Lady who sponsored herself in school bags First Class after her dad denied her university education ‘cos she’s female

A Nigerian lady, Nwankwo Esther has bagged First Class in Accountancy after sponsoring herself in school following her dad’s refusal to give her university education because she’s female.

Lady bags First Class

The intelligent young lady shared her story via her LinkedIn profile recently.

She revealed how her father refused to sponsor her university education after she finished secondary school because her dad refused training her for traditional reasons.

She wrote,

“According to him, his tradition does not support female child education, also due to financial constraints”

Esther revealed that it was her determination to succeed that made her engage in menial jobs to sponsor herself through higher institution.

The first class graduate who disclosed that she was skeptical about her future, shared that her determination to succeed was her motivating factor. She added that she was determined and willing to pay the price of success.

She continued,

“I set out on my path to become educated. “I took up several menial jobs to save up for higher institution,” Esther said, stating further that she took a step and God came through for her.

Esther bagged a national diploma, ND and then proceeded to become a BSc holder in Accounting from the University of Nigeria Nsukka, UNN.

Lady bags First Class

The lovely young lady who graduated with first-class honours, also emerged the best graduating student of her department.

Esther became an AAT holder and a chartered accountant while still an undergraduate. The bookie expressed gratitude to God and acknowledged the help she got from her mentor, Kabir Mohammed and Nwankwo Obinna.

Reference: NAN, Gistreel

#BBNaija Day 17: Erica rejects Laycon, the bed squabble, Ozo snaps at Prince and lots more…

#BBNaija Day 17 was amazing and fun packed. We brought you today’s highlights – how Erica rejected Laycon, the bed squabble, Ozo snaps at Prince and lots more…

Day 17: Ozo snaps at Prince

While rehearsing for their music drama rehearsal, Prince walked out on the rest of the Housemates and Ozo wasn’t having this.

Day 17: The bed squabble

Deciding where Wathoni’s bed should be has set her on a warpath with Vee and it doesn’t look like there will be an amicable solution soon.

Day 17: When love don’t love you
#BBNaija Day 17

Laycon struggles to take no for an answer.

All is fair in love and war, and when it comes to accepting that Erica won’t love him, Laycon is at war with himself. From the moment Laycon walked into Biggie’s House and set his gaze upon her, his heartfelt it had found its soulmate. Sadly every time he tried to make his true feelings known to her it has just ended in misery for the musician.

You have to admire how unrelenting Laycon is, but when it comes to matters of the heart, unrelenting can come off as pushy. When Laycon first approached Erica he made his intentions very clear and was friend-zoned almost immediately. Rather than take the message and move on, Laycon has decided that he press on and turn her no into a yes. The more Laycon spits game the farther he gets from saying something that will change Erica’s mind about him. His chances at forever love with Erica have all but disappeared this week since Kiddwaya and her have started getting closer. It seems that the only people who think Laycon stands a chance with Erica are his fans who believe they will reunite on the outside once she realises that Laycon is becoming an icon.

Today while looking for inspiration to try preaching love again, Laycon got words of wisdom from Dorathy that nobody could have ever seen coming. She pointed out to Laycon that he might be better off as Erica’s friend. The friendship she reasoned is longer lasting and closer than a relationship if it’s one of good quality, and may also lead to love in the long run if it’s done right.

There’s no telling if he will take this sound advice to heart, or continue failing miserably in his attempts. Either way, Laycon has gained the love that will help him the most in Biggie’s House, the love of his fans.

Day 17: Much ado about cleaning
Cleaning Biggie’s House has become a frequent cause of conflicts and we examine where the fault lies and the possible solution.

One would think cleaning a House filled with 18 Housemates would be a lot easier seeing as there are more hands on deck to assist but that isn’t always the case in the Lockdown House. Not that they don’t clean, but there’s so much ado about who does what, where and when they do it and how they are told to do it and because of this, the House sometimes becomes a mess.

No one likes being bossed around but to get a job done, sometimes, someone has to tell you what to do and how to do it. Granted that a few people don’t like being micromanaged, but still, there needs to be some form of direction and that’s where the Head of House comes in. It’s understandable to disagree with the method of the HoH, but a rational discussion to come to an agreeable method could help solve any conflict that may arise. But most times, it’s never always this way in the Lockdown House especially during morning clean up. A simple discussion soon turns into a shouting match with both parties failing to come to an amicable solution and end up doing whatever pleases them and eventually ranting to other Housemates about the high handedness of the other or how strong-headed the other is.

Could it be the HoH making things difficult?

Lucy’s time as HoH witnessed one of those conflicts. Right from the beginning of her tenure, a few of the Housemates didn’t exactly take to her for individual reasons and that didn’t really make her job easy. Also, a dictatorial style of leadership made it a lot harder. So, it really wasn’t a surprise when she and Tochi got into it over cleaning roles. Tochi’s main grudge was that he didn’t like being bossed around while Lucy insisted that his inability to figure out how to properly carry out his outlined cleaning role is why she was in his case. In the end, both parties did what they wanted and ranted to different Housemates.

Watch Tochi and Lucy get into a heated argument over cleaning roles

Could it be the Housemate?

Kiddwaya and Deputy HoH, Dorathy almost got into it about who swept where, but calm heads prevailed. A brief explanation about why he decided to sweep somewhere else instead of where Dorathy asked was able to ease the tension and he added a bit of chivalry when he collected the broomstick from Dorathy and swept where she earlier suggested. So apparently, there are calmer ways to get the House squeaky clean instead of shouting.

#BBNaija Day 17

It appears taking direction isn’t exactly the problem when it comes to cleaning the House. A lot lies in the hands of the Housemates involved and the current Head of House. In getting things done, a few things need to be in place. First, a leader that shows empathy and willing to guide people without necessarily bossing them around. If the Housemates aren’t favourably disposed to the HoH and style of administration, cleaning the House will remain contentious. Also, the Housemates must be willing to put their egos aside and yield to be led. Finally, like with all functional administrations, there needs to be a system that works. When you create a system that works with minimal adult supervision, there shouldn’t be much trouble getting the job done. Hopefully, future heads can put in place a good system and the Lockdown Housemates become a lot more cooperative.

Day 17: A colourful Task
Task time with Dulux in Biggie’s House and and things got very colourful!

#BBNaija Day 17

It’s amazing how a minute thing like colour can make a massive difference in your life. The Big Brother Housemates learned this as they were Tasked by Dulux to create a room for a young female working professional who loves bold style. The room they would be in charge of Anteroom, otherwise known as the reception, and it needed to showcase her love of art while blending in with the neutral colours of the house. The room also had to be warm and inviting while adding a pop of colour to the house.

A ballot system was used to divide the Housemates into two teams and the respective team’s names were Lunar Falls and Cornish Dawn, two of the most popular colours from Nigeria’s number one premium paint brand. After the teams were finalised, each team had to elect a leader and Kiddwaya was chosen as one with Ozo taking charge of the other.

If you fail to plan, then you plan to fail and to make sure the Housemates know what they are doing design-wise the first step for the Dulux Design Task was to create a mood board. The mood board would incorporate all the colour, style, art, lighting, and accessories they plan to use for the task and guide them to their design choices according to the equipment that Dulux supplied

Since designing for someone else is much harder than doing it for yourself the Housemates had a lot of in-depth conversations about what was needed and started the path to what was their most expansive and immersive task to date. Let’s see how the Housemates turn more into less and turn this Task into another exercise in excellence.

Day 17: A Fine workout
A ‘Fine’ workout is what you get for being lazy in Biggie’s House!

In life, days are never the same, and this could be said too for workouts in the Big Brother Naija House. The daily activity of exercising is a must in the Household and those who chose not to participate faced grim repercussions for their laziness.

The most encouraging Housemate today was Prince. He could be heard leading the session and trying to make sure that everyone gets the most out of their workout. Prince your fanaticism for fitness is fantastic!

#BBNaija Day 17

His high level of enthusiasm is matched in work ethic by Kiddwaya. Kiddwaya once again gave his all during the session and was sopping wet with sweat by the time it was done. His work rate was spectacular, and even after workout time was finished, he continued doing push-ups in the House. When it comes to sweat, the kid doesn’t play.

There’s no reason to look bad while getting the body looking good, Tolanibaj took this idea to heart and wore sunglasses throughout her workout. If fashionable fitness ever needed a spokesperson, she would be it!

Some days you’re in the mood to do it and on others, the mood isn’t there even if you are. The latter was the kind of workout Vee had as she willed herself to fight through the fatigue and embrace fitness. Even though she yawned quite often, Vee never stopped trying.

A Housemate who didn’t even get a workout in was Brighto. It wasn’t because he was injured like Laycon, but rather because of laziness. Working out in the Big Brother house is not an option, and Brighto slept through the entire session. His sweet dreams would have been interrupted by Biggie fining him for sleeping through the workout, but he slept through that announcement too. Let’s hope that Brighto learns from this and participates tomorrow, or waking up is going to become a bad experience for him every day.

News Credit – Africa Magic

Reference: NAN, Gistreel

BBNaija Housemate, Laycon’s EP Hits 1 Million Streams

Housemate of ongoing BBNaija season 5 edition, Laycon‘s EP “Who Is Laycon” has garnered 1 million streams across several music streaming platforms.

Laycon's EP Hits 1 Million Streams

The great feat was announced by Laycon’s social media management team via his official Instagram page today, August 5.

According to the artwork, the 1 million views are cumulative streams from music streaming platforms; Apple Music, Audiomack and Spotify.

Recall that barely 24 hours into Big Brother Naija season 5, Laycon’s EP rose to no.3 on Apple Music.

The Lagos based Nigerian rapper and current BBNaija season 5 housemate would definitely smile to the bank by the time he’s out of the house as music streaming platforms pay handsomely for streams.

See screenshot below…

Laycon's EP Hits 1 Million Streams

Reference: NAN, Gistreel

Mercy Johnson praises single mothers, says raising kids ain’t easy (Video)

Popular Nigerian actress and mother of 4, Mercy Johnson Okojie has praised single mothers while revealing they’re her WCW.

Mercy Johnson praises single mothers

She made this known in a recent video she posted on her Instagram page today, August 5.

According to her, raising her four kids has not been easy for her despite being with her husband, how much more single mothers who raise their kids alone.

She revealed that all single mothers are her Woman Crush Wednesday (WCW).

Mercy also said she has almost developed hunch back cos of the tasks that come with raising children.

Watch and listen to her in the short video below…

Reference: NAN, Gistreel

BBNaija: “You’re stupid, I’ll show you pepper in this house” – Vee and Wathoni fight over bed (Video)

Big Brother Naija housemates Vee and Wathoni engaged in an argument on Monday night and they angrily hurled insults at each other.

The drama began after Vee approached Wathoni and advised her to take over Lilo or Ka3na’s bed, since she doesn’t have her personal bed in the house.

However, Wathoni got offended with Vee’s suggestion, saying Vee was chasing her out from the room.

Vee approached her again about the issue and warned her to stop talking to every housemate about the bed situation, adding that she just wanted her to have her space not chase her out of the room.

This led to a shouting march between both parties as Vee called Wathoni ‘A completely Mad person and Olodo.”

She further threatened to show Wathoni ‘Pepper’ in the house henceforth.

“Every other day I hear about this bed situation, I’ll continue to react. Don’t test me Wathoni I am also mad.”

“You’re stupid, I’ll show you pepper in this house,” Vee added.

Watch the video below;

Reference: NAN, Gistreel

Ned Nwoko and his Moroccan wife celebrate their son on his third birthday (photos/video)

Billionaire businessman, Ned Nwoko and his Morrocan wife, Laila, have celebrated their son, Sultan who turned three on Tuesday, August 4.

Recall that Ned Nwoko and Regina Daniels welcomed a son. The couple named him Munir Neji Ned Nwoko.

The couple held a small party for the celebrant which took place at their Abuja home.

Ned Nwoko’s latest wife, Regina Daniels attended the party.

See more photos and video below..

A few weeks ago, Ned Nwoko, disclosed that he married his 6 wives including actress Regina Daniels as virgins.

Nwoko stated that she can’t marry anyone who is not a virgin because it is important to him.

Reference: NAN, Gistreel

Seven suspects arrested over murder of Khafi’s brother, Alexander

Seven suspects have been arrested in connection with the murder of BBNaija star, Khafi Kareem’s younger brother, Alexander who was shot dead in west London.

Five men, aged 18 to 24, a boy, 16, and a woman, 34, were arrested in suspicion of the murder, and are in custody.

Mr Kareem’s sister Khafi Kareem, a Met Police officer, said her brother’s life had “mattered”. Alexander had just been to a shop and was riding a scooter to a friend’s home when he was killed on Askew Road.

A white Range Rover, which had been seen speeding away from the crime scene, was later found burnt out.

Det Ch Insp Wayne Jolley said the arrests were a “significant development.”

“I believe this murder to have been a case of mistaken identity, perpetrated recklessly and with no regard whatsoever for human life.
“We will continue to work hard to make sure those responsible are brought to justice.”

Reference: NAN, Gistreel

#BBNaija Day 16: The love letters, the fashion game, Kiddwaya’s confession and lots more…

#BBNaija Day 16 was fun filled and we’ve brought you all the day’s highlights you might have missed; from the fashion game to the love letters, down to Kiddwaya’s confession to Nengi and lots more…

Day 16: The Lockdown fashion game

#BBNaija Day 16

From the first minute of #BBNaija Day 16, they all graced our screens till this very second, these Housemates always come through dripping with their Lockdown fashion statements.

Enviable personal style is something many of us aspire to have, unfortunately, the game of drip isn’t known by many. So, if you’re looking to be inspired by the fashion gods, then look at these Housemates who keep true to themselves through their awesome personal style.

So, in no particular order…


This Housemate can essentially do no wrong. Whether he’s just staying locked down in Biggie’s House, presenting during a Task or partying hard at the Saturday Night Party, he’s always available to serve the best male Lockdown looks. We personally love how best Neo pairs his durags with almost every outfit and the way he slays his looks from head to toe… you can never catch him slippin’.


You can tell that Tolanibaj hust moved from the United States of America, seeing as the city’s punk attitude has made its way into her wardrobe. Often showing off her enviable sunglasses game, this member of the cool kids gang mixes streetwear and ‘swag’ with ease. Oh, and her Lockdown Launch outift? Mad!


#BBNaija Day 16

The king of bandanas (no offense to Trikytee), Kiddwaya may well be the leader of the cool kids of the Lockdown House. His personality and alpha-male aura add to his fashion slayage and we can’t help but add him to the list. Whether it be a traditional attire, a colorful tracksuit or simple sweatpants and vests, the London-based Housemate sure knows how to draw attention to himself. Don’t even get us started on his accent.


The 22-year old Housemate has come out as a surprising heavyweight when it comes to Lockdown stand-out outfits. Her famous bum-shorts and crops have found a way to feature in the Big Brother Naija House without having to fight for a space. Also a member of the sunglasses gang, Nengi’s relaxed style never fails to impress.


Her uncommon and highly talked about (by bae) Launch outfit has won the Housemate a place on our list. Thought we rarely see the ever-smiling Erica’s 100 percent fashion style, her looks prove she’s a fashion chameleon, able to move from sweet to sassy with ease.


Prince’s personal Lockdown style lies somewhere near his fellow Lockdown slay god, Neo. He’s big on shirts, shorts, sweatpants and durags featuring heavily. Always simple with his fashion statements, Prince has subverted notions of what you expect a rapper to dress like, and that’s why we think he is cool.


He leans on classics like slim shorts, nerd glasses and a mix of durags and ‘kango’ hats. When you’re this annoyingly good-looking, you can afford to take risks with your style, but what we like about the way Ozo dresses is that it’s not at all-try hard.

You may want to have a look at their Saturday Night Party also

Lockdown or not, you can never catch them unfresh!

Day 16: Stirring tension
Ozo’s choice stirred up a bit of tension in the House and he needs to stand by his decision to keep it moving.

Ozo selecting Dorathy over Nengi, his perceived love interest as his Deputy HoH stirred up a bit of emotion in the House and resurrected the entanglement drama he once thought he was free of.

Making his choice

#BBNaija Day 16

After what seemed like a long pause, Ozo responded with Dorathy’s name when he was asked by Biggie his choice for Deputy. Earlier before coming into the Diary room, Ozo spent time hanging with Nengi giving room to the speculation that he was probably going to go with her and this probably raised her hopes. If she was thrown off by Ozo’s choice, she did a good job of hiding it as she cracked a smile when Ozo announced Dorathy to the rest of the Housemate.

He tried to have a discussion with Nengi over his choice but a large part of the conversation revolved around Nengi trying to brush him off and play it cool. The only time she expressed disappointment or hurt was when she expressed how hot she didn’t win the Head of the House Challenge even though she came close.

She gave a good show acting like she wasn’t bothered about Ozo’s action, you guys saw the hurt.

Sorting it out with the Deputy

Right after he was done with Nengi, he moved on to Dorathy who was already in the middle of a discussion over the resurfacing triangle. He arrived just in time to hear Dorathy say to his face that he can’t keep going back and forth. “I am not telling him to pick a side, he just needs to decide what they are doing. I am sick of the back and forth,” Dorathy said as she ranted about Ozo’s indecisiveness when it came to what he had going on with Nengi. As much as she was ready to support Ozo on his quest to define what he and Nengi shared, she did let him know she wasn’t comfortable with her and the kind of game she played and she believed Ozo was been dragged into a web of deceit.

Why is there still drama?

Viewers who carefully observed #BBNaija Day 16 might obviously be puzzled by the back and forth between Dorathy and Ozo, Lucy asked why there was still drama? Wondering why Ozo’s choice of selecting Dorathy was causing an unnecessary scene, she asked: “If he was worried like that, why did he now choose you?” To which Dorathy responded that Ozo didn’t have a mind of his own and was dependent on her to always be there to help him with decision making. Not impressed by Ozo’s antics, she warned Dorathy that she needed someone tough to be able to efficiently lead the Housemates.

Ozo’s Deputy HoH pick was bound to stir up a bit of drama no matter the Housemate he picked, so seeing him in this conundrum isn’t really surprising but what we are really on the lookout for his how well he will do as HoH with Dorathy and what consequences lie in the future for this choice he made.

Day 16: Whose who in the House

Some of the Housemates discuss dynamics in the House and their feelings being in it.

Day 16: Memories haunt us

Two days after eviction and the Housemates are still reeling form the effects of voting off their fellow Housemates.

Day 16: ‘Nengi, I’m your biggest fan,’ Kiddwaya (Kiddwaya’s Confession)

While talking about having a huge fan base, Kiddwaya praised Nengi for having the attributes that will automatically make her a fan’s fave.

#BBNaija Day 16

Day 16: Love letters from the Lockdown geng

#BBNaija Day 16 which is barely three weeks spent in the Lockdown House, the Housemates shared what they like and admire about one another.

News Credit – Africa Magic

Reference: NAN, Gistreel

You are not entitled to be respected by your wife if you don’t respect her – Actress Eucharia Anunobi

Veteran Nollywood actress, Eucharia Anunobi has lashed out at men who demand respect from their wives without respecting them.

Eucharia Anunobi marriage

The ordained preacher who stated that such men are not entitled to respect, further asked them to retrace their steps and make a renewed commitment in rebuilding their marital relationship.

Taking to her Instagram page, she wrote;

Wait ooo , So you think you’re ENTITLED to be respected by your wife when : you talk to her rudely , never compliments her , never thanks her for cooking the meals , never sweet talks her before expecting her to perform amazingly in the other room , always comparing her to other women , never hugs her expect when you intend getting down, ( now covid 19 is helping your ministry of distancing yourself from her ) talking down on her , her opinions and views .

Sir , if you don’t make a renewed COMMITMENT to rebuild your marital relationship, you will only see the backside of marriage !! Please rebuild your wife now , because all women need attention and sweet talks !!!!!!!!
Proverbs 31 : 31

Reference: NAN, Gistreel

“Stop buying your kids what you never had” – Man advises parents

A digital Evangelist identified as Vala Afshar has taken to twitter to advice parents on the proper way to raise their kids and buy stuff for them.

According to Vala, parents need to desist from buying things which they didn’t have as kids, for their own kids. He said parents should not buy things they never had for their own kids.

Speaking further, Vala advised that parents should rather focus on teaching them what they never knew, instead of buying the world for them.

In his words;

“Stop buying your kids what you never had and start teaching them what you never knew”.

Reference: NAN, Gistreel