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How to handle dull student and make them first class students

In the school where I teach, both the junior and senior category have five arms ranging from A-E. So Js 1 has A-E the same as Js 2 and so on.

The students are placed in various classes according to their academic performance at the end of the academic year.
Each class has a total number of about 30 students each, so the best 30 students are placed in class A, the next 30 students, that is from 31 to 60 in class B, and so on. So those in class E are seen as the dullest students.

Although, the reason why the school took this decision is not to spite the “ so-called dull students” but to enable them to learn at their own pace and to have a sense of humor, and also not be intimidated by the brilliant ones.

Now each of the classes has a teacher assigned to it to monitor the students. I will say that I was privileged to be assigned to one of the E classes. I monitored them closely and observed that they were not as dull as we thought. The major problem most of them had was that they do not study their books.

So I started to encourage them. Every day I will remind them that they are far better than their mates in A-class and can do better if they studied very hard.

Then I went further to select study partners from their mates in A class for them. And, also mandated those in A to give me reports on those who refused to study. Of course, it is not all of them that will study. But the ones who wanted to improve in their academic performance took it seriously.

From some of the reports that I get from those in A-class, they said; the students always asked them to assist them in pronouncing some words. And also ask them questions in the area that they do not understand.
This method helped most of the students in my class. And at the end of the term, some of them did far better than those in C class.

When I was in secondary school, I was a science student. So those of us in the sciences always formed songs and poems with the definitions of various topics. And this helped us a lot. All those definitions which we composed into songs and poems are still in my head 20 years after.

For instance, below is the table of the first 20 elements of the periodic table with their symbols and atomic numbers.
Atomic Number Element Symbol
1 Hydrogen H
2 Helium He
3 Lithium Li
4 Beryllium Be
5 Boron B
6 Carbon C
7 Nitrogen N
8 Oxygen O
9 Fluorine F
10 Neon Ne
11 Sodium Na
12 Magnesium Mg
13 Aluminium Al
14 Silicon Si
15 Phosphorus P
16 Sulfur S
17 Chlorine Cl
18 Argon Ar
19 Potassium K
20 Calcium Ca

Not every student can memorize all the elements. So to help us remember them during exams because in chemistry you can not do without elements. We formed a poem with the elements. See poem below

He has a light brain but can not offer fully nine subjects, Mr. Albert silly physics students came after prince Charles.
The He represents Hydrogen
The Has represents Helium
The light represents Lithium
The brain represents Beryllium
But represents Boron
Can represent Carbon
Not represents Nitrogen
Offer represents Oxygen
Fully represents Fluorine
Nine represents Neon
Subject represents Sodium
Mr represents Magnesium
Albert represents Aluminum
Silly represents Silicon
Physics represents Phosphorus
Students represent Sulfur
Came represents Chlorine
After represents Argon
Prince represents Potassium
Charles represents Calcium

This is also a great way to help dull students. Make them form songs and poems with definitions of some topics, most especially the difficult ones.

I see teachers who discourage the dull students, insult and call them names such as blockhead, Olodo, and then they will tell them A as big as this classroom you do not know. These words can demoralize these students. It is just very few students who go all out to prove their teachers wrong.

The best way to motivate these students is to encourage them. Keep telling them how great they are. Keep telling them how they are better than the so-called brilliant ones.

Even when they fail, tell them they can do better. You can use a cane sometimes. Most especially on those who have deliberately refused to make an effort, because even the Bible encourages us to use a cane sometimes as it one of the ways to drive away foolishness in a child.

But while using a cane, do not instill fear in the students. These students understand the difference between flogging with love and flogging in anger. And if they detect that it is the latter, they become afraid, and your aim may be defeated.
Did I mention to you that some of the dull students in my class were promoted to A, B, C, and D classes at the end of the academic year? After implementing some of the methods I mentioned above, at the end of the academic year, some of them were promoted to A class, some to B, and so on.

However, not all of them were promoted to other classes. Like I said earlier, no matter what you do, you will still find the unserious ones. This doesn’t mean that we should give up on them. You can use other measures.

You can download videos from youtube on some topics as these students are very attracted to such things. They pay apt attention when they watch videos. I have observed that watching videos helps them a lot to understand and remember a topic.

Some students are not very good at reading and writing. I have also observed that these students who are not good with reading and writing are very good with a craft. You can encourage them in that direction. You will be amazed at how best they will turn out.



A man narrated this personal story of his.

His words….. Many years ago I was working as a clerk at a faculty in one popular university in Nigeria, then I saw an advert for NDA (Nigeria Defence Academy), I have always loved to go to NDA so I applied, submitted my form and was called for admission examination.

I had to travel to Kaduna all the way from Osun State, I have a distant uncle that was resident there then, I wrote a letter(no telephone) to my uncle that I was coming to sit for an exam in Kaduna and will love to stay in their house.

I didn’t get a reply to my letter even as my departure date was approaching. I became so worried because I needed to go anyway, as I was talking to a colleague in the office concerning my fear of where to stay, our office cleaner who was a Hausa man overheard us and in his broken English interjected that he knows someone right inside NDA.

Who could he know there, is it not a cleaner like himself, I unintentionally said it out to his hearing.
“oga no o,the commandant op za NDA na ma classmate and ma priend”.
In his bad handwriting, he scribbled the comandants name on a piece of paper.
“Just mention my name por am, him go helf you”.

I reluctantly collected the paper from him, not because I intended to make use of it but because I didn’t want him to feel bad.

The next day I set out on this long journey by train from Osogbo, I got to Kaduna the next day towards evening, upon getting there,I went straight to my uncle’s house only to find out that they have relocated from that place and no one knows their new address. I became stranded and it was getting late.

Around after 7pm, I made up my mind to give my cleaner’s contact a shot, I got to the gate of NDA and mentioned the name I was given, to my utmost surprise, everyone in that bit, recognized the name and one person was promptly detailed to take me to his office.

I gave the paper where kabiru wrote his name and that of his friend to the secretary who took it inside, on sighting the paper, the commandant shouted from the office and followed the secretary outside to usher me in. “where do you know kabiru? He’s my colleague in the office sir,” I answered.
Where is he, how is he, hope he’s doing well? This man was asking me many questions in an obvious excitement.

The look on his face confirmed to me that kabiru was his beloved friend. He asked me what I came to do in Kaduna and I said it was for the NDA exams. Wow, do you have where to sleep? No, sir. He immediately called someone to take me to his house. On getting to the house I was lavishly entertained.

This man came late in the night and he woke me up and took me up on tutorials for the next day exams. After the exams he personally drove me to the park the next day.

When I got back to the campus, I began to look at kabiru with a different eyes, how on earth will this man know such a powerful person?
Needless to say that my name was number four on the list when the results came out.

Friends, I put it to you today that relationship is a currency. Every man needs another man to move up and that man may be the neighbor you look down on, may be the taxi driver you so despise or even the house help you think is a nobody today.

Relationship is a stream of income, everything in life actually reproduces on the basis of relationship. Those we know in life matters. Most of us are talented but we need a cup bearer that will tell pharaoh that there’s a Joseph that can interpret dreams.

There are some heights you may never get to in life until someone tells someone about you. So shut the door of relationships gently, you may need to use it tomorrow.

As we begin a new year with a new beginning and promises, let us endeavour to take our relationships seriously, even if you meet online, don’t look down on anyone. You never can tell which of the relationships is your own key to success.

Sometimes those who crown kings don’t usually look like kings.

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Be careful what you say about others

I attended a funeral service in the village. After the funeral service, I met one of my cousins, whom I have not seen for over four years.

After exchanging pleasantries, she dragged me to where her husband was standing with another cousin. She was so excited, and in my heart, I was like, is it this short man that Adaora is excited about any way I greeted him and left.

All my life, I have never liked short guys. I use to laugh at my friends who married short men.

When suitors started coming for me, all of them were short men. Jesus!!! Where did I go wrong? Is my past now hunting me? I remember when I was growing up, they were this guy who owned a chemist shop.

If you take your child to his shop for treatment and your child is ugly, he would so make a mockery of that child. At the time, he was not married, so everybody waited for him to get married and start having children.

He eventually got married to this beautiful lady, maybe to avoid having ugly children. Then his wife became pregnant and had a child. Most people who went to see the child did not go there because they were interested in the baby.

They just wanted to see what the baby looked like. I turned the baby was something else. For months people laughed at this guy. The most interesting part was that the baby was a girl.

Nevertheless, I eventually settled with one of the short men. And every day, I thank God for my husband because he is the best thing that has happened to me. He is everything I asked for and more. Now I understand why Adaora was so excited to introduce me to her husband.

The best partners are not always the most attractive men or women. Physical appearance is good but should not be the major thing to look out for, I have seen people who got married to beautiful men and women, but they are not happy. If your heart accepts the person, and you are convinced that he or she is right for you, follow it and, every other thing will fall in place.

Before careful what you say about others, do not make a mockery of other people’s shortcomings.

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A soft answer turneth away wrath but grievous words stir up anger.

A few weeks ago, I ran into a former colleague. While we were chatting and catching up on old times, I asked her about another colleague, and she told me how she insulted the man because he asked her to lend him some monies to enable him to buy some foodstuff for his family.

She said:

When he asked me to lend him some monies to buy foodstuff for his family, I told him to give me a man who will sleep with me and give me the money that I will give to him. 

I just shook my head in pity for the man because I understand how it feels to be insulted by the person you ask for help and for her. After all, she does not understand the consequences of what she said. She also said that the man didn’t speak to her again until he left the establishment.

The Bible says; A soft answer turneth away wrath: but grievous words stir up anger. Proverbs 15:1 The words you say to people can either mend or break them. Would something bad had happened to that lady if she had given the man a soft answer like “ oh! I am sorry I can’t help you because of this or that. I am pretty sure that the man would have felt a lot better.

Murder is not only when we kill someone with a weapon. You can murder someone with your mouth like in the story“ How I murdered my student with my mouth“ Do you know that they are words that you will say to someone and that person will never forget it until he or she dies? And Some may never forgive you.

Some of us are very quick to insult, but you see the irony of this is these people who are quick to insult do not like it when they are being insulted. The lady in question hates insult, but she likes to insult other people. Do unto others what you want them to do to you. It may not be easy at first, but with constant practice, nature will breathe on you and God will help you.

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No one is indispensable. Live life as it comes because when you die, your family will move on

Some years ago, my friend had just celebrated her fiftieth birthday. Eight days later, she became ill, and she died fleetly and was buried three weeks after.

I called her husband one month after the burial to check on him and the kids, and to find out how they were fairing. Because before my friend passed, she worked tirelessly to ensure that everything was okay in her home. She took care of everything and everyone, including relatives and their aged parents.

She always complained about not having time for herself because she handled all the house chores. The only thing my husband can do is boil water for tea; she complained to me one day.

I felt her hubby must be feeling devastated, so I called her husband to see if the family needed any support. Since his wife, who took care of everything, was no more.

The cell phone rang for some response. After about an hour, he returned my call and apologized for not answering my call. Because he had started playing tennis for an hour at his club and meeting friends and so on to ensure he had a good time.

“Is everything okay? ” I asked,
He replied in the affirmative. And also said that he had employed a cook and a caretaker to take care of the house chores, his aging parents, and kids.

Tears welled up my eyes. I just kept thinking about her. Her family, for whom she worked very hard for. Because she thought they wouldn’t cope without her had moved on without her. It was as if they didn’t even miss her at all.

This is someone who hardly attended any functions, just because she wanted to make sure that everything was okay in her home.

She had always looked for some appreciation and some recognition which she never got.
Now I understand why they say: “No one is indispensable”

And no one will be missed. it is just a matter of time, and your loved ones will move on.
After her death, two more maids were hired. And everything returned to normal.

We only measure our respect and value. ain’t that true?
Enjoy life while you still can.

Live life as it comes. Take it one step at a time. Stop thinking that you are indispensable, and without you, your family will suffer.

Always remember to have some me time.

Get in touch with your old pals, gist, laugh and enjoy.

Attend functions. Visit friends, do Facebook, Instagram, send and reply to messages on WhatsApp and Telegram. Have fun. Live your passion, live your life.

Once in a while, do things that you love to do.

Don’t look for your happiness in others. You too, deserve some happiness because if you are not happy, you cannot make others happy.

Everyone needs you, and you too need your care and love
We only live but once.

Tomorrow is pregnant, no one knows what it will bring forth- Read Ella’s story

Don’t abort that child. It’s against God’s word. Besides, you could die in the process. But my parents will kill me if they find out, and you know I am in the singing ministry in the church. How do I face my church members? Oh! my God!! What have I gotten myself into Ella cried?

I continued to encourage her. I understand how you feel. I told her It may be difficult for you now. People will talk, your parents and church members will be disappointed, but it will pass, trust me. You don’t even know what this child will become tomorrow. As God would have it, she listened to me. She gave birth to the child, and she named her after me, Christabel. She said that she decided to name her after me because I was the one who encouraged her not to abort the child.

A few years later, the guy who got her pregnant came to ask for her hands in marriage. They got married and were very happy together. But then, life was difficult for them. They struggled to pay rent, fees, even feeding was a problem sometimes. But God, who is always faithful to his children, saw them through it all.

Christabel is a beautiful and intelligent girl. After her secondary education, she got a scholarship to study nursing abroad. Today, this girl who would have been flushed out through abortion is married to a very wealthy man abroad with three children. Apart from the fact that God hates abortion, it could damage your womb and make you childless. You can even die in the process. Besides, you don’t even know what that child will become tomorrow.

Abortion can destroy your future. Research shows that abortion can cause the following:

  • future childbearing and pregnancy outcomes (e.g., secondary infertility; ectopic pregnancy; spontaneous abortion and stillbirth; complications of pregnancy; and preterm birth, small for gestational age, and low birthweight);
  • risk of breast cancer;
  • mental health disorders; and
  • premature death.


Six ways to stop your spouse from cheating

Infidelity is common these days, even amongst Christians. During the time of our parents, infidelity in a married woman was not common. Any married woman caught cheating on her husband was treated as an outcast by her fellow women. But these days, the reverse is the case. The men are cheating the women are cheating, even men of God cheat on their wives.

If your spouse is cheating on you, ask yourself these questions; Have I been a faithful husband or wife? Because the reason why some people cheat is that their partner is cheating, which is not a good reason anyway. Do I satisfy my spouse sexually? Am I always available when my spouse needs me? Am I still sexually attractive?

Having to deal with infidelity is not a pleasant experience, so if your spouse has not already started cheating, do not give him or her room to do so. However, for those experiencing infidelity, all hope is not lost. Below are the steps on how to win your man back.

1. Be faithful to your spouse: Nobody likes a cheating partner. One reason why some people cheat on their spouse is that the other person is cheating. Some people will tell you that they do it to get even. In as much as I do not believe in this school of thought, it still doesn’t change the fact that most infidelity is caused by unfaithfulness if you know what I mean.

2. Learn to satisfy your spouse sexually: I know a Christian man who sleeps with his wife only when he wants to make babies. The woman complained bitterly. When the news got to their pastor, and the pastor tried to find out his reasons for sleeping with his wife only when they want to make babies, he said that it is a sin against God. However, the pastor made him understand that sex with your spouse is not a sin against God.

Now, in the case of this couple, the woman was able to speak up. What if she didn’t speak up and decided to satisfy herself with another man. When you do not satisfy your spouse sexually, they are tendencies that they will cheat. So if you do not want your spouse to cheat, you have to learn how to satisfy them sexually.

They are books that explain different sex positions. Books like Great Sex, Christian Style by Ned Pelger. This book is one man’s honest pursuit of sexual happiness for the God-loving universe. With humor and soul, Pelger explores the sexual wake of Christianity, communicating insightful navigations and scholarly musings on centuries-old practice and teachings. Great Sex challenges Christians and non-Christians alike to question what they thought they knew about the Bible and sex.  You can read such books and try to experiment with them with your spouse.  You don’t have to be shy about it. They are also other great books like The christian couple, Orgasm and sex by Dunamis Okunowo.

In this book, the writer explains that one of the greatest problems Christians face is inability to learn more about sex, orgasm, sex positions without bumping into pornography and perversion. This book is the way out!
One of the reasons for adultery is a boring sexual life with one’s spouse. While there should be no excuse for sin and compromise, this fact cannot be overlooked. It is interesting that as much as this area is crucial to every marriage, most churches are hardly discussing this.

The good thing about marriage is that you have the license to try anything with your spouse.
I understand that some people find sex painful, maybe because of their past experiences, as in the case of abuse. If that is your case, you can seek help from a counselor.

3. Be available: I do not mean that you should abandon your work or business so that you can be available for your spouse. What I mean is this, when you are with your spouse, and he or she needs you, don’t start complaining about being tired, or that you are not in the mood, and so on. I understand that they are times when you are tired as a result of work stress. And there are times too when you are not in the mood for sex, but it could be negotiated. You can say something like, honey I am tired now, but give me some time to rest, and I will make it up to you. Now make sure that you keep to your promise because you have raised his or her hopes high, and it will be very wicked of you not to fulfill your promise.

4. Be sexually attractive: This is where most people have lost it. As soon as they get married they stop being sexually attractive. They stop taking care of themselves. This applies to both men and women. You can not be looking unattractive because you are now married. This is when you should look even more attractive. If you are always looking sexy, it will be difficult for your spouse to look at other men or women.

5. Settle your differences as quickly as possible: Quarrelling and fighting are very common in a relationship. However, you must settle your differences as quickly as possible because if it lingers for too long, they are always tendencies for your partner to find solace in the arm of another person.

6. Never deny your spouse sex: Some people make the mistake of denying their spouse sex when they are not happy with them. This can make your spouse cheat on you. No matter how angry you are with your spouse, make sure that it does not affect your sex life. Apart from the fact that your spouse can cheat, you can also lose the person completely, if not handled properly.

Causes of financial setbacks

Most of the financial setbacks we face in life are not ordinary. Some of them are caused by some spiritual forces.
For so many years, I worked so hard and made monies, but I could not save, whenever I managed to save, I will not be able to give an account of how I spent the money. Other times I will save, but the money will disappear mysteriously.

So one day, someone invited me for a church program. During the program, I prayed earnestly concerning the situation. One month after the program, I received a call that my elder sister has passed on. As time went by, I realized that my money no longer disappears mysteriously, and I can now save.

The reason why some of us are still where we are today is as a result of a lack of knowledge. No wonder the bible says; My people suffer for lack of knowledge.

Invisible barriers are unseen spiritual adversaries. Most of the financial set back we face today are caused by unseen spiritual adversaries. See what the bible says in Matt 13:25-28

25 But while he was sleeping, his enemy came and sowed darnel (weeds resembling wheat) among the wheat, and went on his way.

26 So when the plants sprouted and formed grain, the darnel (weeds) appeared also.

27 And the servants of the owner came to him and said, Sir, did you not sow good seed in your field? Then how does it have darnel shoots in it?

28 He replied to them, An enemy has done this. The servants said to him, Then do you want us to go and weed them out?

The bible says; we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against forces of darkness.
For some persons, their appointment always turns to disappointment. They have near success syndromes. For some, wherever they go, whatever they do is a problem. Nothing works for them, no matter how skillful they are. They are some spiritual forces behind it.

Some people are intelligent, they graduated with a good result, but they cannot secure a good job. Some get pregnant, but it never stays. They always have miscarriages.

When we pray, we inform God, but when we praise, we invite God. Exodus 14:14 says God shall fight for us. But some of us try to fight our battles ourselves. Praise is the spiritual weapon that invites God to fight for us.
Romans 4:16-21

16 Therefore, [inheriting] the promise is the outcome of faith and depends [entirely] on faith so that it might be given as an act of grace (unmerited favor), to make it stable and valid and guaranteed to all his descendants–not only to the devotees and adherents of the Law but also to those who share the faith of Abraham, who is [thus] the father of us all.

17 As it is written, I have made you the father of many nations. [He was appointed our father] in the sight of God in Whom he believed, Who gives life to the dead and speaks of the nonexistent things that [He has foretold and promised] as if they [already] existed.


18 [For Abraham, human reason for] hope being gone, hoped in faith that he should become the father of many nations, as he had been promised. So [numberless] shall your descendants be.

19 He did not weaken in faith when he considered the [utter] impotence of his own body, which was as good as dead because he was about a hundred years old, or [when he considered] the barrenness of Sarah’s [deadened] womb.

20 No unbelief or distrust made him waver (doubtingly question) concerning the promise of God, but he grew strong and was empowered by faith as he gave praise and glory to God,

21 Fully satisfied and assured that God was able and mighty to keep His word and to do what He had promised.
Some of us inform God, but we do not invite him. It is high time you gave your life to Christ so that he can fight for you and change your story.

If you are experiencing invisible barriers in your life, as you read this God will turn things around for you in the mighty name of Jesus.
Every invisible force fighting against you it is destroyed today in the name of Jesus.

Miracles comes from above but it doesn’t fall from heaven people are required to make it happen.

I want to share two old stories with you, and see how you would choose !

” *Story* *One*”
A certain company has a tradition of holding a party and a lottery every Christmas Eve.

The rules of the lottery draw are as follows: each employee pays ten dollars as a fund. There are three hundred people in the company. In other words, a total of three thousand dollars can be raised. The winner takes all the money home.

On the day of the lottery draw, the office was filled with a lively atmosphere. Everyone wrote their names on a slip of paper and put them in the lottery box.

However, a young man by name Karl, hesitated when he wrote. Because he thought that the company’s cleaner has a frail and sickly son who was going to have an operation recently, but she did not have the money to pay for the operation. This made her very troubled.

So, even though he knew that the chance of winning was slim, with only a three percent chance, Karl wrote the name of the cleaner on the note.

The tense moment came. The boss stirred the slips in the lottery box, and finally drew out a note. Karl also kept praying in his heart: I hope the Cleaner can win the prize…Then the boss carefully announced the winner’s name. A miracle has happened!

The winner turned out to be the Cleaner! Cheers broke out in the office, and the Cleaner hurriedly came to the stage to accept the award. She burst into tears and said movedly: I am so lucky! With this money, my son has hope to live !

As the party was in progress, while thinking about this “Christmas miracle”, Karl paced to the lottery box. He took out another piece of paper and opened it casually. The name on it was also the name of the Cleaner ! Karl was sincerely surprised. He took out several pieces of the slip of papers one after another. Although the handwriting on them were different, the names were all the same. All of them were the names of the Cleaner ! Then Karl’s eyes were red with tears of joy. He clearly understood that there is a Christmas miracle in the world, but the miracle will not fall from the sky. People are required to create it by themselves!

” *Story* *Two* ”
One afternoon, I went for a walk with a friend in the suburbs. Suddenly, an old man in tattered clothes approached with a bag of green vegetables in his hand. The sales of those vegetables are very poor, the leaves were dehydrated and yellow, and there were holes in them that are bitten by insects. But my friend bought three bags without saying a word. The old man embarrassedly explained: “I grew this vegetable myself. It rained a while ago, and the vegetable were soaked. They look ugly. I’m sorry.

After the old man left, I asked my friend: Will you really eat these vegetables when you go home?

He said no. These vegetables can no longer be eaten.

Then why are you buying?

Because it is impossible for anyone to buy those vegetables. If I don’t buy it, the old man will probably have no income.

I admire my friend’s good deeds, so I caught up with the old man and bought some vegetables from him too. The old man said very happily, “I been trying to sell them all day, and only you are willing to buy it. Thank you so much. You have put food on the table for me and my family.

Several handfuls of green vegetables that I can’t eat at all taught me a valuable lesson. When l heard the old man, I was almost move to tears.

. . . . . . . . . . . . .
When we are in a low ebb, we all hope that miracles will happen to us; but when we are capable, are we willing to be the one who creates miracles for others ?

Love and prayers

Love and prayers are two important virtue that Christians need. The bible admonishes us to love and pray always not just for ourselves and loved ones, but also for our enemies.

They both work side by side. You cannot claim to love someone and not pray for the person. We are supposed to always pray for those we love.

Just like the saying: Love conquers all things likewise, prayers also conquers all things. So you see, they both work side by side.

The Bible says that God gave us his only begotten son because of the love which he has for us. Jesus gave up his life so that we can be saved. Even while he was disgraced and beaten like a thief, he still prayed and asked God not to hold it against us, and he did it out of love.

Steven, while he was being stoned to death also prayed and asked God to forgive those who plotted evil against him. It is only those who love you that will pray for you even when you are killing them.

Sometime in 1994, I lost my father and was left at the mercy of my uncle who is now late, and his wife. I was twelve years old then.

My mum had passed on much earlier. I was the only child of my parents. So when I lost my dad, I had no choice other than to live with my uncle and his wicked wife.

As the first and only child of my parents, my dad named me Adanna which means father’s first daughter in the Igbo language. I was seriously been maltreated by my aunt and her children.

Every day, I prayed and ask God for a helper as I suffered so much in the hand of my aunt. I made a vow to God that if he rescued me from my wicked aunt, I would help the poor and the needy from the hands of their oppressors.

My aunt never failed to remind me how hopeless and useless I was to them.
Despite everything that my aunt and her children did to me, I didn’t stop loving and praying for them. My parents were Christians so I was taught to always love those who despitefully used me.

In 2003, my aunt sent me to the market in a nearby village to buy some food items. As I was returning from the market, I was hit by a hit and run driver. A pastor who was returning from a Crusade found me and rushed me to a hospital.

The accident was so severe that it affected my spinal cord was affected.
The hospital where I was rushed to couldn’t handle my case, so I was referred to another hospital in the city. With the help of the pastor, I stayed in the hospital for months, when I was finally discharged, the pastor offered to take me back home, but I pleaded with him not to take me back to my uncle and wicked aunt as I was afraid that she will finally kill me in my present condition.

After listening to my story, pastor Paul, that is his name, decided to adopt me. But he couldn’t do that without the consent of my family members. So he took me back to meet my uncle. After narrating what happened to them, they were more than willing to let me go, as my aunt felt I was now useless to her. She still did not fail to remind me how useless I was to them.

Then I made another vow to God that if he healed me, I would help every cripple that I came across.
I became a blessing to pastor Paul and his wife, as the pastor and his wife who have been praying for a child were blessed with a child less than two years after I started leaving with them.

One faithful day, the pastor organized a church program. During the program, he called me out and said that he was led by the Spirit of God to pray for me. As he was praying I suddenly started screaming. As the pastor was praying, I felt a certain power inside of me which I couldn’t explain. So the pastor asked me to gently stand up from the wheelchair that I was sitting on. I did and tried to take a step further and found out that I could walk. The news went viral and the pastor’s church grew.

Two years later, a young man who was given the scholarship to study abroad, came back and said he wanted to give back to society. Since he was a member of pastor Paul’s Church, he decided to sponsor a member of the Church to study abroad. I was chosen to go study abroad as I was very intelligent.

I graduated as a computer scientist with a first-class, worked for some years before I finally decided to return to my country to enable me to pay my vows which I made earlier to God.

When I returned, I took up a job as a teacher in a secondary school, to enable me to get close to students who may be going through what I went through in the hand of my aunt, and assist them in any way that I could. Because I have a passion for writing, I built a blog site to enable me to publish my work. Exactly three months after I built the site, I got google approval.

Earlier this year before the covid-19 pandemic, I got a lecturing job in one of the private universities. In September, my aunt’s children called me to inform me that my aunt was sick. She has been ill for a while now and they have spent all they have on medication. They were asking for my assistance to enable them to buy medication for her.

The hopeless, useless, and good for nothing girl is the same person they are calling for assistance. I had to send some monies to them so that she could be taken to a good hospital for treatment. They now regret everything they did to me in the past. Although I have forgiven them, but it will be difficult to forget.