is teaching me wisdom, and being careful with my kind of faith, by the time I finish the story, Zity was happy and she said she was going to tell Zain, that I may not have long hair or fat like other slaves are but I can tell good stories, she laughed and clapped her hands, she couldn’t wait for Zain to visit so that she can tell Zain that I can tell good stories.

After that day Zity never complained of changing me or wanting another maid again, she became comfortable with me around her, sometime I will tell her stories until she sleeps off, I have a space in her chamber where I sleep at night, I hardly leave her sight except if she ask me to,

My coyly hair started forming again on my head, a rare gene I inherited from my mother, i was gradually adding up.

Abel looks at me one day and said, “you are more beautiful than anyone I have ever seen, inside and out, Don’t allow anybody to tell you otherwise, God didn’t make a mistake when he created you, after God created you he smile and said my daughter is beautiful, so believe what he says about you not what the world said.

Abel gives me hope everyday, he makes me believe again, and my faith is being restored. I know hard days are coming but I’m not afraid anymore, nothing surprises me, I am where God want me to be, I’m glad Abel found me.