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Homemade Remedies For Getting Rid Of Eyebags

The eyes are a well-known communicator, communicating your thoughts and emotions. However, puffy eyes often have you looking tired and sick. Your under-eye has susceptible skin and is one of the first places your body shows signs of stress.

Eye puffiness (eyebags) is caused by several factors including allergies, stress, and lack of sleep. These factors cause fluid to pool in the under-eye area, which then leads to mild swelling. Rubbing your eyes only causes them to become inflamed.

People often opt to use eye creams and medical procedures to reduce their eyebags. Still, there are home remedies that have proven to be more effective and less expensive. Here are 6 natural solutions to improving your eye bags:

Sliced Potatoes:
The potatoes in your pantry have more use than being mere cooking ingredients. In fact, you might be surprised at what you could pull off using a potato. Potatoes have been proven to be a quick home remedy to eyebags.

Potatoes contain “Catecholase,” an anti-inflammatory enzyme that reduces eye puffiness and dark circles from under the eyes.
All you have to do is grab a potato from your pantry and cut into four-six thick slices large enough to cover your eye area.

Lie down and place one potato slice on each eye for 10 minutes. Repeat this process until you notice the eye puffiness reduces, once done, wash the area and apply coconut oil.

The starch from the potato draws out toxins while the coconut oil takes away any dryness from the potato, leaving you with no eyebags.

Cold Cucumber Slices
Cucumbers are the most popular home remedy for eye bags. Like ads and television programs would tell you, it’s not a relaxing s/pa treatment without cucumber slices over your eyes. This is not just a TV myth, cucumber slices are proven remedies to eye puffiness.

Cucumbers are linked to collagen production, which helps to reduce puffiness over areas they are applied to, in this case, your eyes. When properly placed, chilled slices of cucumber can help de-puff your eyes with the help of its caffeic acid, which restricts blood vessels. Cucumbers also contain vitamin C to soothe irritated skin.

To do this, put a cucumber in the fridge for between 5-10 minutes, once cold slice up two pieces large enough to fit your eye area. Apply these slices to your eye area and give it a few minutes to set in.

Egg Whites
Eggs are not just breakfast meals, they do quite a lot in skincare. Egg whites are also a well known natural source of a skin-tightening protein called “albumin” as well as “collagen” which take care of eye bags.

Whisk two egg whites (preferably from the fridge to make sure they are a bit chill) until they are smooth. Gently apply this mix to your under-eye area with your index or middle finger and leave on for 5-10 minutes.

You might feel a tightening effect, but it’s nothing to worry about, once the 10 minutes is up, rinse off with lukewarm.

Green Tea
Green tea has several health benefits both for your health and skin. Green tea is packed with antioxidants that combat free radicals responsible for breaking down skin cells. It also possesses anti-inflammatory properties which makes it an excellent treatment for swelling. The tea’s tannins work great as a gentle astringent, and its caffeine constricts the blood flow that causes puffiness.
To do this, soak two tea bags in ice water for several minutes and cover the under-eye area with them for 15 to 20 minutes for best results.

Baking Soda
Baking soda promotes blood flow when applied to your under-eye area, reducing eye bags. It is also a natural exfoliator that makes your under-eye skin glow when applied.

Mix the baking soda in water and soak cotton pads in it. Remove the excess water and place the cotton pads on your eyes for 10-15 minutes. Remove the pads and rinse your face with cold water after which pat your face dry with a clean towel and moisturise.

Chilled Spoon
That teaspoon in your cabinet can come in handy for more than just eating breakfast. They also help with de-puffing eye bags.
Put two spoons in your fridge for 5-10 minutes, lie down and place the back of each spoon on your eyelid.

Leave or 10 minutes, the area becomes soothed as the coldness constricts blood cells reducing swelling.

While trying out these home remedies, remember that they can only provide you with temporary relief. The trick to keeping eyebags away is to stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water and getting enough rest.


Best Fashion Instagrams of the Year

How many times did you double-tap on Instagram this year? Bookmark an image? Share a post? There were, for sure, plenty of fashion-forward selfies to stop you in your tracks. The ’grams that stood out the most though, often spoke to the mood of the moment, whether it was a buzzy red carpet happening—the Met gala, say—or the sudden rise of yeehaw style. As the newly-minted CEO and artistic director of Fenty, Rihanna injected her social media presence with a singular brand of executive realness. Back in September, she posted several images of herself wearing her own label. Only she could make a white cap, oversized slate blue belted blazer, zip pants, and corset boots look ready for the boardroom.

Marc Jacobs has been having a stellar time perfecting his selfie game this year. His best moments combined experimental pieces by his favorite labels (Commes, Balenciaga, Rick) with his own designs. Just this month, he uploaded an #OOTD consisting of a Magda Archer x Marc Jacobs “I hate art” sweater, a Celine leopard print coat, a Comme des Garcons kilt, and huge Rick Owens platform boots.

In the world of reality TV however, nobody’s been having more fun with fashion than Kourtney Kardashian. With the help of her stylist Dani Michelle, the eldest sister of the Kardashian-Jenner clan came into her own this year. She flaunted the most coveted vintage pieces of the last 12 months, too, including a vintage Vivienne Westwood corset and Old Celine leather coat. Perhaps her most defining moment came back in August when she made a splash on news wires stepping out with Simon Porte, the handsome French designer of Jacquemus, in Los Angeles. Only two days after the outing, she celebrated the meeting by posting an Instagram of herself wearing a full Jacquemus look from the Spring 2020 collection—a blazing fuchsia jacket and kicky plaid pants—look #46 to be exact.

There were other happy twosomes in the mix, starting with Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez. The pair announced their engagement in March and have proved themselves to be an Instagram style match made in heaven ever since. One of their finest fashion moments together? The Met gala in May. Lopez wore a thigh-revealing Studio 54-style halter Versace dress, which included a crystal headpiece–right on theme for over-the-top camp–while A-Rod was dapper in a pink suit. The two documented the moment from the back of a limousine, no less. Now, if only we knew what they will they wear to their wedding next year?

If there is one woman who is bound to take 2020 by storm , it’s got to be Billie Eilish. The Gen-Z singer captivated the world with her synthy music and her “Tumblrcore” style this past year. You will have certainly noticed her in your feed sporting all-things baggy and bright with a designer edge. Think, chunky Gucci sneakers. A medical mask. Something with anime print on it. The selfie she posted while on tour in Australia in the spring was a clear sign she had hit her stride, racking up hundreds and millions of likes. The outfit was as eye-catching as it gets—highlighter yellow look that included an oversized T-shirt, raver pants with a reflector stripe, fingerless gloves, speed shades, and her phone in a monogrammed Louis Vuitton phone case. Clearly, the future is bright.


Glitter Makeup

Under usual circumstances, one might see glitter as purely seasonal, its reign at a single New Year’s Eve party making it as long term an investment as a novelty reindeer jumper. But this year is different. Many designers showed glittery eyes on the catwalks and then did the unthinkable – they carried them through to 2020.

It seems we will still be sparkling come summer, so buy quality, now, and stick with it: it’s less wasteful. And while the glitter of recent years involved six eyeshadows, architectural brows, feline flicks, four brushes and a pair of falsies (thanks Instagram), the modern sparkle is easy. No complex blending – just as little or as much as you fancy, pushed into moisturised eyelids and beneath the lower lashline. Armani showed the merest scattering of chunky sparkles placed haphazardly with zero regard for symmetry, while Fendi’s silver glitter looked as though it had been applied while drunk and then left on for the hangover. Just one product and mascara will do the lot.

Glossier’s Glitter Gelée, £12, must surely be the easiest glitter going. Flakes of rosy or greeny gold, holographic white or gunmetal, suspended in a sticky gel that doesn’t dull the shine, and can be applied anywhere with fingertips. I love it worn with a light, glowy base, a little cream blush and glossy lips (also back, more on that soon); the point here is to look effortless.

If you’d like a denser, more impactful sparkle (a la Halpern and Valentino), there’s no greater glitter shadow than Stila’s Magnificent Metals Glitter & Glow Liquid Eyeshadow (£23). All eight shades are wearable (no tweenage neons here), but my favourites are Smoky Storm, a chic, mushroomy taupe with lush golden flecks that looks great on all colourings and ages (don’t think that older eyes can’t take glitter: it’s frost that’s ageing, not sparkle); and Molten Midnight, a grimy, rock’n’roll black. Just swish on like a lipgloss for the eye and press in, layering up at will.

NYX Glitter Goals Liquid Eyeshadow (£8) is a good dupe in more adventurous colourways that doubles as a liner. Which is how I’ll be doing glitter this new year and beyond; otherwise I’ll go for bare lids, red lips, and a swoosh of Urban Decay’s Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliner (£17) the finest glitter eyeliner in the world, ever.

All are cruelty free. And remember to lift glitter with oil‑based remover, then put in the bin, not down the plughole.


Mario Testino accused of sexual exploitation by multiple male models

In the heart of London’s prestigious Mayfair neighbourhood sits Hamiltons, a gallery that has been exhibiting work from renowned contemporary photographers since the late 1970s. Names well known within the fashion industry, such as Richard Avedon and Irving Penn, are often on its exhibition roster, while works by the likes of Paolo Roversi and Annie Leibovitz have also been displayed.

But the gallery’s current exhibition centres on a more divisive figure: Mario Testino. The famed photographer was accused of sexual exploitation by multiple male models, in an exposé published almost two years ago by The New York Times. Testino denied the accusations against him. Now, it seems, he is staging a quiet comeback.

Last month, Kim Kardashian West posted a photo of her and daughter North West on Instagram, tagging Testino in the image, but without revealing when the photograph was taken. The post was picked up by Diet Prada, which commented: “her very public and premature endorsement of Testino is problematic in that it both discredits the experiences of survivors and worse, potentially enables further exploitative behaviour.”

Bruce Weber, another photographer named alongside Testino in allegations of years-long sexual misconduct, is also back at work. (Like Testino, Weber denied all the allegations against him.) In February, he released a book about actor Robert Mitchum before debuting a related film, which was screened in a handful of French cinemas. This month, The New York Times reported that the most recent issue of indie magazine Man About Town ran a sexualised spread shot by Weber. (According to editorial and creative director Huw Gwyther, the magazine did not commission the spread, nor was Weber paid for his work.) Similarly, Holiday Magazine ran a shoot by the photographer in its Spring/Summer 2019 issue. The magazine did not respond to BoF’s request for comment.


The Fashion Awards at the Royal Albert Hall

The Fashion Awards – at the Royal Albert Hall – aims to celebrate ‘creativity and innovation’ in fashion, paying homage to the tastemakers and exceptional individuals who have helped to shape the past year in fashion.

Guests sashayed down the red carpet in an array of glamorous looks for the occasion. From Arizona Muse and Stella Maxwell to Cate Blnchett and Julia Roberts, click through our gallery to see every look from the stylish red carpet.

Holly Willoughby wore a pretty printed midi dress with strappy beige heels for the occasion.


Will Smith releases an athletics clothing line 

Will Smith has discharged an athletics clothing line themed round the hit sitcom The Fresh aristocrat of Bel-Air.

In the early Nineteen Nineties, before he sweet-faced the destruction of the globe in Independence Day and before he was appointed for an Academy Award for his portrayal of boxer Muhammad Ali in the 2001 biopic, Smith gained worldwide recognition major in The recent aristocrat of Bel-Air.

More than 2 decades after the ultimate episode of the tv programme airy on NBC, Smith has launched a covering assortment primarily based round the show, dubbed Bel-Air Athletics.

The vary includes things of attire together with retro athletic facility shorts, T-shirts, jackets and cropped hoodies, with costs starting from £6 to £185.

Smith shared the news of the style launch on Instagram, posting a video within which he’s recorded modelling covering from the gathering.

“I place my thang down, flipped it and reversed it. Then I place it on sale,” the 51-year-old aforementioned within the caption, referencing woman Elliott’s 2002 song “Work It”.

In the video, the actor demonstrates that the track jacket within the vary, that retails for £88, features a reversible style.

He additionally displays a number of his basketball skills, handling a limited-edition basketball that bears identical material print because the jacket.

The Bel-Air Athletics vary is only available to get till Mon fourteen Oct.

Naomi Campbell is taking Africa to the world by giving Nigerian talented designers a huge global platform.

At her Fashion for Relief show, Naomi Campbell was noticed in between sets sporting a white halterneck dress by Nigerian Mowalola.

The straightforward dress was adorned by one hole that gave a strong message concerning the state of British people capital of London because it succumbs to a violence and unrest thanks to gangs.

Spotted within the ‘Coming for Blood’ line was male mannequin and Naomi’s recipient Alton Mason, who was noticed carrying his suit version at Paris fashion week.

Next Plc says warm weather is the reason why shoppers holding back on buying new clothes

Retailer Next Plc has created a “disappointing” begin to season commercialism that it aforementioned was right down to remarkably warm weather in components of England, instead of shoppers holding back on shopping for new garments because of uncertainty over Brexit.

Next shares fell as much as 5.2 % on Thursday, paring the stock’s gains for the year to this point to forty eight percent, when the gloomy assessment of the first few weeks of the retailer’s key Autumn/Winter season.

While it didn’t provide figures, Next aforementioned “the heat begin to Sep has done far more to hinder sales than the political temperature” and it’s not seen any proof that shoppers are holding back on tiny price tag value things because of Britain’s planned exit from the European Union next month.

UK retailers, as well as supermarkets Asda and Morrisons and residential improvement cluster Kingfisher, have aforementioned uncertainty around Brexit was poignant their customers.

“At the instant Brexit is that the reach-to clarification for everything within the economy,” Next Chief government Simon Wolfson told Reuters.

Wolfson noted that last week once temperatures in Scotland and also the north of England were considerably cooler than within the south, the commercialism performance of the 2 regions, each in stores and on-line, diverged by 10 %.

“It would be unlikely that was coincidence — that the areas that were heat performed 10 % worse than the areas that were cool which those areas happened to be those that were additional upset concerning Brexit,” he told Reuters.

Wolfson, a outstanding Conservative “Leave” supporter who sits within the higher house of Britain’s parliament, aforementioned customers weren’t shopping for vesture till they completely required it.

“They’re not planning to depart and obtain their winter wear till it gets cold,” he aforementioned.

Official Britain information printed on Thursday showed retail sales unexpectedly fell on the month in August when shoppers bought less on-line than the month before.

Britain is because of leave the European Union on October thirty one, however the govt. has nonetheless to agree a replacement deal, increasing the danger of a disorderly “no-deal” Brexit.

Next believes Brexit can solely materially have an effect on shopper payment within the event that it triggers inflationary pressure on costs or logistic issues at British ports. Next doesn’t expect its own costs to rise.

London fashion week

The front rows and catwalks of London Fashion Week had an additional sense of mien this season, because of a superb solid of grande dames who joined in the fun.


We’re all there for the garments, of course, however these girls gave a deeper desiring to the collections, serving to designers underline the emotional power of fashion and giving constant fright of stylish that comes with being aligned to a cultural happening.


it’s presently as cool to Instagram an image of yourself outside the hotel theatre show because it is to point out off your Bottega Veneta Pouch bag.

Dior is facing backlash for promoting its fragrance line Sauvage

Dior is facing backlash for promoting its fragrance line Sauvage with a poster that includes Native America imagery.

The fashion complete excited the ad, that stars actor Johnny Depp, on Twitter on Friday as “an authentic journey deep into the Native American soul in a very sacred, introduction and laic territory”. it’s since deleted the tweet and every one references to the campaign on social media.

An extended video promoting the $150 fragrance shows Depp walking amid the red rocks of south-western Utah, stacking rocks to mark his path, as a Native American fancy war dancer Canku One Star, a Rosebud Buffalo Indian member, performs on formation and a girl, pictured by Canadian actor of 1st Nations descent Tanaya Beatty, follows Depp from a distance.

Depp conjointly whips out a stringed instrument and plays a known riff by Shawnee musician Link Wray.

Scholars and critics have responded that the campaign is racist and a transparent cut case of appropriation.

“It is therefore deeply offensive and racist,” aforesaid Crystal Echo Hawk, chief operating officer of the media watchdog cluster IllumiNative. “I don’t acumen anyone in 2019 can assume a campaign like this could go down well.”

Dior’s Sauvage line of perfumes isn’t new – it 1st launched within the Sixties – however the brand’s continued use of the name aboard Native American imagery has drawn explicit criticism. The French name of the fragrance line interprets to “wild” or “savage” in English.

“These varieties of tropes, these varieties of narratives concerning Native individuals as savages they are doing real hurt,” Echo Hawk aforesaid. “And fuel racism.”

“Honestly, I couldn’t help but laugh as a result of this drips with irony – each single side of it,” aforesaid Dallars Goldtooth, an organizer with the native Environmental Network, an environmental and economic justice cluster. “But I’m conjointly upset and angry at an equivalent time.”

In a release, the French fashion large noted that the film was created unitedly with Native American consultants and also the support cluster Americans for Indian chance, with the aim of “moving removed from clichés so as to avoid the cultural appropriation and subversion that therefore typically taints pictures representing Native peoples”.

But Dior’s conceive to work with Native Americans fell short, critics aforesaid. “It appears like they tried to try and do it ‘right’ and concerned some nice individuals – however it’s still a commercial for a notoriously racist company and a product known as ‘Savage’,” wrote Adrienne Keene, a scholar and founding father of the web log Native Appropriations.

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