I was constantly being abused by my father and brothers

Some years back when I was working with an NGO based in PH, a case was reported to us. It was about a young girl of about 16 years old who was found prostituting. And when she was interviewed, she said that she is from the North and lived in a farm settlement with her parents and siblings far away from where the villagers lived. She was the last child and the only girl of eight children.

Her father started sleeping with her when she clocked 12 years and then her brothers joined him. They all used to sleep with it. When her mum couldn’t take it anymore, she ran away living her with her father and seven brothers.
It continued until she clocked 16, and when she couldn’t bear it anymore, she too ran away.

So when she got to the city, she had no money and no home. So she met a friend who introduced her to prostitution. She said that it was better to give her body out to strangers for money than to allow her father and brothers to be sleeping with her for free.

Just imagine the psychological trauma this young girl would have gone through. People like this need to be inspired and encouraged. She was lucky that an NGO came to her aid. What about those who do not have such an opportunity. People go through a lot and needs to be encouraged.

Lack of inspiration and encouragement leads to a lack of hope. And a lack of hope can be disastrous. That is why some people commit suicide. Invite a friend today and save a soul. Have a lovely day.

The blessings of the Lord makes rich and adds no sorrow

I was on my way to school, when I saw a large crowd of people gather around a handsome young man. On a normal day, I wouldn’t even give it a second thought. But, I don’t know what prompted me to go and see what was happening there that day.

So when I got to the scene, this young man was behaving like a snake and making some funny sounds. What’s happening here? I asked the lady standing beside me, and she said the young man used himself to do money rituals probably his time was up.

What a world!!! This guy in question should be around 25 years old. And he was a student of one of the Nigerian universities. The lady went further to explain that the guy lives in a very big house, has fleets of cars, and girls flock around him like he’s the only guy on earth.

When I left that place, I couldn’t stop thinking about that young man who has just wasted his life all because of worldly pleasures. And so I asked myself, what then is the use of making money that you wouldn’t enjoy for long.

The devil never gives anybody anything for free. If he gives you one, he will take ten from you. No wonder the bible says; “ The devil has come to steal, kill and destroy”. The blessings of the Lord makes rich and adds no sorrow. This means that when the devil gives you a gift, he attaches sorrows to it. While God’s blessings are free of sorrows. It pays to be patient.




I stayed in the hospital for two days before I was discharged. Mummy decided for the first time I should go home with her.

My stay with mummy and daddy was beautiful as I was duely taken care of. Mummy gave me everything I needed and I felt love. I stayed with my parents for almost three weeks. Daddy kept on asking about my husband and why he hasn’t come to see me and I told him that Isaiah had travelled for a one month tour outside the country.

My mother inlaw and sister inlaw came to see me in my parents place. They were nice and caring also. My mother inlaw couldn’t believe everything mummy and I told her. She was so pissed. She tried calling my husband but all his phones was switched off. Even my sister inlaw tried severally to reach him but all to no avail.

My mother inlaw begged me to please be patient with her son. I could feel the pains she was feeling. She didnt understand what was happening to her son. And she promised me that everything will be fine and that she won’t stop calling him until he picks up. After spending two days at my parents house they left. When they left I also told my parents that it was time for me to go home.

Mummy wanted me to stay back until Isaiah come looking for me, but I told her I would be fine. For the first time since the marriage I felt mummy was angry. But she didnt argue with me. And so after I packed my bags and told daddy I was going, mummy held me and prayed with me, but she had something to say before I left.

Mummy: Daniella my child, I love that you are a strong woman and you are ready to fight for your marriage. But I have a message for your husband. You must tell your husband that I said he must never raise his hands on you ever again. I said nothing the first time, and then he repeated it and this time you lost a child, my grand child. And if not for the grace of God, you almost lost your life. You must tell Isaiah I said he should never raise his hand on you again. I will not tolerate it anymore.

As mummy was talking, I could feel her anger, something I have never seen in her and I knew she was really at her limit. I was unhappy but at the same time I was glad that at least someone was available to teach Isaiah a small lesson for me. I nodded to all mummy had said, gave her a hug before leaving. I took a cab and left. As I was about getting to my house, I saw sister Sophia leaving. She was clearly leaving my house.

Sophia: Hey Dani, I was just leaving your place. Thank God I saw you.

Me: sister Sophia , oh really? I went to see my parents, am just coming now.

I opened the door and she helped me bring my bags in and she sat down.

Me: sorry about the dusty chairs, I was away for some time.

Sophia: its no problem Dani, where is your husband? He travelled too?

Me: Yes! He isn’t around for now.

Sophia: I came because I’ve not been seeing you in church for some time now. I hope all is well?

Me: yes Sophia, all is well. Thank you for checking on me. Like I said, I’ve been to my parents and I just returned now.

Sophia: I can see that. But we will start seeing you in church from now right?

Me: yeah, I will try.

Sophia: okay that’s good. Another reason I came is because I’ve been hearing some news flying around and so I decided to ask you because I dont want to believe them.

Me: what news?

Sophia: the story has been going around that brother Isaiah your husband has been floricking around with girls. Different girls and that he is currently staying with a member of our church. Sister Marvis to be precised. I also heard that even on your wedding night he was with her and that. ……

Me: erm sister Sophia (I quickly interrupted her) Sophia, those stories are from the pit of hell. My marriage is okay and I have no issues with my husband and wherever those stories are coming from they should learn to shut up and mind their businesses instead of peeping into the lives of others. My husband is not around now if not you would have seen him yourself and confirmed that we are at peace yourself

Sophia: oh praise God, I knew it, I knew they were just mere lies. I said it that brother Isaiah was too decent for that and that sister Marvis cannot do that. She may be a crazy girl but she can not go after a married man. Am happy to confirm that you are happy from you. Because I know I was the one who led you to say yes to him in church that day so I didnt want to feel I’ve led you into a big mess but now that you ve said it am at peace now.

Me: you have nothing to worry about Sophia

Sophia: oh thank God. (She stands) I will leave now so that you will have the time to arrange your stuff. Welcome home.

Me: thanks Sophia ( I hugged her and led her to the door) bye and thanks for your concern.

I watched her leave and I felt hot tears falling from my eyes. My story has begun to spread round the church and soon the town. I will not let my name be the topic of discussion and mockery. God must change things before it gets out of hand. I went back inside the house and started praying and calling on God to do something in my home. .

I went into a three days dry fast praying for my husband to return home to me and God finally answered. On the third day, Isaiah came home. I have become so thin. When I heard a knock on the door, I thought it was one of the neighbours but I was surprised when I opened and I saw Isaiah walk into the house.

His beards were all grown and he was looking so rough, as I was about to smile and welcome him home when i noticed he was not alone. A girl was with him. I looked at her if she was someone I knew but this girl I have never seen her in my whole life. She was practically dressed like a full-time prostitute. I looked at my husband and allowed him come inside. He held her hands and pulled her in.

Me: welcome home Darling!

Isaiah: You wanted me home right? You went and called my mom and everybody in the world that I abandoned you. Well I am home now.

Me: Baby, its not like that, I didnt call mummy, I was admitted in the Hosp…

Isaiah: I dont care, it doesn’t matter anymore. What matters is am home now, are you happy now?

I was silent because I really didnt know if I was happy to see him or not. I stood as I watched him drag a box inside the house, obviously the box belonged to the girl.

Isaiah: why are you standing there staring at me like an image, can’t you see I came home with a guest, instead of you to help me welcome her and bring her things inside the house you are there staring at me. My friend, come here and help me take this things to the room.

Me: Honey who is she please?

Isaiah: (he made to slap me but stopped half way) you are very lucky I’m in a good mood today. And also because I respect my mom so much and I’ve promised her not to beat you. But that does not mean you should provoke me. Now take that bag inside and dont you ask me stupid questions.

I didnt say anything I went and I carried the bag inside the visitors room. The girl was eyeing me up and down and chewing gum anyhow. I had not finished dropping the bags before I heard my husband shouting my name. I quickly rushed to him.

Isaiah: Please get me and my chi chi, some food to eat. She says she is hungry and I am too. I turned and looked at them again and without saying a word I went over to the kitchen and prepared the food and set the dinning. I watched as he held her hand and took her over to the dinning to eat. A bite of the delicious jollof rice and plantain with chicken that I made and she squeezed her face and shouted and then started coughing.

Isaiah: (rushing her a glass of water ) what is it? What is it? Are you okay?

Chi chi: Ah ah shay your wife will not kill me in this house o. See the pepper she put in this food. And it is very salty too.

Isaiah took a bite of the food and from his expression I could tell he liked the food, but because he wanted to please her he responded without thinking.

Isaiah: Daniella what is this? Do you want to kill us.

Me: Am sorry baby please forgive me.

Isaiah: is it that your rotten cry now that i will eat? This food is poison. You were the one crying I come home. I come now you want to poison me. From today I won’t eat your food. Thank God I am not alone in this house. Chi chi please be cooking for me in this house. I dont want to die yet OK?

Chi chi: no problem dear.

Without saying a word I left them and went to the room and I laid down on the bed to rest.

Few minutes later, my husband came into the room with the Chi chi girl.

Isaiah: what are you doing?

Me: (the question was surprising to me) nothing am just resting.

Isaiah: where did you put the bags you brought in?

Me: They are in the visitors room.

Isaiah: are you mad? My friend go and bring them here jhoor.

Me: But baby this is our room na. Will she sleep here with us?

Isaiah: who is us? Come on go and bring the bag here before I land you a dirty slap.

Once again I stood up and went to bring the bags to our room. I dropped the bag then I climbed back on the bed.

Isaiah: what are you doing?

Me: honey am not feeling strong I just want to rest a bit.

Isaiah: my friend pack your things to the visitors room jare.

Me: what? visitors room? This is our room, why should I go to the visitors room, she is the visitor she should go.

Isaiah: you are stupid. This is my house and I decide who and who not to sleep in the visitors room and now I am saying move to the visitors room.

I kept quiet for sometime, but eventually I picked a few of my things and moved out of my matrimonial room to the visitors room. I wanted to call mummy, but then I changed my mind. This is my cross and I will bear it until God decides to save me from it.





And that was how I ended spending three days in the hospital and my husband was no where to be found.

Out of anger I told mom I was going to spend three more days. She tried to persuade me to go home but I refused. And so she let me be. And after my extra three days, Isaiah still did not come. I told mom I didnt want to return back to the house, but she was not going to hear of that. And so on my sixth day in the hospital , I packed my bags and left the hospital.

When I got home, I knew Isaiah had not been in the house at all because I saw the house was exactly how it was when I left. Suddenly fear gripped me. ”What if something bad has happened to him” I quickly grabbed my phone and called mummy.

Me: mummy!

Mummy: Am not even in my house yet and you are already calling me. What is it?

Me: mummy I think something is wrong with my husband.

Mummy: how do you mean?

Me: Mummy six days he didnt call me, now I get home to discover for the six days he has not been to the house either. Mummy something is wrong. Isaiah is not home yet.

Mummy: how do you mean D

Me: mummy for the six days I was away he didnt come home, the house is exactly the way I left it.

Mummy: meaning?

Me: mummy I mean something is wrong. Something must have happened to him.

Mummy: so what do you want us to do now.

Me: mummy am going to report at the station. I am going to declare him missing and I will go on TV too.

Mummy: D wait for me. I am coming back to your place, let’s go together.

Me: okay mom, please hurry.

When the call ended I was practically pacing up and down in the house until mummy finally came. We got to the police station and reported the case of a missing person. I also dropped Isaiah’s picture. I informed the police I was going on TV to announce my husbands disappearance. Mummy told me to call his parents first and I did that. His mom was crying profusely and saying I would have informed them from the first day he left the house. They also told me they were coming over but I discouraged them and told them to inform me if they hear from him.

Then I called mama and papa and told them what was happening. And finally I went to the TV station. I spent the sum of 14,500 but I finally did the broadcast.

After the announcement was made, different calls flooded my phone, so many persons called to sympathize with me, others called to assure me that he will be fine, nobody called to say they saw my husband and this got me Eve. Worried the more. Until later that evening when my phone rang again. I thought it was another sympathizer but it wasn’t.

Me: Hello,

Isaiah: hello woman,

Me: Jesus, baby its you. Where are you? You got me worried , thank God you are safe. Honey where are you?

Isaiah: who told you I was missing?

Me: Dear, you left the house for days now and nothing has been heard of you. I thought,

Isaiah: You thought, you thought, you are always thinking. You better go back and inform the people you told that I am missing that I am not missing. I am very much okay.

Me: Honey, thank God for that. What happened to your line.

Isaiah: Dont ask me questions. I said I am not missing and that is why I called you.

Me: its okay dear, where are you ? When are you coming? I’ve got something important to tell you.

Isaiah: when I come you will know.

Me: baby am preg….
He cut the call and ended it.

Me: hello, hello.( I looked at my phone, I couldn’t believe what just happened. My husband had cut the call on me.)

I picked the phone again and called mummy and told her that Isaiah had called me, I also called his mom, papa and mama. They all wanted to ask more questions to understand why he had left the house and kept mute for such a long period. But I just ended the calls because even I didnt understand why or what he was doing.

Its been two weeks since I returned from the hospital and my husband is no where to be found. Depression and sadness had become my new friends but I made up my mind to focus all my time and attention on my pregnancy. I will not let the thoughts of Isaiah weigh me down.

That evening, he walked in, he was smelling of a woman’s touch all over him and I needed no body to tell me he has been with a woman. I greeted him and he didnt answer. Without saying a word he went straight to the room and entered the bathroom.

I quickly arranged his food on the dining and then waited for him to come out of the bathroom. When he came out I knelt down before him holding his legs.

Me: My husband, my crown my pride. I know you are angry with me, I want to beg you to please forgive me. I am sorry

Isaiah: you are sorry? (He suddenly started laughing like a monster) you are sorry, sorry for what?

Me: Baby I am truly sorry.

Isaiah: ehn, I’ve heard you na, so am asking what are you sorry for?

I was confused at his question to me.
Me: I’m sorry for everything, whatever it is I have done that is making you angry with me, then I am sorry. My husband please dont leave me again please.

Isaiah: so I should stay at home and look at your face. What kind of a woman are you?

I bursted into tears as I watch him dress up and pack a bag.
Me: Isaiah dont leave me please. I am sorry, but dont leave me again. I can’t be without you, I dont want to be without you, come back home, come and stay with me please.

He ignored me and went into the bathroom to pick some stuff. And then I heard his phone ringing. I stretched to see who the caller was and it was boldly written in the screen. MARVIS! my heart chattered in pieces as I saw this but I kept calm and watched as my husband snatched the phone from me and warned me never ever to touch his phone.

Isaiah: hello, how are you? oh really? Dont worry sweetheart. I’d be with you shortly. I will send you the card that’s a small thing. Dont worry yourself too much okay? I love you.

Isaiah was bold enough to call Marvis sweetheart before me, he had the guys to tell her he was coming over, and he told her that he loved her. I dont even know what those words meant anymore. My heart shattered in pieces. Isaiah was cheating on me barely two months of our marriage and he was boldly doing it to my face. I stood and allowed my tears fall.

Isaiah: (on his way out) if you like go and start calling everyone that I am missing OK?

I held onto him again and then he dragged and pushed me away from him and walked out.
I cried out as I felt a sharp pain in my abdomen

I have felt this pain before and so I know what it was, only this time I dont know what is causing it. I shouted for Isaiah to come back but he ignored. I saw him enter his car and drives off. Then I picked my phone and called him.

Isaiah: hey dont call me, why are you calling me.

Me: Baby please come back, I am having a mis….
He ended the call before I could finish my statement. I tried to call my neighbour but nobody was around. And so I called mummy.

Me: mummy please come, its happening again. Mummy please hurry.

Mummy: oh my God, am on my way D, hang on baby.

I screamed in pains as I fell to the ground. It took about thirty five minutes but mummy finally came. I was soaked in my own blood by the time she came. Mummy was terrified when she saw me, and together with the driver. They helped me to the car and off to the hospital. I was almost loosing my consciousness when we got to the hospital. I was quickly rushed to the theatre and immediately the doctor and nurses started attending to me.

After about an hour I was taken back into a room, the pain had stopped and I was better than the way I was when they brought me in. mummy had been with me all through

Mummy: Doctor how is my baby girl doing? and how’s my grand child growing in her?

I turned and looked at the doctor because I also wanted to know.

Doctor: Am sorry ma’am, Daniella I am sorry but you just had a miscarriage.

My heart chattered once more again as I broke into tears. And as usual, mummy was there to hold and support me. I do not know what I will do without her.





I went over to our room to try and apologise to my husband for sleeping off before his return and so that we could also make up. When I got there, I discovered that he locked the room door. I knocked and knocked but he wouldn’t open. And so I went into the other room and I laid there wondering what exactly I did wrong.
I didnt even know or remember how to pray. It wasn’t long before I slept off.

The sharp pain on my back woke me up. Isaiah kicked me.

Isaiah: wake up, dont make me believe that I married a lazy woman o.

Me: Jesus! Honey why did you boot me like that?

Isaiah: Are you asking me questions? What is the time?

Me: I dont understand, its 5.30am

Isaiah: why responsible wife will be in bed at 5.30am.

I was shocked at my husbands behaviour. I didnt understand what was happening?

Me: Honey I dont understand what is happening or why you are acting like this. When do we normally wake up? You are the one who even tells me to sleep till 7am that i don’t have a baby whom am rushing to school to be waking up early so why this why did you suddenly start saying I should wake up 5:30am.

Isaiah: so if I asked you to jump in a latrine, you will do it. I asked you to wake up by 7 and you really want to wake up by 7. What is your problem sef? Are you even alright?

I was just looking at my husband talk because I was still in doubt if he was the one talking or not.

Me: Honey calm down, I will get up now. Dont be offended.

I stood up and went to the kitchen and I prepared his water to bath. Then I made tea and fried eggs with bread for him. After setting the table I called him. He came to the dining and opened the food. I took my seat opposite him. As soon as he took a bite of bread and egg he spits it out. I was shocked.

Isaiah: What is this? Jesus, what is this?

Me: (shocked) what is it honey?

Isaiah: so you dont know how to fry eggs, common egg you can’t fry.

I looked at him and then the eggs , then I took a fork and took a bite of the egg and there was nothing wrong with it.

Me: Honey but there is nothing wrong with the eggs.

The next thing i receives was a hot slap on my cheeks. I fell on the ground and hit my stomach. I burst into tears.

Isaiah: you dont talk when I talk, stupid! Eat your nonsense. Rubbish!

He storms out of the house and even though I kept calling him back to come help me he didnt look back. Then I felt it flowing from my legs. I touched it and it was blood. I screamed in pains as I managed to stand up. I quickly grabbed a wrapper and rushed outside. Isaiah had driven off, and so I begged our neighbour to please take me to the hospital when the doctor saw me he asked that I should be taken into the emergency unit immediately.

I was laid in a stretcher and rolled into one of the rooms, I didnt know what the nurses and doctors were saying or doing but I could see them faintly running up and down, I could see them like shadows, I felt like sleeping and I didnt struggle to stay awake I quietly allowed the sleep take me.

I woke up few hours later to meet the faces of smiling doctors and nurses, I was feeling very weak.

Me: Doctor what is happening? Why was I bleeding?

Doctor: calm down dear, what really happened?

I didnt want to tell them or anyone that my husband slapped just less than two months after our wedding.

Me: I fell down in the house, I tripped and fell.

The doctor looked at me as if he knew I was not saying the truth.

Doctor: well madam, please be careful next time. If you were brought here another 5mins late you would have lost the baby.

Me: Baby? What baby?

Doctor: Madam, you are six weeks pregnant.

Me: (surprised) am pregnant? (Tears flowed from my eyes, I forgot the pains and hurt that my husband had caused me, at least he will be happy to learn that I am pregnant). Doctor, I am pregnant. God bless you doctor, thank you doctor.

Doctor: its okay madam, but you cannot go home for now. You will have to remain on bed rest for the next three days so that you will be very strong before you go home.

Me: Yes doctor! But can I call my husband and inform him.

Doctor: sure madam, you can.

I greeted the doctor and nurses as they left. Excitedly I picked my phone and I dialed my husband’s number. I waited for him to pick the calls, but he didnt. I tried it again and he didnt pick and that was how I continued calling over and over again and my husband refused to pick my calls. Eventually he switched off the phone. I had to call mummy.

Mummy: Hello daughter how are you?

Me: mummy am fine, mummy where are you?

Mummy: sweetie are you okay? Am at home, are you fine?

Me: Mummy please come to st Maria’s clinic.

Mummy: clinic? Who is in the clinic? What are you doing in the clinic?

Me: Mummy please just come please.

Mummy: okay dear, am on my way.

Exactly thirty minutes, mummy was in the hospital. When she saw me she ran and held me as I wept in her arms.

Mummy: my child the devil has been defeated years ago and he cannot raise its ugly head against you.

Me: Mummy he slapped me, Isaiah slapped me. (I started crying again)

Mummy: its okay child, weep not my child.

Me: Mummy am pregnant, I’m 6weeks pregnant. The doctor just told me am pregnant.

Mummy: God be praised, I know He will never fail me. I prayed for you to get pregnant immediately after marriage and that is what he has done. God be praised my child.

Me: The doctor has said I will stay here for the next three days on bed rest, ive been trying to call my husband but he has refused to pick my calls. Mummy I dont know what is happening. I dont know what to do, I dont even know what I did wrong. Mummy please help me, please.

Mummy: Dont worry dear, I will go and see him. I think it is time I speak with him. Especially now that you are with child. He can’t be hitting you.

Me: mummy please talk with him please.

Mummy: I will child, now enough of the talk and rest, while I go home and prepare something for you to eat. Or have you eaten?

Me: no mom, it was my neighbour who brought me here. I haven’t eaten today.

Mummy: Dont worry dear I will come back. Rest now.

Me: Yes mom.

Mommy went over to my house over and over again but didnt meet my husband at home. She called him severally but if the phone runs twice it switches off. And so after several attempts to reach him and no avail, she sent him a text.

”My son how are you? I’ve been trying to reach you for sometime now but it seems you are currently engaged. Please we need to see, there are things I want to discuss with you. Meanwhile, call me when you get this text. Your wife is currently in the hospital”.

When mummy came to meet me in the hospital, she told me how her movement went and about the text she sent my husband. I was hopeful that when Isaiah sees mummy’s text he would call and hurry to come and see me. I was glad that mummy didn’t tell him of the pregnancy, I want to be the one to tell him, I want to watch the expression on his face. But first I decided to ask mummy.

Me: Mummy do you think Isaiah will be happy about our baby?

Mummy: of course, every man is excited to have a baby, so he will be.

Me: mummy I know he will regret hitting me, I will make him beg me and I will tell him he has to bribe me before I will forgive him.

Mummy: And what if he doesnt apologise or ask you to forgive him what will you do?

I suddenly became quiet, I haven’t thought of that.

Me: Mummy if he doesn’t say sorry, I won’t forgive him o, we will stay like that in the house. He hurt me, he hit a pregnant woman and so he should apologise .

Mummy: But he didnt know you were pregnant.

Me: even if he didnt know he wasn’t suppose to hit me so he has to apologise if not there won’t be peace in that house o.

Mummy: you are still a child my dear, there will be peace in that house. There will be peace in your house. Listen child in marriage no one is wrong or right. Both the man and the woman works together to get it right and build a successful home.

Me: But he should say sorry.

Mummy: do you know that the one who says sorry is the stronger and the wiser person?

Me: huh?

Mummy: yes dear, the one who says sorry is wiser. Saying sorry does not make you weak, saying sorry is because you are more matured and you want peace.

Me: so what are you saying mom?

Mummy: I am saying if your husband does not say sorry to you say sorry to him. It doesn’t make you foolish, it doesn’t make you stupid, it makes you wiser, and when your marriage stands till the end it makes you a complete woman.

Me: mom, what are you saying? Where is my pride?

Mummy: In marriage dear, there is no pride. There is humility, submission and love. If you love your husband, if you love your home, if you love this baby you are now carrying then build your home. Do not give the devil a chance to win. Dont be like a foolish woman that destroys her home by her pride. Give everything and expect nothing in return. At the and you will win. That my dear is what marriage is.

Me: Mummy I dont have the strength for this.

Mummy: you are stronger than you think love and you have me here for support.

Me: thank you so much mom, I dunno what I’d do without you.
I smiled and hugged my mom in the most loving way ever!




The service was beautiful, once in a while I took a glance at my husband and I caught him severally smiling as papa blasted on the topic ”LOVE”.
At the end of the service, different members of the choir came to shake hands with us. I saw sister Marvis walking up to shake hands too but I quickly blocked her way.

Me: what do you want?

Marvis: I only wanted to welcome you guys back to church.

I looked at her and imagined what could have given her such guts to be able to approach me

Me: sister Marvis, thank u so much for welcoming us back to church. You can now go.

Marvis: Let me at least shake hands with brother Isaiah.

The way she said the brother Isaiah drew out all the anger in me and I felt like tearing her to pieces. But I remembered what mummy taught me that sometimes silence is the best punishment to offer. And so I kept silent, but my looks said it all, and sister Marvis turned and walked away, raising her hands in surrender!

I was filled with anger as I watched sister Marvis walking away, I wanted to run to her and tear her into pieces but I couldn’t. I turned to find my husband so we can go home, but I met him talking with papa and mama so i sat and waited for him.

Sister Sophia my only friend in the church walked up to me, since she encouraged me to accept Isaiah as my husband I have learnt to respect her specially. She was holding some tom tom in her hands and she offered me some before sitting with me.

Sophia: Dani my friend am so happy you are back to church. I really missed you.

Me: thank you Sophia, I missed you too.

Sophia: Gist me girl (she giggles) how was the honeymoon?

Me: (smiling) what is there to gist? Nothing to gist jare.

Sophia: Nor do o, gist me jare.

Me: Don’t worry, I will gist you, but not today.

Sophia: promise?

Me: I promise

I stood up because my husband was already signalling me to come. I quickly hugged Sophia and told her bye. Then I ran to my husband and together we told mama and papa bye.

Isaiah took the only tom tom left of the 4 I collected from Sophia, and then he asked me if I saw Marvis .

Me: (shocked) why? Did I come to church to look for Marvis?

Isaiah: hey! Easy babe, am just asking

Me: you just wanna spoil my mood

Isaiah: its okay babe, its OK. Am not saying anything again.

Me: please dont say. Let’s just go home in peace.

And the rest of the journey was silent.

That evening, I asked Isaiah if he still felt like leaving the church.

Isaiah: With a message like that? No way, I am going no where.
I bursted out laughing

Me: but I told you so.

And just then his phone rang, I sat up to listen. Ever since my wedding night incident I get alert whenever I hear his phone ring.

Isaiah: Hello, yes, you are onto Isaiah, who is this please? Really? (He was smiling) okay! No problem. I’d be there.
At the sound of I’d be there my mood and expression changed.

Me: Honey who was that?

Isaiah: Babe God is good.

Me: All the time, but what is it?

Isaiah: Our music was shortlisted among the 10best gospel songs for 2018. And we have to join the competition to win a grand award of 10million naira and a chance to record abroad with popular gospel artist TRAVIS GREENE!

Me: oh my God! (I started jumping and shouting, and then I noticed he was putting on his trousers and shirt. I quickly stopped) Babes, are you going out?

Isaiah: yes but not far! Just our junction here. I need to rush out to pick the letter of our short listing.

Me: Bu bu bu…..

Isaiah felt the fear in my voice and then he placed his hands on my shoulders.

Isaiah: Don’t worry babe. I will be back before you know it.

Me: But can’t I go with you?

Isaiah: sweetie, relax, I will be back soon okay!

I nodded sadly, I was scared again. I watched as he walked away and only one prayer was in my heart.

”Lord bring him home safely to me”

Minutes turned into hours and that was how I waited till 12midnight for my husband to return home to me. I called and called but he kept on cutting the calls until finally I slept off.
It was the sound of someone hitting on the door that woke me up. I grabbed my phone and I checked the time it was some minutes pass 2am. I was scared to the brim as I listened again for the knocking.

Who could be knocking at this time of the night when my husband was not home. I was shivering, not until I heard him.

Isaiah: Daniella open this door. Open it.

It was my husband, and so I jumped quickly to the door and opened it. The relief I felt when I saw him was overwhelming. I tried to hug him but he just walked passed me without saying a word. I quickly locked the door and ran to him.

Me: Honey welcome. How was your movement? Why did you come home so late? Why weren’t you picking my calls? Did you get the papers?

I found myself vomiting all of the questions for him at the same time, I didnt realize what I was doing until he screamed at the top of his voice.

Isaiah: Oh oh oh! What kind of question is all of this na? Didnt i tell you where I was going?

Me: you told me but……

Isaiah: but what? But you slept off abi?

I was surprised at the way he was sounding, looking and what he was saying.

Me: Baby are you okay? (I asked trying to touch him)

Isaiah: Dont touch me, and dont you ask me stupid question. You slept off. Your husband left the house and didnt come back on time and what you could do is slept off.

Me: Honey no, I was sitting waiting for you and I didnt know the time I slept off.

Isaiah; of course na, how would you know? Why won’t you sleep? Go ahead and sleep.

Me: okay dear, am sorry dont be angry with me please. (I was trying to hold him and apologise again)

Isaiah: I said dont you ever touch me. You not only slept off you even locked me out. So that armed robbers will wait me here and kill me right?

Me: no what? How can u say that?

Isaiah: how can I not say that. u locked me outside but for the grace of God…….., abeg Daniella. I want to go and sleep o. I dont want disturbance.

He left me and marched into the bed room. Leaving me staring at him. I was confused! What could be wrong with him?





I prayed and I cried to God daily to touch my husband wherever he was and bring him home to me. I have practically become a shadow of my self. I was still getting congratulatory messages from people, if only they knew what I was going through.

This is the 8th day since my husband disappeared. No calls, no texts, absolutely nothing. In had told myself that once it gets to the 10th day then I will go to the police, but I am still believing God to touch him and bring him home to me.

Suddenly I heard the door bell ring, I jumped up to open and check and there was no one. I went back inside to sit down and continue my crying which has become a daily activity for me. Just as I was about to sit, I heard the door bell ring again. I didnt want to go but it wouldn’t stop and so I got up and reluctantly went to check who it was. When I opened the door, Isaiah was there.

I stood there and stared at him as if I was seeing a ghost. And after some minutes, I shifted from the door to allow him come in. He came in and stood like someone who was scared of his own house.

I looked at him for a while, he was looking tattered and dirty, then I stepped into the kitchen to prepare water for him to take his bath. I stayed in the kitchen until the water was ready, and then I carried the water to the bathroom for him, and then I went ahead to prepare his food. When the food was ready I made to set the table but then I told him that his water was in the bathroom and he should go and have his bath.

I finished setting his food on the dinning and as I turned to return to my seat, I saw my husband fully on his knees weeping.

Isaiah: Honey am sorry, please forgive me.

Tears fell from my eyes and I just kept quiet and allowed them flow.

Isaiah: Baby please forgive me please, I am truly sorry

Me: What happened?

Isaiah: baby, I know you won’t believe me but I can’t remember anything.

Me: oh please dont give me that line.

Isaiah: please believe me, I can’t tell you what happened, all I remember is getting a call that Marvis..

Me: stop stop stop, I dont want to hear that name in this house.

Isaiah: bu bu but……

Me: I said stop, just stop. Please go and bath. Just go.

I watched as my husband walked to the bathroom and I discovered he has lost weight. I picked up my phone and I called mummy.

Mummy: Is he back?

Me: yes mom. How did you know?

Mummy: God told me he will return today.

Me: Mummy I am so angry right now, I dont think I want to stay here with him anymore. Not after all he has done. (Starts crying) mummy she kept him for eight days, she spent our wedding night with him. She kept him for 8days and now he returns and starts giving me stories. Am so fed up.

Mummy: Listen D, this is just the beginning. And you have to stand and fight for your home and for your man.

Me: Mummy I can’t, I dont have the strength, marriage is just 8days old and am already fighting? I can’t mom.

Mummy: you can and you will. A wise woman builds her home not give up on it. A wise woman is a praying woman and a praying woman is a perfect woman. A perfect woman is a patient woman, a perfect woman is a forgiving woman, a perfect woman is a woman who is excellent in wifing, in mothering, in cooking, in bed and in everything. A perfect woman is a woman who fears God and respects her husband, a perfect woman is a woman wholistically. And my dear, you are a perfect woman so you will stand and build your home, do you understand?

Me: No mom I dont.

Mummy: dont worry dear, soon you will

I ended the call and I watched Isaiah come out from the bathroom, I watched him eat slowly. I looked at his face and I saw the man that I fell in love with and I knew he was truly sorry. I knew right then that I have forgiven him.
======= =

The next few weeks was heaven on earth. My husband and I started a fresh honey moon in our house. He was so nice and caring and I was the happiest woman on earth. I have totally forgotten about all that transpired on my wedding night. Isaiah was the best thing that any woman could pray for. He was involved in everything in the house. Cooking, washing, everything and he didnt even allow me go out alone. In the evening time, we would sing and play. Life was just beautiful.

Me: honey. It s exactly a month since our wedding, and we are going back to church by Sunday how do you feel?

Isaiah: (sitting up) baby, I actually wanted us to talk about that.

Me: what is it dear.

Isaiah: baby, I dont want us to go back to that church.

Me: what? I I I dont get you.

Isaiah: I said I dont want us to go back to that church.

Me: (burst out laughing because it sounded funny) dear, sorry am laughing am just trying to understand what you mean. How can you just wake up and say you want us to stop church. The church where you and I met, the church that supported our wedding and the church that wedded us, you just want us to stop, just like that?

Isaiah: baby, I know the church did all of this for us and I will be forever grateful to papa and mama. But I think its time we left the church.

I studied my husband for sometime and I realized he wasn’t joking. So I sat up.

Me: Baby you are not joking I can see that. Now tell me one, (I raised my one finger to make sure he understood me) just one reason why you want us to stop and I will not argue. I will just follow you.

Isaiah: sweetheart the truth is, I dnt know. I dont have any reason, I only know I dont want to go there anymore. My spirit is no more there, something feels odd there, I just dont want to be there anymore.

I looked mockingly at him before lying down on his legs again.

Me: Baby, relax, you are feeling this way today. On Sunday after papa’s message trust me you will feel better. Am sure you are just tired that’s why you are talking like this.

Isaiah didnt argue. Instead he raised one of our songs and then we sang together.
My mind quickly went back to what he said about stopping church. I started thinking of many reasons why my husband would want to stop church.

Me: (could it be because of Marvis, is he thinking of going back to her? I quickly wiped the thought of my head. My husband is a good man and will not go back to that witch)

Sunday finally came and I was excited. Its the first time I’d be going to church with my husband. I was singing joyfully as I hurriedly got things ready. When I finished dressing I went to the sitting room to see if my husband was ready. Surprisingly he was there sitting and watching TV.

Me: Honey, you are not ready?
He kept quiet.

Me: Honey I am talking to you, why ain’t you ready, dont you want to go to church?

Isaiah: No I dont,

Me: Honey dont say that, why won’t you go to church. Please go and get dressed am waiting for you.

Isaiah: Honey, honestly i dont want to go to that church again please.

Me: Baby , (I said rubbing his head) let’s go today, just today and I promise you that after the service if you still feel like this, then we will stop.

Isaiah: no no

Me: Baby please (I said in the most loving way ever, knowing fully well that he can’t say no to me) Baby please….. (I bent and gave him a kiss on his lips)

Isaiah was not ready to go to church but for my sake he got ready and reluctantly followed.





It was already passed midnight. I paced up and down as I wondered where my husband was. Its been 4hours since he left and not a word from him. I was beginning to get scared. His number was switched off. I didnt have sister Marvis number. What might have happened? Did Marvis die? Was the accident critical? Or did my husband get into an accident. Various thoughts filled my head as I paced from room to parlour and back. This is my wedding night for crying out loud. Why me? Why Isaiah? Why would they call him ? Of all the people why call a man that got married on the same day of his wedding.

I decided to try the number again, and it was still the same thing. It was almost 2am. I was really terrified by now. And so I decided to call my mom. At first she didnt pick but after two more tries she answered!

Mummy: my child, you are not supposed to be calling me, you are on your honey moon.

Me: (crying) mummy!

Mummy: (I could feel her jump and sit up upon hearing me crying) what is it? Why are you crying?

Me: Mummy, mummy help me(/I cried even more)

Mummy: talk to me D, what is it ? Why are you crying on your wedding night? Where is your husband?

Me: Mummy that’s why I am calling. I don’t know where Isaiah is?

Mummy: what do you mean you don’t know where your husband is?

Me: mummy that’s the truth, I don’t know where he is.

Mummy: I am not understanding, oya calm down and tell me what happened.

Me: Mummy we were together o, and his phone rang, somebody told us that sister Marvis was involved in an accident and needed to be rescued immediately and that it was only Isaiah they could call. He left since 8pm and up till now he didnt come back. I have called him over and over again but his number is switched off.

Mummy: The devil is a liar! That Marvis again.

Me: mummy I wouldn’t have let him go o.

Mummy: shut up and stop crying, you shouldn’t have let him go but you did and we’ve past that stage. Now is not the time you should have or shouldn’t have. I can’t have my daughter crying on her wedding night.

Me: Mummy what do I do.

Mummy: You and your husband are no longer two but one, your spirits are connected and so you alone have the control over him, you are going to pray, you are going to call your husband home. The God I serve never fails, he has never failed and he won’t start now. And so you will get those knees on the ground and you are going to pray. That every power that is holding him down should lose their grips over him, weather spiritual or physical. Are you hearing me?

Me: yes mummy!

Mummy: Listen to me, the marriage has just started. Every marriage is a war zone and only a prayerful woman wins in that fight. The moment you said I do, your opponent springs forth and the battle begins. So its either you are ready to fight or quit. Are you ready?

Me: Yes mummy, I am ready.

Mummy: then stop those tears and get your knees on the floor, and call your husband home. As I speak to you I am already on my feet.

And then mummy started blasting in tongues, I was immediately charged up in my spirit and so I started praying too.

Me: I prayed for four hours, casting and binding, speaking in tongues and setting lose every rope that had been tied. I prayed and prayed until I slept off.

I woke up by 8am in the morning. It was the sound of knocking on my hotel that woke me up. I jumped up and ran to the door, I had prayed and cried myself to sleep. Thank God he is finally back. I swung the door opened. It was mummy!

I will not say I was disappointed when I saw it was mummy but I was not happy that it was not my husband.

Mummy: Is he not back?

Me: No mom, he isn’t back.

Mummy: Do you have an idea where he went?

Me: no mom

Mummy: do u have any of his friends contact?

Me: Isaiah does not keep friends , the choir members are all the friends he has.

Mummy: What about that Marvis? Do you have her number?

Me: No ma I don’t.

Mummy: you don’t?

Me: no mom, I used to have it, but then I discovered she told a lie to me some time ago and so I deleted her number.

Mummy: okay, do you have anyones number who can possibly have her number?

Me: Yes, sister Mary from the choir keeps the contact of all the choir members.

Mummy: call sister Mary.

Me: But mummy I am supposed to be in my honey moon. Should I be calling?

Mummy: This girl it’s like you don’t understand what the devil is trying to do, the devil is about to destroy your marriage right before it begins and you are there speaking English. My dear call sister Mary.

I quickly grabbed my phone and dialed sister Marys number, my heart was beating as she picked the call.

Sister Mary: hello

Me: Hello sister Mary, good morning .

Sister Mary: The youngest wife in town I greet you ma. I must say I surprised to get your call. I hope all is well.

Me: yes sis. I just need you to help me with something.

Sister Mary: What is that Dani

Me: I need to call sister Marvis, but I can’t find her number on my phone, so I need you to help me with her number please.

Sister Mary: oh sister Marvis. Its alright, but I will have to text it to you, because its stored to the phone.

Me: “That will be no problem , thank you so much.” And I ended the call. Not long, she sent the number and I gave it to mummy.

I watched her as she pressed the figures on her phone and waited.

Mummy: ehn! Erm, hello.

Marvis: Hello, who am I unto please?

Mummy: Please put Isaiah on the line.

Marvis: what?

Mummy: I said put Isaiah on the line

Marvis: who is this please?

Mummy: my dear, I am his mother inlaw and I want to speak to him so give him the phone or ask him to put on his phone.

Marvis: (stammering) erm erm, sorry ma, he is sleeping, I can’t wake him up.

Mummy: He is sleeping, marvis he is sleeping, a married man is sleeping in your house Marvis. Not just a married man, a married man that got married yesterday. And to my daughter is sleeping in your house.

Marvis: Am sorry ma, but I was busy before your call, I have to go.

Mummy: Before you go, tell Isaiah I said he should pick up his phone and come home, that his wife, my daughter, is waiting for him. And my dear, do not forget that part of the Bible that days ”I will visit the wicked in my anger and bring upon them my wrath”
And mummy ended the call. I was filled with anger.

Me: mummy so you mean to say Isaiah is with Marvis and slept in her place and Marvis was never in any accident. Is that what you are saying mom.

I quickly grabbed my bag and packed in my things there was no need remaining in the hotel. Kindly hi ish on+233544142683 to be added to story headquarters to read more stories from the group. Once we were out. I stopped a bike that would take me to my moms place. But then she stopped me.

Mummy: where are you going?

Me: mummy I am coming with you, there is no way I will wait here for that man.
Mummy smiled and then answered me.

Mummy: did he go with his house keys?

Me: No ma, we moved most of my things to his house yesterday and so the key is still with me.

Mummy: my dear you can’t come with me.
I was shocked to hear mom say that.

Me: what? Mummy what did you say?

Mummy: you heard me baby, you can’t come with me.

Me: so where do I go to?

Mummy: you have to go to your husbands house

Me: what husband? Someone that abandoned me on our wedding night and went to some other woman? God forbid I won’t go there o.

Mummy: You will go. You and your husband have become one. And you will not let some devil take him away from you. You will fight for what is yours.

Me: mummy what are you saying? What am I fighting for?, someone who left me on our wedding night? Ah no na.

Mummy: do you think Isaiah loves you?

Me: I know he loves me mom, I know this, I just don’t know why he changed. Even last night he was reaffirming his love for me before all of this.

Mummy: Listen to me D, you will go to your husbands house and you will fight for him. We will not let the devil win, we will fight and win this one. Do you understand me. Go to your house and pray and I will pray OK?

I reluctantly agreed. Even though I was confused at what mom was saying. She stopped a cab for me and told me she would lead me to my house before leaving me and that was exactly what she did.





As I laid down to sleep, my phone rang. I didnt want to pick but the phone just won’t stop and so I picked it and it was a strange number.

Me: Hello,

Caller: Hello dear, its me.

The first thing on my mind when I heard Isaiah’s voice was to scream at him and scold him and accuse him of all the things he’s been doing and the way he’s been treating me. But surprisingly I was calm.

Me: Isaiah, why? Why ”I asked amidst the hot tears that fell from my eyes” why are you making me shed tears on the eve of our wedding, Isaiah why?

Isaiah: Baby am so sorry, it was not my intention to do that and I dont even know or understand why I did those things. Am so sorry I hurt you dear , please forgive me.

Me: where are you? Is there going to be a wedding tomorrow?

Isaiah: Definitely honey, there is going to be a wedding. No matter what the devil has tried, there is going to be a wedding. Its you I love and its you I choose.

Me: I love you too dear, just come to me.

Isaiah: I am running to you baby. Just dont stop praying for me.

Me. I won’t dear.

I ended the call and I was happy, I felt at peace. My Isaiah had not spoken to me like this in a long while. Part of me wanted to be glad that I made that threat of no wedding tomorrow. But another part quickly reminded me that it was God in action. Then I knelt down and I gave him thanks. Tomorrow I will be married to the man I love.

I was beautifully dressed in my wedding gown. I stepped into the car with my brides maid, I was happy that today is finally come. I wanted to hear my sugars voice before I get to church. And so I picked up my phone and called him.

Me: Hello sugar!

Isaiah: my love how are you?

Me: Am very fine, where are you?

Isaiah: Am already at the church waiting for my bride to come.

I giggled and laughed when I heard him say that.

Me: dont worry I will be there soon.

Isaiah: Daniella, I love you so much, I can’t wait for you to be my wife.

Me: I love you too sugar. Don’t worry, in few hours I will be yours forever.

Isaiah: enough of the calls and hurry here immediately I am waiting.

Me: yes sugar. On my way.

I ended the call and urged the driver to hurry. I was excited and glad that things had gone back to his it originally was.

The church was filled up with so many friends and family members. Papa and Mama were at the alter smiling , I could tell that they were very happy for me. I marched forward in my beautiful white wedding gown. I saw as some of the choir members smiled, you could tell they were happy for me. Others were whispering from ear to ear, you could easily tell they were gossiping. But I literally cared less. Am getting married to someone I loved, that was all that matters. I marched forward and waited as Isaiah marched in. He was smiling big. He was looking handsome as ever. I was happy.

Papa gave a very beautiful sermon, encouraging Isaiah to be a good husband and I a good wife. At the end we were joined as husband and wife. There was a loud clap from all around the church. Men and women ran out to congratulate us. They presented us with gifts, it was a beautiful moment for all of us. The service finally ended. And just as we were about to step out. She stepped in.

She was dressed in a black gown, black shoes, and she wore a black shade and carried a black purse. My heart skipped when I saw her walking towards us. When she got to where we were she stretched her hand to my husband and shook him.

Marvis: Congratulations to you Isaiah.

I watched her roll her eyes in a seductive manner, and my facial expression changed. She noticed this and then she let his hand off and shook hands with me.

Marvis;: Congrats Dani, you finally got him. Make sure you keep him.

I didnt understood what she meant by that but I quickly held onto my husband tight. I watched her laughed in a mocking way and then turned and walked away.

Me: (to Isaiah) there is something strange about Marvis. She has really changed a lot. Something is not right with her.

Isaiah: stay away from that girl dear, she is evil and possessed. Do you understand?

Me: yes I do.

He kissed my head and we walked up to our car. As we drove off I saw Marvis again, this time she winked at me and smiled wickedly. I ignored her and held my husband again as we kept on driving off.

The party continued at home, there was lots of food to eat and drinks was surplus. Surprisingly Marvis came to the party.

She kept on rushing to us and shaking hands with us. I was no longer comfortable with what she was doing and I noticed my husband wasn’t either, bit we couldn’t just walk her out in the middle of all this crowd. And so I kept my cool, after all in few hours the whole thing should be over and done with.

She was drinking anything she could lay her hands on including alcohols. I was so surprised because Isaiah and I didnt buy any alcoholic drink. But we kept on seeing her drink from one bottle to the other.

She picked up a wrapped parcel and came to me and handed it over smiling.

Marvis: This is my wedding gift to you.

Me: Thank you (I said collecting it from her, from the moment I collected it I knew I was never opening it, my husband was just looking at her with her drama. She turned and left).

About two hours later, the party ended and everybody left.

Isaiah: Ah! Finally I can now have my wife to myself.

He lifted me and carried me inside our hotel room. When we were inside he put me down and looked me straight in the eyes.

Isaiah: Daniella, my love, my wife. I want you to know that I love you so much, you and no one else. You are everything to me. No matter what you will hear about me, do not judge me by it. You can hi ome on+233544142683 to be added to storyline, storybaze, unlimited story platform to enjoy reading from there.. I have never journeyed on this part before but I am choosing to journey it now along side with you, I may not be perfect or strong as you expect, but do not give up on me. I may be weak along the part, be strong for me and for both of us, I may be blind in a lot of things but be my eyes at that point. Dont ever leave my side.

Me: (with tears in my heart and with joy in my heart I said) Yes my love. I promise I’ll be with you always…..

We hugged and kissed and slowly he removed my zip and we fell on the bed still kissing and just as we were about to make sweet love his phone rang.

Me: Honey just ignore it please!

Isaiah: honey this is the last one. Just let me answer please.

Me: okay honey, just this one. (And then this)

Isaiah: hello

Caller: Mr Isaiah could you please come to no 13 grace street.

Isaiah: who is this please.

Caller: well am a good Samaritan, there is a lady here who just had a serious accident and she is battling with her life, your name is the only number on her phone that’s why I called.

Isaiah: a lady? What Lady!

Caller: well from the ID card on her bag her name is one MARVIS OKOBEDO! Do you know anyone by that name?

Isaiah: Jesus ! Marvis had an accident ? Where and how?

Caller: just come over sir. Thanks and bye.

Me: honey who was that?

Isaiah; I dont know but I think Marvis had an accident on her way from here.. I must go to her.

Me : and you are the one they called? What about her parents ?

Isaiah: I dunno o. I have to go to her

Me: no wait. I will call her family.

Isaiah: Honey she is battling with her life. Dont worry I’d be back before you Even know.

Me! Okay dear but please return abeg




That day was the last day Marvis came to church. So many people wondered why she stopped coming to church, but Isaiah and I knew exactly why. And though I was not happy that she had to stop church just to show me how much she was unhappy, there was nothing I could do.

Preparations for my wedding had already started and it was only few weeks left. One evening I was busy arranging the cards according to the persons I wanted to invite for my wedding, and then I hears the door bell ring. I stood to open and low and behind it was Marvis.

Marvis: Dani hi, (she said all full of smile)

Me: (was very shocked because I know how we parted the last time we saw.) Marvis, what are you doing here?

Marvis: Is that the welcome you are suppose to give a friend?

Me: am so sorry, please come in.

Marvis: thank you. (She comes in and takes her seat)

Me: Marvis where have you been? You just disappeared without any trace.

Marvis: Dani am so sorry about that. Infact it is the major reasons am here.

Me: really? I asked adjusting my seats.

Marvis: I came to apologise to you and brother Isaiah for my outburst the other day, It was uncalled for and I am so sorry. I owe you Dani my heartfelt apology. Please accept it.

Me: its okay Marvis, we don’t chose for our hearts who they chose to love. So its okay.

Marvis: you mean you no longer angry with me?

Me: No Marvis its ok.

Marvis: wow Dani you are really an angel ( she rushes to me and gives me a tight hug, I felt like she would never let me go, but finally she did.) Am really so grateful to you. Where is brother Isaiah I need to apologise to him too

Me: oh he went out but will soon be back.

Marvis: in an hour will he be back?

Me: yes he should be back by then.

Marvis: okay I will check him up on my way out so I can tell him sorry too.

Me : that’s ok.

Marvis: I hope you are okay with it o,

Me: of course I am no problem sister Marvis.

Marvis: And you ain’t scared that I will try to steal your man?

Me: No am not.

Marvis: why is that?

Me: because I trust my man.

Sister Marvis smiles and looked at me.

Marvis: its alright Dani, see you later.

Me: no problem Marvis. Bye

Marvis: bye

She greeted me and walks off and i stood as I pitied her.

The next day being a Sunday I decided to stop at Isaiah’s place so that we can go to church together as usual. When I got there, I felt the atmosphere was not fair but I couldn’t ace my hand on anything. I looked around me of anything or anyone was around but I saw no one. And so I just knocked on the door. I could hear Isaiah from inside, I know he was fully ready for church. I knocked again and then he ran to the door and opened. He was looking like the kind of man I would be proud of as my husband. Sharp and handsome. I smiled as I imagined so many things on my head. I couldn’t wait for Saturday to come to finally say I do to him.

Me: Good morning handsome, ”I said beaming with smiles.

Isaiah: Jesus Christ, something is smelling. What is smelling around here.

I turned and looked around me but couldn’t find anything, I could not even smell whatever it was that was smelling so bad that Isaiah had to cover his nose. He also walked passed me and looked around but didnt see anything.

Me: I can’t smell anything o dear. I only came to see if you were already dressed so that we can go to church together.

Isaiah: oh honey, I dont think you can wait for me today. (He runs inside and carried his Bible and a jotter and handed it over to me.) Take these and keep a very good seat for me beside you ok? (He said smiling)

Me: But you are already dressed. Let’s go together let’s chat along the way. You know our wedding is Saturday and I won’t be around till that day. I will be going to my parents place from church and we won’t be seeing until that day. So please let’s use this opportunity to chat before I leave.

Isaiah: I know all of this honey, but am having a running stomach and you won’t be able to wait for me and I dont want you to be late for church so please go ahead and I will join you okay? ( he gave me a kiss on my head forcing me to smile). I will join you soonest sweetheart. Dont worry.

Me: its alright, but can’t I stay and take care of you? I dont mind o.

Isaiah: see my sweetheart worrying over me (he said jokingly) Dont worry dear, I am fine and I will join u later.

Me: okay ( I said disappointed.)

I really wanted us to walk hand in hand to church and now this. I walked away quietly, I will wait for him in church and ask him if Marvis visited him and what she said. I have a lot of things to discuss with him before going over to my parents house. I smiled to myself as I remembered how sharp he was looking when he came out of the house. I started singing to God who made it possible for him to be mine.

I was constantly turning back to see if my Isaiah would walk into the church, but unfortunately he didnt. I was beginning to worry what might have gone wrong. All through the service there was not a moment where I concentrated. And so when it was over, I hurriedly left the church and went over to his house. When I got to his house I knocked and knocked but there was no response.

I would have sworn that he was inside because his shoes were still outside exactly where it was when I came in the morning, but surprisingly he was not responded. I thought he must have gone somewhere, and so I brought out my phone and tried to call him and then he started cutting my calls. I called and called and there was no response and so I stopped. I waited for about an hour, there was no call from him and he was not coming back and so i picked myself up and left.

I didnt hear from Isaiah for two days and I was worried sick and the next day. All I got was a text from him that reads. ” hey dear how are you? Had to travel for an urgent ministration out of town. Will be back by Friday”

Me: really? Friday?

Then I picked my phone and sent a text. ”Baby what’s up? For crying out loud, our wedding is Saturday. Why Friday.
And then he replied!

“Dont worry by Friday I’d be back for our wedding.”

I was surprised angry and shocked.