See five kind of guys women run away from

  1. Dirty guys

First impression they say matters a lot. I visited a guy some years back, and when I entered his kitchen, the dirty plates that greeted me has been there for over two weeks.

My God! How disgusting. As if that was not enough, when I entered the bed room, I got the worst shock. The bathroom and toilet happens to be inside the room, men it’s really not something to talk about.

Men always deceive themselves that they are scarce and so women will always be there. True, women will always be there, but the question is will the one you truly like agree to stay with you after seeing how dirty, scattered and disorganised you are?

Being dirty and disorganised is one thing, having the willingness to change is another thing. It’s only a dirty woman who will want to stay with a dirty guy.

You see some guys are very handsome, but the hairs on their armpits are so grown that you can actually fix a Weavon there. So no neat woman would want to stay with a dirty guy.

  1. Nagging guys

Some guys can nag for the world. They are just too difficult to please. You never do anything right around them. Just the way men do not like nagging women, women also do not like nagging men.

Men who nag never see anything wrong in what they do, they are always right in their own eyes. They always like to compare women around them with other women whom they feel are better.

But they don’t like it when you do the same to them. Even them don’t like women who nag. They always like the women to be quiet while they pour out the venom in them. Women run away from such men.

  1. Selfish Men

Some men are very selfish, all they think about is themselves. As long as they are comfortable every other person can go to hell.

A lady was complaining about her husband, she said her husband is so selfish that one time, she served him food and the food was not enough for him, he went and ate the food that was reserved for their 1 year old baby, and that was the only food left in the house.

When he was asked why, he said the man of the house has to eat first before the children can eat. Can you imagine that! That is selfishness of the highest grade.

  1. Stingy guys

The difference between a selfish guy and a stingy guy is that, selfish guys are not stingy to themselves. They may be stingy to other people, but they are never stingy to themselves.

But stingy guys are even stingy to themselves. They won’t buy for you and they will not buy for themselves. Women run away from such guys.

Women would prefer that a guy is poor and generous than a guy who is rich and stingy. If a guy is rich and women flock around him because of his wealth, the moment they realise that he is stingy, they will all run away.

  1. Guys with body or mouth odour.

Body or mouth odour can be very offensive and nobody likes it. I understand that some people where born that way, so they have no control over it. But it can be managed.

They are ways to reduce the odour. Like bathing regularly, use deodorant always, use body spray and perfumes always.

Note: do not use strong perfumes with offensive fragrance. Some perfumes have offensive smell, so if someone with body odour uses such perfumes, it could worsens the situation and make the people around them feel really bad.

Brush regularly to reduce the mouth odour. They are gums made for people with mouth odour, chew them regularly it helps, and they are not like the usual chewing gums so they are not harmful.


Your selling price is priceless

Jack pennant was on board an air plane heading to Hawaii from London. He was flying the business class and sitting next to him was a pretty blonde lady. They both had several eye contacts without saying a word to each other. Jack finally summoned the courage to express his lustful proclivity as he leaned towards and whispered these words
to her, ” Do you mind having sex with me one night for a million Dollars? ” Immediately she learned backwards and looked at him aghast, then she stuttered ” are you kidding me?” Jack replied with a somewhat affectionate voice ” I have never been this serious all my life”. Then he starred eagerly at her awaiting her reply. She rolled her eyes a few
times and replied uhhm ok, fine! ” ” so when and where? ” she inquired of him and they both agreed on a rendezvous point, a hotel in Hawaii.

Hours later, the Air hostess announced that the flight will be descending in 5 minutes. Jack fastened his seat belt and looked to the pretty blonde lady beside him again and asked ” How about paying you 10 dollars to have sex with me for a night?” she leaned back swiftly and looked at him in disdain, she obviously was exasperated by his request.
This time she replied sharply, ” What do you think I am?” He smiled and replied her cynically, as to what you are, that is already established, it is just your selling price we are negotiating.

She was furious because she has just been pieced with a bitter truth. She turned her face away, and recapitulated his words in her thoughts.

As the plane landed, without saying a word to Jack, she hurriedly alighted from the plane feeling disappointed in herself.

Many Christians claim to hold certain values in high esteem, they brag about their ability not to compromise, but in the true sense of it, the only reason why they haven’t let down their values is because they haven’t been offered a good enough price.

It’s often said, “Everyone has a price” This is a deep truth that many do not understand. Due to this lack of understanding a lot of Christian folks have made themselves under-valued goods and hence they sell off for offers that do come close to matching their true worth. So like the pretty blonde lady in our story they think they have great worth because they reject cheap material offers and accept the higher bids.

Sadly, the bitter truth is, you are no slut because you gave in cheaply, you are one if you give in at all.

What really is your selling price? If your selling price lies in the things of this world, then am afraid you do not know the value of your salvation.

We have been bought with a greater price and there’s absolutely nothing that would be offered us as Christians that is more valuable than the blood of Jesus Christ. No offer even a trillion dollars is worth our compromise ; our selling price is simply priceless. The selling price of a christian is the blood of Jesus. His blood is priceless, no one can offer it. That is the reason why Christians should never compromise on any matter.

Friends, you have been bought with a price, your worth is invaluable and your selling  price is priceless.

The way you dress has a lot to say about your personality

The term fashion generally means a style that is popular at a particular time, especially in terms of clothes, hair, make -up etc. But I would like to define fashion as making the ordinary appear sophisticated. I have discovered that most times, it’s not the amount of money a particular dress, shoes, belt or even make – up cost that gives the person wearing it a good appearance or a sophisticated look. Rather, it’s how the dress or whatever else is worn and how the person carries him or herself.

I can wear a quite affordable dress and shoe and still look really sophisticated while another person may wear a very expensive dress and shoe and look very bland and ordinary. It mostly depends on our confidence in what we wear and how we look.

The way you dress as a single has a lot to say about your personality. You can attract or detract people with the way you dress.

The world today is crazy about fashion and singles want to be in the fore. But one thing most people do not know is that you need not wear what’s in vogue to look fashionable! And you do not have to wear something because someone you admire wore it. It could look good and attractive because it’s appropriate for the person’s figure and may not be on you. It’s always advice able to test a dress before the day you would like to wear it.

This will enable you know how good it looks on you, that is dress up like you are going for an event before the day of the event you plan to attend. This will help you eliminate what won’t fit and add what might be necessary.

A young lady should learn how to use shoes with heels! At least low heels. This is because some dresses just won’t look good on flat shoes. Stay away from loud make – overs, blushes are good, but there are not meant for everyone. This is because facial structures differ. Low waist pants are not for decent appearances.

Tips on what not to wear

Never wear slippers on tucked in shirt and trousers.

Never wear a flat soled shoe or slippers on a dinner gown or a dress.

Never wear a Gladiator shoe or sandals on a native skirt or gown

Checker shirt or trouser are better worn separately

Your tie and shirt colour do not always have to match. Just be sure not to use a red tie on a yellow shirt, or striped tie on a striped shirt. Or striped shirt on a striped trouser. Belt belts are not for everybody. Be sure not to look awkward and uncomfortable if you must wear one.

Always remember that there’s beauty in simplicity.

What is true love!

In our world today, the word love is one of the most sought after experience that people yarn for and would do anything to have because it addresses the human needs for companionship and intimacy as a matter of fact, the creator has put that substance in every being he made out of his image so no matter how die hard, brutal or callous a
person is, you just show him love, and it will turn him into complete opposite.

Unfortunately, many humans have rejected true love in the person of christ Jesus and that’s because they have not come to understand what true love really means and have been blinded by lust, which is complete opposite, this has eaten deep into the fabrics of many relationships.

True love is a spiritual force that originates from the creator himself ( 1 John 4:7-8). It is the manifestation of the inherent nature of God through the human spirit. Love is a decision that is made from the heart, committing to meeting the need of another for life.

True love is kind, love is happy with the truth, it takes everything that comes without giving up, it never comes to an end. No man can genuinely love another except he has the life of christ established in him.

Everyone wants to be happy in finding the one special person that could turn their world into a paradise, but many have allowed the world system to influence their knowledge of what love should be in a relationship, rather than depending completely on God’s word. (James 1:28) Because He alone knows what’s best for us and wants us to be happy, not just for a while as the world’s system describes, but for a life time as his principles and statutes teach.

The rich also cry, don’t envy them

When I was growing up, there was this popular soap opera titled the “Rich also cry” pondering over it now, I realised that the rich still cries even more than the poor.

The other day, my cousin told me a story about a woman who cried out on social media seeking for solution to her problem. She said, she has been married for over 8 years without a child. She and her husband had gone for test several times but their test results were always negative which was an indication that they were perfectly okay.

So she had to seek for solutions with a pastor who told her that her husband was the cause of their problems. She said;

whenever I make love to my husband during my menstrual cycle, he always licks my menses, at first I thought it was because he loved me so much. Then when I started seeking for solutions to my problems, a friend of mine
introduced me to a pastor who told me that my husband was the cause of our problems.

That my husband used our unborn babies for money rituals, that’s why we can’t and will never be able to make babies as long as he keeps licking my menses. I was so mad at my husband, and so that month I refused to allow him lick my menses.

My husband became so ill as a result of that and almost died. He was rushed to the hospital and was placed on medication, but instead his condition got worse. So on one occasion, after the doctor finished checking him, he asked the doctor to excuse us, after the doctor left, he confessed and told me how he uses my menses for rituals and that is the reason why we can’t have babies, and pleaded with me to allow him lick my menses as usual, as that is what will make him get well, so no amount of drugs can cure him. And that if he dies, as a result of that, I too will die after one week. And so I had to allow him lick my menses, and true to his words, he became well after that and was discharged.

Never envy rich people, they too also cry. In fact, they even cry more than the poor. The major problems poor people have is that they can’t afford certain things. But at least they have peace and have sound sleep at night.

I am not saying that it’s bad to be rich, it’s only bad if you make the money through the  wrong means.

Some weeks ago, the video of a young guy who barked like a dog till he died went viral on social media. The young man was into yahoo plus so nemesis caught up with him, and he didn’t live long to enjoy the monies.

Some of these rich people you see envy poor people. If they tell you what they are passing through, you will pity them. Some of them are seriously regretting their actions, they wish they could turn back the hands of time. But it’s already too late. There’s an adage that says the evil you do leave after you. But this days, it lives with you and after you.

So my advice to young people is that they should be patient, and take things easy, everybody wants to hammer but nobody wants to make the sacrifices that comes with riches which is patience and hard work.

Just keep at whatever it is that you are doing, and God will surely bless you one day. The bible says, despise not the days of your little beginnings. God says he will bless the works of our hands.

Thinkers and producers needed

The globe is divided into blocks. First world countries, second world and third world countries.

African countries are the occupants of the bloc called the third world countries. This is an aberration, considering the fact that over 50% of the world’s natural resources is embedded in the continent.

Most of the developed and developing countries that are fast emerging as best economies got their resources from Africa.

But it beats me how the world’s poorest people and countries are found in Africa. The reason is not far fetched. While the rest of the world have people who are thinkers and producers, Africa is infested with consumers and people who seem to have put their brains to sleep.

Years back, a group of businessmen from Malaysia came to Nigeria and studied our oil palm industry, which was the biggest and best in the world at the time. They took some of our seedlings to their country. Today, while Malaysia is the largest producer of oil palm, Nigeria’s once thriving industry has gone moribund. The Malaysians spent their thinking of better ways of refining palm oil while the Nigerians failed to develop on what they had in
palm as a result of the booming crude oil industry.

Africa has talented people but laziness has eaten away their ability to dream and bring the dreams into fruition. Nigeria for instance is the fourth largest producers of crude oil with other numerous natural resources, one would expect that the country will be amongst the world powers. But the spirit of consumption has gotten a hold on them.

Most unfortunately is the dearth of thinkers amongst the youth of the country. When a new product like a phone, laptop or any electronic device is released into the market, the way youths drool over them makes anyone that is production conscious feel really ashamed of countrymen. It beats ones imagination that they would not even stop to consider the fact that these products are a result of positive thinking and diligent effort of a young fellow in a
faraway country.

The question is do the producers of these products have extra brains? Of course not. They simply utilise the production capacity side of their brain while for others like some in Africa, accept any product that is thrown at them. The richest men and women in the world are all thinkers and producers. So if you do not want to be under the influence of others, start producing, and adding value to others.


Achicha and red beans popularly known as fiofio is one of the delicious meals eaten by the Igbos. Achicha is made from cocoyam. Now they are different species of cocoyam. But there’s a particular species used to make it. The specie of cocoyam used to make achicha is the one the Igbos use to cook soup.

How to make it:

Get some cocoyam, wash and boil till it becomes red.

Pill off the back, slice into smaller piece and dry until it’s very dry.


Note: this process is better done during the dry season as it’s requires a lot of sun to make it dry.

When it’s dry, pack it into a container. You can now take any quantity you want, anytime
you want and prepare it with red beans (fiofio).

The easiest way to make money through Agriculture

Before crude oil was discovered in Nigeria, Agriculture was what Nigerians used to survive on. Then after crude oil was discovered, the government abandoned agriculture for crude oil. People started seeing farming as an occupation for only poor people.

Even in schools, anybody offering agriculture as a course was seen as someone who was destined to be poor for life.

Today crude oil has failed, people have started running back to agriculture. Although some people still find it difficult to accept that we cannot do without farming. They still make excuses as to why they can’t go into farming. I don’t have what it takes to farm, I don’t have money to buy lands, I don’t this, I don’t that.

Well I have good news for you. Someone has come up with the idea of planting fruits inside a bucket. You don’t need plots or acres of land to start. All you need is a bucket of sand and you can start enjoying your fruits after some months.

Another good news is that you can put them in your varender or balcony just the way you put flowers around you house. It can also serve as flower.

If you are interested call +234 8062108168 or WhatsApp through +234 8050457209. You can join our WhatsApp group through this link.

Wear my shoes first before you talk about it

We often judge people’s actions without really knowing the reason behind their actions. If we would close out mouth, and look closely, we will discover how wrong our judgements are most times.

Circumstances and conditions of life makes people act the way they do most times.

We see a lady in her late forties and still not married the first thing that comes to our mind is she was so selective towards her suitors and now she’s still single. Or she has bad character, or attitude problems that’s why she’s still single.

We talk most times before we think. What if the lady has been having marriage disappointments, what if no man has ever approached her. Or don’t you know that there are ladies out there whom no man has ever approached?

Or you see a woman who has been married for 5 to 10 years without a child, you just jump into conclusion that she has aborted all the children in her womb. Without first finding out the cause of her barrenness.

What if the fault is from her husband. I know of a family, all the women who marry into that family are never able to have children, now people say their father is an occultic man, so he sacrificed his grand children and that is why he’s children can’t have their own children.

Just imagine a lady gets married into such family, and for so many years she can’t have children and then without first finding out why, you open your mouth and start saying things that are not true. Just imagine how stupid you would look when you eventually find out the truth.

Africa is very bad, a lot of things happen, people are evil, anything is possible.

John 7:24 says ” judge not according to the appearance, but judge righteous judgement ”

A righteous judgement is simply a right formation of opinion. Forming a right opinion requires that you hear from both parties or protect the absent party until you hear directly from him or her.

Who or what situation are you about commenting on? How well do you know the person? Have you been in that person’s shoes before? Do not comment on a matter if you have not made your findings, and if your comments will not help the situation, don’t talk about it.

Four things to make you rich

Once upon a time, a little boy was playing and caught a bird. He told himself that he was going to keep the bird. The bird started pleading with the boy to let him go, but the boy won’t hear of it.

So the bird struck a deal with the boy, it said to the boy, let me tell you four things to make you rich. The boy said ok go ahead, then the bird went on:

1. When Someone speaks to you, you must always stop and think. The boy said ok, go on.

2. Always keep what you have.

3. Never cry for what you cannot have.

“Am sure you are disappointed right now because you were expecting me to tell you how you can make real cash. Lol. But no matter how disappointed you are, make sure you read to the end, you just might find something really interesting”.

So the bird said to the boy, if you let me fly to the tree, I will tell you the fourth thing. And without thinking, he let the bird go. And he asked the bird to tell him the fourth thing. Then the bird said;

4. Inside me, there’s gold as big as your hand. Then the boy started crying.

Now what is the lesson of this story; many of us are like the little boy in our story. The boy wasn’t paying attention to bird, if he was, he wouldn’t  let the bird go, because the bird said “Always keep what you have.

And then the boy wouldn’t have cried when the bird said to him  ” I have gold as big as your hand inside me ” because rule 3 says “Don’t. Cry for what you can’t have”. The bird is gone and would never return to the boy.

And besides, the boy wasn’t even thinking, now how can a gold as big as the boy’s hand be inside the bird when the bird itself is not as big as the boy’s hand. That should have told the boy that the bird was lying.

When someone speaks to you, you must always stop and think, the “Someone” in our contest includes you. You always have to pay attention because everything speaks including your environment. Most times, when someone or something speaks to us, we don’t think, we just act and regret later.

Always keep what you have. Some people would say, but I always keep what I have. The sentence here doesn’t necessarily mean something physical, it could be an advice that was given to you, or something very important that was said somewhere. Somethings that people say to us, a times help us in future. A friend of mine use to always say ” you can’t give what you don’t have “. If you were supposed to learn something, and after the lesson, you don’t keep the knowledge, in future you would not have it to give.

For instance, you are asked to learn a skill which is supposed to help you in future, when you are through with the lesson, keeping it simply means constant practice so as not to forget, because if you forget that means you didn’t keep what you had.

Finally, we must never cry for what we can not have. A man or woman leaves you and marries another person, and you are still crying, he or she now belongs to someone else now and would never come back to you again, so why are you still crying? Just wipe you tears and move on. It’s difficult yes, but crying would obviously not solve the problem.

Or you loose a loved one, yes it natural to always cry every time you remember the person, but the truth is, crying would never bring the person back to life. So you have to brace up and move on.