The way you dress has a lot to say about your personality

The term fashion generally means a style that is popular at a particular time, especially in terms of clothes, hair, make -up etc. But I would like to define fashion as making the ordinary appear sophisticated. I have discovered that most times, it’s not the amount of money a particular dress, shoes, belt or even make – up cost that gives the person wearing it a good appearance or a sophisticated look. Rather, it’s how the dress or whatever else is worn and how the person carries him or herself.

I can wear a quite affordable dress and shoe and still look really sophisticated while another person may wear a very expensive dress and shoe and look very bland and ordinary. It mostly depends on our confidence in what we wear and how we look.

The way you dress as a single has a lot to say about your personality. You can attract or detract people with the way you dress.

The world today is crazy about fashion and singles want to be in the fore. But one thing most people do not know is that you need not wear what’s in vogue to look fashionable! And you do not have to wear something because someone you admire wore it. It could look good and attractive because it’s appropriate for the person’s figure and may not be on you. It’s always advice able to test a dress before the day you would like to wear it.

This will enable you know how good it looks on you, that is dress up like you are going for an event before the day of the event you plan to attend. This will help you eliminate what won’t fit and add what might be necessary.

A young lady should learn how to use shoes with heels! At least low heels. This is because some dresses just won’t look good on flat shoes. Stay away from loud make – overs, blushes are good, but there are not meant for everyone. This is because facial structures differ. Low waist pants are not for decent appearances.

Tips on what not to wear

Never wear slippers on tucked in shirt and trousers.

Never wear a flat soled shoe or slippers on a dinner gown or a dress.

Never wear a Gladiator shoe or sandals on a native skirt or gown

Checker shirt or trouser are better worn separately

Your tie and shirt colour do not always have to match. Just be sure not to use a red tie on a yellow shirt, or striped tie on a striped shirt. Or striped shirt on a striped trouser. Belt belts are not for everybody. Be sure not to look awkward and uncomfortable if you must wear one.

Always remember that there’s beauty in simplicity.

Xirea Apparels Limited recently opens a world-class factory for business

Xirea Apparels Limited recently opened its best factory for business. The event attracted a motivating mixture of dignitaries from oil and gas, fashion, construction, education, defense force and banking sectors.

The company commissioned 2 warehouses (raw materials and finished goods) and therefore the garment plant. mister Simbi Wabote, the manager Secretary of the Nigerian Content Development and observance Board (NCDMB) delineated by Dr. Patrick Obah the Director of Statistics and Research; Mr. Walter Paviani, the manager of Saipem Federal Republic of Nigeria and Mr. Kayode Ogunleye, vice chairman HR Shell Federal Republic of Nigeria, did the honours of cutting the ribbons signifying that Xirea is open for business.

The event conjointly showcased the launch of West Africa’s 1st endemic complete of private protecting instrumentation (PPE) – Buphalo. Buphalo Active Gear is Xirea’s 1st client and showcased its product by hosting Africa’s first ever safety fashion runway to the delight of the guests.

Mr. Obinna Eneh, founding father of Xirea Apparels and Buphalo Active gear, throughout his speech themed: “The Spirit of Federal Republic of Nigeria,” reiterated his vision of using over 50,000 individuals by the year 2030. He conjointly secure to create the Buphalo Safety Fashion runway event an annual fixture.

Xirea Apparels could be a full package covering producing service that handles everything from thought to complete to bring its customers’ vision to life. it’s the capability and experience to manufacture to export quality safety clothes, defense force uniforms, college uniforms, company apparels, menswear, womenswear, athletic wear and Kidswear.

Victoria Beckham proclaimed plans to launch a name beauty line

We’ve been on tenterhooks ever since Victoria Beckham proclaimed her plans to launch a name beauty line back in February. “I wish to take care of ladies inside and out, providing them with the must-have things in make-up, skincare, fragrance and welfare that I feel I want in my very own life,” Beckham aforementioned in a very statement at the time.

Thankfully, she’s been dropping teasers on Instagram each currently so to keep us on our toes in the run up to the launch. In her latest post, she offers fans a sneak peek into the science behind it all – whereas carrying an individualized coat, of course. “From labs to conferences… busy acting on Victoria Beckham Beauty,” she aforementioned in a very caption below a photograph of herself carrying cream checked trousers paired, a red shirt and a light-weight inexperienced jumper from her own complete.

VB conjointly shared a sweet many thanks to her right-hand girl, Sarah Creal, the co-founder and business executive of Victoria Beckham Beauty. She aforementioned in a very video post: “Grateful to Sarah Creal, my co-founder and business executive of Victoria Beckham Beauty… who has your back?”

The fashion designer is launching VB Beauty as a digital-native complete, oversubscribed through and backed by modern Investment Partners. “I was going direct to the buyer with regards to fashion before I had a standalone store, therefore this isn’t new Me,” says Beckham, who proclaimed the launch of her own YouTube channel last year in a very move designed to permit her to have interaction directly along with her fans. “Just like I pay such a lot time within the fitting space progressing to recognize what my customers wish to wear, I’m progressing to be asking ladies to inform Me that merchandise they need me to develop for them within the beauty and welfare arenas. It’s vital on behalf of me to understand what they need.”

Knowing how to combine colours in fashion

So many people claim they know fashion, but they know how to combine colours. As far as am concerned, if you do not know how to combine colours in fashion then you do not know fashion

Fashion is not about wearing designer clothes, shoes, bags, perfumes, belts etc. It’s not even by wearing the most expensive clothes. It’s about knowing how to wear them.

Some colours are loud while others are dull. It’s always better to combine loud colours with dull ones.

When women combine colours most times, people do not raise eyebrows, but a man cannot just wear any colour or combine colours anyhow. When you wear clothes with many colours, always ensure to wear a marching colour. Or you can just simply wear a neutral colour like black, brown or white. These colours can march with any colour.

Just imagine that a man wears a green shirt on a yellow pair of trousers and a red tie, a blue pair of shoes and a brown belt. For men, your belt must always be the same colour with your shoes. So if you wear a black pair of shoes, your belt must be black etc.

They are colours suitable for men, men do not just wear any colour of clothes. You have to find out colours that are suitable for men.

Men shouldn’t wear loud colours, most especially men’s trousers shouldn’t be too loud. It’s awkward to see a man wearing a green, yellow, pink, lilac etc colour of trousers. It’s always better to wear colours that are not too loud.


Mistaking fashion for trends

Many a times we mistake fashion for trends. So many people know what is trending, but they don’t know fashion. When something is trending, you see so many people wearing it at the same time and after some time it fades away.


But fashion does not fade away, and that is one of the advantage that fashion has over trends. Another advantage is that it saves cost, because trendy wears don’t last longer than one year.


When something is trending, if you do not join the trend, it looks like you are not a fashionable person. But the irony of it all is that when it fades away and you wear them afterward, people would look at you as old fashioned. So because you do not want to look awkward, you would be forced to to dump it and buy another one.



Fashionable people most times do not follow trends and people who follow trends most times are not fashionable.