Nigerian veteran actress Rita Dominic finally reveals the love of her life.

Nigerian veteran actress Rita Dominic has finally disclosed the love of her life.

This is the first time the actress is going public about her relationship. In all her adult life, she has never been married and doesn’t have a child, unlike some of her colleagues who settled for life as single mothers.

Following the announcement which she made on her Instagram page, her fans expressed both shock and happiness. This comes after the actress left us with the impression that she doesn’t mind being single for life.

She said that she would only marry when she finds the right man. Ever since she introduced the man on social media, her fans are eager to know who he is.

The name of her fiance is Fidelis Anosike. He is a 54 years old man who is not very popular among Nigerians.
He is the owner of Folio communications, a conglomerate with companies like first October, Miss Nigeria, Folio

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He started the company at the age of 24 following his graduation from the University of Benin.

He is also the owner and publisher of the Daily Times newspaper which he acquired in 2007.
Words have it that he and Rita have been dating for over two years and are madly in love with each other.

Patrick Doyle has also confirmed that Fidelis and Rita are an item. According to him, he has met the couple on several occasions and believes they are deeply in love.

In the past, the actress dated popular Nollywood actor Jim Iyke when they were both still new in the film making industry. Their relationship later hit the rock due to their lack of commitment to taking things further.

During an interview with Jim Iyke, he revealed that at the time he and the actress started dating, he was beginning to embrace fame.

According to him, he didn’t think Rita was looking for a long-lasting relationship. And he was reigning casanova at the time, and he wasn’t ready to lose his reputation for a long-lasting relationship with Rita Dominic.

The founder of the block entertainment company, Bizzle Osikoya is another man who reportedly dated Rita Dominic. According to reports, they dated for a few months before the relationship finally hit the rock.

Chidi Mokeme also dated the actress in the past. But the reason why the relationship hit the rock is still unknown.

Mikel Obi also dated the actress in 2013. At the time, Mikel was 29 years old, while Rita was 38 years old. Rita believes that age is nothing but a number. The report has it that this was her longest relationship with a man.

Banky W admitted that he once had a crush on the actress in the past, but he said that they both never dated.
LTK, an upcoming singer, said he dated the actress in his dreams. He said he would have approached her for a relationship a long time ago, but he assumed she has been taken by another man.

The singer promised to give Rita twins if she decides to take him seriously for marriage.

According to Rita Dominic in an interview, her past relationships hit the rock because of her erratic behavior. She admitted that she could be quite unpredictable and hot-tempered.

We can only hope she has found solutions to these problems as we do not want her latest relationship to hit the rocks again.

So guys, what do you think about Rita Dominic’s relationship with millionaire Fidelis Anosike? Share your views in the comment section.

You might not understand how Nigerians are suffering until you travel to other advanced countries – Williams Uchemba

Popular Nigerian comedian and actor, Williams Uchemba has taken to his social media page to express his disappointment and anger on the situation of things in Nigeria.

He said that Nigeria has the largest Economy in Africa with the GDP of $398 Billion compared to SA which is the second largest with $368 billion? Yet Nigeria needs to apply for visa to travel to South Africa.

He also said that one might not understand how Nigerians are suffering until you travel to other advanced countries.

See post below;


I woke up really sad and depressed over the state of Nigeria and I’m almost tearing up typing this.

Now, I’ve lived in the western world in the past, both in the UK and US , and when I ask this question I justify my depression with well it’s a white man’s country that’s why they are ahead but why I’m really angry in this case is that we are talking about the same continent.

Do you know that Nigeria has the largest Economy in Africa with the GDP of $398 Billion compared to SA which is the second largest with $368 billion? Yet Nigeria needs to apply for visa to travel to South Africa.

I am 3,500 feet above sea level and I’m looking at an African nation that built their country with their own natural resources, a country where you can’t tell if you are still in Africa or Europe because of its immense development despite the corruption in the country. A country where their primary source of income comes from mining and industry. Tourism alone rakes in ZAR 130billion which is about $8.8billion for the country. In 2016 alone 16 million tourist visited SA and that number has steadily increased since then. 16 million guys and tourism only adds 2.8% to their GDP. Even with the corruption in the their country the leaders are still steadily growing their industries and sectors.

You might not understand how Nigerians are suffering until you travel to other advanced countries then come back home and see how Nigerians have been deprived of basic life amenities of life.

So I ask, apart from bad Leadership Structure and lack of Vision, what do you think is our problem as a nation? Do you think we got independence way too early? Do you think that the democratic system of government is working in Nigeria and for Nigerians? There is corruption in other countries, why is Nigeria’s corruption so different and profound that even corrupt nations call us corrupt?? What do you think is the issue with Nigeria??


You might not understand how Nigerians are suffering until you travel to other advanced countries - Williams Uchemba writes from honeymoon in South Africa


See the Hushpuppi generation: fake it till you make it.

My mother graduated in 1965 & got a teaching job at Government College, Ibadan.
The teachers were given car loans & she bought a brand new Opel Kadett. They were to pay back the loan over 4 years. However, one of the teachers took half of the money the others took as loan, bought a fairly used car & got a driver.

So, when other teachers would drive to school & park their brand new cars, his driver would drop him off in the morning & come pick him at closing.

My mum said they laughed at him, calling him “Acting Big Man” because he got a driver, but he’d just smile.
One day, one of the teachers had cause to go out of the school during school hours. He returned to report that he saw his colleague’s driver using his car as taxi!

When they “reported” his driver to him, he said he was aware that was why he hired a driver.
Why park a car for 6-8 hours, when it can be making money for you?

The other teachers were stunned: suddenly, he didn’t look as stupid as they thought! Now, because of the extra income from using his car as a taxi, he was able to pay back the loan in a year.

By the 2nd year, he bought a 2nd car to add to his taxi fleet. By the 3rd year, he bought 2 more taxis!
By the 4th year when my mum & others finished paying their loans, this guy had 6 taxis.

Then he bought a brand new Opel Kadett, the newer model! Other cars were 4 years old.
My mum said, that was the moment they realised who was smart & who was foolish among them all.
This happened 1965-1970. I was born 1968, in the midst of this. That story was told me in 1979 when I entered secondary school, FGC Sokoto. It has remained with me since then.

Today, I see too many young folks more interested in spending the money they don’t have to buy the things they don’t need to impress people who don’t like them.

Too many people living fake lives in these days of social media. The Hushpuppi generation: fake it till you make it.
I’ve seen people pose by cars they don’t own to take pictures & post on social media.

Young people don’t seem to understand discretion: the competition to outdo each other in the “I’ve arrived” ranking is just too much.

My niece, an undergraduate asked me to buy her a phone. I asked what type does she want: she mentioned a type, I checked the price: 300k!

Now, I use an Infinix Hot 5 worth 35k, thereabouts- it was even a gift by one of my site contractors.
But this 20 year old girl wants to use a 300k phone!
Something is definitely wrong somewhere…!

Seriously, we can’t continue like this. My generation is halfway out. I am afraid for the younger generation, those aged 16-30. I honestly don’t know what this world would be like when they are in their 50s & 60s.
May God’s mercy prevail upon them, may He give them sense. Amen.

Mike Murdock @drmikemurdock says, “A foolish man will enjoy a perfect today & lose a perfect tomorrow.
A wise man will forfeit a perfect today to gain a perfect tomorrow.
Every young person needs to understand this!

”Being your dad has been a great honor” Tonto Dikeh tells her son Andre as she wishes herself a Happy Fathers day

Today June 21 is World Fathers day and actress Tonto Dikeh took to social media to wish herself a Happy Fathers day.


Tonto Dike’s son, King Andre has been living with her after she and the boy’s father, Churchill Olakunle went their separate ways.


In the post she shared on her Instagram page, the actress wrote

Happy Fathers Day TO ME BECAUSE I’VE DONE IT ALL BY MYSELF AND ACED IT ANYWAYS.. Actions prove who someone is.. Words just prove who they want to be…DEAREST SON @kingandre_dikeh, BEING YOUR DAD HAS BEEN A GREAT HONOR..


Spider-Verse star, Shameik Moore is dragged on Twitter for suggesting Black people need to ‘find ways to avoid being killed’

American actor, Shameik Moore is being dragged on Twitter after he shared numerous tweets that appears to blame the African American community for the police brutality they suffer.

In a series of tweets, the actor appeared to suggest that it was the victims of police brutality who needed to change their behavior. He suggested that Black men are being killed because they have not learnt “how to deal with police”.

Moore, who famously voiced Miles Morales in the Oscar-winning ‘Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse’, wrote on Twitter: “See I have a very strong opinion that the black community hates to hear.. but needs to hear… we need to learn how to deal with police… and or racism… because THIS is the part of the scenario we have failed to fix.”

In a lengthy Twitter thread, Moore attempted to advise the Black community on how best to “avoid” being killed by police. He also pointed out that Blacks kill themselves too so the problem isn’t racism.

He tweeted: “We have to work on our community before blaming everything on “racist” and police. 1… there is STILL black on black violence that needs to be addressed… and 2.. if we KNOW that the wrong white person could change our whole life with a false accusation..WHY DO WE GIVE THEM THE ENERGY THEY WANT?”

He added in another tweet: “Give them an inch they WILL take a mile….. We literally know this already. At what point do we look at ourselves and make adjustments? Look… all I’m saying is.. in the MOMENT.. when we are experiencing racism.. can We the black community find ways to avoid being killed? Or hunted.”

Moore was called out for his tweets but he refused to back down and shared more tweets to defend his stance.

Reacting to the criticisms, Moore claimed that he “refuses to feel like a victim” or “have a slave mentality”. He also said that he does not face danger in his daily life as he “knows how to carry himself in tuff situations”.

He later claimed he had been misunderstood and his tweets were “taken out of context”. He also released videos, trying to explain himself.

In the videos, he appeared to suggest that black people should use their “resources” rather than protest. He used Rosa Parks as an example and stated that she could have used other means of transport rather than take a bus filled with White people to avoid suffering racism.

He said: “Rosa Parks, sitting at the front of the bus, right? What we don’t know as a black community is, [there were] black owned taxi cabs and black buses that could have been used during that time. This is something a lot of people might not want to hear.”

He added: “What I’m getting to with that is if the government decides to … shut off electricity, clean water and gas to any of the black neighbourhoods in America, there is literally nothing we can do but riot. We don’t have the resources. I think what we need to do is work internally and strengthen our minds and spirits.”

Moore got into more trouble with his explanation that appears to condemn Rosa Parks who stood against racism and discrimination.

Below are his tweets and the video where he tried to explain himself but ended up getting people angered the more.

Spider-Verse star, Shameik Moore is dragged on Twitter for suggesting Black people need to

Spider-Verse star, Shameik Moore is dragged on Twitter for suggesting Black people need to

Spider-Verse star, Shameik Moore is dragged on Twitter for suggesting Black people need to

Spider-Verse star, Shameik Moore is dragged on Twitter for suggesting Black people need to


Nigeria Immigration Service suspends redeployment of five female officers who participated in Falz’s ‘Don’t Rush’ challenge

Authorities of the Nigeria Immigration Service NIS, have suspended the redeployment of five female officers who participated in the viral #BopDaddychallenge by  singer, Falz.


Recall that in April this year, LIB shared the story of how the ladies identified as Priscilla Irabor, Catherine J. Bakura, Blessing Alfred Udida, Binti I. Attabor, and Ockiya Eneni, were issued a query for participating in the challenge in their uniforms. In the query letter, the ladies were accused of flaunting their bodies and desecrating the NIS uniform in the video. Read here.


The agency as a way of ”punishment” to the ladies, transferred them to different states across the country.


Nigeria Immigration Service suspends redeployment of five female officers who participated in Falz


Nigerians took to social media to slam the agency for this move.


However in a series of tweets today, the NIS said the Comptroller General of the agency, Muhammad Babandede, has decided to suspend the deployment after his attention was drawn to the matter.


“The attention of the Comptroller General, Muhammad Babandede, MFR, has been drawn to some trending matters on some social media platforms regarding the deployment of some of our personnel to some formations across the country.

It is important to note that staff deployment remains a vital practice of regimented organisation such as ours and should be seen as such. As an agency, we maintain zero tolerance to any matters bordering on offences against discipline among members of our workforce irrespective of gender.

We have high premium for staff development and indeed encourage personal efforts but that must be within the confines of our rules and regulations.

The matter involving the personnel in question is still being investigated and therefore, the Comptroller General has directed that the earlier posting order be put on hold pending the conclusion of the investigation.” the statement read

Nigeria Immigration Service suspends redeployment of five female officers who participated in FalzNigeria Immigration Service suspends redeployment of five female officers who participated in Falz


Falz also wrote to the Immigration service over the suspension of the ladies. He appealed for a reconsideration of the redeployment. See a copy of the letter below


Nigeria Immigration Service suspends redeployment of five female officers who participated in FalzNigeria Immigration Service suspends redeployment of five female officers who participated in FalzNigeria Immigration Service suspends redeployment of five female officers who participated in Falz




‘He’s a danger to the community’ Judge shuts down R.Kelly’s third attempt to get out of jail over Covid-19 fears

A judge has denied singer R.Kelly’s request to leave jail due to the possibility of him contracting Covid-19, labeling Kelly a ‘danger to the community’ and a ‘flight risk’ .

This is the third time R.Kelly’s attempts to leave jail on ‘health conditions’ is being dismissed by the court as he is being held in prison over child sex abuse allegations, transmission of STDS and kidnapping.


In his motion for bail, which was filed earlier this month, Kelly complained that he was diabetic and overweight and therefore more susceptible to Coronavirus complications, and complained that conditions in his prison had become filthy, and it was only a matter of time before he caught the virus.


His two previous attempts to leave jail have been dismissed as the court felt his ‘Health’ reasons were not strong enogh to grant him bail.

Judge Donnelly, while dismissing Kelly’s application, said Kelly’s crimes involve the sexual abuse of minors that stretched for almost 25 years, and allegations like those do not merit bail. The judge said that although Kelly has insisted that if set free, he’d return to Illinois to stand trial like he did in his 2008 child porn trial, the grand jury found probable cause that he bribed witnesses in that case, and she doesn’t want a repeat of that alleged behavior.

”The defendant is charged in Illinois and New York with extraordinarily serious crimes, for which he faces a long prison term if convicted,” Judge Donnelly wrote in her decision

“That prospect makes him a flight risk. The nature of the charges—which include crimes against minor victims, threats against potential witnesses and paying bribes to keep witnesses from cooperating—make him a danger to the community, including that he could attempt to tamper with prospective witnesses.”

Kelly’s trial starts later this year.

Alicia keys celebrates mama on her birthday

Alicia Keys has taken to instagram to celebrate her mama on her birthday. The musician who shared adorable photos of herself when she was a kid with her mama wrote;
Photo shared by Alicia Keys on May 08, 2020 tagging @ladybroadway. Image may contain: 1 person, sitting and child
It’s my beautiful mama’s birthday today! The lioness that raised me, that cuddled me, loves me, listens⁣

Was hard when necessary but mostly sweet and understanding. Fierce and proud. ⁣

She’s where I got my strength, my empathy, compassion, kindness and toughness. She taught me how to walk tall and proud, demand respect and gave me the ability to love through it all. ⁣

I love this woman more than words could ever say!⁣
Thank you for all you’ve done⁣
Thank you for existing…⁣

I wouldn’t be half of how I am without you.⁣
You are my treasure! ⁣
I cherish you, mommy!! 💜💜💜⁣

Happy Birthday!!!!!! 🎂🎊🎉🎁🎈

Chioma Akpotha offers to credit account of fans who religiously follows her instagram page.

Nigerian actress Chioma Akpotha has offered to credit account of fans who religiously follows her on  instagram.
The actress who took to instagram to share the news wrote;
Photo by Chioma Akpotha on May 08, 2020. Image may contain: possible text that says 'Ask politely for any Amount in naira you want In the comment Section.. I will pick randomly what I can afford.'
You know it’s Lockdown period just tell me how much you want me to give to you and I will do so….
BUT You must be following these lovely sponsors to win.

Once you have genuinely follow all the handles correctly,quickly drop your bank details .

Ini Edo Signs Endorsement Deal With Pedini kitchen ( Nigeria’s number 1 Luxury kitchen brand )

Nigerian actress, Ini Edo has Signed an endorsement deal With Nigeria’s number 1 Luxury kitchen brand ( Pedini Kitchen ).
The actress who shared this great news on her instagram page some hours ago wrote;
I’ve just signed up with Nigeria’s number 1 Luxury kitchen brand and they’re about to give me an amazing kitchen makeover!!!! Don’t worry fam, I will be taking you guys along on my Pedini Kitchen Makeover journey! So stay tuned! .
Guys oya run and follow @pedini_ng right now, they have amazing offers on Kitchens and Home appliances that are simply to die for!!!!
  • Photo by Ini Edo on May 08, 2020. Image may contain: 1 person, indoor