Life is not so rosy in Canada: Four reasons why you shouldn’t relocate to Canada in 2021

One of my neighbors has been fantasizing about traveling to Canada with her children. She feels life over they are far better than life in Nigeria.

Because of the harsh economic condition in Africa, most especially in Nigeria, most post people in Africa want to relocate to other countries like Canada, the USA, and so on without carefully looking at the Advantages and Disadvantages of living in such highly developed countries.

There is no doubt that Canada is a lovely place. Like every other developed country, they have good basic infrastructures. But they are other things that make life very difficult over there too.

A few years ago, one of my friends traveled to Canada. He only stayed for one year and came back. When we asked him why he came back, he said that the cold was unbearable and secondly he was very lonely. We did not understand until recently.
If you are excited to travel to Canada, you have to prepare yourself mentally. You have to prepare yourself in such a way that you are prepared for any challenge that you might face when you travel to Canada. You have to prepare yourself for some hiccups people face.

Life in Canada is not as rosy as people over there paint it to be.

Charlie Bechtold wrote:
To all the Americans who think life is better in Canada after they see how we are being ripped off on taxes, alcohol, gasoline, and hydro, they will be glad to go home and live under a Trump government. He is the best thing that happened in this politically correct world. I wish Canada had a Trump to straighten out our mess here.

To be sincere, the only problem Nigeria has is corrupt leaders. If we had good leaders from the onset with the kind of natural resources that we have, other countries would have been longing to relocate to Nigeria the same way we are clamoring to travel to other developed countries.

Below are the reasons why life is not so rosy in Canada

1. Depression: Depression is real. Even though a lot of people find it hard to believe, and it is worst in Canada. In Africa, most especially in Lagos Nigeria, when you say that you are depressed, people would be like, what is this one talking about. Because in Nigeria, we are known for suffering and smiling. Nigeria is ranked the 6th happiest people in Africa. So the word depression sounds like an alien word.

Lagos is a lively place with lots of activities to make your day. Just sitting beside the motor park and watching the bus drivers and their conductors alone is enough to kill depression. So in Lagos, there’s no dull moment at all.

There’s always one party or the other to attend, especially if you are the Social type.
But in Canada, it’s a different ball game, because you don’t see people you would visit. Your friends and family members are not here with you, so you become isolated and lonely. Then add the weather to that. The weather changes everything. From fall to winter is a long period of cold weather. People are stuck indoors.

They are not receiving the sun, and they are not socializing like they are supposed to and it causes depression.
To get out of depression, you can move to other communities in Canada and socialize with the people there.
If you have children, you can make friends with the people in your community so that your children can see other kids to play with. During the period of depression, doctors usually recommend vitamin D.

2. Job loss: The uncertainty of jobs in Canada is very high, especially in industries where the jobs are not constant. Your employer can wake up one day and tell you that based on their budgets, they can no longer employ you, and so by the end of today, your employment will be terminated. So you go to work in the morning happy, and in the evening, you are being fired.

In Nigeria, it is this belief that if you have a permanent job, you are secured. But in Canada, even your permanent job might not be secured. You might just do something little, and they will use it as an excuse to terminate your employment. The job loss is high, and they are no job security. It is even worst now because, during the lockdown, so many companies were not in operations. Some companies couldn’t continue anymore even after the lockdown, and a lot of people lost their jobs as a result of that.

Recently in Alberta, people have been losing their jobs. The biggest oil and gas company in Alberta also announced laying off workers. The uncertainty of jobs in Canada makes it not so rosy.

One minute you are working, the next minute you are out of a job. That is why so many immigrants go into occupations that are always consistent in terms of jobs like the health care sector. Because in the health care sector, if you lose your job, you can easily get a job in another health care sector.

The areas where they are always jobs are the health care sector, information technology, and retails. But in any other sector, the uncertainty is high. Although there is employment insurance, you have to plan your life around it. Or you start a side hustle that can sustain you when you experience a job loss.

3. Debt lifestyle: A lot of immigrants make the mistake of going beyond their means by acquiring things that they cannot sustain financially. Because of the credit lifestyle, where you buy something and pay in a bit, it makes people fall into debt and have a huge sum of debts that they are under pressure to pay.

And that is why people say, if you come to Canada, you may not be rich, and it’s true. So if you have the mindset of making money in Canada, remove that mindset. If you go to Canada, you may not be rich, but you will have the quality of life that you desire.

And the reason why you may not be rich is that you have so many bills to pay. One of the major bills is housing, especially for those who have a mortgage. A mortgage is the most expensive thing to pay for, followed by other little costs, including child care. Based on all these things, a lot of people find themselves in debt. As you are coming out of one, you are entering another one. So it becomes frustrating and depressing then when you add job loss to that, it makes life in Canada not so rosy.

4. Lack of friends: Some people are not so good at making friends and socializing. Normally, when you travel to a new place, you may want to observe the people there before you start making friends. The truth is, people in certain communities do this competition amongst themselves. They like to compare themselves. So you hear something like, I have lived in Canada for ten years, and I have not been able to get a house, but this person who just came last year has been able to get a house.

And it is not everybody who likes it. That is why some people try to detach themselves. They don’t want to make friends with people in their community.

They will rather make friends with people in another community, and when you make friends with other community members, they are certain things you don’t enjoy.

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2023 is around the corner. See who the youths should consider as the next president.

It is a well-established fact that Donald Duke and Godwill Akpabio were counted as the best governors during their tenors as governors of their respective States.

Back then, whenever the issue was raised some people will say that running a state is not the same as running a country. I believe so much in the saying that he who is faithful in little things will be faithful in big things.

Let take the late President Umaru Musa Yar’adua for instance he was chosen to run for the presidency because he did well in his state. So why can’t Donald Duke or Godwill Akpabio be given a chance to prove themselves? Or is it because they are not from the north?

For those of you who do not know these Governors, I am going to run you through their achievements in their respective States.

Donald Duke: He was the Governor of Cross River State from 1999 to 2007. His achievements during his time are too Numerous to Mention. He was and is still the most successful governor of the state. He won the hearts of many, including people who are not from Cross River State.

The former governor formulated several policies that resulted in the transformation of the state. He so transformed the state that people referred to Calabar as the Dubai of Africa. During his tenure as the governor of the state, you dare not throw even a piece of paper on the road. Seeing how clean the roads were, fear would not even let you try it, even if you were from another state, and didn’t know about their keep Calabar clean policies. A fine was placed against lawbreakers, and he made sure that it was enforced.

The Cross Riverians lived like the whites as the former governor always introduced foreign culture to the people of the state. It was during his tenure that carnival was first introduced in Nigeria. And the people of Cross River State made so much money from that because people came from different parts of the world to attend the carnival. The hotels were always fully booked during that period. People start booking the hotels in August because by November all the hotels would have all been booked.

One notable thing about the Don Duke is that, unlike other governors who travel to other parts of the world to have fun, the formal Governor always traveled to learn something that he can introduce to the state.

The governor made giant strides in the areas of Tourism, Agriculture, Infrastructural Development, Environmental, and so on. He placed a standard in Environment and Tourism which other governors are still struggling to live up to.

Don Duke made Calabar very beautiful. And it is referred to as the cleanest state in Nigeria. He transformed Cross Rivers State into the number one tourist destination in Nigeria. Obudu cattle ranch has been in existence long before Donald duke emerged as governor of the state but it wasn’t developed until he became governor of the state.

Obudu cattle ranch

The former governor constructed Obudu cattle ranch and built Tinapa Resort, and brought in foreign investors. He didn’t stop there, he made changes in the financial system of Cross River state and created a fund reserve which was designed to keep the state afloat during the time of recession.


When Former Nigerian president Olusegun Obasanjo visited Tinapa, he acknowledged that Don Duke had fantastic ideas and vision capable of turning the economy around and challenged the other governors to learn from him.
His effective financial management and transparency gave him a pass mark, as he was among the few governors who were not under EFCC investigation.

In the first four years of his tenure, Cross River State became the second-largest producer of cocoa and also export them to other countries. The former governor had plans to eradicate poverty in the state, so he created poverty allegation programs to help the poor.

Before his tenure, Cross River State had no university owned by the state, so he created the Cross River University of Technology ( CRUTECH ) and extended it to the northern part of the state so that people in those areas can also benefit from it.

Then he distributed textbooks to primary and secondary schools for free. And also embarked on a massive incentive program for school teachers by introducing a tax exemption package.

God will Akpabio: He was the Governor of Akwa Ibom State from 2007 to 2015. Before he assumed the sit, the former Governor Victor Attah had messed up the state. They were a lot of abandoned projects. Bad roads, no good schools, no jobs, etc.

During his campaign, he promised the people a better state. And unlike other politicians who make promises which they are never able to keep, he kept his word.

Akpabio surprised the people of Akwa Ibom with the projects which he accomplished during his first tenure. He built roads in areas that people least expected. Built schools and created job opportunities. Before this time, Akwa Ibom people were seen as people who didn’t like education. They were always seen working as house helps in people’s homes, security guards, cleaners, Motorbike riders, etc.

But after Akpabio performed the wonders which he performed in his state, most of the Akwa Ibom people who were doing menial jobs in other States returned to their state. Some of them even went back to school to enable them to get better jobs in their state.

He did not only build new projects, but he also completed the abandoned projects by the former administration. One of them was the Akwa Ibom State International Airport which was reputed to have one of the longest runways in Nigeria.

Before this time, one of the major problems that had confronted the past administrations in Akwa Ibom state was the flooding of the state capital, Uyo. Living in some parts of Uyo during the rainy season was always a nightmare. From the Idoro area through the Itam road area to the Ikot Ekpene road area, it was always a pool of water after a rainfall.

It was so bad that many houses in the flood-prone areas were submerged.

It wasn’t as if the former administration was unconcerned about the plight of the residents. Year in, year out, huge budgetary provisions running into billions of naira were made to curb the problem of flooding and erosion in Uyo but the problem simply defied every solution. This only meant one thing, the Governor didn’t follow up on the projects. So when Governor Akpabio assumed office, he decided to take the bull by the horns and confront the problem of flooding in Uyo once and for all.

When President Goodluck Jonathan visited, he was amazed at the project that he said: One of the projects that are quite interesting to me is the drainage system. I think this is the first time I have seen that kind of drainage system. And I believe it must be one of the firsts in the whole continent of Africa. That is uncommon!

That is not all. He built flyovers in different parts of the State to reduce traffic and make movement much faster and easier. One remarkable thing about the projects is that they are of high quality. The transformation in Akwa Ibom State during Akpabio’s administration was phenomenal.

Then the e-library. He built the first e-library in west Africa. It is the only library in Nigeria with a multi-media conference hall with a capacity for 200 guests. It also has facilities for teleconferencing from any part of the globe. The sheer quantum of the book resources of about 70 million downloadable e-books and 30 million books in print with an in-built alarm system to prevent pilfering; and access by users to the best libraries in the world makes this achievement uncommon.

What about the stadium? The Akwa Ibom Stadium Complex is a world-class multifunctional stadium serving as a one-stop center for sporting events, entertainment, and general recreation. It meets the requirements of the World Football Association for World Cup qualifying matches and the World Athletics Association for national competitions.

The stadium represents the first part of the Uyo Sports Park project development.

2023 election is around the corner, and campaigns will soon start. It will not be proper for us to wait till the campaign starts before we begin to figure out who we should vote for. I think we should consider Donald Duke and Godswill Akpabio. If you have any suggestions you can put them below and then share the post so that our youths who do not have anybody in mind can start considering them.

Since Nigerian youths are seeking a change in government, I think we should consider these Governors who have proven themselves. Share your thoughts and opinions.
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Reactions as Pigeon released by President Buhari refuses to fly on Armed Forces Remembrance Day.

It is a known fact that when doves are released, it is to show respect to the dead, and it common in funerals.

On Armed Forces Remembrance Day, held earlier today, Friday 15th, 2021, President Major General Muhammadu Buhari had opened the birdcage at the National Arcade, picked up one of the doves, and thrown it into the air, but the bird refused to fly. Instead, it landed atop the cage.

All effort by the President to make it fly proved abortive. The President had no other choice but to return to his seat.

However, this has sparked thousands of comments on social media.
A Twitter user identified as Adeshola Adefuwa Cole tweets that even Pigeons know we are under the worst regime in the history of Nigeria.

Another Twitter user identified as Manny Lorenzo said; If you were the Pigeons, will you fly? Since Buhari took over in Nigeria in 2015, Pigeons never fly from his hand, and the country never moves forward. If it is somebody that loves himself and the country, he could have resigned long ago.

Senator Shehu Sani Human Rights Activist, Author, PanAfricanist, A dedicated fighter for Freedom and Justice, on his tweeter page wrote;
On the #ArmedForcesRemembranceDay2021, there are no greater heroes to appreciate and honor than the widows and orphans of our soldiers who gave their lives so that we may live in peace. #ArmyDay2021 #ArmedForcesRemembranceDay #ArmyDay.

Meanwhile, in his reply to punch newspaper said that the doves needed masks.

Oby Ezekwesili, former Minister of Education, also tweeted, “Hmmm. Even the pigeons in Nigeria.”

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Nigerian youths need to take the lead from Uganda presidential aspirant Bobi Wine.

Following the Uganda election, which took place on the 14th of January 2021 between the sitting president Yoweri Kaguta Museveni who has been ruling Uganda for 35 years, and Kyagulanyi Ssentamu Robert aka Bobi Wine, an entertainer who left the entertainment industry to join politics to enact the change which he sang in one of his musical albums.

People have been reacting on social media. A young man identified as Charles E.O tweeted that the result so far shows that Africa has risen. And this is the beginning of the end of dictatorship in Africa. The next is Nigeria.

The oppressed majority said that Bobi Wine and his wife are under attack. According to him, the junta has ordered an attack on Bobi Wine.

In his statement on Twitter, he said; We can not afford to lose this gentleman. He has been our hope. Tell a friend to tell a friend that Uganda’s only liberator is under an attack from the ex-rebels army.

Another person identified as Bwesigye tweeted that Museveni has shut down the internet in Uganda ahead of the elections to hide atrocities support.

Bobi Wine said that his phone and that of his wife’s phone has been blocked, and he is unable to receive or make regular calls.

He said: I know this is to stop me from communicating with our agents and coordinators. I encourage you comrade to be vigilant as I try to devise a way of reaching out to you.

He also thanked the Ugandans for turning up and voting in record numbers. He also said that the picture still looks good despite the widespread fraud and violence experienced across the country.

Bobi Wine has ignited a fire in Uganda that has sent the African government trembling over the power of determination in youths.

Young people must rise because they are the future. It is heartwarming that a 35-year-old young man is leading the charge for a change in Uganda. His success will send a message to old African leaders that the youths have woken up.

ThankAsoldier in a tweet, said: A 35 year old Bobi Wine dared to dream. He dared the status quo. He challenged the establishment. He empowered the young generation of Africans. For me, that is more than a win.

From all that is happening right now, Nigerian youths need to take the lead from Bobi Wine. We need to stop shying away and waiting for who will take the lead. We need to stop asking who will go first. It is high time we stopped being afraid of our leaders. And rise for a change which we have been clamoring for, even Wole Soyinka is backing Bobi Wine’s bid to be President. He calls him the face of democracy for Uganda. Despite being an octogenarian himself, he said he is fed with Africa’s leadership.

It is better to try and fail than not to try at all. Museveni has been ruling for 35 years, yet he is not satisfied. He is not ready to step down and give the younger generation a chance.

These guys are ready to die on that presidential sit as long as they have no strong opposition. Bobi has shown us the power of the youths. Let us not be overpowered by money.

” True freedom is when you overcome the love of money and fear of death. If you do not love money, nobody can buy you off, and if you do not fear death, nobody can scare you off ” – Bobi Wine.

Museveni has suspended social media because he is scared that is the power of the youths. The youths are strong. We are being intimidated because we have not discovered our potentials. We are being intimidated because we have not realized that we are strong. The day that your oppressor realizes that you can stand up for yourself is the day that he will stop oppressing you.

We all saw how the end SARS saga put fear in our leaders. If we do not do something come 2023, we may never have the chance to do so.
Thanks for reading. Please share your views in the comment section below.

Tension as girlfriend rejects N1.5m man wanted to pay her off with after 11 abortions

A young man took to social media to seek advice on how to handle his relationship problem. 

The man said he was in a relationship with this lady for about nine years, of which the lady did eleven abortions, and the last one almost took her life, which led to the removal of her womb.

Read his statement below;

“Hi there, I am 36 and about to settle down. I dated a lady for about nine years, or thereabout. She got pregnant several times, and we both opted for abortion. We both took the decision.

Several times, I tried to tell her the danger of this, and how to protect herself. This lady doesn’t know her safe period and all that. In 2017 after the last abortion, her uterus got infected. And that made her bleed and smell for months and was finally removed. That was the point I realized that the journey to our forever has ended.

In as much as I wasn’t and we weren’t ready for babies then, I know one day I will like to be called a father. It’s been 3years since the womb was removed, and its one hell of a ride for me.

Right now, I want to settle down and make a family. My friends advised me to give her cash of a 1.5million while I have closure on her. At least it would go a long way towards setting her up.

It’s been a tough one, and I got the courage to do so on 30th December, which she left me at the eatery. There wasn’t any violent form of reaction from her.

Emotionally we are compatible but physically No. Someone already has my baby growing in her womb, and I want to sort things out with my girl before proceeding.

I went to her house and was told that she traveled to her home town Benin precisely for the festive season. I called, she picked and sounded okay.

At this point, do I go ahead with the marriage plan with the other lady? Since everything is cool with my ex?

To make it clear to the public, she had 11 abortions in 9 years we were together, and it wasn’t my fault. I couldn’t bring myself also to sign for a hysterectomy if her life wasn’t in danger.

Please, I need your advice.

Facebook users took to the comment section to express their disappointments.

See comments below:

Zillah Ibie Aisien-Efe

So now that you have destroyed one, you want to go for a fresh one, clap for yourself, you’re a true son of your father. Both of you should ask God for forgiveness and then go ahead and marry her so both of you can bear the pain before God will show you mercy and give you both children. We have heard cases of women without womb who God remembered. So yours won’t be an exception, my candid advice.


Chiamaka Chuks Obunadike

The lady is the cause of her problems. Is she a fool?


Atinuke Adeshola-Manuels

Women! women! women! When are we going to have the sense to know when to quit. 11 as in 11. It is well


Titilola Ajike Omo Koko

Leave her please! What can she do? You will just run mad for 44 years after then you can enjoy the rest of your life with your new boo. Do your wedding invitation and give her this week so that the madness will manifest fast


 Uzy Ukoh

I blame the lady!

The guy your name is already sorry.

I like that part she is from Benin too.


 Nancy Chika

Haha, I just laugh. Did I hear you say she traveled to Benin? Hmmm, don’t worry oo. Just wait and see


 Oniong Cynthia

Hmm, I am speechless cos my blood has dried up.

 Dura Visan

If it happened to his sister or daughter, how will he react?


 Chinaza Nwankwo

You are not serious oh! even if the girl not do anything against you, heaven and Earth will be against you, to God 


Esther Gabriel

So you are expecting a child while the lady should console herself, you this guy is like you want to pieces your life.


Zikora Ekwo

So all this while she was getting pregnant you didn’t want to settle down, and also didn’t use condoms.

Now someone else got pregnant for you and boom you suddenly want to settle down. Her silence is like venom, very dangerous.… 

Three years old boy gets drowned in a river in Enugu State.

A boy of three years identified as Kamsiyo has been confirmed dead after his body was found in a river where he had gone with some relatives for swimming.

The incident occurred at about 4 pm on the 5th of January 2021, in a river known as ozom Ude, located in the outskirt of Ude village, in Ugwuoba town, Oji River local government area, Enugu State.

Sources said that the boy’s mother, whose name is Chinecherem, who happens to be the daughter of Mr. Paulinus Chineke, the chairman of Ude village, had gone to Ude village with her son Kamsiyo to visit her father.

On the day that the incident occurred, a relative who returned from Lagos for the festive period, identified as Mrs. Isaac Chineke, had told Chinecherem that she would be going to the river with her children to wash their clothes.

The little boy said he would go with them, the woman refused, and the boy started crying. So the little boy’s mother told them to go with the boy.

According to an eyewitness, the children were all playing by the side of the river when suddenly the boy drowned. They didn’t notice his disappearance until when they were about to leave. As they were searching, a fisherman who was fishing on the other side of the river saw the boy and carried him to where they were searching for the boy.

The boy was rushed to the hospital, where he was confirmed dead.

A source said that after Kamsiyo was confirmed dead. The people of Ude village, took the boy’s corpse to his paternal home in Igbagupata in Ugwuoba town, Oji river local government area of Enugu State to explain what happened.

After explaining what happened to the boy’s father and relatives, they asked them to go back to their village. But much later at night, the boy’s corpse was brought back to his maternal village by the people of Igbagupata, saying that the people of Ude must pay for what happened to Kamsi.

After much pleading, they concluded that the boy would be buried by the side of the ozom Ude river as that is the tradition of Ugwuoba people.

The boy was buried on Wednesday 6th of January 2021, beside the ozom Ude river.
Another source expressed surprise over the incident as this is the first time in history that someone got drowned in the river.

Opera News Is Rewarding Readers With Up To N50,000 for Christmas, Here’s How to Participate

Opera News Is Rewarding Readers With Up To N50,000 for Christmas, Here’s How to Participate

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Source: opera news hub

Breaking news: Famzhi interbiz limited promises to pay investors back their capitals

The MD of famzhi interbiz limited, Hajia Maryam Suleiman has promised to pay their investors back their capitals. In a voice note which was realized to the investor’s telegram group, the MD apologized for the delay in payments of investor’s capitals.

In her statement, she said famzhi was created on the platform of seeing how Nigerians can come together, and rob heads together, and do business by contributing and making something that will give them money and create jobs.

She reminded the investors that famzhi has been supporting them for four years. She also said that she took her time to read all the investor’s comments on the telegram and that she feels their pain. In solidarity with the investors, she said that she stopped her children from going to school so that they can all put their heads together to solve the problems on the ground.

She pleaded with the investors not to lose trust in famzhi and assured the investors that they will all get back their capitals. She said the profit payments stopped in April and told those on rollover not to be afraid as their monies are still intact and would be paid back their capitals and profits which stopped in April.

She also told the investors that they have been paying. She said that the company cannot pay everybody at the same time. In her statement, famzhi has roughly eleven thousand investors and about three thousand have been paid and about two thousand have been given part of their capitals.

She urged the investors to be calm so that they can pay everybody back their monies. She said most of the monies were invested in properties, and the only way the investors can get back their monies is if the company sell off the properties.

She said that she understands what the investors are going through and solicited for peace and calmness and urged the investors to pray for the company. She also said that the company has plans on the ground to move the business forward, but they need a peaceful environment to do so.

She assured the investors that henceforth, every decision taken will be a collective decision taken by the premium investors. The premium investors have come up with a wonderful idea that will benefit all the investors. So the idea is that any money that comes into the company will be announced and it will be distributed amongst the investors. A certain percentage will be agreed upon, and they will no longer be doing random payments.

She pleaded with the investors to allow the company to allow the projects which they have on the ground to continue as that is the only way the company can sell off the properties and pay their investors.


Female Entrepreneurship Support Programme (FESP).

Are you a female entrepreneur based in Nigeria? You can now apply for the Female Entrepreneurship Support Programme (FESP).

The Female Entrepreneur Support Program (FESP) is a collaborative initiative by *TechQuest STEM Academy* (Nigeria) and *Junub Open Space* (South Sudan) which is part of the AfriLabs Capacity Building Program (ACBP) funded by Agence Française de Développement (AFD) through the Digital Africa Seed Fund.

TechQuest STEM Academy LTD/GTE is a nonprofit organization that provides education technology content, resources and tools for the delivery of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics), ICT and Digital literacy programs to young Africans at scale.

STEM is the foundation for modern day economic growth and equipping young people with these skills will be critical for Africa’s rise in the digital economy.

The initiative aims to provide *free* capability building training, business support coaching, mentorship and technology leveraging strategies for females intending to go into business, nascent female-led start-ups, and entrepreneurs.
Apply at

Registration closes by December 30th, 2020.


Write an article on the topic “Love and Prayer” on opera news hub this December and get a chance to win $100 Opera news

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